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Euroclay 2015 (Natural Zeolites Session)
Student Bursary Application Procedure.
The International Natural Zeolite Association and the Applied Mineralogy Group of
The Mineralogical Society are happy to be able to offer limited support for student attendance
at Euroclay 2015, in Edinburgh, U.K., 5-10 July 2015
It is expected that the students will present their research in the scheduled INZA
session as detailed below.
Session: Natural zeolites – environmental, biomedical and industrial applications
Convenors: Professor Aleksandra Daković (INZA President), Professor Alessio Langella (INZA Past
President) and Dr. Linda Campbell (INZA Councillor)
Natural zeolites are microporous hydrated aluminosilicate minerals having countless technological
applications due to their unique physicochemical features such as cation exchange, selective
adsorption, molecular sieving, catalysis, etc. As far as cation exchange is concerned, natural zeolites
have been largely investigated for ammonia and heavy-metal removal, although modification of
these minerals with long-chain cationic surfactants enhances their adsorption properties toward
anions and low polar organic contaminants. In addition, they have also been recently considered as
carriers of pharmaceutical active ingredients. This session is designed to promote discussions on
these topics but also on other interesting technological applications including water and wastewater
treatment, soil remediation, treatment of radioactive waste, as well as application in the
veterinarian, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.
INZA and AMG student support:
Applicants for Student Bursary support should send their Abstract, CV/Resumé and
Case for Support (maximum 300 words) to one of the convenors of the INZA session:
Aleksandra Daković, Alessio Langella or Linda Campbell, by 1st March 2015 (the
Conference registration deadline). If the number of student applicants exceeds the funds
available (£1000), the criteria for selection shall be:
Quality of abstract
Demonstrated need for funds
Demonstrated achievement in the field of natural zeolite study, e.g., in previous
publication or in attending other zeolite and clay mineral meetings.
Convenors: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]