Technologies, Activities and Tips for Literacy

Activities and Tips for
Literacy Support
A workshop for parents and
education support staff
working with individuals and
small groups
This practical and interactive workshop will focus upon
demonstrating and discussing quality resources that will
provide essential structured, multisensory activities to
engage the interest of students who find reading and
writing difficult.
It will be of particular interest to parents of primary and
lower secondary aged children looking for ideas for
home use.
Teaching assistants wanting to extend their own
knowledge and expertise with effective strategies and
activities will also find this informative session beneficial.
A particular emphasis will be placed upon the use of
technologies and e-resources (including iPad Apps) but
other games and activities that provide constructive
support will also be explored.
During this workshop participants will be
introduced to:
• A selection of iPad Apps for reading and writing support
• Multi-sensory literacy activities and games that are
ideally suited for home use
• Sources for books and e-resources that will entice
reluctant readers
• Strategies to encourage writing by using different
approaches and technology
Presented by SPELD Victoria in collaboration with
Cheryl Dobbs
When Friday 13th March, 10am –12pm
Where SPELD Victoria, 60 High Street, Preston
Cost $25 per delegate