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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Happy Valentine’s Day
Arctic Blast headed our way
this weekend
In the wake of an arctic cold front, an exceptionally cold air
mass will settle over the region this weekend. The arctic air
will remain in place through early next week bringing a prolonged period of below normal temperatures. Very windy
conditions are expected as well that may result in wind chill
values dipping below zero. Saturday and Sunday night
temperatures are forecast to dip to the single digits. Take
precautions now for making sure your families and
neighbors have adequate and safe heating. Make arrangements to keep your pets warm too. Protect your plumbing
now to save from expensive repairs and headaches.
Positive Changes in 2015 for Lenoir Golf Club
By Joseph D. Brown…Golf, according to Harvey Penick, is "A
Game for a Lifetime." One of few sports that can be enjoyed
throughout one's entire life, the lessons learned in this game will
follow the player far beyond the out-of-bounds markers. Since
1927, Lenoir Golf Club has been one of the most recognizable
landmarks in Lenoir and has given the citizens of Caldwell
County a place to enjoy the wonderful game of golf. In 2015, Lenoir Golf Club has lowered the club's membership price by 20%
and lowered the cost of greens fees for guests. In 2015, Lenoir
Golf Club plans to continue making large strides towards developing one of the most comprehensive junior golf programs
around. Lenoir Golf Club recently started offering free lessons on Saturdays for the children of members as well as a Junior League that allows juniors to play competitive golf year-round. Lenoir Golf
Club's initiatives to help the West Caldwell Golf Team, through generous donations from members and
the team's willingness to assist during tournaments, have helped raise over $1,000 dollars for these
young golfers. In 2015, Lenoir Golf Club plans to keep moving forward with the same resilience she has
shown for nearly 90 years. These reductions in pricing and the implementation of junior programs are
the clubs way of trying to ensure the citizens of Caldwell County, especially the kids, can still enjoy this
wonderful game; "A Game for a Lifetime."
Thursday, February 12, 2015
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Tuesday (17th): Cloudy with a shower in spots.
High 49 Low 30
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Wednesday (18th): Snow & rain in the morning.
High 44 Low 19
Precipitation: 0.21 in.
Lake James is N.C. State Park
of the Year 2014
By N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation
Lake James State Park in Burke and McDowell
counties was chosen the North Carolina 2014 State
Park of the Year by the N.C. Division of Parks and
The park was chosen for its “exemplary contribution to the North Carolina state parks mission of
stewardship, public service and education,” and
specifically recognized for initiatives in managing
natural resources, recruiting volunteers and expanding recreation opportunities.
“Lake James State Park is fulfilling the promise it
has held since 2004 when it was expanded with
2,900 acres of property acquired from Crescent
Resources Inc. Its staff has been adept at balancing
exciting new recreation opportunities with careful
protection of natural resources on that property,”
said Mike Murphy, state parks director. “This exemplary performance led to its selection as State
Park of the Year.”
During the year, Lake James State Park opened a
15-mile network of mountain biking trails, began
offering kayak and canoe rentals and staged multiple special events including an ultra-marathon and
the popular Catawba Riverfest. The park’s rangers
reached more than 4,000 visitors with special interpretive programs, and guided volunteers for
more than 1,100 hours, a 400 percent increase over
the previous year. The maintenance staff continued
trail construction and launched a project to build
canoe-in campsites. The division’s natural resource
staff and park rangers initiated a prescribed burn
program and a kudzu management program, and
staged a 24-hour “bioblitz” to inventory hundreds
of plant and animal species in the park.
The state parks system began choosing a State Park
of the Year in 2010 with nominations from each of
four districts. Each of 40 state parks and recreation
areas submits an annual report that is objectively
scored on progress in recreation, natural resource
protection, sustainability, public safety and environmental education. Final judging is by senior
and peer administrators. To honor the State Park
of the Year, a medallion is attached to a hiking staff
Continued on page 3...
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Lake James is N.C. State Park
of the Year 2014
Continued from page 2…
that is passed to the current award recipient each
year. Crowders Mountain State Park in Gaston
County was honored in 2013.
Lake James State Park was authorized in 1987 and
is under the direction of Superintendent Nora Coffey. The park encompasses 3,515 acres and reported 471,566 visitors in 2014.
In 1992 Lake James was a filming site for the
Daniel Day-Lewis movie The Last of the Mohicans, where it doubled as Lake George, New York
and a replica of Fort William Henry was constructed. A backdrop of Lake James was used for
the final scenes of the movie The Hunt for Red October (film).
Polar Plunge for Caldwell County
Special Olympics
This year’s jump will be held on February 21st,
2015 at Lakeside Landing in Granite Falls. Registration starts at 10am and jumping starts at 11am.
There will be fun for everyone! The Polar Plunge will
raise money for The Caldwell
County Special Olympics to
ensure all Special needs children in the county can participate at No Cost to their
To be a jumper: it will cost $25 and that will include a t-shirt, hot chocolate and a doughnut. If
you do decide to jump they encourage costumes
this year and they are encouraging couple costumes since the jump is the weekend after Valentine’s Day. Everyone is welcome to come watch the
jump. They will have frozen chicken t-shirts for
those who are too scared to jump – they will cost
$10. They will also offer hot chocolate, coffee,
doughnuts, and funnel cakes for people to buy and
enjoy at the jump.
Facebook page:
Email: [email protected]
Mon thru Sat 10am to 5pm
Sun 1pm to 5pm
Located just north of McDonalds in Granite Falls &
across from the State Employees Credit Union on 321.
4535 Lower Cedar Valley Road • Hudson, NC
Caldwell Journal Weekly Recipe
Molasses Crumb Pie
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp each nutmeg,
2 tbsps shortening
1/2 cup molasses 1 egg, beaten
1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 cup boiling water
Prepare crumbs by creaming shortening, adding
sugar, flour, salt and spices. For liquid, dissolve baking soda in water, add molasses and egg.
Line deep pie dish with rich pastry. Sprinkle bottom
thickly with crumb mixture.
Pour on some of liquid mixture and continue alternating ingredients until crust is filled, having crumbs
on top.
Bake in hot oven until crust begins to brown. Reduce
to moderate heat and continue baking until filling is
firm, about 25 to 45 minutes altogether.
May be spread with sweetened whipped cream,
sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Thursday, February 12, 2015
New Farm Road Update
By Mark Jackson {Caldwell Journal}
It appears that there may be some movement concerning the progress of New Farm Road in the
southern end of Caldwell County.
New Farm Road is a completely new road that will
connect Grace Chapel Road to HWY 321 (at WalMart in Granite Falls). The road is approximately
1.232 miles long with beautiful views and an abundance of wildlife. This new road was originally
planned to be completed by September 15, 2013 at
a cost of $4,641,873.08. The project got underway
on March 26, 2012 and has been delayed by numerous factors.
The NCDOT may be performing a “final inspection” of the new road this week which can mean
two things…the road opening soon or a “punch list”
that will prolong the project.
Foothills Performing Arts
to hold Auditions
By Foothills Performing Arts
Foothills Performing Arts will hold open auditions
for The Battle of Shallowford written by NC playwright Ed Simpson, on Monday & Tuesday, February 16 & 17th; 7-9 pm at the FPA Theatre.
“It is a quiet Sunday night in October of 1938 at
Burton Mock's general store and post office in
Shallowford, NC. The rest of the world is on the
brink of war, but Shallowford folks are only interested in local gossip until they turn on the radio
and learn that the Martians have invaded! It is the
night of Orson Welles' history War of the Worlds
radio drama! They fall hook, line and sinker for the
broadcast and run out to do battle.”
Show dates are April 17-19 & 24-26, 2015. John
Hogan is the Artistic Director. Great parts are
available for men. Eight roles range in age from 16
to 100!
There is also one part available for a
young woman. This production is rated PG and is
published by Samuel French, Inc.
Foothills Performing Arts is located in “B” Bldg.
on the campus of Caldwell Community College and
Technical Institute in Hudson, NC on Hwy. 321.
For more information, call 828-726-2318 or visit
our web site
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Step Back In Time…
1000’s Of Items
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Music at
Your Fingertips!
Available at
Leap of Faith Christian Book Store
Access to thousands of the latest songs from Christian contemporary, Southern
Gospel and Bluegrass artists.
No need to order and wait for accompaniment tracks. Use the My Media Burn Bar
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Customize your own CD by selecting songs from different soundtracks.
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Leap of Faith Christian Books and Gifts
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Prompt action at WCHS
leads to arrest
02-04-2015 By Caldwell County Schools
West Caldwell High School administration acted
on a tip received last night that a student may have
had a weapon in the school parking lot yesterday
afternoon. The school administration contacted
law enforcement immediately.
“We took pro-active steps to keep any students out
of harm’s way and to ensure that our students were
in a safe learning environment today,” said West
Caldwell High School principal Andy Puhl.
The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department responded this morning with additional deputies on
campus as early as 7:20 am, forty minutes before
classes started. The student and the vehicle he was
traveling in were located and a consent search was
conducted of the vehicle. Deputies located a pellet
gun and a small amount marijuana. The student
was arrested and removed from school property
before the school day began.
Arrested: Jeffery Gustavo Zaldivar , DOB: 12-031997. Mr. Zaldivar was charged with Misdemeanor
Possession of Weapon on School Property. Simple
Possession of Schedule VI Controlled Substance
and Possession Drug Paraphernalia. Mr. Zalidar
was released on a custody release with a court date
of February 26, 2015 in district court of Lenoir.
“Before the student ever entered the building, he
was confronted by law enforcement in the parking
lot and taken into custody,” said Puhl. “We have
operated school on a regular schedule today.”
Sheriff Alan Jones stated that “I am happy that
people came forward with the information and our
response prevented a weapon from entering the
school. The safety of our children is a top priority
of the Sheriff’s Office.”
Hall Pass 5K at South Caldwell
The Hall Pass 5K at South Caldwell is coming up
again on March 21. This is our 5th year running
this exciting and unique race (the runners actually
run through the school and everything about the
race is school-themed, like having the band play
along the route and giving diplomas as awards).
More details to come in next week’s paper and
Hope Boxes - One of the most poverty-stricken
areas in the United States is the Appalachian coalfields, especially Eastern Kentucky. In 2012, a new
mission outreach was begun called Hope Boxes. It
is similar to Samaritan's Purse's Christmas Shoeboxes, but it is done at Easter and is delivered to
children in Eastern Kentucky. The venue through
which the boxes are delivered is through the community schools. In 2012, approximately 900 shoeboxes were delivered to children in three different
schools. The goal this year is 17,750 shoeboxes to
be delivered in 54 different schools. The need is
real. The opportunity is great. We don't know how
long this door will be open. Help share Jesus with
children and their families right here in our own
land. Dudley Shoals Baptist Church is the coordinating church in our area. To find out more about
this ministry call the church office at 828-3967300 or go to There you
will find a list of recommended items to be packed
in the boxes
Visit for
more information. The boxes will be delivered the
week after Easter, April 6-10.
Good Christian Learning At Affordable Prices
Ages 6 weeks to 12 years
Mackie Funeral Home
“Where our focus is on
Serving Families, not Selling Funerals ”
Family Owned & Operated
35 Duke Street Granite Falls, NC
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Stop selling synthetic drugs at gas stations,
AG Cooper urges oil companies
02-10-2015 RALEIGH, N.C.
By the NCDOJ
Cooper joins fellow AGs to ask oil companies to help enforce ban on synthetic drugs
Oil companies must help stop dangerous synthetic drugs from being sold at gas stations and convenience stores, Attorney General Roy Cooper urged Tuesday.
Cooper today joined 42 other state attorneys general to send a letter to nine oil companies asking them
to work with their franchisees to help eliminate synthetic drugs from retail locations operating under
their brand names.
“Despite laws against them these potentially harmful drugs are all too easy to get, especially for young
people,” Cooper said. “While law enforcement works to enforce existing laws against synthetic drugs,
manufacturers try to evade those laws and sell their drugs at local gas stations and convenience stores.”
Synthetic drugs include both synthetic marijuana, often sold as potpourri, herbal incense, K2, or Spice,
and synthetic cathinones, typically sold as bath salts or jewelry cleaner. These substances are labeled
“not for human consumption” to evade Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversight but are smoked
or ingested by users to get high.
The use of synthetic drugs has increased dramatically over the past four years. In 2010, more than
11,000 people, many of whom were younger than 17, went to the emergency room after using synthetic
marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Since then, thousands more have been
harmed by synthetic drugs.
“The fact that synthetic drugs have been available at locations operating under respected brand names
has only exacerbated an already growing problem. Young people are the most likely to use these dangerous drugs and their availability in stores operating under well-known brands gives the appearance of
safety and legitimacy to very dangerous products. Your companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns designed to convince consumers that your brands are trustworthy. Enforcing strong policies against the sale of synthetic drugs in your retail locations can only protect your brand reputation
while also protecting our youth,” the attorney generals wrote in their letter.
The letter sent today to British Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Exxon
Mobil Corporation, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Phillips 66, Shell Oil Company, Sunoco, and Valero Energy Corporation asks the oil companies to take action to prevent their franchisees from selling
synthetic drugs.
Specifically, Cooper and the other attorneys general are asking the oil companies to:
* Prohibit franchisees from selling any synthetic drugs.
* Ensure store franchisees and their employees understand the prohibition by communicating directly
with each of them.
* Establish a point of contact in corporate offices for franchisees with questions about synthetic drugs.
* Revoke franchisee/franchisor relationship with any gas station or convenience store that sells synthetic drugs.
* Report to local law enforcement authorities if any franchisee is selling synthetic drugs.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Lenoir / Caldwell County Crime
Stoppers need your assistance
The Lenoir / Caldwell County Crime Stoppers need
your assistance in solving the following crime:
On 02/08/2015, a report was filed with the Lenoir
Police Department for Larceny of a Motor Vehicle.
A black 1951 Plymouth passenger vehicle, valued at
$25,000.00, was removed from the 900-Block of
Wilkesboro Boulevard.
On 02/10/2015, a report was filed with the Lenoir
Police Department for damage to real property.
Mailboxes valued at $40.00 were damaged in 1400
-Block of Overlook Drive.
Anyone who has any information regarding this
crime or any other crimes is asked to call Crime
Stoppers at 758-8300. A cash reward will be paid
to anyone with information leading to the arrest of
criminals or the recovery of property or illegal narcotics.
You do not have to reveal your name. CRIME
STOPPERS is a community program operated by
citizens of Caldwell County which involves the public in the fight against crime. The CRIME STOPPERS phone line is operated 24 hours a day, 365
days a year.
Granite Falls
History & Transportation Museum
seeking quilts to display
In commemoration of National Quilting Month,
the Granite Falls History Committee will host its
annual Quilt Exhibit during March at the Granite
Falls History and Transportation Museum on Falls
Avenue. The History Committee invites area
quilters and/or collectors to lend quilts (new and
vintage) for this special display. The museum will
be open each Saturday from noon until 4 p. m.,
each Sunday from 2 until 4 p. m., and at other
times by appointment. If you are interested in participating, please call Linda Crowder at (828) 3961066. To see photos of previous exhibits, check out
Always feel free to send us your news, event info
and stories!!! Contact us at:
[email protected]
LHH Graphics
520 Carolina Avenue
Hickory, NC 28601
Ryan Settlemyre
[email protected]
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Wildlife Commission To Offer Free Turkey Hunting Seminar In Lenoir
By the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the National Wild Turkey Federation are offering 17 free
turkey hunting seminars across North Carolina in March and April in anticipation of the upcoming
spring turkey season.
The seminars, which will be conducted on introductory and advanced levels,
will be held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at eight locations throughout the state.
They are open on a first-come, first-serve basis to all ages, although participants 16 years and younger will need parental permission to register.
The introductory seminars are designed for novice hunters or those who
have never hunted turkey and would like to learn more. Topics will include
biology, hunting methods, calls and decoys, firearms and ammo selection,
camouflage clothing, and turkey cleaning and cooking techniques.
The advanced seminars are for experienced turkey hunters. They will focus
on advanced biology, and more complex hunting tactics, calls and decoys.
Advanced seminars also will include tips and strategies for dealing with
stubborn, hard-to-hunt gobblers.
A question-and-answer session, along with a brief presentation on hunter
recruitment, retention and re-activation, will conclude each seminar.
March 9 (Intro) and March 10 (Advanced)
N.C. State University Cooperative Extension, Caldwell County Center
120 Hospital Ave NE/Suite, Lenoir
The statewide season for male or bearded turkey is April 11 through May 9, with a youth-only week from
April 4-10. Regulations and restrictions on turkey hunting, including information on youth season, are
available in the 2014-15 Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest.
“Prior to 2015, the Wildlife Commission has held turkey hunting seminars only in Raleigh,” said Walter
“Deet” James, the Commission’s hunting heritage biologist. “Because they were such a huge success and
filled up almost immediately, we wanted to offer them in other parts of the state to bring awareness of
conservation and wildlife-associated recreation to a greater proportion of North Carolinians.”
Pre-registration for the turkey hunting seminars is required. Register online (
or contact Casey Williams at 919-707-0202 or [email protected] for more information.
Visit and click on the “What to Hunt” link for information about wild turkeys in North Carolina.
About the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission
Since 1947, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has been dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of the state’s fish and wildlife resources through research, scientific management, wise use,
and public input. The Commission is the state regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of
fishing, hunting, trapping and boating laws and provides programs and opportunities for wildliferelated educational, recreational and sporting activities. To learn more, visit
Get N.C. Wildlife Update — news including season dates, bag limits, legislative updates and more —
delivered free to your Inbox from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Go to
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Free Valentine Concert
By Keith Smith
The Caldwell Men’s Chorus will present a free Valentine Concert at Lower Creek Baptist Church, 633
Lower Creek Drive NE, Lenoir, on Sunday, February 15th at 2:30 PM. The concert is free and open
to the public. A love offering will be collected.
Songs, both sacred and secular, will be featured
around a theme of love. The Caldwell Men’s Chorus is a non-profit group of 26 men, ranging in age
from 18-82, singing an eclectic collection of
Hymns, Spirituals, Ballads, Folk Songs, Broadway
Show Tunes, Cowboy Songs, Classical Songs, Barbershop Close Harmony, Patriotic Songs and much
more. Songs for this concert include “Vive
L’Amour,” “Music of the Ages,” “Let Me Call You
Sweetheart,” “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi,” “Heart of
My Heart,” “Unchained Melody,” “Great is the
Faithfulness,” “Sunshine in My Soul,” “The
Church’s One Foundation,” “More Love to Thee”
“The Haven of Rest,” and “Come Thou Fount of
Every Blessing.”
Gentlemen, this would be a lovely opportunity to
bring your lady to be serenaded by men wearing
tuxes with red ties and cummerbunds! The Caldwell Men’s Chorus is under the direction of Keith
Smith and is accompanied by Greg Knight. For
more information, please call 322-3169.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Dr. Herb Says….Take These Steps To Health
Green Foods
For many American adhering to a diet that helps prevent disease is almost impossible. Most people
are very accustomed to ingesting high fat, excessive protein, sugary desserts, and salty snacks. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, and fiber is extremely insufficient. Only 9 percent of adults consume the suggested 5 servings of fresh fruits or vegetables needed daily. Many experts agree that 10
servings would be even better. As long as food processing continues to strip out essential nutrients,
there will be no decrease in chronic ill health. This is unfortunate because researchers have confirmed
the link between diet and disease. Most experts believe that 70 percent or more, of all diseases are connected to the diet.
By incorporating into the diet more nutritious foods we could help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and others. The annual cost savings of health treatment would be greatly reduced.
One way to enhance the diet is with whole foods loaded with micronutrients such as enzymes, chlorophyll, minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and cell-salts. Especially for those unable to get enough vegetables and for those interested in supernutrition, “green foods” are the most nutrient laden foods available. Green foods are alfalfa, green barley, chlorella, spirulina, and wheat grass.
The power packed green foods help the body to make antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase
(SOD). These are seven to ten times stronger than vitamin antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. According to Dr. Richard Cutler, biophysicist, at the National Institute of Aging, the life span of man and
many mammals is directly proportional to the SOD content in the heart, brain and liver. When an enzyme depleted body becomes overwhelmed by too many free radicals, cells become damaged and cannot function properly. This leads to disease and aging. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that
can impair the immune system and lead to infections and various degenerative diseases. They can be
formed by exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals, overexposure to the sun’s rays, or through the
action of various metabolic processes, like the use of stored fate molecules for energy.
The green foods also are rich sources of chlorophyll which is effective in all chronic disorders. It is one
of the finest the builders and blood rejuvenators. Research has shown that chlorophyll will stop growth
and development of unfriendly bacteria. Chlorophyll also washes drug deposits from the body and purifies the liver, lungs and colon. It can also help sores heal faster and counteracts body toxins.
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is one of the cleanest, most sterile foods in nature. It is a potent
source of iron, vitamin B12, protein, beta-carotene, and the nucleic acids RNA and DNA. Spirulina absorbs and naturally chelates many minerals and trace elements while growing. Some of these elements
are calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iodine, sodium, potassium, chromium, and
selenium. It is considered the best natural iron supplement. It is the richest food source of vitamin
B12, containing over two times the amount in liver. Spirulina has 12 times more beta-carotene than
carrots. Many studies show that beta-carotene may reduce the risk of all kinds of cancer. It helps balance the blood sugar benefiting the hypoglycemic and diabetic.
Green Foods continued on page 11...
Sun 7 to 6
M-T 7 to 6
Natural Food Store
(828) 322-5316
1920 Highway 70 Southwest Hickory, North Carolina 28602
Fri 7 to 5
Sat closed
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Dr. Herb Says….Take These Steps To Health
Green Foods
Alfalfa is an excellent colon cleanser, deodorizer and detoxifier. The roots of alfalfa grow down 100
feet into the earth absorbing rare minerals that most plants cannot reach. Alfalfa also contains octacosonol, and energy extender. It is very rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. Alfalfa works in the intestinal
tract to bind up cholesterol so that it cannot be absorbed.
Barley grass is also an energy enhancer. It contains large amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium,
and beta-carotene. It has seven times more vitamin C than the equivalent weight of oranges and five
times more iron than spinach. Barley grass also helps the body to eliminate toxins.
Wheat grass works to purify the body and cleanse the cells. It is a treasury of vitamins, especially vitamins A, C, and K. Wheat grass contains 90 minerals including manganese, chromium and selenium.
It helps increase energy and stamina.
Chlorella is a freshwater, single-celled, green microalgae. It is made up of 60 percent easily digested
protein. It contains 19 of the 22 amino acids. The chlorophyll in chlorella is over 20 times that of alfalfa, nearly 10 times that of spirulina, and 8 times that of wheat grass. It also has high amounts of
RNA and DNA, nucleic acids that ensure healthy cell metabolism and renewal. Chlorella contains more
than twenty vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, E, K, beta –carotene, iron, zinc,
phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, copper, cobalt, iodine, calcium, magnesium and manganese. Research
has found that chlorella helps detoxify the body of pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticides.
What is organically grown food?
Organically grown food is grown without pesticides and without artificial fertilizers. It is grown in
soil whose humus (the substance resulting from the partial decay of leaves and other vegetable matter)
content is increased by the addition of organic matter. The mineral content of the soil is increased with
applications of natural mineral fertilizers. Organic food is not treated with preservatives, hormones,
antibiotics, etc. It is not grown in soil heavily treated with cheap artificial nitrogen to blow up the size
of plants at the expense of the mineral content. Nor is organically grown food stripped of its nutrient
content during processing. Organic food does not have added chemical to change its color, flavor or to
extend its shelf life.
Animals raised for organic meat and poultry are not treated with steroids, antibiotics, or synthetic
hormones. They are given organic feed. The eggs, cheese, or milk called organic comes from these animals.
Why eat organic foods?
Standard commercial food has been and continues to be manipulated for the prime purpose of generating profit for processors, not providing nutrition for consumers.
Why eat organic foods? continued on page 12...
Sun 7 to 6
M-T 7 to 6
Natural Food Store
(828) 322-5316
1920 Highway 70 Southwest Hickory, North Carolina 28602
Fri 7 to 5
Sat closed
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Dr. Herb Says….Take These Steps To Health
Why eat organic foods?
Taste, flavor and appearance are given far more attention than food value by most food marketers, because these qualities sell products. It is as if nutrition is appealing to only a minority of consumers.
Growers are paid by the bulk amount of food they produce, not by the nutritional value they create.
One of the greatest problems health-conscious individuals face is contamination of the food supply.
For decades the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other government agencies have allowed the
food industry to grow and process its products with hundreds of questionably safe chemicals such as
pesticides, industrial pollutants, dyes, stabilizers, and preservatives, as well as antibiotics, hormones,
steroids and other drugs given to animals. The long term consequences of ingesting these chemicals
are still not well understood. Many experts now believe that life time ingestion of these chemicals can
play a major role in causing cancer, neurotoxicity (destruction of nerve tissue by toxic substances),
birth defects, decreased immune function, food allergies, and chemical sensitivities.
Over four hundred pesticides are currently licensed for use on the United States’ food supply. Every
year over 2.5 billion pounds are dumped on crop lands, forests, lawns, and field. According to David
Steinman, former representative of the public interest at the National Academy of Sciences, a person
gets several types of pesticides with a salad, different ones in meat or fish, still others in the vegetables
on the side, and a separate dose with dessert.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs does not include the potential
exposure to the same pesticide when calculating permitted residue levels of a given compound on a single crop. The agency sets these levels without acknowledging the fact that people eat more than one
product that has residue of the same compound. EPA scientists have found that at times these residues, if totaled, exceeded 500 percent of the allowed daily intake. In addition, many chemical in food
have not been adequately tested for human safety.
In a recent unprecedented study of pesticide residues in produce, the USDA found some troubling
facts that reveal the dangers in the nations produce supply. The 1992 report found that after washing
and peeling fruits and vegetables, pesticide residues were detected on about 60% of the 5,750 samples.
The report stated, “Many samples contained multiple residues, with as many as eight found in one sample.” This is an indication that pesticides permeate the nation’s fruit and vegetable supply, and that
washing and peeling produce does not make it safe. Also stated in the report was that 25 different pesticides were found in the apples sampled, 21 of which are either carcinogenic, neurotoxin, and/or toxic
to the endocrine system. Green beans had 24 different pesticides, of which 21 causes cancer or affect
the nervous or endocrine system.
Another major concern is what authorities call multiple chemical exposures. The EPA does not have a
scientifically acceptable method for determining the risk for multiple chemical exposures. Yet when
scientists have done studies on multiple chemical exposure, clearly chemicals act synergistically. In
one study conducted in 1976, scientists used three chemicals on a group of rats.
Why eat organic foods? continued on page 13...
Sun 7 to 6
M-T 7 to 6
Natural Food Store
(828) 322-5316
1920 Highway 70 Southwest Hickory, North Carolina 28602
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Dr. Herb Says….Take These Steps To Health
Why eat organic foods?
The chemicals were tested one at a time on the rats without ill-effects. However, when the scientists
gave the rats two at a time, a decline in health was noted. When they gave the rats all three chemicals
at once, they all died within two weeks. Obviously much more unbiased investigation is needed regarding the use of chemical pesticides.
Most people are unaware of the origin of present day pesticides. According to James South, M.A.,
editor of The Optimal Nutrition Review, they were developed after World War II. During the war the
Germans developed nerve gases to disrupt the brain and musculature of enemy soldiers. They diluted
all the left over nerve gases and sprayed them on crops because insects also have a miniature nervous
system. Mr. South, an expert on brain function, says that the pesticides affect the brain in such a way
that disrupts focus, memory, and learning. When we consider how many chemicals are consumed at
each meal and snacks daily, including pesticides, fertilizers, industrial pollutants, dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, day after day, year after year, it is very difficult to believe that they do not have a detrimental effect on the body.
More Benefits of Organic Foods
Researchers have found that organically grown foods have higher nutrient content than non-organic
foods. Some studies show that organic foods contain as high as 200% more nutrients. Most people
agree that organic foods, especially produce, tastes unbelievably better than non-organic food. Why not
get the most flavor and the most nutrients out of the food we consume without the risk of harmful side
The Turnip...The turnip roots and greens are healthy to eat. They are valuable for both ends of the body. They
help improve bowel elimination and help improve lung performance. Eaten raw they are good for the teeth and
gums. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. They have helped persons with anemia, obesity, high blood pressure, bronchitis, asthma,
liver problems, digestive problems, gout, and gall bladder disorders. They help with reducing parasitic, bacterial,
and toxic conditions from the body. Turnips and their greens can be eaten raw, and are good by themselves or
mixed with other vegetables into a salad. Turnips are easy to grow and harvest. Turnips are just another example
of the good foods that God has blessed us with.
Bring in this paper and receive a free bottle of multi-vitamins!!!
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
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Bernhardt stories of giving...Jane Cummings Arts Advocate
By Bernhardt Furniture Company
Although Jane Cummings’ grandparents suffered a devastating financial loss during the Great Depression, they retained a cultural richness, and her family's inheritance was music, literature and art. During
the most difficult of economic times, they sacrificed to provide piano lessons, college tuitions and even a subscription to the newspaper. This prioritization of education and the arts became a family trait that influenced
Jane generations later. When she and her husband Chuck moved to Lenoir in 1992, they became involved with the Caldwell Arts Council.
Jane, Graphics Director for Bernhardt Design, believes there are three
beneficiaries of the Council: the arts, the community and the volunteers.
While local government and private business provide the basic necessities for its citizens, it’s the arts and associated organizations that encourage expression and elevate the quality of life.
Since joining the CAC board, Jane has held almost every position from President to Chairman of the
annual Sculpture Celebration. She is particularly proud of her role in relocating the event to a spacious
walking park, which increased the turnout of both artists and participants.
For years, Jane and Chuck have coordinated serving dinner for up to 200 people the evening before the
competition. Indeed, Jane is no stranger to hard work and on any given day may be seen cleaning
“Hurricane Bubba”, her adopted sculpture on West Avenue, or doing what she can to enrich the community.
Bernhardt Furniture Company is making a donation in Jane’s honor to the Caldwell Arts Council. For
more information visit:
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Program of
All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
Who is eligible for [email protected]? Individuals who are:
Aged 55 and older
Determined by the state of North Carolina to be in
need of nursing home care
Able to live safely in the community at the time of
enrollment with [email protected] services
Reside in the [email protected] service area
(zip codes 28037, 28092, 28168, 28601, 28602,
28609, 28610, 28612, 28613, 28630, 28637, 28638,
28650, 28658, 28673, 28678, 28681, 28682, 28690)
[email protected] participants may be responsible for covering the cost
of services that are unauthorized or out of the [email protected] network.
[email protected] delivers all necessary medical and supportive services that enable seniors with chronic care needs to
maintain their independence in their own homes. These services include:
 Adult day health services
 Medical care and medical specialists
 Dental, vision, hearing, and foot care
 Meal planning and nutrition services
 Skilled nursing, including home health care and personal
care (e.g., assistance with bathing and dressing)
 Prescribed medications
 Social services
 Respite care
 Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
 Recreational and social activities
 Transportation to health-related appointments
and [email protected]
 Hospital care, emergency services, and nursing facility
1915 Fairgrove Church Road SE
Newton, NC 28658
(828) 468-3980
TTY users dial 7-1-1 or 800-735-2962
The champion for seniors wishing to remain their community
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Have you seen
“Fred Terrell”
Thursday, February 12, 2015
N.C. restaurants featuring sweet
potatoes in February for
Sweet Potato Month
By the NCDA&CS
February is Sweet Potato Month in North Carolina,
and restaurants across the state are celebrating by
offering sweet-potato dishes on their menus. It’s all
part of the “Signature Sweets” promotion, sponsored by the N.C. SweetPotato Commission.
About 50 restaurants are participating in the promotion, which asks chefs to create a signature dish
using N.C. sweet potatoes. Dishes can be appetizers, entrees, sides or desserts.
A list of participating restaurants is available on
the N.C. SweetPotato Commission’s website at Recipes will be on the
website after the promotion. Signs in each restaurant will help to promote the dishes.
“Signature Sweets” is a follow-up to the commission’s “Sippin’ Sweets” holiday promotion in December, when bartenders created cocktail recipes
using sweet potatoes or sweet-potato products. The
aim of both promotions is to highlight the versatility of sweet potatoes, said Heather Barnes, a marketing specialist for the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
“When most people think about preparing sweet
potatoes, they think about baking them,” Barnes
said. “These promotions showcase the variety of
dishes you can make using sweet potatoes.”
North Carolina is the nation’s top producer of
sweet potatoes, accounting for nearly half the
country’s crop. In 2014, N.C. farmers harvested
almost 1.6 billion pounds of sweet potatoes, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Representing 450 growers across the state, the
N.C. SweetPotato Commission aims to increase
sweet-potato consumption through education, promotion and research.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Launch in Lenoir
Fills Coverage Gap for Foothills & High Country
By Phil Crump KG4BCC
Let’s face it. We all love amateur radio. We empty our wallets for gear, spend countless hours in QST
and in front of radios, and we even get up early in the mornings to go look at junk several counties away
and call it a hamfest! If you took a poll to see why we like our hobby, you would get as many different
answers as there are hams. Amateur radio is a diverse hobby. Hams have many different avenues to explore in our hobby; some enjoy local VHF/UHF conversations, some enjoy worldwide HF activities, and
others enjoy digital modes or public service. But if you look into the future, where do you see ham radio? One mode I see in the future, and a mode that I enjoy is DMR or Digital Mobile Radio. DMR is a
digital VHF/UHF technology much like D-Star or VIPER but built on an open standard, not a proprietary standard (like ICOM D-Star).
I discovered DMR on my job. I work for a power company and we use it to dispatch our line trucks. Motorola mainstreamed DMR. They coined the term ‘MotoTRBO’ for the European trunking standard.
This trunking standard is so robust. It allows repeaters to be linked over IP, GPS locations to be shared,
and messages to be shared. It also allows for 2 conversations to occur at the same time on a single repeater; this is called time-slots. The more I learn about it, the more I’m impressed.
Other hams saw the benefits of this technology and started a worldwide ‘community’ for DMR called
DMR-MARC (Digital Mobile Radio- Motorola Amateur Radio Club). By having a global community, we
can all set some ‘standards’ for all hams to follow in the DMR trunking protocol. Regional ‘communities’
are encouraged to be established, and join the worldwide community.
Our local community is called the NC-PRN. NC-PRN is from the group of guys who brought us the
440net linked repeater system across the Carolinas. They are moving into the digital world by linking
digital repeaters across the Carolinas.
Let’s look at how DMR technology works. When you use a radio to communicate with a local repeater,
you have to designate who you want to talk to. You do this by using a ‘talkgroup’. You can talk to just
locals on a ‘local’ talkgroup (just on that repeater), or you can talk to everyone in the Carolinas using a
regional talkgroup (since the local repeater is linked to other repeaters). One can use other talkgroups
within the NC-PRN or DMR-MARC networks to talk locally, regionally, nationally, or worldwide. Remember each repeater can carry 2 simultaneous conversations that are totally independent.
Let’s look at an example. Let’s say we have a digital DMR repeater on Hibriten Mountain in Lenoir.
Imagine one ham carrying on a conversation with someone in China on timeslot 1 through the linked
network. Meanwhile, another ham is having a party conversation with 5 local hams around Lenoir on
time slot 2 (just like an analog repeater); all at the same time on the same repeater, but unknown to
each other. That’s the power of DMR!
Needless to say, I’m sold on the technology. I’ve been very verbal in my support of the technology and
wanting a digital repeater in Lenoir. Since I own the Hibriten VHF repeater, it made sense to sponsor a
digital repeater on Hibriten as well. My problem was money. A complete system would cost around
$5,000 if you do it right. I simply couldn’t afford such a substantial investment on my own. I spoke with
Marv Hoffman (WA4NC) from the Watauga Amateur Radio Club, and he put me in touch with some
awesome guys in the NC-PRN network. I must say what happened next was nothing short of Divine intervention!
Danny Hampton, Steve Koone, and David Haas (from the NC-PRN) stepped up and offered to help us
get a DMR repeater on the air in Lenoir. They have graciously agreed to lend us a complete system
(minus site, antenna, coax, and Internet connection). Just having a site and Internet access isn’t enough
folks. It takes many resources to make these digital repeaters happen. Continued on page 21...
For information about the Lenoir Amateur Radio Club go to:
Thursday, February 12, 2015
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
Launch in Lenoir
One thing we are in immediate need is a better antenna. Several of you have asked if you could help
out with the expenses of this project. A new antenna would cost around $1,000. The new antenna
would double or triple the effective coverage of the
Hibriten repeater while being better built to withstand the lightning strikes and wind on top of a
mountain. I’m not asking for donations by any
means, but if you would like to help, feel free to use
Paypal gift – [email protected] or simply
write a check. I promise 100% of the funds will go
toward: 1. an antenna, and 2. our own digital repeater.
With that being said, I’m proud to announce that
the loaner repeater will be on the air Thursday,
January 29, after some tower work and a site visit!
You will need to update your DMR radios with the
latest codeplug to add the frequencies and talkgroups for Lenoir. Simply bring your radio to the
next club meeting for an update.
“Welcome to the PRN system! The addition of a
DMR repeater in Lenoir fills the coverage gap for
the foothills and high country. I applaud Phil
Crump for stepping up and moving this installation
forward,” said Marv Hoffman WA4NC, trustee of
the Boone DMR repeater and early advocate of
DMR technology. “This is a great public service to
amateur radio and the Caldwell community and its
usefulness will be demonstrated over and over in
emergencies and in its daily use.”
If you do not have a DMR radio, start researching
this new digital mode. With a 4 watt handheld, you
can communicate around the world. It’s simple to
use, and sounds great. The DMR-MARC website is
a great place to start. Their network has around
500 repeaters already linked! Take a look at the
repeater maps; they are impressive. In my humble
opinion, this isn’t a propriety D-Star system, this is
the future of ham radio technology.
Check the LARC website ( and come to the next meeting
(February 12th at Gamewell Fire Department) for
more information. For additional information
about getting started in the NC PRN wide-area
digital network, go to and http://
Thursday, February 12, 2015
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Trends Hair Salon
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
New Brand Developed to Promote
Charitable Giving and
Manufacturing in the United States
By Hickory Brands Inc…Hickory Brands, Inc. re-
cently launched a new brand of handcrafted bracelets made of repurposed shoelaces called Beo
Bands. Beo Bands is on a mission to celebrate the
goodness of life and spread goodness across the
nation. A portion of sales benefits Bright Pink®,
Healthy Kids Running Series, Children’s Cancer
Research, or Recovering U.S. Soldiers.
Hickory Brands, Inc. has been manufacturing
shoelaces since 1923 and is the nations leader in
shoelace manufacturing. Currently, Hickory
Brands employs over 100 people in their manufacturing, shipping, and office departments.
“Shoelaces are what we know and who we are. Beo
Bands were created to repurpose our shoelaces
into something meaningful, inspirational, and fun.
Our heart behind this brand is to promote a greater
good in our nation, while keeping/gaining jobs in
North Carolina,” said Jenny Holmstrom, Sales and
Marketing Specialist.
It is Hickory Brands’ goal to expand this business
and maintain/add employees. There are many
parts to making Beo Bands bracelets. The spinning
of the yarn, creation of the lace, braiding the bracelet, packaging the merchandise, and shipping the
orders all require skilled workers.
The bracelets come in a variety of color and style.
They cater to sports fans, athletes, fashion enthusiasts and the philanthropic.
The Good Word
from the Bible
...a weekly
Inspirational Message
for today’s life-styles...
1 Thessalonians 4:16 - 17 “For the
Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God: and
the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then
we which are alive and remain shall be
caught up together with them in the
clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so
shall we ever be with the Lord.”
The hour is coming and is very soon when
the dead in Christ will hear the voice of
the Son of God and those who hear, will
live. The living righteous will be changed
in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.
At the voice of God, they will be made immortal and with the risen saints will be
caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Angels will gather together the elect from the
four winds from one end of earth to the
other. Little children will be brought by
Holy Angels to their Mother’s arms.
Friends long separated by death will be
united nevermore to part and with songs
of gladness, all will ascend together to the
City of God. Jesus the Life-giver is coming soon. Allow Him to live in you, if you
want to go live with Him.
By Dr. Herb Cole
Of The Natural Food Store
Thursday, February 12, 2015
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
New Brand Developed to Promote
Charitable Giving and
Manufacturing in the United States
Continued from page 23…
Beo Bands donates a portion of sales to one of the
following charities: Bright Pink® (a breast and
ovarian prevention in early detection organization), Healthy Kids Running Series (an organization combating the increasing rates of child obesity
in America), Children’s Cancer Research and Recovering U.S. Soldiers.
“This brand was born on the idea of celebrating our
US work force and giving back towards a brighter
future for our nation. We are very proud to be
sponsors of these charities. Each one defines who
we are and who we will be as country. We deeply
value being a part of mobilizing their efforts
through our donations,” said Josh Higgins, President at Hickory Brands, Inc.
“I wear my Beo Bands bracelet as an anthem of
hope for recovering veterans. When people ask me
about the bracelet I can share with them about my
grandfather who served in Vietnam,” said Nikky
Scott (21), recent Beo Bands customer.
Beo Bands bracelets are creating jobs in North
Carolina, up cycling products, spreading hope and
charitably giving to organizations in the U.S. Please
join in supporting this brand by purchasing a
bracelet from Like them on
Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.
Fox Upholstery Services
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Serving Coffee and Coffee House Beverages
Begin the day with a hot or cold beverage
and a Word from the Master
Valentine’s Day History/Beliefs
Saint Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's
Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a holiday
observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated
in many countries around the world, although it is
not a holiday in most of them. St. Valentine's Day
began as a liturgical celebration one or more early
Christian saints named Valentinus. Several martyrdom stories were invented for the various Valentines that belonged to February 14, and added to
later martyrologies. A popular hagiographical account of Saint Valentine of Rome states that he was
imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers
who were forbidden to marry and for ministering
to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.
Purses • Scarf’s • Jewelry
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Largest Independent
Drug Store In
North Carolina
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23-3 Falls Avenue, Granite Falls, NC
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Thomas Clay Kirby
Granite Falls...Thomas Clay Kirby, age 60, of
Granite Falls, went home to be with his Lord and
Savior on Saturday, February 7, 2015, at his residence. He was born September 14, 1954, son of
the late Henry Clay Kirby and Iris Ann Gilbert
He is survived by his loving wife Belinda Keener
Kirby of the home; one daughter, Jamie
Pritchard and husband, Matthew of Greensboro;
one son, Joshua Thomas Kirby of Tacoma,
The family will receive friends at Mackie Funeral
Home Tuesday, February 10, 2015, from 1:00 to
2:00 PM. The funeral service will follow at 2:00
PM in the Chapel with Rev. Edd Warren officiating. Burial will be in Oak Grove Church Cemetery.
Mackie Funeral Home is serving the family. You
may view the obituary online at
CCC&TI BLET students 100 percent
passage rate
By CCC&TI...Caldwell Community College and
Technical Institute’s Basic Law Enforcement
Training Class of Fall 2014 has reported a 100percent passage rate on the State Commission Examination. Graduates in the class were: Christopher Anders, Landon Annas, Seth Byland, CJ Curtis, David Davis, Kenneth Macchia, Devan Mackey,
Michael Miller, Joseph Mitchell, Mark Noble, Alexander Pfeffer, Adam Robbins and Eric Scronce. For
more information about the Basic Law Enforcement Training program at CCC&TI, contact Dennis
Hopkins at 828-726-2750. Congratulations to
these students.
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
“To Whom Shall We Go?”
In the gospel of John Chapter Six Jesus had
taught some tough lessons on total commitment
and loyalty. Many of his followers left him after
these “hard” teachings.
Jesus then asks his remaining disciples if they
would desert him also. Peter answers Jesus in
the form of a question;
“to whom shall we go?”
Religion offered a performance based duty with
little joy and much frustration. Rome was corrupt to the core and ruled with an iron fist of
tyranny, no hope there.
Society followed the lustful and destructive ways
of misery and death. So where could the disciples and for that matter anyone turn to for hope,
purpose and love?
The simple answer is Jesus!
He’s hope for the troubled teen, he’s bread to the
hungry, he’s water for the thirsty, he’s music to
your soul, and he’s the answer period!
Look no further!
We invite you to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.
Call 828-726-6564 for more information.
God Bless You, Pastor John Gray
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
699 Pleasant Hill Road Lenoir, NC 28645
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Antiquities Vending Company
We Carry Glass Bottled Soda
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