+ THE COLOSSAL COURAGE CRAB CAKE Pappas Restaurant Proudly Presents

Pappas Restaurant Proudly Presents
A Crab Cake Worthy of a
Pro Football Player Appetite!
The Ed Block Courage
Award Foundation
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Models of Inspiration
The Ed Block Courage Award is an annual
award presented to selected players in the
NFL, who are voted by their teammates as
role models of inspiration, sportsmanship,
and courage. Named in memory of Ed
In 1989, the Ed Block Courage Award
Block, a much-beloved humanitarian and
Foundation formulated the Courage House
trainer for the Baltimore Colts, the award is
National Support Network for Kids. The
administered by the Ed Block Courage
Courage House logo represents the
Award Foundation. Sponsorship proceeds
partnership effort among the Foundation,
promote the prevention of child abuse by
the NFL, NFL Charities, the Professional
raising awareness of the epidemic and
Football Athletic Trainers Society, the NFL
assisting agencies who provide for the care
Players Association, NFL Films, the Pro
and treatment of abused children.
Football Hall of Fame and NFL Alumni.
Every year, active players on each of the
32 teams in the NFL vote for one member
of their team who, in their eyes, "exemplify
commitment to the principles of
sportsmanship and courage". Each March,
the 32 selected players receive their Ed
Block Courage Award at a banquet held in
Baltimore. Past recipients include Joe
Montana, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino.
The partnership demonstrates a
commitment to heightening awareness of
the issue of child abuse in our country,
while working to help improve the lives of
children who suffer from mistreatment.
Upon joining the National Support Network,
each Courage House receives The George
Young National Grant and is presented a
Courage House plaque for display at their
The children who receive care from the
Courage Houses are children who have
belonged to a "family in crisis" and are in
dire need of professional therapy, guidance,
nurturing, general support, and mental
health counseling.
CALL: 1-888-535-CRAB
Heard about Pappas?
Pappas Restaurant has been a staple
in the Parkville community for over
thirty years. With their reasonable
prices, quality service, and
outstanding food, they have built
their business to be a household
name for crab cakes. With over ten
awards under their belt for “Best
Crab Cake”, Pappas is now teaming
up with the Ed Block Courage
Award Foundation to introduce the
“Colossal Courage Crab Cake” – 10
ounces of colossal lump crab meat
blended with their award-winning
recipe – a crab cake worthy of a pro
football player appetite!
Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake w
City Paper
w Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake w
Baltimore Magazine
w Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake w
Maryland Life Magazine
w Cover of Baltimore Magazine w
July 2009
w “Extraordinary Crab Cake” w
2011 Zagat Review
w Food Wars Winner w
Travel Channel & 98 Rock
w Food Network’s Chefs vs. City w
Featured Spotlight
w “Pappas is #1 Must Do While
Visiting Baltimore” w
NY Yankees Magazine
The Many Faces of Pappas:
Parkville, Glen Burnie, Seafood Carry-Out
Pappas Original
Pappas South
Pappas Seafood
Parkville, MD
Glen Burnie, MD
Parkville, MD
Pappas of Parkville
In February of 2010, with
In March 2008, Pappas
opened its doors in 1972,
his son, Steve, in
took over Hale’s Seafood,
when Mr. Mark Pappas
command, Mr. Pappas
across the street from their
took over Wargo’s
expanded his flourishing
Parkville location. They
Western Steak House and business to Anne Arundel
carry a large variety of
Stag Bar. He developed a
County in the Centre at
fresh fish, salads, dips,
diverse menu, which
Glen Burnie, on Governor and steamed crabs -- year
included the seven-ounce
Ritchie Highway. With
round! It is your one-stop
“Famous Crab Cake”. It
twenty beers on tap, a
shop for any dinner party,
wasn’t long before word
revamped menu, and a
picnic, cookout, or
spread, and Pappas began new and spacious dining
to receive recognition for room area, Pappas of Glen
it’s delicious recipe.
Burnie is the perfect place
Check out the famous
for a quick lunch on-the‘cake on the cover of
go, a quiet dinner, or to
Baltimore Magazine in the
watch the Ravens game
July 2009 issue.
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