Public Notice # 5 - Chengetedzai Depository Company

Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited (CDC) would like to advise capital market
players, issuers of securities and the investing public, that the below mentioned securities
will be cleared and settled on the Central Securities Depository (CSD), in an electronic
form with effect from 2 March 2015:
1. Dawn Properties Limited
2. Hwange Colliery Company Limited
3. National Tyre Services Limited
4. Old Mutual Plc (see note below)
5. Pearl Properties Limited
6. Radar Holdings Limited
7. Truworths Limited
8. TSL Limited
Dematerialisation of the above mentioned counters will commence on 16 February 2015.
The trades involving such counters for the period up to 27 February 2015 (inclusive) shall
continue to trade and settle in the physical form. Trades involving the above listed counters
as from 2 March 2015 and thereafter shall be cleared and settled through the CSD.
For further information, please contact your Custodian, Stockbroker, or Transfer Secretary.
Please visit our website on for details on how the CSD operates
or call us on 263 4 2934022-5 and ask for Bevin Ngara, Gerald Katerere or Prosper
...we will keep it safe
1 Armagh Avenue, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe,
P O Box 6340, Harare, Zimbabwe.
[email protected],
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NOTE: The on boarding of Old Mutual Plc will be subject to final regulatory clearance by
the UK Stamp Office, which is anticipated to be finalised by 2 March 2015. The market will
be advised should there be any significant changes regarding Old Mutual Plc.