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Contact Us
Synsight S.A.S.
86, rue de Paris
91400 Orsay, FRANCE
+33 169 47 01 76
[email protected]
Is a biotechnology company specialized in the
development of innovative therapeutics and
diagnostics solutions.
From in silico to in vitro
Synsight was fonded by 2 specialists in molecular modeling
and bioinformatics and benefits of a strong partnership with
SABNP laboratory at University of Evry providing structural
and molecular biology expertise.
Towards innovative R&D
Based on its expertise and the experience of
the SABNP research team, Synsight pursue its
own research projects on cancer and
neurodegenerative diseases therapies.
An integrative platform as a service
We share our knowledge and expertise through a wide
range of services to support and complete the R&D
processes of our clients, as well as in the context of REACH
Our services:
Find hits for your
biological targets
Find new potential
targets for your organic
Structural Biology
Physico-chemical and
molecular property
predictions (toxicity)
Our partners:
Molecular structure
determination by NMR