attached information and consultation response form

Friday, February 13, 2015
To Parents/Carers/Local Community
Consultation from 13th February to Friday 20th March on proposed expansion of the school.
You may be aware that over the last few years there has been an increasing demand for new primary school
places, including for baptised Catholic children. In turn this now means a need for additional secondary school
places in the High Wycombe area from September 2015.
Buckinghamshire County Council has been exploring options with schools in High Wycombe with regards to
expansions proposals to allow additional children to be accommodated. The Northampton Diocese and the
Governors of our school in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council are proposing to increase the
number of places available at our school such that we can move from four forms of entry into the secondary
phase school to five forms.
The proposal to expand, which is in line with the aims and mission of our school i.e. to provide a high quality
education in a Christian environment, to a wider community is fully supported by the Governing Body, and the
Northampton Diocese. Most importantly the size of the proposed increase in pupil numbers will not
compromise our ability to know and cater for pupils on an individual basis.
Subject to planning permission being granted, the school would expand over the next five years to become a
five form entry school. This would be achieved by making improvements to the existing school buildings,
building additional classrooms, a sports hall and ancillary spaces and improving access and parking to the
school site. All of this would allow the additional children to be successfully accommodated.
The expansion of our school would provide us with a number of benefits and ensure the continuity of
the highest standards of education:
larger peer group for pupils to socialise with and learn from;
improved specialist facilities for key areas of the curriculum
better sports and drama facilities for pupil and community use
greater financial resilience to changing circumstances e.g. pupil roll fluctuations
investment in improved road access
improved recruitment and staff development of leadership teams and other key staff
greater flexibility and efficiency in the deployment of staff and resources
The co-operation and participation of all involved will maximise the success of any solution to address the
current lack of provision for school places in the area. We would therefore welcome your feedback during this
formal consultation phase.
We appreciate that this letter may raise questions for you and in order to address this we have organized an
opportunity for you to view the plans, share our ideas with you face to face, hear your views and answer any
questions that you may have. The plans will be on view in the primary phase school hall from 5pm to 7pm on
Wednesday 25th February. You will be able to put your questions on the proposed expansion of the school and
the build project to a range of people including Governors, Diocesan representatives , members of the school
leadership team , Officers from Buckinghamshire County Council and the architects who will design the new
school accommodation.
In addition we are also holding a public consultation on the proposals and I would be grateful if you would
complete the attached response form and return it by 5pm on Friday 13th March 2015. You can bring the form
into school, post it to the County Council at the address shown on the form or email it to
[email protected]
I look forward to hearing your views and hope that you will be able to respond to the consultation.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Maggi Bull
Chair of Governors
Consultation response form for proposed expansion of the secondary phase and building work at St
Michaels Catholic School, High Wycombe
I support the proposed expansion of the school
and the necessary building work
I do not support the proposed expansion of the school and the necessary building work
Please circle the statement that most applies to you:
I am a parent/carer
I am a member of school staff
I am a governor
I am a member of the local community
I am a neighbour
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If you wish to make further comment please complete the box. If necessary please continue on a separate
Please return this form by 5pm on Friday 13th of March 2015 either to the School Office, email it to
[email protected] or post it to:
Paula Campbell-Balcombe
Buckinghamshire County Council
School Commissioning, 4th Floor
County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1UZ
Thank you for taking the time to respond