Program Schedule

DAY 1: 18/02/2015
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:05
10:05 - 10:10
Welcome Address
Vice-Chancellor,Hindustan University
10:10- 10:15
Opening Remarks
Convener, RACE 2015
10:15- 10:25
Presidential Address
Chancellor, Hindustan University
10:25 – 10:35
Chief Guest Dr. S. Gowmathinayagam
Director General ,
National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai
10:35 – 10:45
Guest of Honour
Dr. V. Jagadeesh Kumar,
Professor and Head, Central Electronics Centre
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
10:45 - 10:50
10:50 – 11:05
11:05 – 11:50
11:50 - 12.35
Vote of Thanks
Dean,Mechanical Sciences
Tea Break
Key note speaker 1:
Dr. V. Jagadeesh Kumar,
Professor and Head, Central Electronics Centre
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
Topic : Optical Sensors for Non-Invasive diagnostics
Key note speaker 2: Dr. M. Singaperumal,
Professor Emeritus ( Rtd.),
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
Topic :
12:35 - 13:10
Key note speaker 3: Dr. Seshagiri Rao,
Distinguished Scientist,
Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR
Indian Space Research Organization,
Dept. of Space,Govt. of India.Sriharikota.
Topic : Advances and applications of Embedded Systems
13:10 – 14:00
Technical Sessions [ 4 parallel sessions]
Embedded systems
Invited Talk -1
Invited Talk -1
Prof. Prakash Jagadeesan,
Prof. N. S. Murthy,
Head of Department,
Department of Instrumentation
Department of Electronics and
Communications Engineering
Madras Institute of Technology,
National Institute of Technology, Warangal
Anna University, Chennai
Topic : Low power embedded system design
Topic : Advances in Control and
14:30 - 15:45 Session for Presentations 1
Session for Presentations 1
Session for Presentations 1
R1: Paper Id: 31
C1: Paper Id: 15
E1: Paper Id:17
Title: Conception and Development of Title: Real Time closed loop data Title: Embedded System Design for I&C of
Dexto:Eka: The Humanoid Robot Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
based estimation and explicit
Part IV
Author: T Sridevi et al.
model based control of an air
conditioning system implemented
14:30 - 14:45 Author: Sumit Gupta et al.
in hardware in loop scheme
Author: Mr. Chinmay Sahu et al.
Invited Talk - 1
Dr. S. Venugopal,
Associate Director, GRIP,
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic
Research, Kalpakkam
Topic : Applicatin of Robots in plant
automation and control
R2: Paper Id: 47
Title: Inverse kinematics of a NAO
humanoid robot using Kinect to track
14:50 - 15:05 and imitate human motion
Author: Shohin Mukherjee et al.
15:10 - 15:25
15:30 - 15:45
15:50 - 16:05
Aeronautics /Mechanical / Auto
Invited Talk -1
Dr. Subramaniam Karunanidhi,
Research Centre for Imarat,
DRDO, Hyderabad
Topic : Smart Material Actuators in
Mechatronics Systems.
Session for Presentations 1
A1: Paper Id:36
Title: Investigation on laser assisted
actuation of shape memory alloy based
Author: Tameshwer Nath et al
C2:Paper Id: 22
Title: Development of LabVIEW
based Data Acquisition Unit for
Compact Photometer for
terrestrial and Planetary
Author: Mr. Madhava Reddy B
al.Paper Id: 66
E2: Paper Id:28
Title: Predicting Remaining Useful Life of
High Speed Milling Cutter based on
Artificial Neural Network
Author: Amit Kumar Jain and Bhupesh
Kumar Lad
A2 : Paper Id: 51
Title: Numerical Modelling of
valveless based pulse detonation
Author: Mr. Neeraj Jerauld et al.
R3: Paper Id: 85
Title: Development of a self-transfer
Title: Artificial Intelligence in
robotic facility for elderly and disabled boiler control
Author: Mr. R hari Krishnan and S
Author: Raghupathy K et al.
E3: Paper Id:29
Title: DSDPC: Delay signatures at
different process corners based Hardware
Trojan detection technique for FPGAs
Author: G. Sumathi et al.
A3:Paper Id: 54
Title: Robust control of a three
degrees of freedom aeroelastic model
using an intelligent observer
Author: Mr. L. Prabhu et al.
R4: Paper Id: 113
Title: Design and Development of an
underwater robot
Author: Jagjeet Singh et al.
C4: Paper Id: 141
Title: Design of PID Controller
for a 4 DOF Planar and Spatial
Author: Ravi Kumar Mandava et
E4: Paper Id:41
Title: Failure diagnosis and reliability
assesment of NiTi-shape memory alloy
(SMA) spring for micrp-actuators.
Author: Tameshwer Nath Tiwari et al.
A4: Paper Id:55
Title: Parametric Investigation on
Laser Forming of 3mm and 5mm FE410 Sheets for Brake Pedal and Clutch
Pedal Applications
Author: Agnel D'Souza et al.
Tea Break
16:05 - 17:50 Session for Presentations 2
R5: Paper Id: 182
Title: Comparison between 3 and 8 legDOF shake table
16:05 - 16:20
Author: Naveen Kumar Guota et al.
16:25 - 16:40
16:45 - 17:00
17:05 - 17:20
18:00 - 19:00
19:00 - 21:00
Session for Presentations 2
C5: Paper Id: 217
Title: Frequency Control of
Autonomous Hybrid Power
System using Smart Controllable
Author: Sanjoy Debbarma et al.
R6: Paper Id: 219
C6: Paper Id: 231
Title: Energy efficient inverse dynamic Title: Design and optimization of
model of a hexapod robot
multivariable controller for CSTR
Author: Mr. Abhijit Mahapatra et al. system
Author: Vivekananthan B et al.
Session for Presentations 2
E5: Paper Id:64
Title: Non-Conventional Carrier
Wavefoems in a four user OFDMA
communication system
Author: Mr. Venkata Subbareddy et al.
Session for Presentations 2
A5: Paper Id:215
Title: Regression Rate Studies of
Hybrid Rocket Fuel on a Lab Scale
Rocket Motor
Author: Yash Pal et al.
E6: Paper Id: 91
Title: A Decision Based Switching Median
filter for restoration of images corrupted by
high density impulse noise
Author: Mr. Jezebel Priestly J et al.
A6: Paper Id: 222
Title: Review on condition monitoring
of abrasive water jet machining
Author: Ms Kalpana Kannan et al.
R7: Paper Id: 307
Title: Studies on Robotic deburring of
machined components using a SCARA
Author: Subhashini P et al.
E7: Paper Id: 98
Title: Comparative analysis of the BER
performance of DWT OFDM over that of
FFT OFDM in presence of phase noise
Author: N. Hariprasad and G Sundari
R8: Paper Id: 312
Title: Human Machine Interface For
Dexto Eka: -The Humanoid Robot
Author: Sumit Gupta et al.
C7: Paper Id: 242
Title: Design and Implementation
of adaptive Neuro Fuzzy inference
system for an experimental Active
suspension system
Author: Hari V M et al.
A7: Paper Id:358
Title: Observing the Thermodynamic
properties in vehicle dynamics of
automobiles for improving the ECU
performance based on analogy
Author: Arulananthasamy S et al.
C8: Paper Id: 251
E8: Paper Id: 106
A8: Paper Id: 391
Title: Adaptive Multi-Loop
Title: Development of TeleAlarm and Fire Title: Optimization of performance
Fractional Order PID Controller Protection System using Remote Terminal and emission parameters of single
Tuning Using Bat Colony
Unit for Nuclear Power Plant
cylinder direct injection CI engine by
Optimization for Quadruple Tank Author: Rajendra Prasad Behera et al.
varying compression ratio and
injection timing
Author: Sabura Banu U et al.
Author: Hariram Venkatesh and
Vagesh Shangar Ramni
Hindustan University Cultural Programme
Conference Banquote
DAY 2:19/02/2015
9:00 - 9:45
Keynote Speaker 4 :
Dr. S. A. V. Satyamurthy,
Outstanding Scientist & Director,
Electronics and Instrumentation & Radiological Safety Group,
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
Topic :Wireless Sensor Networks applications at Nuclear Stations.
9:45 - 10:30
Keynote speaker 5 : Prof. Prabir K. Pal,
Outstanding Scientist,
Division for Remote Handling and Robotics,
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Topic : Teleoperation using telepresence.
10:30 - 10:45
Tea Break
10:45 - 11:30
Keynote speaker 6 :
Mrs. Padma,
Technical Manager, YOKOGAWA India Ltd.,
Bangalore Topic :
11:30 - 12:15
Keynote speaker 7 :
Head, Robotics Division,
YASKAWA (Robotics-India),
12:15 - 13:15
Invited Talk -2
Ang Marcelo H. Jr.
Director, Advanced Robotics Centre,
13:15 - 13:45 Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore,
Topic : Robotics applications
13:45 - 15:05 Session for Presentations 3
Invited Talk -2
Dr. Ramesh C. Panda,
Principal Scientist,
Central Leather Reserch Institute,
Topic : Recent Developments in
Process Control
Session for Presentations 3
C10: Paper Id: 427
R10 : Paper Id: 307
Title: New Dynamic SelfTitle: Studies on Robotic Deburring of Organizing Feature Maps for the
13:45 - 14:00 machined components using a SCARA Classification of Extracted
Feature Vectors of Characters
Author: Subhashini Pvs et al.
Author: Dayana Benny and
Kumary Soumya
Invited Talk -2
Senior Manager, Operational Excellence &
NPI, Eaton Crouse-hinds
MTL Instruments, Chennai
Topic : Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation
Session for Presentations 3
E10: Paper Id:195
Title: Least Squares based Channel
Estimation approach and bit error rate
Analysis of Cognitive radio
Author: PremKumar M et al.
Invited Talk -2
Prof. Nilesh S. Vasa,
Associate Professor & Head, Department
of Engineering Design,
Topic : Fibre optics Sensors and their
Session for Presentations 3
A10: Paper Id:420
Title: A Methodology of retrofitting of
CNC vertical milling machine.
Author: Sridevi S et al.
R11:R9: Paper Id: 3
Title: Heuristics Approach for Robot
Path Minimization for Lamination
14:05 - 14:20
Author: Avinash Patil and Deepak
C11: Paper Id: 367
Title: Multiagent Coalition
Formation for Distributed Area
Coverage & Exploration
Author: Chayan Banerjee and
Navya Deepthi
A11: Paper Id:421
E11: Paper Id: 201
Title: Visual Odometery Based
Title: Performance analysis of multi-band
Absolute Target Geo-Location From
Multiple Beamforming butler matrix for
Micro Aerial Vehicle
smart antenna systems
Author: Mahadeeswara Yadav and
Author: Mr. Sivasundarapandian
Arun Annaiyan
R12A9: Paper Id:399
Title: Monovision based Automated
Navigation and Object Detection
Author: Charan S.G et al.
C12 :Paper Id: 270
Author: Amal Govind and Dr.
Uppu Ramachandraiah
E12: Paper Id: 253
Title: Efficient technique to reduce power
diddipation of op_Amps at High speed
Author: Avaneesh Kumar et al.
A12: Paper Id:429
Title: Optimization of Parameters for
Uniform Magnetic Field
Author: Roshan Sasi et al.
14:45 - 15:00
C13 C9: Paper Id: 407
Title: Adaptive optimization
usingGrey relational analysisand
PID control of CNC drilling
Author: Susai Mary J et al.
E13: Paper Id: 277
Title: Analysis of statistical texture features
for automatic lung cancer detection in
PET/CT images
Author: Ms Punithavathy K et al.
A13: Paper Id:196
Title: Optimization of process
parameters during machining of
Thixoformed A356-5TiB2 in-situ
Composite using Design of
Author: S Deepak Kumar et al.
15:05 - 15:20
Tea Break
Invited Talk - 3
Invited Talk - 3
Invited Talk - 3
Dr. Sridharakumar Narasimhan,
Dr. K. A. Kanagasabapathy,
Professor,Department of Chemical
Dr. C. Babu Rao,
Vice - President,
Rajaramanna Fellow,
FLSmidth Limited
Indian Institute of Technology
Indira Gandhi Centre Atomic Research,
Madras, Chennai
Topic : Industrial prospective of Robotics
Topic :Optimal operation and
Topic: To be received
role in manufacturing Industry
control of urban water distribution
Session for Presentations 4
Session for Presentations 4
Session for Presentations 4
14:25 - 14:40
15:20 - 15:50
15:50 - 17.10
Invited Talk - 3
Prof. S. Sampath Kumar,
Professor, Central Workshop
Department of Mechanical Engg, Anna
University,College of
Topic :
Session for Presentations 4
E14: Paper Id: 281
Title: Performance analysis of preprocessing filters for underwater images
Author: Srividhya K. and Ramya M.M.
16:10 - 16:25
E15: Paper Id: 295
Title: On the metric dimension of few
network sheets
Author: F Simon Raj and George
Amalanathan et al.
16:30 - 16:45
E16: Paper Id: 369
Title: Construction of Hexagonal Based
stratefic connected dominating set for
mobile Ad-Hoc networks
Author: Ceronmani Sharmila et al.
16:50 - 17:05
E17: Paper Id: 382
Title: Localization with Beacon Based
Support Vector Machine in Wireless Sensor A17
Author: Mary Livinsa
15:50 - 16:05
DAY 3:20/02/2015
Keynote Speaker 8 : Dr. M. Chidambaram,
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai Topic:
9:00 - 9:45
Keynote speaker 9: Prof. Ang Marcelo H. Jr.
Director, Advanced Robotics Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Topic : Robotics applications
9:45 - 10:30
Keynote speaker 10
R. Venkatesan
Scientist-G & Head -Ocean Observation Systems,
National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai
Topic: To be received
10:30 - 11:15
11:15 - 11:45
Tea Break
11:45 - 12:30
Keynote speaker 11 :Dr. D. N. Badodkar,
Head, Division for Remote Handling and Robotics, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Topic : Automation Systems for Nuclear Industries
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:00
Invited Talk -4
Dr. T. Asokan,
Professor, Department of Engineering
Design, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Chennai
Invited Talk - 4
Mr. Murali,
Associate Director,
Instrumentation & Control Group
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic
Research, Kalpakkam
Topic :
Invited Talk -4
Dr.Boby George,
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Chennai
Topic: Efficient Signal Conditioning Schemes
for Resistive-Capacitive Position Sensors
Invited Talk -4
Dr. B. P. C. Rao,
Scientific Officer 'H' and Head,
NDE Division, & Head,Robotics
Indira Gandhi Centre Atomic Research,
Topic: To be received
13:30 - 14:50 Session for Presentations 5
Session for Presentations 5
Session for Presentations 5
E17E19: Paper Id: 406
Title: EEG Based Emotion Recognition
System using MFDFA as Feature Extractor
Author: Sananda Paul et al.
13:30 - 13:45
14:10 - 14:25
14:30 - 14:45 R22
14:50 - 15:05 R23
13:50 - 14:05
15:10 - 15:25
15:25 - 15:35
15:35 - 15:45
Session for Presentations 5
E18E18: Paper Id: 404
Title: Impact of co-effficient selection rules
on the performance of DWT based fusion
on medical images
Author: K.P. Indira and Dr.R. Rani
E19E9: Paper Id:193
Title: A novel design approach and
simulation of frequency reconfigurable
micro strip patch antenna for Wi-Fi,
WLAN and GPS applications.
Author: Jegan G et al.
Tea Break
Valedictory function :
Chief Guest Prof. Ang Marcelo H. Jr. ,
Director, Advanced Robotics Centre,
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Guest of Honour : Dr. D. N. Badodkar,
Head, Division for Remote Handling and Robotics, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
15:45 - 15:50
15:50 - 16:00
Vote of Thanks