AVID is . . - Fontana Unified School District

AVID Objectives
AVID is . .
 To provide students with academic
instruction and other support in
preparation for eligibility to enter a
four year college or university.
 To improve students’ study and
organizational skills.
 To guide students in completing the
“A-G” University of California
A college
preparatory pro
 To motivate AVID students to seek a
college education.
 To increase students’ level of
career awareness.
 Learning with college tutors
 Writing for all classes
 Developing success strategies
 College application counseling
 Preparing for a professional career
 Visiting college campuses
 Interacting with guest speakers
 Financial aid & scholarship
Who may participate?
Students who have the potential and
desire to attend a four-year college
 have between a 2.0 and 3.5 GPA.
 have a good attendance record.
 have good work habits.
 are willing to commit themselves to
do homework each night as
assigned by their teachers.
 are willing to commit to enrollment
in a rigorous college preparatory
sequence of classes.
 Have appropriate classroom
Parent/Guardian Name
Mailing Address
AVID National
Demonstration School
Student’s Name
1st Period Teacher
Summit HS
My student and I are interested in the AVID program
Student #
□ Miller HS □
Telephone #
Kaiser HS
Parent/Student Application (Please Print)
□ Jurupa HS □
City/State/Zip Code
Fontana HS
Check high school student will be attending:
Middle School Currently Attending
High School
Dawn Costa, AVID Coordinator
(909) 357-5500
Jurupa Hills
High School
Kelly Navas, AVID Coordinator
(909) 357-6300
Henry J. Kaiser
High School
Dave Ungerer, AVID Coordinator
(909) 357-5900
A.B. Miller
High School
Julie Orrison-Myrehn, AVID Coordinator
(909) 357-5800
High School
Steve Jennings, AVID Coordinator
(909) 357-5950
Advancement Via
Individual Determination
Fontana Unified School District
Chief of Schools, Secondary
(909) 357-7600 x29351