Multiphase 2015

17th International Conference on Multiphase Technology
Multiphase 2015
“The Cannes Conference”
Cannes 10 – 12th June 2015
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Multiphase 2015
10 – 12th June 2015
Background to the Conference
BHR Group is the world’s leading organiser of specialist
Multiphase Conferences. Its series of International Events
began in Europe in 1983.
We are now approaching the 17th Multiphase Production
Technology Conference, known to regular delegates
as “The Cannes Conference”. With an international
reputation as a strongly technical event presenting
peer-reviewed papers of the highest quality, the Cannes
Conference has long been regarded as the premier event
in the field and an essential diary date for all engineers
concerned with any aspect of multiphase technology.
Conference Outline
Pressures on oil & gas companies demand greater
understanding of flow assurance, multiphase flows and
production chemistry, whilst in-house expertise cannot
necessarily cover all successful innovative developments.
The networking that the Conference provides is a key
added benefit to the presentations. At earlier Multiphase
Conferences, delegates’ feedback told us that networking
with the “gurus” had saved them precious months in
solving project problems and we anticipate this will be
replicated in 2015.
The 17th International Conference on Multiphase
Production Technology is back once again in Cannes,
France. The conference will take place in the Novotel
Cannes Montfleury. Cannes is a short road transfer
from Nice Airport, the second-largest airport in France
and a regular destination for long-haul, European and
budget airlines.
Multiphase production solutions have enabled the oil
& gas industry to improve its production performance,
extend its operations and enter progressively more
technically challenging areas. The lessons learned,
the modelling techniques developed and the practical
experiences of its users are of value to engineers in a
range of industries including oil & gas, process, chemicals,
mining, water and power.
The World’s Multiphase experts will convene at
Multiphase 2015 to share the latest developments and
provide delegates with opportunities to discuss new
research and developments, to consider innovative
solutions and to explore technology transfer between
Further travel and accommodation details will be
included in the reservation leaflet, available in Spring
Who Should Attend
The conference will benefit anyone engaged in the
application, development and research of multiphase
technology for the oil and gas industry. Applications
in the oil and gas industry will also be of interest to
engineers from other industries for which multiphase
technology offers a novel solution to their problems.
The conference will also be of particular value to
designers, facilities and operations engineers, consultants
and researchers from operating, contracting, consultancy
and technology companies.
Learning Seminar
Following their success in previous years, we will be offering a new Learning Seminar in 2015, focusing on best
practices and lessons learned for establishing, running and monitoring R&D projects from the perspectives of both
funders and researchers. It will cover both technical and non-technical issues, including scopes of work, business
cases, contracts and stakeholder engagement.
Papers and case studies are invited on current
techniques and new developments under the following
• Geographical challenges - environmental issues;
Given the ever-changing technical demands, the
Committee suggests prospective authors should
consider the following questions:
• Where are the current barriers to production and
how are they changing?
• What are the sector drivers and what will their
impact be?
• How can we apply existing technologies to develop
ultra-deep water and unconventional reserves?
• What have we learned to help us in the future?
Priority will be given to case studies and field
applications that highlight business drivers and lessons
Authors are invited to submit title and abstract within
the scope of the conference to reach the conference
organrelevant to the scope and the title should briefly
describe the content of the paper. Abstracts may be
submitted by email to: [email protected]
Submission Timetable
• Deadline for receipt of abstract: 15th Nov 2014
• Deadline for receipt of manuscript: 13th Feb 2015
Abstracts should be submitted by email to:
[email protected]
Selection of papers will take account of originality,
relevance and likely interest to delegates. Predominantly
theoretical papers are normally expected to include
experimental or other practical validation. Papers should
be of a technical nature and we recommend that authors
also take an exhibition stand should they wish to support
their presentations with commercial material.
difficult terrain; deep & ultra-deep waters; cold
environment; subsea and long distance tiebacks;
unconventional reserves; sand & particle transport;
downhole & seabed processing; wet vs. dry wells; hilly
terrain pipeline operations
• Flows - flow assurance; flowlines & risers; steeply
inclined flows; rheology/complex fluids; bundles/
heating systems; slug management & control;
turbulence & wave motion; thermal remediation
• Application of flow modelling-field validation; multidimensional modelling; new applications
• Production chemistry prediction and mitigation -
emulsions, foams & slurries; hydrates, asphaltenes &
waxes; sand & scale
• Equipment - integrated production systems; multiphase
pumping & boosting; separation & separator vessels;
multiphase metering; instrumentation & control;
• Flow simulation-modelling studies; experimental data
scale-up; validation
• Pipeline protection-corrosion & erosion; leak detection
in multiphase systems
Important Notes for Authors
• Papers must be original, unpublished, and not pending
Be part of the premier Multiphase event.
Submit your abstract today for the chance
• Present your work to an International
audience of your peers from industry
and academia.
• Publish your work in the Conference
Proceedings and online through OnePetro.
publication elsewhere.
The author submits each paper on the understanding
that the paper must be reviewed and approved by
an independent referee. If the paper is accepted,
the author must attend the whole conference to
present the paper and discuss with delegates. Each
presenting author is entitled to 25% discount on the
full conference fee.
Papers, and presentation at the conference, must be in
Papers should be no longer than 15 printed pages.
There is no minimum length.
The title should be appropriate to the scope and
should accurately describe the content of the paper.
BHR Group will supply guidelines for the preparation
of manuscripts. Papers conforming to these guidelines
will, subject to final refereeing, be accepted for
commercial publication.
The copyright of accepted papers must be transferred
to the Publisher. Authors who wish to retain copyright
must notify the organisers when submitting their
The presenting author will receive one copy of the
published proceedings.
Technical Advisory Committee
Alex Hunt, Woodview Technology Limited, (Chairman)
Graham Brook, Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Ltd
John Dobson, Oil Plus Ltd
Colin Hale, Imperial College
Alick Jamieson, BG Group
Tim Lockett, BP plc
Gerry McNulty, BHR Group Limited
Peter Molyneux, DNV GL
Martin Watson, KBC Advanced Technologies plc
Peter Wilson, BG Group
Terry Wood, INTECSEA (UK) Ltd
International Advisors
Dr E Alsafran, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Prof P Andreussi, University of Pisa, Italy
Dr K M Bansal, ConocoPhillips, USA
Dr E F Caetano, Petrobras, Brazil
Dr H Eidsmoen, Statoil, Norway
Dr R Henkes, Shell Global Solutions International BV, The Netherlands
Dr S Kashou, Chevron Inc, USA
Mr E Leporcher, ENI, Norway
Mr D Müller-Link, Bornemann GmbH, Germany
Dr J Nossen, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway
Prof C Sarica, TUFFP, The University of Tulsa, USA
Mr S Smith, Schlumberger, Canada
Mr E Talideh, Industrial Tomography Systems plc, USA
xxxxx, FMC Corporation, Norway
For further information, please contact:
Debbie Carrington
Conference Organiser
VirtualPie Ltd t/a BHR Group
Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0AJ United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 7785 621 652
Email: [email protected]