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Southgate School
Science Specialist Status
February 2015
Welcome to our new look newsletter. I hope you find it interesting and informative; certainly it
is packed full of the numerous events and activities that our students have already participated
in. Our newsletter gives you a real insight into the wonderful opportunities students at
Southgate School enjoy and benefit from.
I’ve spent most of my time meeting staff and students and asking lots of questions and trying to
get into lessons to get a feel for the quality of teaching and learning. It is very pleasing to note
that the vast majority of young people at our school have a mature and positive attitude to
their studies and are polite and self-regulating in their behaviour. This last phrase is a term
borrowed from Ofsted who, in their criteria for what denotes ‘outstanding’ behaviour, look for ‘impeccable’
behaviour where students manage their own and each others punctuality to lessons, behaviour around the school
and relationships with staff.
Our school has a tremendous amount of strengths and I consider it a privilege to work with the whole school
community and be part of a team who will take the school forward, building on the current successes. In
particular, I see the relationship between parents and school as a very important partnership. Parents and carers
are crucial to the success story of any school, and I believe that by all of us working together, we can ensure that
Southgate School will continue it’s outstanding journey.
Therefore I am keen to start meeting parents, to begin to share my vision and to hear what you want your
children’s school to do. I want to discuss some of the key educational issues of the day with you because in today’s
ever-changing world of education, many people have been left in the dark about exactly what is going on. To this
end members of the Senior Leadership team and I, will host a termly evening reception for parents where there
will be a short presentation about an aspect of education and an opportunity to ask questions from the floor. We
will serve drinks and a light buffet as well, just to further entice you. The first of these evenings will take place on
Tuesday 24th March 2015 at 6.00pm.
As places are limited we will have to operate a first come first served policy, so please confirm your attendance by
contacting my PA Mrs Jane Theobald on [email protected] as soon as possible.
Kind Regards
Mr. Martin Lavelle
Southgate School
Futsal - January 2015
The new term saw the start of the Enfield Futsal League, in which we have had three
year groups competing (Year 7, 8 and 9). After the first round of games, Year 7’s, 8’s and
9’s all made an impressive start to their campaign.
The Year 7’s, who are also the Borough 5-aside finalists, recorded a superb 8-3 victory
against Edmonton County, whilst the year 8’s recorded equally impressive results
beating Oasis Academy 18-3 and Edmonton County 7-6. The Year 9’s continued our
unbeaten start to the futsal season with a resounding 12-2 victory over Chace
Star performers of the games so far have been: Antony Papadopoulos (Year 7), Ruby
Grant (Year 8) and Finlay Quinlan-Qasim (Year 9). We look forward to reporting more
success in the coming weeks.
Mr Beckles - PE Department
Young Panathlon Sports Leaders
On Thursday 15th January,
eight Year 10 students went
to Southbury Leisure Centre
to help run the Panathlon
Challenge as Young Sports
official training in December.
The Year 9 and 10 boys
combined rugby
team entered their first
Emerging Schools rugby
Festival of the year on
Tuesday 27 January at
Enfield Ignatians RFC. The
hard work they have been putting in over the last half
term really paid off with some excellent ball carrying and
tackling being displayed on the day.
The Panathlon Challenge is a national charity which
provides sporting opportunities for over 4,000 disabled
young people each year.
The events included Polybat, Boccia and Table Cricket, as
well as other adapted games and events. The main event
in January was a great success and our students were a
true credit to Southgate School.
The feedback about our students from the event
organisers was really inspiring and they described our
Year ten students as being like A-level students in terms of
their general attitude and adaptability to the situation.
Our students have not only
gained some invaluable
leadership and organisational
skills, but have been part of a
fantastic charity that provides
memorable sporting
experiences for students who struggle to access main
curriculum sports.
Mrs. Pacey and Mr. Beckles—PE Department
Over half of the students who took part had no experience
of any competitive rugby but finished the day with a very
good understanding of all aspects of gameplay. We hope
to continue their development in the next Emerging
Schools Festival at Old Grammarians RFC in March
followed by the Middlesex emerging schools competition
Rugby tournament
On Wednesday 28th January,
fourteen Year 7 and 8 students
represented Southgate in the
School Festival at Enfield Ignatians
Rugby Club. For many of the boys
this was the first time they had played any kind of
competitive rugby. The boys quickly gelled as a team and
despite playing against some more experienced teams
supported each other, worked well together and gave a
good account of themselves and showed the other school
taking part that Southgate is very much a school with a
bright rugby future. All the boys played exceptionally well
and by the end of the afternoon had won 2 and lost 2
games. Louis Welby captained the team on the day and
showed great leadership on the pitch.
Mr Starr and The PE Department
In December, our Sports Leaders spent the day at West
Lea School with representatives from Panathlon, learning
the skills and attributes needed to successfully lead
various events for students with additional educational
needs and disabilities.
Southgate School
Year 12 trip to Barcelona
13 students were taken to Catalonia as part of their Geography Unit 2 fieldwork assessment. They behaved impeccably arriving on time at each rendezvous and being considerate to other guests and their teachers during the evening and
ovenight. They all managed to complete the fieldwork exercises set out for them and returned with detailed information
that should serve them well in both AS Unit 2 and A2 Unit 3. If ever there were any doubts about the value of fieldwork
then this fieldtrip with this group of students have dispelled them.
Ms. Ward— Geography Department
Saturday– Oliver’s Perspective
It was Saturday, the day of the eagerly anticipated trip to Barcelona. 13 of us made our
separate ways to Luton Airport and arrived at 5.45pm. I was secretly excited and interested to
see how I’d fare on the plane, considering I cried the entire duration of my last flight.
Admittedly, I was 11 at the time! 3 hours later, we were in Barcelona and already working
hard. We studied urban rebranding in multiple areas, including
the “notorious” Las Ramblas - dubbed the “pick pocketing
capital of the world”.
We finished off the outing with me, Alice, Maisie and Venetia going to a traditional
Spanish Tapas Bar and sampling the local delicacies. Not only this, but we discovered
Filipinos—some amazing white chocolate biscuits. Possibly the greatest thing to ever
emerge from Spain. The group had a relaxing evening, with a walk on the beach. Some
enjoyed this more than others, with Alice managing to have a paddle in the sea!
Sunday & Monday – Alice’s Perspective
On Sunday, we had a tour of the Ebro Delta. It is a river delta - which is a landform that forms at the
mouth of a river, where it flows into an ocean, lake or reservoir. Deltas
form due to deposition of sediment carried by a river. Over 60% of the
delta has been converted to rice fields and we certainly saw enough of
them to last a lifetime!
Some people enjoyed this more than others (Oliver was beaming and didn’t stop smiling the whole journey back!). It was
a lovely end to a tiring day! We returned home on Monday and arrived at the airport in enough time for us to blow
remaining money in (the overpriced!) duty free. After a nice, calm flight home we went through Border Control and were
on our way home. Oliver was patted down at both airports and asked a never-ending list of questions by the woman at
Border Control. I’ve never seen someone attract airport staff so much! Finally, thanks to Mr Lynch and the rest of the
geography department for organising a great trip.
60 x 60 Art Exhibition
Following on from the success of last year’s parent/guardian and staff art exhibition, ‘60 x 60’
returned, and is now proving to be an inspiring annual school community event. The exhibition
brought to attention hidden talents, and was truly eclectic. Some of the vibrant and diverse pieces of
art on show ranged from photography, watercolor, oil painting, sculpture, film props, illustrations,
drawing, screen printing, stone casting and engravings. The highlight for many during the private
view was seeing Mr Baz sculpt one of his pieces, creating interest and discussion. Year 12 students
helped to curate, organize and host the private view.
Ms. Dawson—Art Department
Since the 1960’s, dams and reservoirs have been built, preventing the
Delta’s growth and causing erosion – a massive threat to the biodiversity of
the delta. Our fieldwork focused on what has been implemented to prevent the Delta’s
disappearance and a number of fieldwork techniques were carried out on areas at risk, like El Fangar and Marquesa
Beach. One of the highlights of the trip was our tour guide, Dutch, going out of his way to show the group some flamingos
at the Tancada Lagoon.
Southgate School
Enfield’s Debating Competition – Mayor’s Award 2015
On Thursday 29th January four Year 9 students were given the opportunity to take part in a training day
for the 2015 Mayor’s Award which recognises achievements in debating. The event was held at Enfield
County School and Southgate had the privilege of being chosen to compete alongside 6 other schools
from across the borough.
As we set off there was a sense of excitement and an eagerness to find out what
lay in store for the day ahead. Questions were soon answered by the training
team from the English Speaking Union Representative who would be running the
The students found the advice and training given to them “invaluable”, “very clear to understand” and
said it was delivered “with a lot of enthusiasm”. Key terms such as ‘rebuttal’ and ‘points of information’
were explained and tips given on body
Ms. Lynch—English Teacher
Technology Exhibition
The Technology Department at Southgate School
proudly presents The Technology Exhibition on Tuesday
24th and
Wednesday 25th February during PM
registration in the Technology block.
The department will be showcasing the very best in
GCSE coursework, extraordinary practical skills from
Year 10 students and presenting an overview of the
(Graphic Design)
different courses. The exhibition will include work from Child
Development, Electronics, Food Technology, Graphics and Resistant Materials Technology.
When: Tuesday 24th and 25th February 2015 from 3:05-3:30pm (PM registration)
Venue: Technology block
(Resistant Materials)
(Child Development)
Mrs Parchment – Head of Technology
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Visit—Year 13
On Wednesday 4 February 2015, 17 Year 13 physics students from Southgate School, along with Mr. Mounsey,
Mr. Buckwell and Mr. Suharan went to visit the Diamond Light source particle accelerator at the Rutherford Appleton
Laboratory in Oxfordshire. Here, some of the world’s most complex machines are used to study the structure of materials,
chemicals and biological samples.
This helps scientists to get a better idea of how the world around us works at the atomic and molecular scale. This Particle
Physics Master class consisted of lectures by world-wide experts in their fields, tours around the ISIS particle accelerator
and a hands on computer workshop to get a better insight into how fundamental particles are discovered at CERN, the
27km underground laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. Students and teachers enjoyed the trip immensely.
(Food Technology)
Southgate School
Year 12 Trip to the Science Museum
Year 12 enjoyed a visit to the Science Museum last Friday. The focus was on
contextualising the physics they've studied over the last term and a half, with the aim of
encouraging a few more of them to think about careers in physics, engineering or
The visit provided the opportunity for the students to look at important scientific and
technological objects, and to apply their new physics knowledge outside of the
classroom. There is often a great deal we can learn from an object just by looking
carefully at it and we feel that it is important that students get a chance to practise this outside of the classroom. Many of
the students stayed in Central London after the trip to attend one of the regular lectures at UCL (which was about artificial
intelligence last week).
Year 13 Finding the Higgs
Year 13 physicists visited the Particle Physics Masterclass at the Rutherford Appleton
Laboratories near Oxford. Highlights included a tour of the ISIS neutron diffraction facility
(the 'coolest machine in the world' according to the Guardian) and the opportunity to study
the results of the biggest (and best) experiment in the world, the Large Hadron Collider.
By the end of the session, our students were confidently picking their way through terabytes
of LHC collision data, and most were even able to spot the elusive Higgs Boson event (a
muon-antimuon pair and an electron-positron pair, in case you were wondering)! Heroes of
the hour were Pearce and Toran, who found the Higgs event first and earned themselves a LHC badge each, along with the
admiration of their fellow physicists.
“East is East”
Year 12 English students were lucky enough to bag front row seats for a hilarious and thought provoking revival of Ayub
Khan-Din’s exploration of fractured identity and dual heritage “East Is East”, at the Trafalgar Studios in London. We are
currently studying the play and the consensus was summed up by one student’s comment: “amazing – such a thrill to really
experience it so close up. It completely changed my impression of the play”
Mrs Woolf, English Department
A group of 20 students, studying AS Government &
Politics visited the Houses of Parliament and the
House of Lords. They were all fascinated by the
beauty, history and the architecture of the chambers.
They were lucky enough to see various MPs and Lords
busy at work, preparing themselves for Prime
Ministers Question Time.
Costa Vrachimis remarked ‘I had a great time, I am so
surprised how small the House of Commons actually is
and I can’t believe the Queens seat in the House of
Lords is made of real gold!’
We also had a Q&A session with David Burrowes MP of Southgate. He spent time
explaining his day-to-day life as an MP and openly discussed the need for young people to
become more engaged with the political world. Bella Cosco asked Mr Burrowes a question
on tuition fees, her thoughts on his response was ‘a sense of empathy for those who want to vote, but cannot.’ It was a
truly enjoyable and valuable trip.
Year 12 Parliament trip ‘MPs in the making!’
Southgate School
Children’s University
Achievement Days
Year 7 students are reminded that they need to continue
collecting their signatures and stamps for the Children’s
University. They have until the end of April to attend as
many extra curricular clubs as possible. If they haven’t
already they can look to attend a club at school. Children’s
University offer activities in the local area for students to
attend where they can collect signatures. They are offering
the following during the half term holiday:
Barnet & Southgate College Forensics Club
Time 10.00 am – 15.00 pm.
Achievement Days this year were again very positive events
with students discussing their progress and setting targets to
focus on for the rest of the year.
Miss Stanford and I were lucky to be able to attend many
different interviews with students, parents and form tutors
and it was encouraging to see how thoughtful and reflective
students were being with regard to their progress and about
the targets they thought they should be setting for
It is important that students now use these targets in their
lessons as a way of continuing their progress for the rest of
the year.
Monday 16th February 2015
Cost: £5 per session
For children aged 7 to 14 (supervised at all times)
The next school reports are issued just before the Easter
holiday and students should be able to see the impact of
meeting their targets by the amount of progress they have
made in the subjects over the last term.
To book a place:
Call on: 020 8982 5141
Email: [email protected]
If students are interested in attending this they will need to
book beforehand as there is limited availability. See the
Children’s University website for more details.
The ILPs are stuck into all the student’s planner so they are
able to be reviewed in any lesson, tutorial or progress session.
All people all places
Whole school drive for the homeless
During this week, all Years had an assembly on homelessness to make them not only aware of the issues surrounding
homelessness but also the stereotypes people have about this community. Often in PSR and RE lessons when homelessness is
discussed, students can have a negative perspective of the homeless population who are often ignored by society because of
“it’s their own fault culture”. This drive was not only to collect donations but was part of a wider learning experience for
students to think about this issue and work towards what they can do to support some of the most vulnerable people in
By the end of the week, with the hard work of the school forum and the students and teachers who donated we have
managed to collect around 15 large boxes to take down to the shelter.
On 6 February Ms Morgan along with some of the school forum and Heads of Year went down to the shelter to distribute what
they had collected. Ms Morgan and School Forum would like to thank students for their involvement in this and look forward
to running similar events in the future after the success of this.
Ms Morgan and the School Forum organised and ran a charity drive for the homeless
during the week of 26th January. The School Forum were made aware of a branch of
Crisis who offer support for the homeless every Friday in Enfield and that people in the
community volunteer to help. This gave them the idea to ask students throughout the
school to bring in their donations of non-perishable food, toiletries , hats and scarves to
help support the local homeless community.
Southgate School
Transition achievement day literacy challenge
Students in transition were set a challenge of creating or writing a short piece on the topic of Achievement, Progress and
The Future. 20 entries from each year group were chosen as winners along with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize per year group.
Please see the winners below. Well done to all the students for taking part in this.
1st– Berkay Ciniviz 7D2
2nd– Amelia Field-Gould 7C2
3rd– Tyrone Hiller-Gencer 7L1
Dantae Foster & Lauren Davey-Sims
Michal Radaczynski & Francesca Webb
Nadir Bhatti & Leyla El-Ahmadi
Ozan Demirci & Twinkle Reilly
Aydie Huseyin & Joanna Demosthenous
Tarik Altunoglu & Sofia Vetrano
Sachin Rose & Maddy Harrington-Poole
Umut Dogan & Reyyan Pakan
Okem Chime & Laura Georgiou
Ikenna Wogu & Daisy Beckford
Most Punctual Form in Year 7
Best Attendance in Year 7
7L1 (99.7%)
7L2 (97.0%)
Most Punctual Form in Year 8
Best Attendance in Year 8
8LY (98.7%)
8C2 (97.4%)
Students have many ways to achieve at Southgate. Below
are some of the main ways students have been celebrated
so far. ...
Top Merit awards
Achievement praises
Merit Certificates Achieve Achievement postcards
Achievement assemblies
HoY and Tutor Awards
100% Effort
100% Attendance
Focus weeks
We would like to congratulate students on all their
achievements, keep up all the hard work!
Harry Lownds
Jade Binns
Kevin Hasani
Holly Hunt
Eneda Recica
Tara Salem
Kairo Precilla
Lucy Xenophontos
Aaron Convery
Jake Lloyd– Lewis
Stefan Georgiou
Georgia Lekka
Bianca Lenghel
Saffiya Johnson
Rea Wynn
Subagan Senthilnathan
Madeleine Latham-Fox
Southgate School
Year 9 Options
It is getting close to the time when Year 9 will be making some big decisions about their GCSE options. It is obvious that
many students have already started thinking about the choices they might make, and how their choices will affect them in
their choice of career. The options process began on Friday 13 February during Futures Day. Year 9 students attended a
series of sessions aimed to help them to think about what choices they might make, and we were fortunate to have a
guest speaker who gave them the benefit of their experience.
On Tuesday 24 February we are inviting all parents and students to attend the Key Stage 4 Information Evening, which will
enable you all to get a clear overview of Core Subjects. During school time we will also be running a series of sessions for
students to speak with current Year 10 students about their options choices and get advice and information about the
subjects they are thinking of taking. Next half term we will also have exams and it is important that students take these
seriously. Finally, we have Parents Evenings on 11 March (CD half) and 18 March (LY half), where students and parents can
discuss their options choices with their class teachers. By this time, we hope all students will be sure of their choices, and
the final forms are due in on Monday 23 March.
The school target is 95% attendance for students and I am delighted that every form in Year 9 had an average attendance
of above 95% last term – even in winter with a series of bugs ‘doing the rounds’. We still have a large number of students
with 100% attendance – well done! For those students with lower attendance, it is very important to try to be in school
every day so that you do not miss any work, and where absence is unavoidable, please contact the school office as soon as
possible, and see your teachers to collect missed work once you return to school.
Jack Petchey
A reminder to all students that you can nominate students for a Jack Petchey award – the nomination forms are in
reception, and winners are chosen by School Forum.
Pathways Library
A lot of Year 9 students are regularly using the library for completing homework, which is great – but have you thought
about reading for fun? We are very lucky to have a huge range of books available to suit every taste – please speak with
Ms Inwood if you want a recommendation!
Achievement Day
Christmas Jumper Day
At the end of last half term students were invited to wear a Christmas Jumper to raise money for “Save the Children”. We
raised £567 – well done, and thank you all for taking part!
Extra-Curricular Activities
The Pathways Clubs List is now out, and there are a huge range of clubs available, some continuing from last term and
others starting this term. Have a look and see if there is something you could get involved in.
At the end of January we held our annual Achievement Days where students met their tutors to discuss their progress.
The feedback I have had from tutors has been really positive overall, in particular with regards to students taking
responsibility for their learning and setting themselves meaningful targets. It was also good to see so many parents
coming to support their child’s learning – nearly 70% of students attended with parents. For those who couldn’t attend, or
for students who need a reminder, each child’s targets are stuck into their planner. A huge “thank you” to tutors for all
their hard work on the day.
Year 9 students have also taken part in a series of extra-curricular activities already in this short half term, including four
students representing Southgate the Mayor’s Award 2015 (Debating Challenge) – well done to Inglian Hasani - 9Y2, Luke
Nesbit - 9L1, Eva-Rose Scriven -9L1, and Isla Lockheart - 9D1. We have also had students represent the school in rugby
tournaments, which students have thoroughly enjoyed.
Southgate School
Year 10 Information
Year 10 have had a great start to this year; so far there seems to be a profound sense of focus for Year 10 students. Perhaps
this is because just before the Christmas break Year 10 got their first report of the year. I was delighted to see so many
effort 1’s showing impressive dedication. For some there was a sense of disappointment that they are not reaching their
potential, but hopefully this will encourage them now to put in the effort needed to gain excellent grades and effort levels.
In almost all cases, students are already aware of what they need to do to move forward. I imagine this has a great deal to
do with the time we spend throughout the school year on target setting and revision. I hope students don’t lose sight of the
importance of a balance in all these things and make time for extra-curricular activities too.
Achievement and Futures Day
This annual event gave students an opportunity to spend time thinking carefully about the ways forward for the next year.
The format of this day aimed to give students the opportunity to consider what they can do differently, or more of, to
enhance their experience of school.
Achievement Day is all part of the package we offer students to help them do their very best at school and then equip them
for their future. I was so pleased to see so many parents on the day. Progress Sessions that occur once a term will enhance
the work done on Achievement Day by helping students to identify shorter term targets.
Futures Day which took place on Friday 13 February, provided an excellent experience for students to learn effective ways
of getting the career they want. Students in Year 10 worked with Recruitment Consultants and were also lucky enough to
have a guest speaker.
Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge
This year the event was hosted at Kingsmead School on Wednesday 4 February. There were four students who went
through to the Assembly Semi Final- Thomas Greenfield, Maika Terashima, Naya Dhillon and Kianna Best all spoke to their
year group in a very engaging way.
Miss Williams
Head of Year 10
Tom's speech stood out for being extremely interesting and personal, whilst Maika and Naya's speeches were very thought
provoking. It was very close but I’m pleased to announce that Kianna will represent Southgate School with her speech
entitled “Feminism". Good luck Kianna- we all wish you well. It was a very difficult decision to make, as all students were
fantastic, so well done to everyone!
Southgate School
Year 11 Mock Exam Results Day and Predicted Grades
This has been another very pressured and challenging half term for Year 11 with Year 11 Mock Results Day, Achievement
Day and Sixth form/ College applications. The mock exams were all very positive and students experienced the pressures,
organisation and workload they will have to face in May and June. Students acted responsibly and maturely throughout the
exam fortnight and I thank them for working so well.
The Achievement Days gave students the opportunity to sit with their tutor and discuss their potential grades and their
targets and strategies to improve them. It was fantastic to see so many parents come to support their children. The two
days were again very encouraging. Feedback from tutors was very useful and in particular they commented on the
beneficial targets all students set themselves. Now the challenge to students is to try and work towards them. I cannot
express enough how important the next few months are and I hope all students realize the need to concentrate and focus
in class.
This term’s reports are most likely to be the best indication of the grade students can expect in August. Understanding
weaknesses and how to deal with them is vital. The reports highlight areas that need to improve it would be disappointing
to find out that any students ignore the advice teachers are offering. Just to remind all students that these are predicted
grades, students still need to work very hard to achieve them. You only have one chance in the summer, make sure you are
prepared and going into every exam ready and confident.
Year 11 Revision
Revision Sessions begin next half term (details can be found on our website) but here are some suggestions of useful
revision websites that students can use..
All subjects have revision guides available and students can borrow various resources from the Pathways Library. Stay
focused Year 11 and congratulations on all that you have achieved so far.
Ms Hussein
Head of Year 11
Exam Stress. A message from Ms de Koningh, Learning Mentor
Everyone gets stressed about exams but it’s important not to let it get out of control because like it or not, at certain points
in our lives, we have to take exams. But stress isn’t all bad…Stress helps to motivate us and raises our game when we’re
faced with a challenge. But it’s a fine line – too much stress does the opposite and causes us to get anxious and tense. It
means we start panicking and we can’t stay focused.
Do you get anxious and tense at the thought of all the work and revision you have to do? Does the thought of your GCSEs
make you freak out? Don’t worry; there are people who can help. I will be running a couple of Motivational and Exam
Stress Workshops next half term which could help you understand how to cope with your stress and will help you to find
some strategies to make doing your revision a little bit easier and hopefully help you feel a little bit more relaxed!
Southgate School
Year 12
Year 12 parents should all have received a letter home outlining our plans for the coming months. Year 12 have now
completed their mock exams and are beginning their revision for their final AS Level examinations. It is also a good time for
Year 12 students to start looking at university courses and applying for summer schools. Some of our students have already
made applications for university taster courses. University websites have all of this information available for the students
and we are encouraging all students to start planning for their future and boost their motivation to get outstanding AS Level
Our students are aspiring to go to the country’s top universities. Eight of our students recently visited Newnham College,
the University of Cambridge, for a tour and talk and were inspired by the opportunities they offered. Some of our Year 12
students have also attended an Oxbridge entry workshop and Interview skills day.
This half term we have established the new Sixth Form Leadership team. The new team is: Finn McCartney (Chair); Lydia
Marsh (Vice Chair); Dominick Williams (Charity); Tom Knowles (Charity); Josh Hill (Enrichment); Dana Rahimi (Enrichment);
Neave Ahmadi (Curriculum); Penny Efstathiou (Marketing); Marilena Petinou (Peer Mentoring); Daniel Gillibrand
(Technology); Zain Chowdhary (Premises).
Congratulations to the successful candidates but also to all those who applied. All the students who applied gave
outstanding interviews, making the final decisions extremely difficult. We are really excited that we have a fantastic team
in place to lead their peers but also have a real depth of talent throughout Year 12. The charity leaders have already
established a link with Noah’s Ark Children’s hospice who sent a representative to talk at a recent Year 12 assembly.
Our Year 12s will be supporting this charity in various ways. January’s Year 12 students of month are Kerri Nicolaou and
Danielle Vale for outstanding contributions to Southgate’s Sixth Form community.
Students are also receiving careers interviews to assist them with moves into higher apprenticeships and other
employment opportunities. Many of the students have now received offers from universities and have clear grade targets
to achieve. Some of our students have even received unconditional offers.
Congratulations to Helena Stylianou (Economics) and Will Smith (Medicine) who have both received offers from the
University of Cambridge. We are very grateful for all the support some of our Year 13 students have given in talking to
some Year 12s about applications to university. We will continue to tap into their knowledge base.
January’s Year 13 student of the month award goes to Nick Prodromou for going out of his way to assist the school.
6th Form
In its establishing year, the indoor 5-a-side charity football tournament was a successful one.
Eight teams took part to raise money, in collaboration with Christmas Jumper Day, for Save
the Children. It took place over 2 days after school in the last week of Autumn term and will
hopefully become an annual event.
All of the games were played in great spirit with support and encouragement demonstrated
by all spectating teams towards those playing. Two competitions
followed the group stages; a plate and cup tournament. Winners of
the Plate competition was Russell Group FC and winners of the Cup was Bearded Ladies! It was
also nice to see support within the spectators from Mr Carrigy and various other members of the
Southgate School staff.
Year 13 have also recently completed mock exams and are now working hard towards their final A2 examinations. The
UCAS application process is now closed and 88% of our Year 13 students have applied for university. Over 60% of these
students have applied to at least one of the Russell Group universities.
Southgate School
Southgate School
Southgate School
Monday 23 February
GCSE Music Brightsparks Concert
Tuesday 24th February
KS4 Information Evening
Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th February
The Technology Exhibition
Tuesday 3rd March
Year 13 Drama Trip
Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony
Wednesday 4th—Saturday 7th March
Year 12 Norfolk Trip
Tuesday 10th March
Inset Day
Tuesday 17th March
Mayors Science Award
Thursday 19th March
Guest speaker from Oxbridge for
Year 12 students
Tuesday 24th March
Mr. Lavelle to meet parents to discuss
educational issues
Last term students in year 7 were given an
opportunity to choose a free book from the Bookbuzz
selection, and these have now all been handed out. All the
books on the list are also available to be borrowed from the
school libraries. The books bought using commission from
the Book fair before Christmas are also now available to
The Carnegie Book Shadowing group will start
again on Monday 16th March after school in
Pathways library, in time for the announcement of
this year’s shortlisted books on the 17th. Please
come along and join in with our lively discussions! In the
meantime, “Books and Biscuits” meets every Monday for
year 9 up, and you would be very welcome to
join us!
The Stan Lee Excelsior award is a national
award for graphic novels and manga, where
students aged 11 to 16 select the winner
themselves. This year’s shortlisted
titles will be available in Pathways
and the BFL libraries before half
term for you to read and vote for
your favourite in the ballot.
Pets Read too! This year, to celebrate World Book
Day, take a photo of your pet “reading” and enter it in our
competition ! You can choose your own favourite book, or an
appropriate book for your pet! Look out for more details
Mr. Martin Lavelle BA(Hons), MEd, NPQ
Sussex Way, Cockfosters, Herts, EN4 0BL
Telephone: 020 8449 9583
Email: [email protected]