Wave Feb 11 2015 final - Daves Avenue Home and School Club

Volume 6, Issue 23 February 11, 2015
The Mission of Daves Avenue Elementary School, as the premier school site of leaders, learners and teachers,
is to create a community of life-long learners and productive contributors to an ever changing society.
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Important Dates
11, 12 K-Kids Bake Sale, Afterschool at flagpole
12, 13 Authors’ Day Book Display Table
After school, Flag Pole area
13 Authors’ Day Book Orders Due!
16-20 February Recess - NO SCHOOL
23 LGEF Meeting, 7-9pm, District Office
24 District Board Meeting
6:30-10:30pm, District Office
25 1st Grade Math Night, 5:30-6:30pm, MPR
26 School Site Council Meeting, 3-4pm, Library
2-6 Parent Teacher Conference Week (minimum day schedule)
ABC Readers Meeting 8:20-10:00am, Room B
H&SC Meeting, 8:30-9:30am, MPR
10 District Board Meeting
6:30-10:30pm, District Office
12 5th Grade Family Science Night
5 - 7pm, MPR
18 4th Grade Family Science Night
5 - 7pm, MPR
19 Authors’ Day
26 3rd Grade Family Science Night
5 - 7pm, MPR
26 School Site Council Meeting, 3-4pm, Library
President’s Message
Hello Daves Ave Community,
My letter to you this month is again filled with gratitude for
another approved grant! The H&SC successfully approved our
technology grant of $58,000 for the 2015-2016 school
year. The technology grant will go DIRECTLY to provide 1:1
Chromebooks for our entire 4th grade population next year!
This is in alignment with the Los Gatos Union School District’s
Educational Technology Plan (ETP). More information
regarding the ETP can be found on the district website.
It is not just the H&SC that is excited about this new initiative.
Our teachers are also looking forward to integrating this new
technology into their classrooms.
“The 4th grade is extremely grateful that we are receiving
Chromebooks next year! We have already been
implementing various web-based applications from Google
and with these Chromebooks our students can now
experience the full gamut of applications and tools that can
be integrated and personalized to their learning in an
efficient way. Aaaand...no more dying computers, dead
batteries, or missing keys! Thank you so much!”
Julia Rossi – Daves Ave 4th grade teacher
And in continuance with all things TOTALLY TUBULAR, our
Daves Ave 4th and 5th graders took the stage by storm in the
The show was to the max, and it could not have been done
without some TOTALLY RADICAL volunteers. To all who, like,
majorly worked on this production – you are so righteous!
And a tripendicular thanks to our fresh Daves Ave producer,
Kirsten Grado, who ensured the show was a wicked success!
Becky Hanson [email protected] President, Daves Avenue Home & School Club
28 Circus After Dark
5:30 - 11pm, La Rinconada Country Club
MPR = Daves Multi-Purpose Room
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Daves Avenue Home and School Club proudly presents:
Family Science Night will take place at Daves Avenue in
the Multi Purpose Room from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM. We will
need 12 volunteers per night to work with Schmahl
Science to help run the individual stations. Please click
here to volunteer for a night (or two).
Family Science Night Dates
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Thur 3/12 – Fifth Grade
• Bandana Chromatography
• Slime and Gloop
• Parachute Design Challenge
• Soda Straw Rockets
Wed 3/18 – Fourth Grade
• Just Add Water
• Roller Coasters
• Soda Straw Rockets
• Enlightening Electrical
Thur 3/26 – Third Grade
• Slime and Gloop
• Bandana Chromatography
• Roller Coasters
• Tooter Tubes
Wed 4/1 – Second Grade
• Tooter Tubes
• Paper Scraper
• Just Add Water
• Enlightening Electrical Circuits
Thur 4/2 – First Grade
• Liquid Investigations / Oobleck
• Soap Bubble Art
• Roller Coasters
• Enlightening Electrical Circuits
Thur 4/16 - Kindergarten
• Liquid Investigations / Oobleck
• Soap Bubble Art
• Balancing Structures
• Marbleworks
• Simple Machines / Gears
Have questions? Please contact Bianca Gruetter
K-Kids At Daves Ave Bake
Daves K-Kids, a community service club for
4th and 5th graders in collaboration with the Kiwanis Club,
will be holding a bake sale after school on February 11th
and 12th. They are raising money to support the Children’s
Miracle Network Hospitals.
The kids are excited and looking forward to making a
difference in the lives of children living with illness. Please
support this good cause by buying delicious goodies today
and tomorrow after school!
Billy Martin and Lisa Gessner, 5th Grade Teachers
1st Grade Family Math
Focus on Addition,
Subtraction and Number
WHEN: Wednesday, February 25th, 5:30-6:30 pm
WHERE: Daves Avenue Multi-Purpose Room
WHO: 1st Grade Families (and siblings!)
Play games with your child to develop his/her
reasoning, promote the learning of addition
facts, and HAVE FUN!
Make sure to visit our Estimation
Station. The winner will receive
a prize!
Community Service Opportunity
Do you have a middle or high schooler who needs some
Community Service hours? We need extra volunteers to
help run the Daves Ave Science Night stations in March
and April (see dates in the article on the left). Students
can sign up for as many dates as they would like and will
receive 3 hours of community service for each session. To
sign up to volunteer, click here .
For questions, contact Bianca Gruetter.
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To order, go to the online order form here: http://davesavehsc.org/authors-day.html. The books are on display
in the library, as well as at the display table in front of the school at pick up time this Thursday and Friday.
Please note: Some books are limited and the orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
If you have any questions, please contact Catrin Anckarman, [email protected]
This event is generously sponsored by Grosvenor, Summerhill Homes and Eden Housing.
Cornerstone Corner
Asset of the Month for February:
The Importance of Youth as Resources
People of all ages want to feel that that they make a contribution and play a meaningful role in their community,
whether at home, at school, or in the neighborhood. Research shows that youth who feel valued and useful have
higher self-esteem, a greater sense of personal control, reduced delinquency, greater social and personal
responsibility, reduced substance abuse, and better social skills.
Most youth in Silicon Valley don’t feel that they have opportunities to contribute to their community. In Project
Cornerstone’s 2011 survey, only 53% of 4th - 6th graders and 35% of 7th - 12th graders reported that
they are given useful roles. To help address this problem, February is Youth as Resources month in
Silicon Valley. This asset focuses on including youth in decisions that affect them and creating participation and
leadership opportunities where their contribution makes a difference.
The following discussions can help youth recognize opportunities to serve as resources:
• What would you like to share with adults about your experiences in your home, school, neighborhood or faith
• Who are some adults that you could talk to about making positive changes?
• Keep in mind that serving as a resource doesn’t have to be a large effort. Adults can help youth serve as
resources simply by asking them to share their opinions, skills, or knowledge, such as how to play a game or use
technology such as text messaging.
• Remember, it’s important that young people’s efforts be recognized and celebrated! Be sure to create
opportunities to show that you value each individual’s unique contributions.
At Daves we are seeing some good starts this month, where Youth is acting visibly as a resource. The K-Kids are
raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network with their first cake sale, and the Awesome 80s kids have been
acting for their community audience.
Let’s make all the small possibilities count as well and give our youth a purpose in our community and family.
Parts of this article have been extracted from Project Cornerstone’s Asset-a-Month program.
For more information, visit www.projectcornerstone.org.
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Earn FREE Money for Daves!
Do you have cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players,
laptops, tablets and empty ink cartridges lying around taking
up space? Why not clean up and earn money for our school
at the same time? Daves can earn money every month for
electronic devices that are recycled through the program.
This is a great way to earn money for Daves and to recycle
items that are no longer being used! Just bring your items to
the school office and drop them off in the available bins!
Invites will be going out in the next few weeks, so please be
sure to check your mail box and submit your RSVP! It is not
too late to get your free tickets… pay your One and Done at
www.davesavehsc.org today!
To donate auction items or for any questions, please contact
Circus After Dark chairpeople:
Kim Simon - [email protected],
Janae Ghaziani - [email protected], or
Liz Olson - [email protected]
Sponsors’ Spotlight
Items are eligible based on type and model of device.
UNDAMAGED cell phones, computers, computer screens, iPads
and tablets, Kindles, iPods, other small electronics (such as
GPS devices, digital cameras, MP3 players) and printer
cartridges (in bags) are eligible. Please DO NOT bring in
batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, C, D, hearing aid size), or other
general household electronics. If an item is powered by the
listed batteries it is likely NOT on the list and not eligible for
the program.
E-Waste recycling makes good "cents"!
*Please be responsible for your data deletion. You can read
these links for further information about preparing your device
for disposal:
Properly Erase Your Physical Media
What Should I Do With My Phone Before I Sell It?
Nina Kulick, Free2Me Program Chair
AC Energy Solutions is a premier Design/Build Contracting
and Engineering company specializing in the design and
installation of cutting edge, energy saving technologies
including: Solar Pv, Cogeneration, Energy Management
Systems, HVAC Optimization and LED Lighting. AC Energy
Solutions is also a Registered Trade Professional with PG&E
and works hand-in-hand with them to utilize their generous
rebates and incentives for our commercial clients. On the
residential side, AC Energy Solutions installs Radiant Heating
and Cooling, High Efficiency HVAC systems, Solar Pv and
Solar Thermal for high end custom homes.
Questions about our Community Sponsorship Program?
Please contact Becky Hanson or Kim Simon, Community
Sponsorship Program Chairs.
The Green Team Needs You!
Do you have a passion for green things? Are you interested in
being a part of an amazing team making a difference at
Daves Avenue? Join the Green Team!
We are doing incredible things for the school, students and
environment by reducing trash to the landfill, reducing water
usage, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing student
education, incorporating eWaste recycling, working with Safe
Routes to School, and more. We have more ideas and
projects than we have team members at the moment. Please
join our team! Email Lisa Hanson for more information.
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Give to them Science, Music, Art, Resources to enrich their education!!
We LOVE being in one of the best school districts in the state!
We LOVE having passionate teachers!
We LOVE having enrichment programs such as Music and Art!
We LOVE having counselors on hand to help with emotional and social development.
LOVE your Kids – GIVE to LGEF.
We are still raising for the 2015-2016 School Year. We have $275,000 to go. Suggested donation is $600 per child, per
year, but any amount is appreciated!
Donate now at www.lgef.org
Questions or concerns?
Daves Avenue Elementary School
17770 Daves Avenue
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Kit Bragg, Principal
[email protected]
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Website: www.davesavehsc.org
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