Weekly Bulletin – February 15, 2015

Queen of the Apostles
A Catholic Community
Reina de los Apostoles
Comunidad Catolica de Belmont
Pastoral Staff
Father Frank Cancro
[email protected]
Emergency #: 704-825-9907
Rev. Mr. Chip Wilson
[email protected]
Chrissy Glisson
[email protected]
Office: 704-825-9600 ext. 28
503 North Main Street Belmont, NC 28012
Phone: 704-825-9600 • Fax: 704-825-1413
Office Hours: Monday through Friday,
8:30 am-12:30 pm and 1:30 pm-4:30 pm
Website: QueenoftheApostles.org
February 15, 2015
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Jeanne LaFrancis
[email protected]
704-825-9600 ext. 27
Debbie Seeger
[email protected]
704-825-9600 ext. 26
Jayme Cannon
Faith Formation Assistant
[email protected]
Father Christopher
Adult Formation
[email protected]
Cam Tracy
[email protected]
Padre JoséJuya
[email protected]
Mary Jo Stiles
[email protected]
Susan Colone
[email protected]
704-825-9600 ext. 25
Roger Duncan
[email protected]
704-825-9600 ext. 22
Scott Phillips
[email protected]
Weekday Eucharist
Weekend Eucharist
Holy Day Celebrations:
Misa en Español:
Monday and Wednesday: 9:00 am
Tuesday and Friday: 12:15 pm
Saturday: 5:00 pm, 7:00 p.m. (en Español))
Sunday: 8:00, 9:45 & 11:30 am
Saturday: 4:00 pm, and by appointment
12:15pm and 7:15 pm
Todos los Sabados a 7:00 PM
Baptism: This important sign of initiation is celebrated in the community at
any one of the weekend Masses. Parents must complete the preparation
program (offered every other month). Please contact the church
office at least two months prior to your anticipated date for Baptism.
Marriage: This sacrament provides an opportunity for a couple to stand as a
sign of God’s love in the community. To this end, a period of preparation is
important and necessary.
Contact the church office
at least six months prior to
your proposed marriage
date to begin this process.
Anointing of the Sick: If
you are preparing for surgery
or hospitalization, this
sacrament can be celebrated
with you on any weekend at
the church. In an emergency,
contact the church so we can
pray with you at home or in
the hospital.
Mission Statement
With the Blessed Virgin Mary, the first disciple of Jesus Christ, as our example and patron, the mission of Queen of the Apostles Catholic
Church is to live and proclaim the Gospel entrusted to us.
We strive in our rich diversity to be a community of welcome and hospitality: one with the Risen Christ, each other, and the whole Church.
Through the Word of God and the life of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, we are empowered to engage in a variety of ministries
of service to the parish family and the communities where we live.
Our Weekly Tithe:
Thank you for your support of the parish!
Last week, because of your generosity in the
offertory, we were able to send a tithe of $733.00 to
Mira Via. This week we will use our tithe for Adult
Day Care of Mount Holly—a day care and shelter for
Senior Citizens needing supervision and support
during the day.
Lisa Houser
Christiana’s Birthday
FEBRUARY 8 AT 9:45 & 11:30 MASSES
Liturgical Ministers:
Saturday, February 21, 2015—5:00pm
Readers: Justin Rick, Larry Capps
EMCs: Blaise Aziague (SC), Sue Bess (C),
Tricia Vasil (C), Judy Capps, Al Hess
Ministers of Hospitality: Boyd Bess,
Fred & Lynn Kimsey
Altar Servers: Steven Murphy, Matthew Vasko
Sunday, February 22, 2015—8:00am
Readers: Sarah Carrick, Steve White
EMCs: Deacon Chip Wilson (SC), Peggy Geiger (C),
Trish Hammill
Ministers of Hospitality: Doug McLeod,
Bill McMasters, Todd Rodgers
Altar Servers: Christian Rodgers, Ben Hawkins
Masses This Week
Saturday, February 14, 2015
Kathleen Wofford +
Misa en Español
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Barbara Williams +
For the People
Billie Murray +
Monday, February 16, 2015
Billie Murray +
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Communion Service
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Thursday, February 19, 2015
No Services
Sunday, February 22, 2015—9:45am Mass
Readers: Joe Bruno, Lucille Ebreo
EMCs: Jeanne LaFrancis, (SC), Mark Ebreo (C),
Laura Viola (C), Sandy Endicott, Stuart LaFrancis,
Kathy Lindgren, Donna Skipper
Ministers of Hospitality: John Endicott,
Jonathan Kane, Mark McManus, David Viola
Altar Servers: Emma & Lillian Kuhn, Jackie Rielley
Children’s Liturgy: Melissa Gardner
Sunday, February 22, 2015—11:30am Mass
Readers: Joan Brugman, Sister Martha Torbik
EMCs: Colleen Sutton (SC), Sally Stone (C),
Evelyn Thompson (C), Beth McAbee,
Karen & Mike Riemer, Eleanor Williams
Ministers of Hospitality: Derek Brugman, Judy Dobies,
Nasser Miranda
Altar Servers: Keith McGuinness, Tommy Dobies
Children’s Liturgy: Donna Snyder
Morning Prayer & Distribution of Ashes
Mass & Distribution of Ashes
Midday Prayer & Distribution of Ashes
Mass & Distribution of Ashes
Friday, February 20, 2015
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
Other Ministries:
Traffic Ministry—February 22, 2015
9:45am—Tom Spada, John Fink
11:30am—Ryan Kranzler, Bill Bridgeman
Coffee & Donuts—February 22, 2015
8:00am—Jennifer Church, John & Janie Fout, Pat Godfrey
9:45am—Taylor Family
11:30am—Mary Johnson
Art & Environment:
February 15: Nancy O’Brien/Alfreda Tanski
February 15 at 1:00pm—Lenten Changeover
February 22: Jan Kauer, Kathy & Vin Lindgren
God’s Gifts:
DSA 2015
Please be generous to the
Diocesan Support Appeal by
Sharing God’s Gifts and
blessings. Your contribution to
the DSA is a way of serving our
brothers and sisters throughout
the diocese and continuing the
saving work begun by Jesus.
From the Pastor’s Desk...
Ministry Moments:
Passion Play
This past week the parish buried one of our former pastors, Msgr.
Anthony Kovacic. “Father Tony” served the parish over a long span of
time and after he retired, he continued to live in the parish and assist
us according to his abilities.
During his pastorate, he responded to early growth in the parish and is
responsible for the building of the Family Life Center as well as the
parish Education Building (In fact, the “MAK” in “MAK Center” stands
for Msgr. Anthony Kovacic).
I lived with Father Tony some years ago when I was involved in high
school ministry. The traits of warmness, humor and his dogged
evangelization of peoples which folks here in Belmont remember were
the same traits he lived then. He was a man of prayer and I always
found him gracious and supportive of me and my ministry.
I am sure that some in the parish have endearing stories to tell of
Father Tony. I hope, in his honor and in his memory, you will share
them with your family and friends and also utter a small prayer to
assist Father Tony on his way through death to the promise and hope
of eternal life.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful
departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.
Lent begins on Wednesday. We hope you will join
us to enter into this season of preparation for
Easter and will find these forty days as a time of
personal renewal. Reference the mailing for our
Lenten schedule and for the Lenten regulations.
Be blessed this week!
Father Frank
Each Passion Sunday, a dedicated
group of volunteers brings the
Gospel story to life for the parish
with its dramatic presentation of
Jesus’ Passion and Death. Young
and old alike are mesmerized by
the story as parish members take
on the roles and involve the crowd
in following Jesus on His way to
the cross. New volunteers are
always welcome. Cast members
meet on Saturday mornings
throughout Lent to rehearse and
then present the Passion Play at
all weekend masses. Consider
adding your talents to the
production! Contact Cam at 704853-0654 if you are interested.
Queen of the Apostles Music Ministry
Has been invited to participate in the
Festival of Faith
A Celebration of Vatican II’s
50th Anniversary
Rome, Italy
December 4-10, 2015
Anyone interested in joining the choir for this trip
should contact Chrissy Glisson for more information
at [email protected] or 704-825-9600.
This Week
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Tuesday: The Seven Holy
Founders of the
Servite Order; Mardi Gras;
Shrove Tuesday
Wednesday: Ash Wednesday;
Fast and Abstinence;
Thursday: Chinese New Year 4713
Friday: Abstinence
Saturday: St. Peter Damian
9:30-10:45am—Faith Formation
(Sacred Heart Campus)
9:45am & 11:30am Masses—KidZone
9:30-10:30am—Bible Study (Library)
10:00-11:00am—RCIA (Ed Building)
5:00-6:00pm—Teen Bible Study (FLC)
6:00-8:00pm—HS Youth Ministry (FLC) Readings for the Week
6:00-8:00pm—MS Youth Ministry
Monday: Gn 4:1-15, 25;
(Education Building: Room D/E)
We don’t give because we have an
abundance of resources and can
afford it; we give because of a
desire to share what we have with
others out of love and gratitude.
Leave a Legacy
There are no small gifts in the eyes
of our Lord. A bequest of any size
is an ultimate expression of
stewardship and demonstrates
your appreciation for the gifts you
Ps 50:1, 8, 16bc-17, 20-21; have received.
Monday, February 16, 2015
Mk 8:11-13
7:30-8:30pm—Small Faith Group
Tuesday: Gn 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10;
Leader Training (Family Life Center)
Ps 29:1a, 2, 3ac-4, 3b,
9c-10; Mk 8:14-21
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Wednesday: Jl 2:12-18;
2:00-3:30pm—Tuesday’s Word
Baptism is
(Conference Room)
Ps 51:3-6ab, 12-14, 17;
celebrated at
7:00-9:00pm—Social Justice
2 Cor 5:20 — 6:2;
weekend Masses at
Presentation (Family Life Center)
Mt 6:1-6, 16-18
anytime of the year
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Thursday: Dt 30:15-20;
except the Lenten season. Parents
Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 9:22-25
Ash Wednesday
wishing to present a child (under six
Friday: Is 58:1-9a; Ps 51:3-6ab, years of age) for Baptism must
9:30-11:00am—Weekend BackPack
Ministry (Nursery)
18-19; Mt 9:14-15
complete an Evening of Preparation
7:30pm—12 Step Program (Ed Bldg)
here in the parish. These are offered
Saturday: Is 58:9b-14;
six times a year. During pregnancy or
Ps 86:1-6; Lk 5:27-32
Thursday, February 19, 2015
after the birth of a child are
Sunday: Gn 9:8-15; Ps 25:4-9;
7:00-9:00pm—Pastoral Council
appropriate times to attend. The next
1 Pt 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15
Meeting (Conference Room)
7:00-9:00pm—Spanish Choir Practice
7:30-9:00pm—Boy Scouts (Ed Bldg)
Friday, February 20, 2015
7:00-9:00pm—AA Meeting (Ed Bldg)
Saturday, February 21, 2015
scheduled Prep Session is on Tuesday,
April 14 beginning at 7:00pm in the
church. Please call the church office to
Make a safe, make a reservation to attend this
upcoming program. If Sponsors
(Godparents) are also here in the area,
donation to
QOA by going we invite them to attend as well.
to our
website and clicking the e-Give link
on the home page below the
Passion Play
Google translator tab.
Actors and actresses are needed
for the Passion Play held the
weekend of March 28-29 at all
Please pray for...
weekend Masses. If you are
Those in Nursing Homes:
interested in participating in this
Patrick Bragg
powerful and moving re-enactment
(Meadow Wood Nursing Center,
of the Passion, please call Cam
Saints and Special
Tracy at 704-853-0654 for more
Sick and Homebound:
information. Practices are held on
Marie Giermanski,
Saturday mornings from 9:00Ducky
10:30am in the church from
Sunday: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary
William Reeves, Jo Ann Rick,
February 28 through March 28.
Monday: Presidents’ Day
Confirmation Retreat—All Weekend
8:00am-2:00pm—Spanish Formation
(Education Building: Room D/E)
9:00-10:00am—Homebound Ministers
Meeting (Church)
9:00am-12:00pm—Girl Scout Thinking
Day (Family Life Center)
12:30-1:30pm—Confirmation Retreat
Lunch (Family Life Center)
Community Happenings
Lent begins
18. Rice
Bowls will be
available in
the Narthex to take home and
share with your family. This year,
Catholic Relief Services celebrated
forty years of working with the
world’s poorest through a network
of more than 160 Catholic agencies
to end hunger. Consider trying one
of the recipes listed in the calendar
once a week and read the success
story of the Diocese of Albany
thanks to the funding they received
from the 25% designated for their
local use. See QOA’s Julie Russo’s
article about our own Weekend
BackPack Program that has
received funds thanks to a CRS
Rice Bowl grant. What you give up
for Lent truly changes the lives of
Family Promise
The first Shelter Week of 2015 will
be February 22-March 1 at First
Presbyterian Church in Belmont.
Volunteers are needed to help set
up guest rooms on Sunday,
February 22 and tear down on
Sunday, March 1. Donated items
for breakfast and lunches can be
dropped off at First Presbyterian
Church the week before guests
Provide Input
for the Relatio for the
Synod on the Family
requested pasta and pasta sauce,
rice, soup, pinto beans and canned
meats. All donations are greatly
appreciated. We ask you to bring
Bishop Peter Jugis is seeking your them to the altar and place them in
input. In preparation for the Synod the baskets February 21-22.
on the Family in October of this
year, comment is being sought
Community Breakfast
from Catholics all over the world on Saturday, February 28
the bishops’ working document, the 8:00-11:00am
Relatio. Although this is a timeMAK Family Life Center
consuming request, it is also an
Missed Valentine’s Day? Bring your
opportunity to learn more about
sweetie to Queen of the Apostles
our great faith. You can read the
for our “I’m Sorry I Missed
Relation and answer the survey
Valentine’s Day” Breakfast with
questions by visiting the diocesan
coffee, conversation and heartwebsite at
shaped pancakes. Don’t tell your
www.Charlottediocese.org where
sweetie, but it’s free to all, so invite
there is a link to the survey on the
your friends to join you!
homepage or use
the QR code
Rosary Makers
embedded in this
Free rosaries are available in the
article. Please
narthex. Need a rosary repaired?
allow several
Simply put your broken rosary
hours to complete
parts in an envelope with your
this task.
name and phone number and drop
at the church office. We also teach
how to make twine rosaries for the
“God’s Creation
Catholic missions around the world.
Cries for Justice”
We meet from 10:30am-12:30pm
What does the Catholic Church
on the same Saturdays as our
teach about this issue? Why should community breakfasts. The next
we care and what can we do?
meeting is February28. Please
Community Ministries invites you to join us. Questions? Contact Marilyn
a presentation in preparation for
Pope Francis’s anticipated
at 704-827encyclical on the Environment on
Tuesday, February 17 from 7:009:00pm in the MAK Family Life
Center. Refreshments will be
Homebound Ministers
served. Come join us!
Meeting for all Ministers
Saturday, February 21
9:00-10:00am in the Church
February Food
Our new Pastoral Associate Jeanne
LaFrancis requests all Ministers to
the Homebound to attend a brief
We will collect food
meeting. It is a chance to ensure
items for the Diocese consistent practices and to meet
of Charlotte the last Jeanne if you have not already had
weekend of February. They have
that opportunity.
Faith Formation
High School Youth Ministry
St. Valentine’s Day Social
High School Youth will behaving a
St. Valentine’s Day Social on
Sunday, February 15 at 6:00pm.
Please bring a friend and join us!
Teen Bible Study
High School Youth please join us for Teen Bible
Study on Sundays from 5:00-6:00pm before High
School Youth gatherings. This study follows the
High School Youth meeting schedule.
Middle School Youth Ministry
Time for popcorn and a movie! Plan on meeting us
in the Education Building from 6:00-8:00pm on
Sunday, February 15. Friends are always
Queen of the Apostles’
High School Youth
Summer Mission Trip
is in the planning!
If you are interested in being part of a
mission trip or have an interest in being a
part of the mission leadership team,
please contact Debbie at 704-825-9600
ext. 26 or [email protected]
Come see how Catholic Heart Work Camp can
change your world!
Our KIDZONE MINISTRY is a faith based ministry offered for the youngest members of our
church ages 6 months –3 years of age during the 9:45am and 11:30am
masses each Sunday. It is a time for young children to grow in their faith
and relationship with God. KIDZONE is located in the nursery in the MAK
Family Life Center. Just look for the KIDZONE check-in station in the MAK
Family Life Center to participate. KIDZONE is being supervised by Angela
Shirley. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please call
Debbie at 704-825-9600 or email [email protected]
Go to http://ustre.am/17WGN or
use the QR code provided for smart phone users.
First Eucharist
Preparation Session
Wednesday, March 11
From 5:00-8:00pm
In the MAK Family Life Center
The first meeting for parents
and children in the sacrament
preparation program for First
Eucharist is scheduled from
5:00-8:00pm on Wednesday,
March 11 in the MAK Family
Life Center. Pizza will be
provided. Please bring a side
dish or dessert to share.
Small Faith Groups
Our Lenten DVD based Small Group Study titled
Mercy is scheduled! Groups will start meeting
during the first week of Lent. There are still
some spaces available and time to sign up. For
more information or to
sign up, please call the
Small Groups begin
church office at 704825-9600. You can
also email Debbie at [email protected] An
orientation session for our hosts and facilitators
will be held on Monday, February 16 from 7:30
-8:30pm in the MAK Family Life Center.
Smart phone
users link to our
Adult Faith
Formation web
site here.
February 22!
Adult Faith Formation
Web Site
Please be sure to check out our
Adult Faith Formation web site.
It’s a great source to find
available programs here at the
parish and resources that encourage and promote ongoing faith formation.
We’ve change the web site address to make it easier to access; it’s now
Just for Men
Men of the parish age 45 and older are invited to reflect on God’s Word, pray and spend time
together. We meet for an hour on the first Monday of each month in the Conference Room. Our
next gathering is Monday, March 2. We will gather to pray the rosary at 7:15pm in the church
then continue with our time together in the conference room. During Lent we will meet three
additional Mondays to complete the Mercy Lenten Group Study. We will also meet on March 16,
23 and 30. For more information, call Roger Duncan at 412-289-9147 or Deacon Chip at 704488-5822 [email protected]
Tuesday’s Word
This adult Bible Study will continue on Tuesday, February 17 from 2:00-3:00pm in the
Conference Room. Please bring your Bible and join us! Coffee and cookies are served!
Sunday Morning Bible Study
with Sister Mary Hugh: Please join us as we study the Gospel of John. All are welcome to join in
this class! It runs from 9:30-10:25 in Mercedes Hall, room 108 (the place where we hold our
Faith Formation Classes). Please bring your bibles and join us! Coffee and refreshments are
MOMS Group
The next meeting for our Ministry of Mothers Sharing will be Tuesday morning, February 24
from 9:00am-11:00am. Meetings will take place twice a month. The meeting is for Moms with
children of all ages. It will be a time for fellowship and study for spiritual growth. If you have an
interest in attending, please email Marianne at [email protected] Nursery is provided for
this meeting time.
Spiritual Direction
forms provided on the shelf
beneath the board—no personal
Are you trying to discern what God notices or résumés. Please copy
is doing in your life, what he is
the information from the board if
calling you to be, where he is
you are making use of it and leave
leading you? Or perhaps you simply the posted slips so that others may
want to be more aware of God’s
also take advantage of the
presence in your life and deepen
your relationship with him. Spiritual
direction is the thing for you.
Spiritual direction is not counseling. Adorers are Needed
It is listening to another, making
at Belmont Abbey College
space to observe and hear the Holy Adoration Chapel in front of the
Spirit. For more information call
Blessed Sacrament. Coordinators
Bethsy San-Millan at
will arrange an hour that is
convenient for you. Please call
Margaret at 704-827-8921.
us long for a more conscious
experience of God’s presence and
love.” To learn more about Spiritual
Direction and/or obtain services,
please contact Rose Castillo at
704-718-2876 or
[email protected]
Queen of the Apostles
Online Prayer Ministry
Coordinator Doris Spivey accepts
prayer requests Monday through
Friday each week from 9:00am5:00pm. Emergency requests are
accepted anytime and on
weekends. Please e-mail Doris at
[email protected] If you
Friends Helping Friends
would like to join the prayer
Registered parishioners are invited Spiritual Direction
ministry and do not have access to
“Spiritual direction encourages the a computer but have VOICE MAIL,
to post requests for services
needed or services they are able to exploration of a closer relationship please contact the church office.
provide on the bulletin board in the with God. In the midst of our busy You will be called with the daily
lives and at the deepest level, all of prayer requests.
breezeway. Please use only the
Parish Pastoral Council
Chairperson: Scott Phillips
[email protected]
Vice Chairperson: Matt Gibbons
[email protected]
Secretary: Michelle Curnow
[email protected]
Pastor: Fr. Frank Cancro
[email protected]
Clare Charzewski
[email protected]
Mark Ebreo
[email protected]
John Fout
[email protected]
Jerry Gardner
[email protected]
Debra Pavicic
[email protected]
Scott Spanbauer
[email protected]
Bill Starr
[email protected]
Ellen Wentz
[email protected]
Finance Council
Chairperson: Charlie Boyd
[email protected]
Welcome Stewardship
Chairperson: Colleen Sutton
[email protected]
Buildings and Facilities:
Marilyn Whitney
[email protected]
Jan Kauer
Evangelization & Communications:
Mark Colone
[email protected]
Nasser Miranda
[email protected]
[email protected]
Education & Formation:
Parish Life:
Clare Charzewski
[email protected]
Kathy Lindgren
[email protected]
Community Ministries:
Tricia Vasil
[email protected]
Liturgy and Worship:
Steve White
[email protected]
Art & Environment: Jan Kauer
[email protected]
Young at Heart: Cathy Boyd
[email protected]
Youth Ministry: Debbie Seeger
[email protected]
704-825-9600 ext. 26
Knights of Columbus:
Grand Knight: Justin Rick
[email protected]
Traffic Ministry: Walt Hinson
[email protected]
(704) 904-0743
Noticias de Nuestra Comunidad Hispana
Compartiendo los Regalos de Dios:
DSA 2015
Por favor sea generoso con el DSA Compartiendo
los Regalos de Dios y las bendiciones. Su
contribución al DSA es una forma de servir a los
hermanos y hermanas a través de la diócesis y
continuar el trabajo que empezo Jesús.
Colecta de Alimentos para el Mes
de Febrero
Este mes recolectaremos alimentos para la Diócesis
de Charlotte el último fin de semana de febrero.
Ellos están solicitando pasta y salsa para pasta,
arroz, sopas y carne enlatada. Todas las
donaciones son altamente apreciadas. Le pedimos
por favor que traiga sus donaciones y las deposite
en las canastas que estarán en el altar el fin de
semana de febrero 21-22.
La Taza de Arroz
La Cuaresma empieza este miércoles 18 de febrero.
Las tazas de arroz estarán disponibles en el lobby
de la iglesia para que las lleve a casa y la comparta
con su familia. Este año, Catholic Relief Services
celebro 40 años trabajando con los pobres
alrededor del mundo en más de 160 agencias
católicas para acabar con el hambre. Considere
preparar una de estas recetas listadas en el
calendario una vez a la semana y lea
Los sucesos de la historia de la Diocesis de Albania,
gracias a esos fondos, ellos recibieron el 25%
designado por ellos para el uso local. Vea el artículo
de Julie Russo acerca de nuestro programa de los
fines de semana llamado Backpack que ha recibido
fondos gracias a la Taza de Arroz del CRS. Que
dará usted durante la Cuaresma para cambiar la
vida de millones?
Queridos hermanos: Si
quieres puedes sanarme. El Evangelio de hoy se refiere
a un breve diálogo de fe entre Cristo y un enfermo
de lepra, que concluye con la curación de éste por
Jesús. El enfermo es reintegrado así a la comunidad de
los hermanos, de la que su enfermedad le apartaba
según la prescripción de Levítico. El leproso del
evangelio suplica de rodillas a Jesús con una frase por
lo que viene a confesarlo como Dios y Señor: Si quieres
puedes limpiarme. Jesús lo tocó diciendo: quiero,
queda limpio. Y se operó el milagro como efecto de la
fe, que en este caso se muestra en resumen como un
diálogo de madurez y liberación. Para ver las maravillas
de Dios se necesita una fe madura y está fe madura se
va consolidando en el constante diálogo con Jesús,
junto con una disponibilidad para escucharlo, pero a la
vez con una respuesta en el cambio de vida junto con
su testimonio de vida. La fa Madura integra al Cristiano
a la comunidad, se hace partícipe de todas las
bendiciones como también de todas las pruebas de la
vida, contestando siempre como María Santísima: He
aquí la esclava del Seños, hágase en mí según su
Palabra. La limpieza del alma integra a la persona a ser
parte de la gran familia de los hijos de Dios, que es la
Iglesia. Vivamos este mensaje con mucho amor.
Que Dios los bendiga. P. José Antonio Juya
Sesión de Preparación para La
Primera Comunión
El miércoles 11 de marzo de 5:00-8:00 en el MAK Familia Center será la primera reunión para padres y niños
que se encuentren en el programa de preparación para el Sacramento de La Primera Comunión. Habrá pizza
para todos. Por favor traiga un plato de comida o un postre para compartir.
Promesa Familiar
La primera semana de Shelter del 2015 será febrero 22-marzo1 en Presbyterian Church en Belmont. Se
necesitan voluntarios para ayudar a organizar el salón de invitados el domingo 22 de febrero y recoger
nuevamente el 1 de marzo. Los artículos donados para desayunos y almuerzos deben dejarse en la Iglesia
Presbyterian Church antes de que los invitados empiecen a llegar.