TDA February 2015 Winter Deer Auction Pedrotti`s North Wind

TDA February 2015 Winter Deer Auction
Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch, San Antonio…
The February 2015 San Antonio Winter Deer Auction and Deer Workshop sponsored by
Purina Mills will again be held Friday, February 13th and Saturday, February 14th at
Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch on the northwest side of San Antonio (just outside of Loop
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new consignment process.
Simply go to the TDA website (, click on “Auctions” and look
for the Terms and Conditions and Submit Consignment icons. Your consignment
information will be submitted electronically to us, but you will still need to submit your
pictures separately.
Consignments for the auction are limited to 125 lots of doe, bucks, fawns, matings and
semen. In addition, we will feature a limited number of high-quality lots to benefit the
TDA PAC Fund which will be sold on Friday night. If you are interested in consigning a
PAC lot to the auction, please contact me directly at (210) 767-8300.
Again, we are extremely excited about the direction of the deer business in Texas and
look forward to helping you market your program at our February 2015 event. If you
have any questions, please let us know. And remember, consignment forms are due by
November 10, 2014.
Vance F. Runnels
TDA Auction Manager/Auctioneer
Texas Deer Association Consignment Terms & Conditions
2015 TDA Winter Deer Auction, February 14, 2015
Pedrotti’s North Wind Ranch, San Antonio, TX
***Forms are due by November 10, 2014***
The 2015 Texas Deer Association Winter Deer Auction will consist of no more than 125 lots.
These lots will be sold beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday February 14, 2015. This is an OPEN
auction. Each active TDA member in good standing has is eligible to submit consignments of
animals/semen for consideration in this auction.
Each member may submit applications for up to two consignments. Consignors submitting two
lots should label their consignments applications as first and second choice should only one lot
be selected for the sale.
If the total number of consignors is greater than 125, a selection of 125 consignors will be made
to select auction participants. The first choice application of these 125 consignors will be utilized
in the sale. If the total number of consignors is less than 125, each consignor will have their first
choice application placed in the sale. The remaining lots, up to 125, will be selected from the
second choice applications submitted by consignors. If consignments exceed 125 lots, a draw
will be conducted to select the remaining lots.
Semen consignments will be limited to no more than 10 percent of the 125 total lots. Semen
consignors must fully complete the consignment application and submit pedigree. TDA
encourages semen consignments to be from bucks who have already been collected.
This auction is considered a “qualifier” for the 2015 Select Sale. The top ten high-grossing lots
will allow that consignor two automatic consignments in the 2015 Select Sale to held during the
2015 TDA Convention. Semen lots and “buy-backs” will not be eligible.
Minimum or “reserve” prices (PO prices) will be considered a “Buy Back.” If the seller does not desire to sell his/her lot for the last announced price in the auction he/she may “buy back” the lot by bidding on that lot in person at the auction, via a designated agent, via the internet simulcast or over the phone. The commission for seller “buy-­‐backs” is based upon the TDA commission standards and as determined by the auctioneer. Seller agrees to pay a $150 consignment fee which will be deducted from seller’s proceeds upon final settlement. A minimum $250 commission will be applied regardless of what each lot sells for. If any lot(s) are removed from the auction by the consignor after the catalog has been sent to the printer a $150 management fee will be incurred. Commission Rates: Sale Price
$0 - 19,900
$20,000 - 39,900
$40,000 - 99,900
$100,000 - 199,900
$200,000 - +
All descriptions that appear in the catalog have been consequently described by the seller; neither TDA, auction manager nor the auctioneer assume any liability for any errors or omissions. All reasonable efforts must be made by the seller to ensure the accuracy of the information provided for each lot consigned. Delivery terms must be specific. They will be published both in the catalog and announced on
the day of the sale.
Consignors are encouraged to send no more than four pictures for publication for each lot. Those
pictures may be sent electronically directly to the auction manager.
Representations and guarantees are strictly between the individual seller and the buyer at the auction. TDA, the auction manager, nor the auctioneer make any representation of warranty, expressed or implied, on the deer or semen as to their merchantability or their fitness for general or particular purpose, and do further state the deer or semen to be sold “as is”, and without recourse. Possession: Seller will maintain possession of his/her deer or semen sold at the auction until delivered or buyer picks up the deer or semen and full payment is made. Liabilities: All persons who attend the auction do so at their own risk and TDA, its employees and directors assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents or miscommunication that may occur. Contract: The contract is between buyer and seller. The seller is responsible for all permits. When the auctioneer says “SOLD”, a contractual invoice will be submitted to the buyer for his/ her signature by a designated runner. DONATIONS: Deer or any item can be donated for (1) TDA’s Political Action Committee
(PAC) to help TDA’s legislative program, (2) Scholarships, or (3) TDA General Fund at any of
our TDA auctions. Donation forms are available through TDA staff. Your donations help TDA
to better serve our membership, support our youth and help protect the industry from
unnecessary and costly regulations and legislation. Depending on the number of donations some
items may be placed in PAC Silent Auction.
ONLY complete consignment application forms will be accepted.
We encourage all potential consignors to submit the best deer and semen possible so that we can
maintain the HIGHEST level of quality deer in the TDA Superior Genetics Deer Auctions!
As always, if you have any questions please let us know.
Vance Runnels
Texas Deer Association Auction Manager/Auctioneer
(210) 767-8300 office || (210) 862-8967 cell