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C 5-7
Vol. 26, No. 6.5
February 15, 2015
Byram Hills HS Excels in Science Olympiad Competition
On January 31, Byram Hills HS hosted the Lower Hudson Valley Science Olympiad regional competition.
Forty teams from Rockland and Westchester counties
came out to compete in a myriad of science events. We
are proud to announce that Byram Hills had a fantastic
showing and our A team came in second place earning
them an invitation to compete in the State competition at
LeMoyne College. Our B team also had a great showing
coming in 12th place. The A team received medals in 13
of the 19 events and the B team received medals in 7 of
the 19 events. If you see any of our Olympians, please
congratulate them on their amazing achievements.
Medal winners:
A Team
Kevin Chang and James Bremner - air trajectory (5th)
Nicole Kim and Miriam Lachs anatomy and physiology (2nd)
Audrey Saltzman and Billy Markowitz astronomy (3rd)
Kevin Chang and Carl Ranieri - bridge building (6th)
James Bremner and Billy Markowitz bungee drop (2nd)
Nicole Kim and Ella Taubenfeld - cell biology (5th)
Kevin Chang and Lizzy Kingsley - chemistry lab (7th)
Sarah Crucilla and Andrea Cornelius dynamic planet (5th)
Sarah Crucilla and Andrea Cornelius - forensics (1st)
Miriam Lachs and Andrea Cornelius - fossils (6th)
Audrey Saltzman and Yasamin Bayley invasive species (1st)
Nicole Kim and Lizzy Kingsley - mission possible (3rd)
Yasamin Bayley and Carl Ranieri - scrambler (1st)
B Team
Jared Okun and Dominick Rowan - air trajectory (9th)
Chad Schwam and Noah Koster - cell biology (6th)
Emily Resnik - entomology
Emily Resnik and Ramy Berenblum - forensics (7th)
Jordan Levin and Jared Okun - game on (1st)
Timmy Eng and Ramy Berenblum geological mapping (2nd)
Timmy Eng and Jonathan Mui - it’s about time (1st)
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Upcoming Events
ž February 16—20:
Winter Recess—Regular Athletic Schedule
for Varsity Sports
ž February 23:
Pre-Season Meeting for Spring Sports 7pm
ž February 26:
Site Based Team Meeting: 4-6pm at HCC
ž March 3:
Principal’s Coffee: 9am
ž March 4:
Midpoint 3rd Marking Period
ž March 5 - 7:
Stage 2015: South Pacific - 7pm
February Calendar
Counseling Notes
Stage 2015—South Pacific
PTSA - Science of Happiness
PTSA College Chat
PTSA - New Members
2014 The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Eden Gordon, Grade 12, has won regional recognition for her writing at the 2014 Scholastic Art
& Writing Awards, the nation’s longest-running, largest, most prestigious recognition program for
creative teenagers.
Eden received the highest honor of Gold Key in the following areas: Short Story for ‘Howls’;
Poetry for ‘Summer Home, Becoming Water, Resuscitation, Slate Blue, Foam-Born’; Poetry for
‘Peels, Cleaning, Islands, Sacramento, Suidae’; Poetry for ‘Brush Creatures, Insomnia Blues,
Certain Things Cannot Be Said Via Text, Scars, 17’
Eden also received the Silver Key in the following areas: Short Story for ‘Corianthe’ and Short
Story for ‘The Fall of Rome’. In addition to an Honorable Mention for a Writing Portfolio for
In addition, Siobhan Lowe, Grade 10 was awarded Honorable Mention in Short Story for
‘Nightly Escape’.
Over the past 90 years the list of young writers recognized by The Awards has included Sylvia Plath,
Truman Capote, Robert Redford, Joyce Carol Oates, and Lena Dunham. Across the nation, tens of
thousands of teen submissions are judged each year. For 2014, young writers submitted over 1500
works from Westchester, Fairfield, and Putnam counties. Of those, 142 Gold Key Medals, 210 Silver
Key Medals, and 314 Honorable Mentions have been awarded. The full list of young writers
receiving regional recognition can be viewed here.
The results from the regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium are as follows:
Bessie Jiang: 2nd place in category for her phone app to help students reach 911 in a crisis
Alison Bidjarano: 2nd place in category for her study documenting the efficacy of a new fish
Ella Taubenfeld: 4th place in category for her work on using Human Skin Equivalents in the
treatment of Scleroderma
Chris Hadiono: 5th place in category for his engineering improvements on a bioreactor for
creating brain tissue
Jake Pincus: 5th place in category for his study of the effect of soil amendment with biochar
Samuel Barnett: 2nd place in category for his poster of his study of the relationship between
economic interdependence with the United States and anti-American sentiment
Noelle Love: 3rd place in category for her poster of her study on parental opinion of genetic
testing for ACTN3 in athletes
On Tuesday, March 3rd, the senior and sophomore
grade activities boards are sponsoring an event
right after school in the cafeteria. Besides food and activities, students will be able
to donate used prom dresses and tuxedos
to help less fortunate high school students in our area. Operation Prom is the local charity that sponsors this program.
How to determine if your prom dress is appropriate to donate:
-prom, bridesmaid, or formal gowns (short/long)
-trendy and fancy (appealing to high school students)
-free of damages and stains
-no long sleeves or velvet
-sizes 0-26+
You can also donate tuxedos, evening bags, jewelry, and shawls. You cannot donate
shoes, suits, or other clothing. Please join us for this event. Have fun and contribute to a memorable prom for needy students. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sandra Abt or Mr. David Hubbs.
A Grade Activities Board event
to in honor of the
Senior Class of
Going Out in Style….
A Fashion show starring the
Class of 2014
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
7:30 p.m.
BHHS Theater
Any parents interested in helping please
contact Jennie Croke
[email protected]
The District Site-Based Team will meet on
February 26th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM at HCC.
We are pleased to be joined by Social Studies
Department Chairperson, Jen Laden, who will
discuss the new NYS Social Studies Framework
and the impact the new standards have on the
social studies curriculum in grades 6 through 12.
Ms. Laden will present from 4:00 - 5:00, and then
our regular site-based team meetings will take place
at 5:00.
The Library @
... uses LibraryThing to showcase new books
added to the collection. LibraryThing uses tags
to describe books and offers suggestions on
what to read next based on your current reading. Find us at LibraryThing LibraryBHHS. There is
also a link from the library homepage. Questions,
contact the librarian [email protected]
Feb. 16—21 Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Only
Feb. 23 Pre-Season Meeting for
High School Spring Sports 7pm
March 8 Daylight Savings Time Begins
March 9 Varsity/JV Spring Sports Begin
March 15 Winter Athletic Banquet @ BHHS
March 28-31 Regular Athletic Schedule
April 1 Regular Athletic Schedule
April 2—5
No Athletic Events
April 6 and 7 Regular Athletic Schedule
May 1
Spring Sports Barbeque
June 1
Pre-Season Meeting for High School Fall Sports
June 14
Spring Athletic Banquet @ High School
*All parents and student-athletes are strongly encourage to attend the pre-season
meetings for Spring Sports (High School meeting - February 23). Attention Parents of Spring Athletes:
If your child is planning to participate in a spring sport here at BHHS, now is a good time
to send their updated physical exam into the nurse’s office. Any student who plans to play
a sport must have a copy of a physical exam that is less than 12 months old in the nurse’s office in order to be
cleared to play. Please either fax, scan or drop off these updated physical exams at your soonest convenience.
Thanks, Julie Gallagher, RN
Good Fan Behavior & Positive Sportsmanship
Cheer as loudly as you can FOR YOUR TEAM. A traditional cheer for Byram Hills is: “Oh
when the Hills…”
You should not make comments towards opposing players, team members, fans or officials.
Respect the feedback from the adult supervisors with regard to any cheer which in their opinion is
Remember your role as a spectator is to encourage your team. The competition takes place on the
floor, not in the bleachers.
Be loud and be proud!
Go Bobcats!!
February 2015‐FOCUS SUNDAY MONDAY 1 8 2‐SNOW DAY 3‐8 Bobcat Boosters @ BHHS 7 pm AMC Math Test period s 7 + 8 Board of Ed. Mtg. 7:30 pm (Tentative) 9‐SNOW DAY 10‐3 One World/ Byram’s Got Talent Event 7:30 15 22 4‐A 11‐4 THURSDAY FRIDAY 6‐2 7 ACT Test (not available in NYS) 12‐5 13‐6 17 18 19 20 23‐7 24‐8 25‐A 26‐1 27‐2 Site‐Based Team Meeting @ HCC 4 – 6 pm Schools Reopen Pre‐Season Meeting for High School Spring Sports 7 pm 14 Flower Delivery Period 1 ‐ Senior GAB 16 Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Winter Recess Schools Closed/Offices Open SATURDAY 5‐1 Board of Ed. Mtg. 7:30 pm WEDNESDAY BHEF Board of Directors Mtg. @ DO 7 pm Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Winter Recess Presidents’ Day Schools & Offices Closed TUESDAY Last Day for Schedule Changes Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Winter Recess Schools Closed/Offices Open Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Asian Lunar New Year Winter Recess Schools Closed/Offices Open 21 Regular Athletic Schedule for Varsity Sports Winter Recess Schools Closed/Offices Open 28 Phone (914) 273-9200 -- Ext. 4930
February 2015
Chairperson—Dr. Michael McGrath
Counselors—Susan Buchman, Anne Kaplan, Gary
McCarthy, Robert Sammon, and Kristina Wilson
Secretaries— Margherita Nordstrom and Kathy
Beginning in late February, students will
meet with the counselor to discuss their
course selections for next year.
Parents will be able to see the student
courses in late April in eSchool Data
portal, and will have adequate time for
review and input before the schedules
are finalized.
Mid-year grades are being sent to every college that a senior student has applied to, including
those accepted through Early Decision, Early Action and Rolling Admissions. Grades will not be
sent to schools that denied admission to a student. Seniors should continue to work hard as
acceptances are based on the successful completion of the senior year.
The Junior Parent’s Night was held on December 3, 2014. The counselors provided detailed
information regarding the college selection process. Parents also had an opportunity to meet with
their child’s counselor for small group question and answer discussions. All junior parents are
reminded to set up their family conference with their school counselor if they have not done so
We will be meeting with 10 grade classes in March to provide a program called “Sophomore
Success.” The counselors will visit individual classes to present an interactive activity where
students will explore some of their strengths and how they could relate to possible college and
career choices. Importantly, sophomores will start to create resumés for the college search
process and part-time employment.
Now that mentor has ended, we encourage students and parents to seek out their school
counselors if any concerns or issues arise.
February 16 – 20……….………….
February 23………………….………..
Winter Recess School Closed
Schools Reopen
April 15……………
College Night for special needs students cosponsored by C.H.I.L.D. and the School
Counseling Department
May 20…………….
BHHS Alumni College Night for juniors cosponsored by the PTSA and the School
Counseling Department
For Office
Use Only
Order Name:
Order Contact Phone and E-Mail
March 5 - 7, 2015
Sold by:
Byram Hills
Thursday March 5, 7:00 PM
Adult Tickets @ $15.00
Special Contributions
Student/Senior Tickets @ $10.00
Stage 2015 appreciates donations from
Sponsors, Benefactors, Angels & Friends.
Our donors receive special
recognition in the program.
Total # Tickets for Thursday, 3/5
Total Thursday Money due with this order
Friday March 6, 7:00 PM
Sponsor Donation $250 or more
Benefactor Donation $100 or more
Adult Tickets @ $15.00
Student/Senior Tickets @ $10.00
Total # Tickets for Friday, 3/6
Angel Donation $50.00
Total Friday Money due with this order
Friend Donation $25.00
Saturday March 7, 2:00 PM
Adult Tickets @ $15.00
Total Special Donations
Make Checks payable to BHHS
MAIL TO: Stage ‘15, Byram Hills High School,
12 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504
All tickets will be held in your name at the box office.
Student/Senior Tickets @ $10.00
Total # Tickets for Saturday 3/7 matinee
Total Saturday Mat. Money due with this order
Saturday March 7, 7:00 PM
For additional information call the
(914) 273-9200, ext. 4550
or email [email protected]
Adult Tickets @ $15.00
Because all reservations are processed
the day they are received, we regret that
no special seating requests can be honored.
Total Saturday Eve. Money due with this order
Student/Senior Tickets @ $10.00
Total # Tickets for Saturday 3/7 evening
Total Money due with this order
2014 - 2015 Season
The Science of Happiness
Wednesday, March 18, 7:30 pm @ Byram Hills H.S.
What are the advantages that happiness has on our pursuit of success?
No matter what your focus is in life, happiness is a key advantage in the pursuit of success. Be it in
athletic competition, academic or creative domains, business or parenting, the science of positive
psychology offers evidence-based and practical strategies for individuals, teams, and families who
strive to realize their potential in both their personal and professional lives.
Come hear Dr. Alan Schlechter and Dan Lerner answer this question and
many more…
In a fun, dynamic, and informative presentation, Dan Lerner and Alan Schlechter will show listeners of
all ages how to integrate positive psychology and performance psychology into their lives so that they
can be the best — and happiest — that they can be.
Dr. Alan Schlechter is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine and Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic at
Bellevue Hospital Center. His areas of interest are positive psychology and preventive psychiatry.
Dan Lerner has long been fascinated with performance excellence and the realization of unique
potential. As a strengths-based performance coach, teacher, and speaker he works with both
established and high-potential musicians, athletes, and numerous Fortune 500 companies and
executives to leverage the advantage that a healthy psychological state can bring to their performance
both at work and at home.
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
7:30 pm
Byram Hills High School
12 Tripp Lane
Armonk, NY
Presented by the Byram Hills PTSA, Wellness Committee and North Castle Cares Coalition
Parent-to-Parent College Planning Coffee
What lies ahead in the college search and application process?
Knowledge is key.
Receive valuable advice and information from other parents who have been through the
Join us and talk openly in a relaxed setting and get help preparing your child’s high school
When we are less stressed we can help our children stay calm themselves.
Hear first hand from other experienced parents on how they guided their children through the
Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
9:30am – 11:30am
Location: 4 Nash Place – Armonk
Each child’s path is different and we as parents need to embrace and understand our child’s
individual needs and passions. How can we respect and help them to follow their own path?
Each parent will receive a packet of folder of useful information.
Bring a friend…everyone is welcome.
R.S.V.P. please [email protected] or [email protected]
Hello Everyone,
The PTSA is looking for volunteers to join the Executive
Board for the 2015-2016 school year. It is a great
opportunity to be involved and a make a difference in
your child’s school district. Please join us for coffee at
Zanni’s at Mariani Gardens, March 2nd, anytime
between 9:30-11am. We will be there to provide
information of roles and responsibilities to those
Any questions please contact:
Petrie Verma ([email protected])
Lauren Karp ([email protected]).
Thank you!