2013 Annual Report - Institute for Educational Advancement

2013 Annual Report
Connecting bright minds; nurturing intellectual and personal growth
Celebrating 15 years of nurturing gifted youth!
From the President
whole child s cross-generational
portfolio-based assessment
Dear Friends of IEA,
We are pleased to present IEA’s annual report, which contains
snapshots of our events and accomplishments for the 2013 year.
The following facts and figures demonstrate the quantitative
aspects of our organization’s success. Yet what is even more
compelling is the positive impact our dedicated staff, instructors,
Mentors, volunteers, and donors have made on the lives of more
than 400 young people and their families this year.
While tending to the needs of our constituency, the Board of
Directors and staff also completed a draft strategic plan, which will
guide us through the coming years. We moved into an amazing
new office space that we will call home forever thanks to the
vision and generosity of Mrs. Sarah D. Barder. We also held our
largest fundraising event in IEA history to honor the compassion
and dedication shown to our students by Dr. Henri Ford, Vice
President and Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and
Professor of Surgery and Vice Dean for Medical Education at the Keck
School of Medicine, and Mr. Stan Kong, Head of Product Design
at Pasadena City College and Graduate Industrial Design Program
Faculty Member at Art Center College of Design.
We at IEA are passionate about our mission. You are making it
all happen. We are growing. We are learning. Together we are
making an impact today that will have an exponential effect on
our nation’s future.
Our gratitude extends to all of you. Here is to another 15 years
of connecting bright young minds and nurturing intellectual and
personal growth.
Thank you,
Elizabeth D. Jones
2013 Highlights
Yunasa received the inaugural National Association
for Gifted Children Global Awareness Network’s
Annemarie Roeper Award for Best Gifted Program.
• Two long-time Apprenticeship Mentors and valued
members of the Los Angeles and IEA communities were
honored at the Moonlight & Stars Benefit Dinner. The
event raised more than $11,000 for IEA programs and
• IEA moved into our new home, which was generously
donated to us in 2011.
When Apprentices weren’t working at
their sites, they explored Los Angeles
• Thirty IEA staff members, board members, Fellows,
parents, and alumni gathered for a strategic planning
retreat in September. IEA will continue to work on and
finalize a new strategic plan in 2014.
• IEA celebrated its 15th anniversary!
Number of gifted youngsters
directly served in 2013
A 2013 Physics Apprentice with his
Apprenticeship Mentors
Number of gifted youngsters
directly served since IEA’s
Academy students worked together to design
and build a Rube Goldberg machine
IEA Mission Statement:
IEA President Elizabeth D. Jones (left) with campers and
counselors at Yunasa in 2013
The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) is dedicated to the intellectual, creative, and personal growth in
our nation’s gifted and high potential youth. Central to the mission of IEA is a commitment to the development
of the whole child through engaging learning experiences that promote optimal challenge, mentorship,
exploration of ideas, and recognition of personal potential. IEA seeks to connect like-minded individuals and
supports a diverse community that creates a sense of belonging and affirmation.
Finance & Fundraising
IEA met or exceeded all of its 2013 finance and fundraising goals:
• Raise more than $300,000 in unrestricted revenue (Actual
amount raised was $375,000)
• Maintain a reserve of $400,000
• Increase the number of individual donors by 20% (Actual
increase was 26%)
• Increase the number of new Nautilus Society pledges by
20% (Actual increase was 94%)
Financial Aid Awarded in 2013
2013 Revenue by Source
Tuition Received
Financial Aid Awarded
ARK/Gifted Resource Center
Bradley Seminar
Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship
Consulting/Other Program
Fundraising Events
Pipeline to Success
Yunasa West
IEA receives funding from individual contributions, foundation grants and corporate gifts, program
tuition and fees, consulting fees, and speaking engagements.* This revenue allows us to offer our
programs to any child that needs our services.
*IEA does not accept government funding.
2013 Revenue and Expenses
Financial Aid Awarded in 2013 by
Tuition-Based Programs
Carryover to
Following Year
Yunasa & Yunasa West
Individual Giving Trends 2010-2013
+ Nautilus Members are a subset of individual donors.
* C. Miller (deceased) contributed $25,000 in 2010 and $107,000 in 2011.
** Includes donations for auction items and fundraising dinner.
Funds received at the end of
2009 were earmarked for 2010
expenses. This created a carryover
which offsets the expenses in each
Percentage of IEA Board members
who donated to IEA in 2013
Percentage of IEA staff members who
donated to IEA in 2013
Percent increase in alumni gifts from
2012 to 2013
Moonlight & Stars Benefit Dinner
In October, IEA honored Dr. Henri Ford and
Mr. Stan Kong, two longtime Apprenticeship
Mentors and valued members of the Los Angeles
community, at a benefit dinner to raise funds for
IEA programs.
2013 Apprenticeship Mentors
Dr. Neil Aitken
Ms. Julie Alexander
Mel Baron, Pharm.D., MPA.
Mr. Aaron Bittel
Dr. Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy
Dr. Matthew Dean
Dr. George Djorgovski
Dr. Veronica Eliasson
Dr. Rick Friedman
Dr. Henri
Dr. Henri Ford is Vice President and
Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital
Los Angeles and Professor of Surgery
and Vice Dean for Medical Education at
the Keck School of Medicine.
26 Tribute
Dr. Henri Ford
Dr. Tyler Gibson
Dr. Julia Greer
Dr. Omid Hamid
Ms. Anel Herrera
Mr. Stan Kong
Ms. Evie Lazzarino
Dr. Ashish Mahabal
Judge Michael Nash
Ms. Gina Olivera
Dr. Van Savage
Ms. Sadena Thevarajah
Ms. Liliana Torres
Dr. Jeffery Upperman
Dr. Pamela Yeh
Dr. Julie Zissimopolous
2013 Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Selection Committee Members
Laurel Baker Tew
David Borus
Callie Brown
Don Crewell
Bhanu Cruz
Claire Goldsmith
Kelly Holley
Dr. Ford is passionate about mentoring
bright young individuals who will
become leaders in medicine. He has
found great pleasure in doing this for the
IEA Apprenticeship Program, mentoring
17 Apprentices since 2006. He said,
“Through the work that we do through
IEA, through these students, we know
that we are preparing the future thought
leaders of our country, the future
scientific leaders of medicine.”
Byron Lichtenstein (CDB Alum)
Paul Marthers, Ed.D.
M. Bowen Posner
Adam Sapp
Leonard Satterwhite
Tanner Scharch (CDB Alum)
Momoho Takao
Jill Thompson
Vincent Travaglione
Jeanette Woo Chitjian
Lisa Wu
Santiago Ybarra
IEA’s New Home
Mr. Stan
Mr. Stan Kong is Head of Product
Design at Pasadena City College and
a Graduate Industrial Design Program
Faculty Member at Art Center College of
Design. He has also spent his summers
over the last 14 years mentoring bright
young minds, more than 150 in total,
in Industrial Design through IEA’s
Apprenticeship Program.
Sarah D.
“One of the biggest reasons I wanted
to do Apprenticeship and become a
Mentor was to give younger art students
more accessible exposure to the study of
Industrial Design,” Mr. Kong explained.
Mrs. Barder was committed to furthering the education of bright young
minds through a variety of endeavors. Sarah strongly believed in the
impact of quality education for gifted youth, and her commitment to this
population is and will continue to be seen throughout the country.
Mrs. Barder’s generosity and vision played a tremendous part in the work
we have done at IEA over the last 15 years. Her ongoing contributions
have enabled us to create, sustain, and grow the Caroline D. Bradley
Scholarship and the annual Bradley Seminar; to provide resources and
guidance to gifted families nationwide through the Gifted Resource
Center; and to provide a place for gifted youth and their families to gather
and receive support in our new home.
Donors 2012 & 2013
($150,000 and higher)
Sarah D. Barder*
The Lynde and Harry Bradley
Donors Trust*
($50,000 - $149,999)
The Ahmanson Foundation
Mrs. Jack D. Jones*
($25,000 - $49,999)
Peter Kaufman
BENEFACTORS ($10,000 - $24,999)
The Ann Peppers Foundation
William Romans &
Susan Barsamian*
KR Sridhar & Sudha Sarma* ψ
PATRONS ($5,000 - $9,999)
Drs. John & Pamela Craig
Dr. & Mrs. Henri Ford*
Daniel & Juanita Goggins*
Elizabeth D. Jones* ψ
Drs. Robert & Lisa Share-Sapolsky
SPONSORS ($1,000 - $4,999)
Michael & Lauren Albrecht*
Christine Andrews &
Andrew Nelson* ψ
Dena Bloom & Robert Klyman
Matthew Brocchini &
Geetha Reddy*
Wendy Brown*
Reed & Ann Coleman*
James & Judeth Davis* ψ
Hap Deneen & Jennifer Yount
The Dennis Finnerman
Foundation* ψ
Seth Freeman & Julie Waxman*
Rosemarie & Michael Geiser*
Robert Gorlin & Nancy Rabkin* ψ
Susan Green & David Thompson ψ
Bingjin He
Jonathan & Wende Headley
Thomas & Tiffany Hempel*
Jeffrey Hudson*
Zerong Jiang & Annie Wang* ψ
Peter & Rebecca Knell* ψ
Mei Yan Leung*
Kenneth & Gail Merchant* ψ
Mingqing Ouyang & Li Wu* ψ
Andrea Perry
William & Susan Piper*
Dr. Cynthia & Michael Rigsby* ψ
Bruce & Nancy Roberts
Rick & Carole Rosner* ψ
Tito Serafini & Marya Postner
Schwab Charitable Foundation*
Charles Shih & Beth Ericksen* ψ
Erik & Eugena Talvola
Stephanie S. Tolan
Walt Disney Company Foundation
Kishore & Padmaja Yalamanchili ψ
SUPPORTERS ($500 - $999)
Robert & Sharron Albrecht
Guy & Marla Andrews*
David Anttila & Heather Clendenin
Bank of America Foundation*
Harold Bernstein & Patricia Foster*
Eric Britton & Sara Worley*
Gail Buchalter*
Jennifer & Peter Burke*
Susan & Darrell Carr
Yan & I-Lun Ellen Chang* ψ
Covidien Employee Matching Gift
Heather Creeden
James & Deb Delisle
Kate Duey & Bob Malchione*
Margaret & Robert Funkhouser*
Michael Liu & Shaofeng Yan* ψ
Douglas Loup & Dominique Ashen
William Maloney ψ
Brian & Cindy Malouf
Victor & Eileen Martinez*
Edward Mergenthaler* ψ
Dr. Sunder & Rajshree Mudaliar*
Nancy & John O’Neill ψ
Lincoln Peirce & Jessica Gandalf*
Michael M. Piechowski*
James Pitt & Kathleen Shumway-Pitt
Susan & Charles Randal
Mark Raskoff*
Joseph & Tina Scott*
Daniel & Deborah Settelmayer
Clare Tayback
Dan Tichenor & Michele Kane*
Dana Walker
Yong Wang & Ying Tian
Dr. John Witte & Catharine Riggs*
Jian Xie & Shelley Wang
Jingwei & Ting Zheng
* Donors for two or more
consecutive years
FRIENDS ($250 - $499)
Art Center College of Design
Yannis Arvanitis &
Newenka Dumont*
Sharon & Corey Brady
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Nicholas & Ava Cresanta* ψ
Andrew Downard* ψ
Steve & Sharon Duncan*
Sylvie Gabriele & Alex Mosavi*
Edmond & Shema Gomes* ψ
Lisa Hartwig & Lee Bendekgey*
Torrin Hultgren* ψ
Michael Jaeger & Linnea Pyne
Neal & Helene Jenkins*
Jordi & Co.
Sandra Kivett*
Alisa Klinger
Alexander Kritselis
Byron Lichtenstein
Sergio, Andrea & Nico Lob*
Jun Ma & Hong Yan
Drs. Hugh & Marianne Mai* ψ
Horace Marks &
Catherine Homoelle*
Rev. David & Sarah Miller
Patrick Mitchell* ψ
Chris & Abby Newman*
Daniel Pelsinger & Regina Villalba*
Suzanne & James Person
Leo & Nancy Redmond
Maria Ribera & Michael Paddack*
Charles & Suzanne Rowins*
Linda Shary & Jeff Logan*
Stanislawski & Harrison, CPA’s
Craig Stuntz & Christina Gee
John Sun & Grace Wang ψ
Andrea Taber
The Tasker Family ψ
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Azhi & Sujatha Vendhan* ψ
CONTRIBUTORS (up to $249)
Katherine Aanensen
Marianne Abbott
Cleto & Linda Ainza
Michael Alexander
Paul Alexander
Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts
& Staff Volunteer Program* Eliel Anttila
Doug & Michelle Apel
Joanne & Richard Ashworth
Jesus Arellano &
Rosawan Rusmeepongskul
Luis & Rosemarie Ayala
Alan & Colleen Ball
Barbara & Dick Baptie
Kit Baron
Siew Hwa Beh-Lichtenstein*
Brad & Kelly Benning
Sophia Bernazzani ψ
Nathaniel Bernstein ψ
Holger & Elizabeth Besch
Paul & Kimberly Bolognone
Beau & Cheryl Bowers
Corena Bowers
Sylvia Buettner*
John & Susan Caldwell
Shirley Cameron
Joseph Cha
Claud & Co. Eatery
Barbara & Wesley Coleman
JohannaKate Connally
Karen Connolly & Greg Surman
Nicholas Cornell* ψ
Robert & Lisa Cornell
Cedric & Andrea Cornwall
Paul Cresanta ψ
David, Shelley & Shiloh Curtis*
Bob & Faye Davidson
Manning Ding* ψ
Mark Dokter & Anna Cuevas
John & Cheryl Dorr
Colleen Dowd
LeeAnn Dowd ψ
Michael Drennan & Linda Koo
Shirley W. Dunbar
Mark Engels & Jeanne Gilbert*
Jhon Faghih-Nassiri* ψ
Vince & Betsy Farhat* ψ
Daniel Favela
Carter Fleming
Carol Foote
Eric Frederiksen
Maya Fredrickson
Collum Freedman ψ
Sanford & Danielle Freedman
GraceAnne Gasperson*
Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden* ψ
Nicholas Geiser
Katherine Gfeller
Julia & Joseph Goertemiller
Michael Goldberg
Rich & Marina Goldberg
Edward Gomes ψ
These donors pledge three or more years
Cathy Gordon*
Edwin & Susan Graham*
Gustavo & Susan Grampp
Daniel Gurevich
Inga Gurevich & Roman Grigoriev*
Paul Gross & Darla Lamper
Monica Hafer
Sandra & Bob Hakman*
Ryan Halprin* ψ
Eric & Cynthia Hamilton
Ida Hempel
Martin & Daphne Hemsley
Candace Hilk
Louise & Steve Hindle*
Kenneth & Michelle Hirschman
Jessica Houben* ψ
Jian Huang & Changkui Ding
Rosemarie & Edward Ibañez*
Zadra Ibañez*
Dr. Semeen Issa
Sunta Izzicupo
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz
Ashu & Gitanjali Jain
Chaney Jones ψ
Christopher Jones ψ
Mark & Mary Jones* ψ
Matthew & Ashley Joseph
Robert & Leslie Junkin*
Karin Kachler
John & Eileen Keagy
Keck School of Medicine
Jennifer Kennedy*
Nadeem Khokhar & Angela Chong
Paige Kirby* ψ
Margaret Kirschbaum
Gale Kohl
Gloria Kondrup
Elaine & Robert Kramer
Chiara Anna Rosa Kuryan* ψ
Tiffany Kwong*
Amber Lakin
Chung-Yiu & Laishan Lam
Wendy Leung & Isaac Lau
Kenneth Lee
Clinton & Nancy Lende
Michael Levy &
Nichole Faustino-Levy
Paul Lewis
Min-Ling Li
Emma Liberman
William Lieberman
Chao Lin & Jian Xu
Vivian Betty Ling*
Mrs. Douglas Longyear
Claudia Lynn ψ
Trisha Macrae ψ
Helena Malchione
James C. Manoledes
Samantha Martinez ψ
Alexander Marzo
Andrew Mergenthaler
Dr. Mark & Laura Meyer
The Microsoft Matching Gifts
George & Nilmah Mills
Adeline Mitchell ψ
Edward Mitchell & Lisa Govan
Motohide Miwa
Paulo Mock
Bo Yan Moran
Megan & Todd Morgan ψ
David & Cathy Morris*
Jennifer & Charles Mounday
Anisha Mudaliar* ψ
Sandra Mukasa
Amy Musser
Kenneth Nakamura &
Virginia Montecino ψ
Kate Nelson ψ
Jonah Newman* ψ
Christina & Howard Ng
Hugh Nguyen
Anuj Nijhawan
Alison & Patrick O’Carroll*
Siobhan O’Carroll
LeeAnn O’Toole*
Shelley Short Ogden &
Andrew Ogden
Franca Onunkwo*
Spencer Palocz & Mary Tripsas
Parents of CDB Class of 2008
Richard & Teresa Parsekian
Glenn & Susan Pascullo*
Nicholas Pascullo
Richard & Melissa Patterson
Eric Pease
Elias Peirce
Mecca Pelzer ψ
Petko & Sashka Petkova
Brian Petrosky* ψ
Gary & Mary Petrosky
Sonja Potrebic & Anthony Rojko*
Abe Pressman ψ
Melissa Pritchard*
Brian Queen
Bonnie Raskin*
Dr. Mark Rocha
William & Lisa Rosenthal
Isabella Rosner ψ
Alma Ruznic
Brianna Safe*
Mine Sakiyama & Dianne-Enpa Cho
Steve & Amy Scharch*
Tanner Scharch
Paul & Stephanie Scheffler
Judith R. Schlegel
Stacey Sern & Jonathan Greenberg*
Benjamin & Shari Shambaugh*
Connor Shea
Lorel & Timothy Shea
Paula Shelley & Jiaqi Liu
Katherine Shih ψ
Jonathan Shintaku*
Tara Smith & Patrick McSwiggen*
Alison Sowden*
Charles Stedman* ψ
Nathalie Sun ψ
Stephen Sun
Terrance Sun
Amy Swain
Michelle Tacey
Jean Tate*
Steve & Patty Tennant
Christiana Thew* ψ
Timothy & Janice Thew*
Sarah Thompson
Richard Tom & Margaret Lennon
Nghi Trinh & Thai Huynh
Allen Tsai & Leefung Hsu
Adam Umhoefer
Emma Vance
Norm Vance & Phoebe Tussey
Verizon Foundation
Cynthia Vitone
Jiann Wang & Maria Chui
Zhimin Wang & Xiulian Zhang
Thelma Waxman
Olivia Wayne
Hillel Weinberg & Debra Weiner*
Kate & Randolph Williams
Brandon Wong
Michael Wong
Peter & Susie Wong
Edward & Janice Wright
Stanfield Young
Cecilia Zhao
Jun Zhou & Ming Jiang
Iryne Zziwa-Kabenge
In memory of Jack Armstrong
Donations made by
Elizabeth D. Jones and
Sally Jones
In memory of Judith Ann Baldwin
Donation made by
Elizabeth D. Jones
In honor of Sarah D. Barder
Donation made by
Cathy Gordon & Emma Liberman
In memory of Justin Carr, for the
Justin Carr Scholarship Fund
Donations made by
Darrell & Susan Carr and
Elizabeth D. Jones
In memory of James Crews
Donations made by
Elizabeth D. Jones and
Sally Jones
In honor of Bonnie Raskin
Donation made by
Gail Buchalter
In memory of William Sperry
Donation made by
Elizabeth D. Jones
In memory of Bob Tolan
Donation made by
Elizabeth D. Jones
In memory of Patrick Tolan
Donation made by
Elizabeth D. Jones
Michael Albrecht
Luis Ayala
Jennifer Burke
James Davis
James Delisle
Hap Deneen
LeeAnn Dowd
Sharon Duncan
Anna Fleming
Donna Ford
Sylvie Gabriele
Shari Garrett
Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden
Daniel Goggins
Cathy Gordon
Dr. Joanna Haase
Ryan Halprin
Lisa Hartwig
Jeffrey Hudson
Rebecca Knell
Cymantha Liakos
James C. Manoledes
Horace Marks
Kenneth Merchant
Bo Yan Moran
Chris Newman
Geetha Reddy
Maria Ribera
Carole Rosner
Tanner Scharch
Scott Shambaugh
Dr. Robert Share-Sapolsky
Jonathan Shintaku
Andrea Taber
James Tom
John & Miranda Tsang
Adela Vangelisti
Grace Wang
“You have created an invaluable experience that
has shaped these children’s lives. Thank you
Lauren & Michael Albrecht
Bristol Farms
Wendy Brown
Bruce K. Smith Salon
Carmine’s Italian Restaurant & Bar
Diana Chappell
Kim Coates
Drs. John & Pamela Craig
James & Judeth Davis
James R. Delisle
The Dinosaur Farm
Kate Duey & Bob Malchione
El Cholo Cafe
Fair Oaks Pharmacy &
Soda Fountain
Flintridge Proper Restaurant & Bar
Shelagh Gallagher
Jessica Gandolf
Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden
Gus’s BBQ
Wende & Jon Headley
Louise Hindle
Zadra Rose Ibañez
The Ice House
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Elizabeth D. Jones
Stan Kong
Min-Ling Li
Kenneth & Gail Merchant
The Natural History Museum of
Los Angeles County
Lincoln Peirce
Michael M. Piechowski
Melissa Pritchard
Bonnie Raskin
Kendall Roclord
Rick & Carole Rosner
Jennifer Sands
Lori Samuels
Jason Schiff
Mitch Schroeder
Shari Shambaugh
Randy Shulman
Stephanie Tolan
Sylvia Vientulis
Warner Bros. Productions
Thomas Zenteno
Jim & Doerte Zeutzius
most sincerely.”
- Parent of a 2013 Yunasa Camper
Number of individuals who donated
to IEA in 2013
Number of IEA program alumni who
donated to IEA in 2013
Marketing, Outreach, & Technology
IEA’s marketing and outreach efforts aim to increase awareness
of IEA programs and services, to maintain an engaged
community of constituents, and to provide resources about
gifted youth.
IEA continues to strive to build its infrastructure through
implementation of appropriate technology.
Number of
Followers or Fans
Significant technological improvements and developments
in 2013 include:
• With the move to our new home, IEA had to make
significant technology migration and setup for the new
• IEA transitioned to a new donor management database,
allowing us to provide better online donation options,
integrate and track communications and development
efforts, and better communicate with our community.
The program also includes an event management
feature, allowing us to streamline and track outreach and
attendance records for events such as our increasingly
popular Parent Support Group Meetings.
Social Media Growth
Website Statistics 2013
Total Visits: 47,741
Unique Visitors: 30,703
Page Views: 109,806
Average Pages Viewed
per Visit: 2.3
Average Time Spent on
Website: 2 minutes
Most Visited Web Page:
63% New
Web Traffic Growth
Number of blog
views in 2013
Percent increase in
annual blog views
from 2012 to 2013
Total number of IEA
Facebook fans as of
December 31, 2013
Total number of IEA
Twitter followers as of
December 31, 2013
Number of website
page views in 2013
Number of views of
the most popular IEA
blog post in 2013
In addition to being useful marketing tools, IEA’s
website and social media provide information
and resources for our community.
“IEA provides a wealth of information and is
the best resource we’ve found for support
and guidance in the gifted community.”
- IEA Parent
Blog Views by Year
Number of parents
served in 2013 by
IEA Parent Meetings
In 2013, IEA’s Gifted Child Parent Support Group
Meetings featured a variety of prominent speakers,
*The IEA blog was launched in March 2012.
• Kate Duey, Certified College Counselor
• Sharon Duncan, IEA Parent and Gifted Advocate
and Consultant
• Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden, IEA Senior Fellow,
Licensed Psychologist, and Educational
• Dr. Joanna Haase, Psychotherapist and President
of the California Gifted Network
Academy provides year-round enrichment classes
focused on exploration and the application of
In 2013:
• Academy offerings expanded to include
courses for Kindergarten and first grade
students in math and language arts.
• Academy launched the Genius Day program,
in which students spend a full day exploring
the life and legacy of someone considered
a genius. Charles Darwin and William
Shakespeare were the subjects of the
Genius Days held in 2013.
Number of Academy seats
filled in 2013
Number of content area
specialists who taught
Academy classes in 2013
Academy Student
Age 6
Passionate and extensively knowledgable
about world geography and presidential
history, Arden has already been interviewed
by the Los Angeles Times, met Al Gore,
been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live three
times, and received a personal letter of
encouragement from Bill Clinton.
In preschool, it became clear that Arden
had a thirst for learning very different from
his age mates. After discussions with the
school district, his parents decided that
homeschool was the best educational
option for him. Arden has supplemented
his homeschool curriculum with Academy
classes, where he deeply explores areas of
interest – like Shakespeare and film history
– and spends time with intellectual peers.
Percent of students in each
session whose expectations
were met or exceeded
“Academy classes are the best
thing that ever happened to
my daughter.”
Number of new classes in
- Academy Parent
2013 Apprenticeship Sites
• Cancer Research at the
Angeles Clinic
• Industrial Design at the
Art Center College of Design
• Astronomy, Materials Science,
and Neurology at Caltech
• Pediatric Medical Research at
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
• Dependency and Delinquency
Law at the Edmund D. Edelman
Children’s Court
• Biomathematics and Life Sciences,
Earth and Space Sciences,
Epidemiology, Ethnomusicology,
Evolutionary Biology, and
Neuroscience and Human
Behavior at UCLA
• Biology, Media Relations and
Social Media, and Shock Wave
Focusing at USC
*Apprenticeship is not sponsored or
endorsed by UCLA, USC, or Caltech.
A 2013 Apprentice at her
medical research site
Apprentices at IEA’s Summer Spotlight spoke to
attendees about their experience
Apprenticeship is a residential summer program
linking gifted high school students with distinguished
professionals who serve as Mentors. Each participant’s
skills are advanced through the application of knowledge
and exposure to real-world experiences.
Number of high school
students who participated in
Apprenticeship in 2013
Number of Apprenticeship
Mentors in 2013
Percent of 2013 participants
who were satisfied or
extremely satisfied with
“Getting the chance to meet these other
people like me and form the connections
I formed is an experience I wouldn’t
exchange for any other.”
- Apprentice
Marley credits her neurobiology Apprenticeship at Caltech with guiding her
toward becoming a scientific researcher. “Taking science classes is completely
different than conducting research,” she said, “and the Apprenticeship Program
was an excellent first look into a research lab.” She is now in her fourth year of
a biological oceanography doctoral program, living and working full time at a
marine lab on the Oregon coast.
Academy students studied Charles Darwin during our inaugural Genius Day
When Marley is done with her PhD, she’d like to continue working as a
researcher in addition to pursuing science outreach. She’s hoping to start a
girls’ physical oceanography club to inspire a new generation of girls like her.
Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship
The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship awards highly gifted
students with a four-year scholarship to a high school that fits
each Scholar’s individual intellectual and personal needs. The
Bradley Seminar brings the CDB community together each year.
In 2013, 16 students representing eight states were selected as
2013 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars. Nineteen finalists received
scholarships towards educational options of their choice.
CDB Scholars Annually
CDB Scholars gathered for the annual
Bradley Seminar
2010 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar
Age 17
When Devyn applied for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, she was
hungry for knowledge in any area, devouring all of the information
available to her. As she moved into high school, she narrowed in
on her true passion: our ever-changing society. She joined her
school’s Model United Nations team, where she experienced global
diplomacy firsthand and discovered her affinity for leadership and
Recently, Devyn developed an interest in the Arabic language and
culture. She attended an Arabic immersion program, took private
lessons, and spent a month in Jordan participating in a program
encompassing language study, leadership, cultural activities, tourism,
and community service.
“I plan to continue honing my leadership skills and increasing my
global outlook as I move through high school and into college,”
Devyn stated. “I am very thankful to have IEA as a partner and guide
along my journey.”
CDB Scholars Selected
CDB Scholars in School
CDB Alumni
Yunasa summer camps unite highly able youngsters with experts in the social and emotional development of
gifted children to teach campers techniques for balancing the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical
aspects of their lives.
Yunasa campers spent time with intellectual peers
in a fun, natural setting
Number of Yunasa and
Yunasa West campers in
Number of returning
campers in 2013
“The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship has
given me all the opportunities I dreamed
of and many more I couldn’t dream up.”
- Caroline D. Bradley Scholar
Yunasa Alumna
Age 18
Number of campers
participating in Yunasa’s
leadership program
Tara spent six summers at Yunasa. She started as a camper and
eventually moved into the camp’s leadership program. “It’s like a
semester of management courses within a week, and I really learned
to love being a leader and to always strive to improve myself,” she
Percent of campers who
were satisfied or extremely
satisfied with the program
Tara grew up in Portland, Oregon, and co-founded Portland Junior
Scientists while in high school. This student-run organization allows
high-schoolers to teach science to elementary school students from
underfunded, Title I schools in the Portland metro area.
In the future, Tara says, “I’d love to travel for a living and learn about
other cultures, so I want to work in the Foreign Service.”
Officers and Board Members
James R. Delisle
Retired Distinguished Professor
Kent State University
Donna B. Ford
Seth Freeman
Writer and Producer
Peggy Funkhouser
Retired President and CEO
Los Angeles Education Partnership
Dan Goggins
Managing Director
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
Jeffrey Hudson
Director of Ride Project Engineering
Walt Disney Imagineering
Elizabeth D. Jones
Institute for Educational Advancement
Kenneth A. Merchant
Deloitte and Touche LLP
Chair of Accountancy
University of Southern California
Chris Newman
Chief Financial Officer
Orchard Supply Hardware
IEA staff at Strategic Planning Retreat in September
Lauren Albrecht
Development Coordinator
Jennifer de la Haye*
Administrative Assistant
Kate Duey*
Louise Hindle
Academy Coordinator
Jessica Houben
Senior Program Coordinator
Zadra Rose Ibañez
Director of Operations
Jennifer Kennedy
Marketing & Communications
Tiffany Kwong
Assistant Development
Min-Ling Li
Program Coordinator
Bonnie Raskin
Caroline D. Bradley
Scholarship Coordinator
Brianna Safe
Assistant Program Coordinator
Academy students learned about sonnet writing
in a new class this summer
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Charles V. Wise
Galileo Planning Group, Inc.
Advisory Board
James W. Davis
Institute for Educational Advancement
Reed Coleman
Chairman and CEO
Madison-Kipp Corporation
Institute for Educational Advancement
Fellows at Yunasa in Michigan in 2013
Senior Fellows
Yunasa Fellows
Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden
Dr. James R. Delisle
Elizabeth Meckstroth, Emeritus* Dr. Shelagh Gallagher
Dan Tichenor
Dr. Michael M. Piechowski
Stephanie Tolan
*Not pictured
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