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Musselshell Valley Shrine Club
Valentines Day Dance
February 14 , 2015
Sat. Feb 14, 2015……Doors Open @ 5:00 – 11:00pm
Valentine’s Day @ Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium
1125 Broadwater Ave, Billings, MT
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Volume 53 Issue 2 Official Publication of the Al Bedoo Shrine
Our February meeting is
going to honor our Members
of 25 years that have not
been recognized previously.
The honored guest will get a
special invitation.
Potentate’s Notions
Our March meeting will
honor those of 35-year
membership and our May
meeting will honor the
50-year members.
Nobles, Noble Wives and
Our April meeting will be at
the Cactus Creek Steak
House where we will have a
choice of Prime Rib,
Walleye and Chicken.
January has been a social
month so far, but is turning
into a business at hand time.
It’s time for me to remind
myself to “Giddy Up Bro.”
Keep spreading the good
word about the Shrine, what
we for kids and our
hospitals, and the research
that is being developed.
We had a nice January
meeting with good
attendance and a wonderful
meal. This brings me to Bob
Snow’s request to PLEASE
remember to make your
reservation for the monthly
meal. He’ll always make a
few extra meals but the
difference between 30 and 60
people is NOT doable.
“Giddy Up Bro” Jerry
"Fast is fine, but accuracy is
everything." -- Wyatt Earp
Jim Hanifan and Tommie Frazier Selected
for East-West Shrine Game Hall of Fame
1/16/2015 1:09:00 PM Shriners Village
More than 40 years separates when Jim Hanifan, a former receiver at the University
of California and Tommie Frazier, a quarterback out of the University of Nebraska,
played college football. Yet these all-stars will be inducted together into the EastWest Shrine Game Hall of Fame in ceremonies for the January 17, 2015 contest.
When Hanifan played for the West in the 1955 game, he was coming off a college
season with the Golden Bears in which he led the nation in receiving. Hanifan
played professionally for just one season in the Canadian Football League (Toronto
Argonauts), but he would go on to make a name for himself in the NFL as an elite
offensive line coach. In fact, Hanifan was coaching at that post when he garnered
Super Bowl rings with two different teams—the 1991 Redskins and the 1999 St.
Louis Rams.
Hanifan began his coaching career in the college ranks as an assistant with the
University of Utah (1966 – 69), then California (1970 – 71), and San Diego State
(1972). He came to the NFL in 1973 as the offensive line coach for the St. Louis
Cardinals—a role he filled for five years, earning NFL Assistant Coach of the Year
Honors in 1977. He spent a year with the San Diego Chargers in 1979 before
returning to the Cardinal’s club as head coach (1980 – 85). He would later serve as
an assistant and interim head coach with the Atlanta Falcons before moving on the
Redskins (1990 – 1996) and the Rams (1997 – 2003). Additionally, Hanifan
worked as color commentator for the Ram’s radio broadcast team from 2004 – 08.
With two national championships at Nebraska (1994 and 1995) under his belt,
Tommie Frazier was the epitome of a college football star when he participated in
the 1996 East-West Shrine Game. A four-year starter for the Cornhuskers, Frazier
ended his senior year ranked first on the team in total offense with 1,996 yards
(178.7 per game), third in scoring with 7.8 points per game, and second in rushing
with 604 yards on 97 attempts. He was recognized as first-team All American
quarterback by AP, UPI and Walter Camp … among several other organizations. It
was probably no surprise then that Frazier would come out of the 1996 Shrine game
as the ‘Most Outstanding Offensive Player’ and ‘Offensive MVP’ after directing his
West team to a 34 – 18 victory.
Even years later, Frazier continues to impress. Sports Illustrated named him to its
85-Player All-Century Team, and he is considered one of the 10 greatest college
football players of the century according to Sport magazine. In 2013, he was elected
to the College Football Hall of Fame. Injuries prevented Frazier from playing
professionally, but he was an assistant football coach at Baylor University, and an
assistant director of athletic development at Nebraska. Frazier also served as head
football coach for Doane College.
Upon learning of his induction in the Hall of Fame, Frazier recalled his own
experience as a player in the Shrine Game. He noted that the event is truly “more
than just a game.”
“My favorite part about the experience was visiting the kids at the Shriners Hospital
for Children. Knowing that we put smiles on those kids’ faces is what it’s all
about,” Frazier said. “The game had a positive effect on me personally because it
showed how I can give back to others. I strive to continue that work in my life now
by working with kids in communities that are less fortunate. The East-West Shrine
Game is about playing football, and giving back.”
Though their playing days were decades apart, Jim Hanifan shares Frazier’s
sentiment as to what participating in the game means to a young man. “I really
didn’t know anything about the Shriners,” he recalled. “I just knew the game was a
really big deal. But once you go to the hospital, you’re like, ‘oh I get it now,’ and
you see what it’s all about. Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of Shriners and
their mission.”
Hanifan, who also coached the West Team in 2008, added, “I think anyone who has
ever played in an East-West Shrine Game will tell you it’s very different from any
other all-star game. The others are only about showing off athletic ability … but in
this game, you feel like you are also helping these kids.”
About the East-West Shrine Game
Originating in 1925, the East-West Shrine Game is the longest-run the country and
features some of the highest-rated players in the projected NFL draft ranking. While
the teams are divided by East and West, the players come together for the
beneficiary of the event, Shriners Hospitals for Children. Learn more at
About Shriners Hospitals for Children
Shriners Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative
pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical education.
The 22 hospitals in the United States, Canada and Mexico provide advanced care
for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and
Shriners Hospitals for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on
the generosity of donors. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent
permitted by law. To learn more about Shriners Hospitals for Children, please visit
February Horoscopes
ARIES 2015(Mar. 21- Apr. 20) High status and
position this month. You will see a focus on career
and of course higher gains and income due to that.
Socially a good period as friendships would be
revived and new friendships possible. If you try, you
could make friends in high places also this month.
TAURUS 2015 (Apr. 21- May 21) The month
would begin positively and financial gains and
progress would be good. Around mid month you
might see a general dip in energy, finances and a
sense of detachment and lethargy. The second half
would be a slow period and so you should avoid
keeping too many professional, financial and social
commitments during this time.
GEMINI 2015 (May 22-June 21) It will be of as
much around you. You will be emotional on the
questions of money. You should take part in
activities which can be exerted by the two young
people and old man. You can receive a recognition
for the work which you made. Your lucky events of
this month will take place one Saturday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22)Positive month
although returns and gains could be lower than usual
You should guard against unnecessary ego in speech
and actions. Issues in family life possible this month
due to ego hassles. Investments in bonds and
securities possible in the second half for you. Facial
infections and pains not ruled out.
Al Bedoo Shrine
PO BOX 20673
Billings, MT. 59102
Terri Widdicombe Ext. 1
Larry Tipton PP Ext. 2
Frank Glasgow Ext. 3
Fax 406-259-2316
[email protected]
The Divan meets the 3rd Tuesday at
Hertevery month except
Black Horse Patrol- Present and
If you have any questions for any of
the Divan, contact the
Al Bedoo Temple Office
@ 406-259-4384.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Changes in residences
could come about during this month in the first half.
You become quite creative and egoistic at the same
time in the second half of the month. Ego hassles
possible with grown up children, while good news
and some developments with regard to children as
such possible for the rest.
The Divan meets
the You
3rd Tuesday at
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Children related
developments possible this month. New investments
possible, while old investments could bring in gains.
Career would pickup very well in the second half of
the month. You will find support of your superiors
and people in government or authoritative positions.
Rise in authority.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Health and stamina
could be low in the first half of the month. You might
feel sleepy and low on energy in the first half of the
month. Luck and happiness will rise in the second
half of the month. You will feel happy in children
related members. Travel could come about and
would be pleasurable. Positive period in the second
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) This month will see
creative work as well as better luck. Some ego with
family members possible. Position and career would
move up after the 15th February 2015. Position and
status would be high during this month.
Marshal-Steve Russell
of the Aides:
Guard-Jason Smith
Outer Guard-Mike Kirschenmann
Bergeson PP
Tim Hert
Potentates Aides:
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Progress will continue
both on personal as well as professional front. You
will find your progress would be come more due to
non academic knowledge and your instincts. In the
second half of the month the action would move
towards family matters and some movement in
residence and travel would come about too. Avoid
unnecessary resentment against family members.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Issues could
remain in relationships. New developments in love
life possible for those unattached. Your ideas could
find opposition. Stamina and immune system could
dip in the second half and so you need to take care of
your health. Avoid very active or new commitments
in the second half of the month.
Chief Rabban-Fred Thompson
Assistant RabbanWallace
High Priest
and Prophet-Randall
Oriental Guide-Dave Schantz
Rabban- Wallace Hall
Treasurer-Frank Glasgow
Priest andTipton
PPRandall Becker
First Ceremonial
Second Ceremonial MasterMark Burgad
Director-Bart Hensley
Tipton PP
Marshal-Steve Russell
of the Guard-Jason
Outer Guard-Mike
Master- Mark Burgad
Chaplain-David Bergeson
James Wingenbach
Black Horse Patrol- Present and Past
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Month begins with ego in
speech and sub conscious. You will realize half way
into the month that working with others is better than
having others work against you. This will bring in
growth as well as progress. Your status and public
image would look upwards now too.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Career will be
high on your priority and bring in a high level of
growth in the first half of the month. Authority and
confidence would be high. Opposition to your ideas
and issues in marriage and relations could come in
the second half of the month. Ego should be
controlled as that could be the reason for the issues in
marriages etc.
Bedoo Divan
Potentate- Gerald Granning
Attention Shriners:
The deadline for anything
published in the
Al Bedooings is the 10th of
the month preceding
publication. Please send
articles, artwork, photos etc.
by email to
[email protected] Longer
articles will be edited. Photos
must include who is in the
photo and what the event
ew D
If you have any questions for any of
the Divan, contact the
Al Bedoo Temple Office
@ 406-259-4384.
Thank You
Musselshell Valley Shrine Club
Sweetheart Ball
Saturday February 14, 2014
Community Center
700 3 Street West
Roundup Mt .
r d
M u s i c b y M i k e , M o n t y , Ed & Ed
The No Name Band
(Ex Crowd Thinners-Plus)
$15.00 per per son
BYOB Mixers Provided
Proceeds are for benefit of Al Bedoo Shrine, Musselshell Valley Shrine Club.
Payments are not deductible as charitable Contributions
Continued Excellence in Pediatric Orthopaedic Care
a wide range of conditions, including hip problems, foot
deformities, limb deficiencies and discrepancies, spinal
deformities, osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), and the
orthopaedic difficulties associated with neuromuscular
disorders such as cerebral palsy.
Sophisticated Technology and Techniques
At 12 of our facilities, the orthopaedic physicians and
clinical staff have access to movement analysis
laboratories. These high-tech labs use a system
of reflective markers, high-speed cameras and computers
to develop a model of a child’s walking pattern that can
provide data to assist the medical team in recommending
the best treatment plan.
In addition to innovative treatments and therapies,
several Shriners Hospitals for Children have in- house
orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) departments capable of
creating a full range of devices. The
O&P teams collaborate closely with the physicians,
nurses and occupational and physical therapists to
achieve the best possible outcome for their patients.
Research and Medical Education
Shriners Hospitals for Children places a large emphasis
on research in orthopaedics. In addition
to searching for an understanding of the workings of the
bones, muscles and joints themselves, researchers are
looking for answers and solutions
in the basics of genetics, cell structures and growth and
development patterns.
Since our first hospital opened its doors in 1922, providing
care for orthopaedic conditions has been the foundation of
Shriners Hospitals for Children® . The diseases and disorders Some specific research projects underway in
orthopaedics include developing medications to treat
we treat are wide- ranging and diverse. However, whether
hypophosphatasia (a severe form of rickets) and
the conditions involved are bone deformities such as
determining the compliance rates for bracing
clubfoot, neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy or in clubfoot.
genetic anomalies such as achondroplasia, our goal is to
Shriners Hospitals for Children is also proud
help each child become as healthy and independent as
its role in medical education. By maintaining
relationships with more than 60 medical teaching
facilities, Shriners Hospitals for Children fosters an
academic environment committed to providing highquality education for its medical staff and expert care to
all patients.
With a large staff of experienced pediatric
orthopaedic surgeons, as well as a comprehensive
team of physical, occupational, speech and other
therapists, we are able to provide each child with a
customized approach designed to meet their specific To learn more about Shriners Hospitals for Children
needs. Our orthopaedic experts are able to address and our expert orthopaedic care, please visit
Chief Rabban
Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson was
born in Bozeman,
Montana. Through
lived in Willow Creek,
Helena, Great Falls and
then returning to Helena,
Montana graduating
from Helena High School in 1972.
After graduation joined the Army after basic training
was stationed in Aberdeen Proving
Ground in Maryland, and Fort Lewis, Washington.
After discharge from the Army he joined the
Montana Army National Guard in Helena. He was a
small arms, tank turret, and field artillery
repairman for the 3669 Heavy Equipment
Maintenance Company.
He built houses for a couple years before going to
work for American Smelting and Refining Co.
ASARCO, in East Helena, as crane and heavy
equipment operator. Working there for 24 ½ long
year until April 6, 2001, when the plant shut its doors.
After the smelter shut down Fred went to college and
became a funeral director graduating at 50
from Arapahoe Community College in Littleton
Colorado. After graduating moved to Laurel
in 2003 and has worked for Smiths Funeral Chapel
since, and is based out of the Laurel Chapel
servicing Laurel, Columbus and surrounding areas.
Fred met Fern Carlson in Helena and they were
married July 8, 1978, in Choteau. They made
East Helena their home, having two children a son
Shawn and daughter Casey. While living
in East Helena Fred was active with the East Helena
Volunteer Fire Department as a fireman
and EMT-I for 18 years, serving as training officer,
Infectious Control Officer, Assistant Chief,
and Chief over the years. Fred taught Hunter Safety
for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks for
19 years. Was also active with the Cub and Boy Scout
leader was a member of the Order of the
Arrow, the Old Goat Patrol and a Bronze Bear
Fred started his Masonic career in 2001 in Morning
Star Lodge No. 5, Helena. Is a member of
Order of the Easter Star in Miriam #1, Helena and
Zidonian Chapter #50 in Laurel, serving as
Worthy Patron of Zidonian in 2009-2010. Joining
Al Bedoo Shrine in 2005 and is a member of
the Clowns, Yacht Club, and Cooler Units. Fred was
appointed to the Divan in 2010 as Outer
Guard, and has also been Captain of the Guard,
Oriental Guide, High Priest and
Prophet and Assistant Rabban
Fred enjoys hunting, fishing, playing Santa Clause,
reloading ammo, and an occasional round of
golf, but loves being a clown (in and out of makeup).
Our next meeting is Feb 2 @ 7pm. If you
are a member of the Unit, your presence is
requested. If you are not a member and
are interested in learning the fine art of
Clowning, please feel free to come. We will
help you learn the do’s and don’ts of
Clowning. Our Feb 16 meeting, will be a
typical Pot Luck meeting and these start @
6pm. Then our next meeting will then be
March 2 @ 7pm. We have worked many
events so far this year and there are more
to come. Nothing is more rewarding than
putting a smile on a little kids face.
May All Your Days be Circus Days.
Mark Burgad
Red Fez Catering
“In the Shrine Auditorium”
1125 Broadwater Avenue Billings, Mt.
Full Service Food and Beverage, Weddings,
Trade Shows
and Seminars
Groups of 50-500
Bob Snow, Chef
Brass Band
The Brass Band officially took January off. But, you can be
certain that a few players, afraid of loosing their Tuesday night
out privileges attended “sectionals” at various entertainment
venues in and about the city.
Now it’s time for us ALL to dust off our axes and get back
to rehearsals. The Director was overheard thinking aloud
about more retirement home concerts and we have only seven
Tuesdays to get our chops up for a blistering six-day Circus
schedule March 24 thru 29. Another busy season! What
Regular rehearsals begin again February 3rd and continue
every Tuesday thereafter at 7:30 pm on the lower level of The
Bring a friend. See you there!
Recorders Notes
The New Year is upon us, and
with the New Year comes new
and challenging tasks. Soon I
will travel to San Diego to the
Recorders Seminar to not only
work with other Recorders from
Temples. I will
have the opportunity to have hands on
experience with the
new membership
program called
In February, most of the Divan is
heading to Nile Shrine in Seattle,
Washington for the Pacific
Northwest Shrine Association
winter meeting. This is my 7th
year as Executive Director. I am
honored to be in that position to
bring together the Nobles from
the 18 Shrine Temples in the
Northwest. This year, Imperial
is changing the format of their
annual Membership Seminar in
Tampa. Instead of travelling to
Tampa for the annual meetings,
Imperial is bringing the membership team to the associations. We
will also hear from Gizeh Shriners in Vancouver, BC, Canada
about their “Internet” Stated meetings. This should
be interesting to
learn how they Tile
the meeting, when
you’re on a web cam somewhere
outside the Shrine Temple.
I look forward to serving as your
Recorder again this year, and
please stop by with positive
questions any time.
Larry Tipton PP
Classic Car
Al Bedo
1.If you are interested in
becoming a member of a
Unit that is doing things a
little different, then please
come to a meeting and
become a part of some
“Wheelie Fun Times”.
We will be
holding our next
meeting on Feb
18th at 7 PM. If
you have a car,
please come and
join us for some
fun. If you don’t
have a car but
would like to
meet with some
car people and
have a good time,
please feel free to
come and join us.
If you just enjoy
Mark Burgad
Acting President
cars, please come
and join us. If
you just want to
get together with
other Shriners,
please com and
join us.
Everyone is
welcome. We are
new and planning
this year & next
so if you want to
be a part of this,
please come and
join us. All ideas
are welcome.
The next car
show will be on
June 20th and we
are in full
planning mode.
Year End
Don’t forget that the end of the
year means it’s time to turn in the
election reports for your units and
clubs. We need this information
so the directory can be printed.
Also, the end of the year
financial reports are due so that
they can be filed. According to
the Imperial bylaws:
336.3 Financial Reporting
Al Bedoo Mission
Every temple unit must, at the
end of each
calendar year, complete the
Report of Shrine Clubs and
Temple Units form, which is
available from the Imperial
Recorder, and file it with the
temple recorder before the first
day of February following the
end of the calendar year. These
reports must be in to the Imperial
office by the first day of
February, 2015. Thank you for
your attention to this matter.
Nobles, Units, and Clubs must work
together in harmony and camaraderie
to achieve our goals:
To perpetuate our commitment to
our Shriners Hospitals for Children; by
promoting community awareness of
great Philanthropy, which is really the
“Heart and Soul” of the Shrine.
To help our Hospital Corp. Find
qualified patients for the screening
outreach Clinics and to assist the
Doctors and Patients receiving medical
To be forever thankful for the
tireless dedication and joy “Our
bring to Al Bedoo as they work beside
Larry Tipton PP
Add us to your social
Attention Shriners:
The deadline for anything
published in the Al
Bedooings is the 10th of the
month preceding
publication. Please send
articles, artwork, photos
etc. by email to
[email protected] Longer
articles will be edited.
Photos must include who is
in the photo and what the
event was.
Thank You
To perpetuate the Masonic
principles of truth, brotherly love,
trust and laughter and to share these
principles with Non-Shriners
our communities; and thereby provide
an opportunity for Non-Shriners to join
Al Bedoo and carry our Masonic
Fraternity and our Hospitals for
Children, our fellowship and
camaraderie year after year.
To make the “Red Fez” of Al
we so proudly wear, an emblem of
distinction in our community for service
and a symbol of our responsibility to
our charity and our fraternity.
Al Bedoo Shrine
Event Rentals
Call Now: 406-259-4384
Specializing in the Following:
Weddings-Receptions and Ceremonies
Private Parties
Family Reunions
Holiday Parties
Vendor/Expo Shows
On Site Catering Avaliable-Red Fez 406-698-9497
Call Frank Glasgow 406-690-0261- Building Manager and schedule your
appointment today!
Petition for Initiation and
Date: ______________________________
Shriners International
To the Potentate, Officers and Nobles of ______________________________Shriners, Situated in the City of _______________________,State
of ______________________________________________:
I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am a Master Mason in good standing in
_________________________Lodge No.________, Located at ______________________________ Which is a lodge recognized by or in
amity with the Conference of Grand Masters of North America. Furthermore, I have resided at my current address for not less than 6 months,
as required by the By-Laws of Shriners International. I hereby make application to become a Noble of the Order, and a member of your temple.
If granted membership, I promise to conform to the articles of incorporation and By-Laws of Shriners International and the By-Laws and and
ceremonies of your temple.
Have you previously applied for admission to any temple of the Order?__________________________ If yes , what
Birthplace_________________________________Date of Birth______________________________
Profession or occupation_____________________________________________________________
Business Address___________________________________________________________________
Mail Address________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: Res: (_____) - _____- _____ Bus: (_____) - _____- _____ Cell: (_____) - _____-_____
Email Address________________________________Lady’s Name____________________________
Name in Full, initials not sufficient
Fez Size:_________
Be mber
Me ay!!
Print Full Name Here_________________________________________________________________
Recommended By:
Initiation Fee: $100.00 Cash_________Check________Credit Card________no.___________________
Exp.____CVV Code____Signature_______________________
Al Bedooings Editors note….
While taking photos for the contest, be sure to send them to
Al Bedooings Editor. We love to publish photos from the Unit
and Club functions. It is a great way to show everyone how
much fun your Unit/Club has!!!
Who can enter the contest? The photo contest is now open to Shriners and their ladies!
What should I photograph? (Note: These are just suggestions. Be creative and have fun with this!)
Shriners laughing and having fun
Scenes depicting brotherhood/friendship
Shriners in interesting costumes
Shriners driving fun vehicles
Temple, club or unit gatherings
Shriners in the community
Fezzes, memorabilia, vehicles or other Shriner
What are the qualities of a winning image?
Technical quality, clarity and composition are all important, but what will set a photo apart from the rest is the ability to
capture that “picture perfect” moment that expresses the true spirit of the Shriners.
How will the winners be chosen?
A panel of impartial judges will choose ten winning photos. Winners will receive a plaque, pin and an Amazon.com gift card.
Winning photos will be published in the 2015 Annual Report and in an issue of
Shriner Magazine: Pride and Tradition. They will also be shown during the Public Relations report at the 2015 Imperial
Session in Houston.
Best of luck! We can’t wait to see how you have captured the essence of what it means to be a Shriner.
For rules and entry form go to www.shrinersvillage.com, email [email protected] or call 813-281-8162.
Entries must be received no later than March 31, 2015.
Al Bedoo Donations
HPTF Memorials
and Memorials
Al Bedoo Hospital Patient
Transportation Fund and
Presented by: Dick Haworth
Presented by: Wallace Hall
Spokane Hospital
Presented by: Wallace Hall and
Robert Esser
Presented by: Dick Haworth
and Jay Leischner
Presented by:
George and Pat Anderson
Jane and Larry Shriver
Geneal Anderson
Rose Spogen
Ron and Eleanor Swenson
Rosemary McManus
JJ and Bernadine Harris
Dale Samsal
Joe and Nancy Pirami
Robert Teegarden
Milt and Gertie Heiser
Janice and John Alberta
Robert and Mary Ann Campbell
Neil and Evelyn Morck
Bryce and Nora Phelps
Darlyne Peterson
Allen Gunderson
Dick and Sue Paul
Arlyne Anderson
Angie and Wayne Ettleman
Debora Ettleman
GG Enstrom
James Kolterman
KA Graff
Gordon and Elaine Swartz
Walter and Sharon Nordstrom
Kathleen Heinert
HJ and Virginia Olcott
James and Kathryn Davies
Bud and Rosie Burg
Thomas and Carol Hoffman
Beulah Green
James and Joan Cotter
Pam Pipal
Mary Jo, Ernie and Lucas Woods
Dorothy Uzelac
Steve Radue
Jacquline Dassinger
Pauline Hartman
Big Sky Optimist
Jim and Rose McIntosh
Presented by: Julie A. Elwell
Presented by:
Wendell Lovelly
Presented by: Mike McClurg
Presented by: Bill Mavity
Presented by:
Lenhardt Proptery LP
Lorraine Newman
Jan Rehberg
Allan Lenhardt
Byrd A Locht
Presented by:
Arlyne Anderson
HPTF Donations
Presented by:
Gini and Dex Tank
Presented by:
Beverly Buzzelli
Spokane Hospital
Bruce Getter
Erle Gross
Patrick McCabe
Donald Kimmel
Donald Marshall
Devin Lavender
J. Marc Wass.
Piggy Bank Fund
4 Aces
“Where Best Friends
10 3rd Street West
Hardin, Mt.
Mon-Fri 10am - 2am
Sat-Sun 11am - 2am
Best Chicken
Cash King Pawn
1441 15 th Street West
Billings, Mt. 59102
Great Selection of
New and Used Guns
Come see us today!
Sat. Feb 14, 2015……Doors Open @ 5:00 – 11:00pm
Valentine’s Day @ Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium
1125 Broadwater Ave, Billings, MT
406*259*4384 Ext: 1 Terri
Step back to the 1950’s as we ROAST our local celebrity,
….personally bringing the
Music of the 50’s for our
enjoyment for over
50 years!
Wear your white sport coat with a
pink carnation, your poodle skirt, bobbie socks,
saddle shoes and get all dolled up for a night of
laughter and
Tickets: $35.00 each, include: Food, Dancing, Milk Shakes (with
a kick), Live &
Silent Auctions, Raffles,
and Shenanigans for all. Family friendly event!
**Pink carnation corsage or boutonniere…….$15.00ea.**
Tickets available from any Bath Zabbia, Daughters of the Nile member, or Al Bedoo Office.
FOR MORE INFO E-MAIL; [email protected] (subject line “Blast to the Past”)
Al Bedoo
1125 Broadwater Avenue
Billings, Montana 59102
Official Call of the Potentate to
The Nobility of the Al Bedoo Shrine
Social Meeting and Dinner
At the Al Bedoo Shrine Temple
Oasis at 5:30pm
Dinner at 6:30pm
Stated Meeting 7:30pm
Your attendance is desired and welcomed by your Divan
Wear you Fez
Gerald Granning
Larry Tipton PP
Winter Events:
February 5
UU Meeting 5:30pm
March 5
UU Meeting 5:30pm
February 10
Divan Meeting 6:30pm
March 17
Divan Meeting 6:30pm
February 12
Social Meeting 5:30pm
March 19
Social Meeting 5:30pm
February 14
Valentines Day Dance @ The Shrine
March 25-29
Shrine Circus
February 19-21
PNSA Seattle Washington
April 2
UU Meeting 5:30pm
April 11
Honored Ladies Luncheon 11:00am
April 14
Divan Meeting 6:30pm
Hospital Corp
Once again thanks to
all the Nobles and
Submitted by: Jack Fawcett
Wives who helped
make the Christmas
A big thank you goes out to our loving photographer Ron Swenson for taking the photos of the party and getting them into
the January Al Bedooings. Good job Ron! Back to the big event, thanks to Bob Repac and Clarice Fawcett for greeting
Party a great Event.
the arrivals and getting all registered. Thanks to the Brass Band for their flawless performance which all enjoyed the
holiday tunes. The Oriental Band did a great job also. The kids loved your performance. Our games were few but the kids
had fun. Thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Swenson and Mike McClurg who manned the “Dart” game. Thank you to Fred Kimball
and Ira Andrews who manned the football toss. Bean Bag toss thanks to those who were there. Thanks to Sue Paul for
painting all of those lovely faces. The soda pop bar was manned by Jack Underwood, Mike Redenius and Patty. They had
Thanks again-Jack
fun. Dick Paul was in charge of heating the hot dogs. Great job Dick! The cooking crew was kept busy by serving - Hot
Dogs and Buns, Chicken Strips, Beans and Potato Salad. Great Big thank you to Charlie at Suds Hut. All ate well, thanks
again! Can’t forget a new entry to the party, the “Widows” Sons who had 4 motorcycles for the kids to sit on and have their
picture taken. Thanks to Randy Becker and Friends! Santa Clause was a big hit and his helper Oscar Olson and the
Chocolate Snowmen donated from Brockels Chocolates. Santa is willing to come back next year thanks to Roger
Bernhardt. Another great happening was the hard work of Sandy and her chairty “Blankets and Bears” for giving out
pillows, blankets and teddy bears to the all of the kids in attendance. Last but not least the remaining Snowmen and treat
sacks were donated to the MRM Women’s and Children’s Center downtown Billings. So happy to receive goodies! One
more thank you goes out to Terri and Mike Widdicombe the Shrine Office Secretary. Being there when needed, opening
doors, finding keys and keeping the information going. Big help Terri! Thanks from all.
Al Bedoo Birthdays
Richard Hageman
Ruben Jodsaas
James Peretti
Richard Avent
Douglas Weideman
Dennis Brown
Donald Marshall
George Atkinson
Norman Frazier PP
Robert Samuels
Kenneth Olson Jr.
Gary Ferron
John Baber
Thomas Girvin Jr.
Mark Johnson
Gary Sparr
Lucky Seibert PP
Nathan Church
Nicholas Burnham
George Swenson
William Dove
Cliff Scheleusner
Alan Anderson
Warren Roberts
Ronald Burnett
Wallace Stadtfeld
Alvin Burg
Calvin Lane
Leon Shipman
Shane Gibson
VR Keim
William Kronmiller
Bob Repac
Roger Baxter
Edward Lenhardt
Theodore Murray
Hal Ostland
Dana Latsch
May you
live to be
100 and
may the
last voice
you hear
be mine.
~ Frank
Shriners Hospital
The Shriners Hospital for Children
Spokane has come a long way over the years.
Do you know a
child we can help ?
September 19
Al Bedoo
1125 Broadwater
Billings, MT
All guns will be provided through
SCHEELS All Sports in Billings Montana.
Winner must be 18 years of age and
successfully complete a firearms
purchasing statement. Gift Cards will be
presented to winners for purchase of the
gun or like valued items at SCHEELS. Net
proceeds from this event are for the benefit
of Al Bedoo Shrine. Payments are not tax
100 Guns in 5
Free Beer, Burgers
and Brats Party
While We Give
Away 100 Guns!
Ticket Required