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yard school of art
winter 2015
montclair art museum
The Yard School of Art offers programs for adults, children, and teens throughout
the year. Classes are offered in four semesters including an eight-week summer
program. Learn a new skill or refresh your existing knowledge in our professional
studios from experienced teaching artists. Explore your creative self—right in your
own backyard!
Gary Godbee
Classical Form Drawing
Five Tuesdays
February 17, 24, March 3, 10,
and 17
1–4 p.m.
Gary Godbee
p. 5
Adventures in Comic Book
Art (Ages 6–8)
4–5 p.m.
Vicki Arlein
p. 18
About/Featured Courses
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Adult Courses
Films of the 90s
Adult Workshops
Children’s Classes
Children’s Workshops
Teen Classes
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Enrollment Form
1 | Yard School of Art
Teen Fine Arts Survey
4:30–6:30 p.m.
Emily Kenselaar
p. 23
The Montclair Art Museum
is delighted to announce a
major gift from the Vance Wall
Foundation that will enable
a strategic and ambitious
expansion of the Museum’s
educational profile in the region.
Look for MAM to present more
opportunities for seniors,
families, and teens to engage in
creative activities, both formal
and drop-in.
All Museum education programs
are made possible, in part, by
generous Education Angel
support from Carol and Terry
Wall/The Vance Wall Foundation,
Michael Backer, Rose Cali, and
Lisa and Bill Westheimer.
How to Register
Classes begin the week of January 12, 2015 and run for 10 weeks, unless otherwise noted.
Members’ priority registration: Monday, November 24, 2014
Open Registration: Monday, December 1, 2014
(mail-in or online at
Please read our detailed policies
and procedures and terms of
There will be no classes on the following dates:
registration available at
Monday, January 19: Martin Luther King Day prior to
Monday, February 16: Presidents’ Day
enrolling in any class.
Saturday, March 7: 90s Dance Party
Sunday, April 5: Easter
Make-up classes will be held at the end of the session, starting the week of March 23, 2015.
How to register:
To register online visit or mail the enrollment form on p. 26.
Registrations will not be processed without full payment.
You must provide an email address on your registration form in order to receive
a confirmation about one to two weeks before the start date of the class. No
confirmations will be sent by mail.
You will be contacted by email or phone in the event of a class cancellation.
In the event of inclement weather the Museum will have a recorded outgoing message
indicating if the Museum is closed. Please call the main number, 973-746-5555 after
7 a.m. to listen for the recording. If the Museum closes midday, you will be sent an email
by Yard School of Art staff to inform you of the class cancellation.
The Montclair Film Festival, Inc.
The Montclair Film Festival, Inc. (MFF), a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization,
nurtures and showcases the talents of filmmakers from around the region and world.
MFF unites, empowers, educates, and celebrates our region’s diverse cultural heritage
and robust artistic community by presenting an annual spring festival and a growing
assortment of engaging programs and events all year long. The fourth annual spring
festival will take place in May 2015. MFF 2014 was made possible through generous
support from Signature Sponsor Investors Bank; Presenting Sponsors Audi, Audible
and the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey; and Leadership Sponsors Chubb, Coldwell
Banker Residential Brokerage and HackensackUMC/Mountainside, among others.
wFor information about MFF, visit
Yard School of Art | 2
Adult Courses
Classes begin week of January 12, 2015
Materials, glazing, and firing included in tuition.
Ceramics Open Studio Hours:
The Ceramics Studio offers Open Studio time to its currently enrolled adult students.
During designated hours, students will be welcome to use the Studio’s facility and
equipment to continue working on projects done in class, as well as independent projects.
Please check the bulletin board in the entranceway for Open Studio dates and times.
For more information please call 973-259-5152.
The Wheel Thrown Vessel
10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Steve Jaskowak
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
On and Off the Wheel
7–9:30 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
The Origins of Technique
10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Lisa Westheimer
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
Explore the possibilities
of creating beautiful
pottery on the wheel.
Intended for students
who have never used
the potter’s wheel, or for
those who are continuing
to build their basic skills,
this course will cover
methods of centering clay
and throwing bowl and
cylinder forms, such as
mugs and vases. Students
will also learn how to finish
their pots using standard
decorating and glazing
This course will offer
a personal, hands-on
approach to creating
functional and/or
decorative clay pieces,
using both hand building
and wheel throwing
techniques that will be
glazed and kiln-fired.
Explore the fundamentals
of working with the clay,
necessary tools, surface
treatments, and glazing.
Possible project ideas
include cups, bowls, vases,
tiles, sculptures, the use
of molds and stamps, and
the use of found objects
to create texture. All levels
This course draws upon
techniques and styles
developed by early PreColumbian and Native
American cultures for
daily or ceremonial use
that are still used today.
Students will discover
the Museum's impressive
range of Native American
pottery, a cornerstone of
MAM's collection. Hand
building of forms using
ancient techniques, slip
decoration, burnishing,
and making ware for a
smoke fire will be balanced
with contemporary wheel
throwing, glazing, and
firing techniques.
3 | Yard School of Art
Wheel Throwing
7–9:30 p.m.
Steve Jaskowak
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
For students who have
mastered basic wheel
throwing skills such as
centering, pulling, and
trimming, this course
takes you to the next
level. This class provides
demonstrations and
instruction on more
complex forms (e.g.
handles, altered forms,
surface texture, multiple
parts, and large vessels),
coupled with constructive
evaluation of students’
work. Advanced students
will be encouraged to work
independently. Students
will have the opportunity
to explore studio glazes
and incorporate the results
into their pottery.
Beginning Pottery
10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Steve Jaskowak
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
Functional Ware
6:30–9 p.m.
Carla Horowitz
$350 members
$380 nonmembers
This hands-on class for
clay novices will cover
both hand building and
potter’s wheel methods.
Learn all about the clay
forming process and
basic glazing techniques.
Students will observe
instructor demonstrations
and receive personalized
attention. As always,
students will be
encouraged to express
their individuality while
making beautiful pottery
in a supportive and lively
In this class we will discuss
where form meets function
to create pots that interest
and intrigue your creative
spirit. The main focus will
be on making functional
pottery for everyday use.
The instructor will help
you to learn to make wellbalanced pots, on the
utilitarian level, both visually
and aesthetically. We will
discuss how pots have
evolved over thousands
of years, from early
Mesopotamia, to traditional
Japanese tea ceremonies,
through today's creative yet
functional work.
Steve Jaskowak
All-Levels Wheel Throwing
10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Stephanie Castellano
$340 members
$370 nonmembers
This class will provide focused instruction on the potter’s
wheel. Demonstrations, given at the beginning of class,
will address your skill level and the remainder of time is
dedicated to personal projects. Beginner demos include
cups, bowls, handles, plates, and creamers. Intermediate
and advanced level demos will cover large bowls, vases,
pitchers, oval forms, lidded jars, teapots, joined forms,
sets, and altered forms. Glazing techniques to fit your
forms will also be included.
Yard School of Art | 4
Adult Courses
Introduction to Drawing
7–9:30 p.m.
Marion Held
$260 members
$290 nonmembers
This class is an
introduction to the art of
drawing for the novice or
those wishing to enhance
their skills. Students will
complete exercises in
all aspects of drawing
including the expressive
line, light, shade and
tonal values, and study of
structural planes. The class
will include three sessions
with a model. Course
includes an overview of
different mediums and
5 | Yard School of Art
John Atura
Special Short Course!
Classical Form Drawing
Five Tuesdays
February 17, 24, March 3,
10, and 17
1–4 p.m.
Gary Godbee
$140 members
$170 nonmembers
This short course will
explore concepts of
representational drawing
using charcoal, graphite,
and white chalk. We will
review basic techniques
of rendering forms as
simple masses of light and
shadow and progress to
more complex drawings
in order to develop
observational and
rendering skills. Drawing
from casts and still-life
setups, students will see
that an understanding of
line, contour, directional
planes, and tonal value all
work together to create a
realistic depiction of form.
For advanced beginner to
intermediate students.
Art and Yoga
6:30–9:30 p.m.
John Atura
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
In this course we will
work to bring our art and
yoga practices together
in a fun and playful way.
Over the course of the
session we will look at
different aspects of yoga
each week, engage in
physical asana practice
or sequences that relate
to that week’s subject,
and make visual art that
relates to it. Students
will explore and learn
techniques in drawing,
watercolor, collage, and
more. Students should
bring a yoga mat and
suitable attire to class as
well as their art supplies.
Safety waiver to be signed
at first class.
Adult Courses
Foolproof Painting:
Using Color Theory and
Principles of Pictorial
10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Janet Boltax
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
Landscape Oil Painting
Two classes offered:
• Mondays
9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
• Tuesdays
9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Gary Godbee
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
his course is for the
intermediate student who
wishes to learn techniques
of landscape painting with
oils. Emphasis is placed on
the atmospheric effects
of light and shade, tonal
values, and the process of
uniting these elements into
a balanced composition.
Students can use
reference materials such
as photographs or take
subject matter directly
from nature. Individual
attention will be provided,
allowing each person
to express his/her own
unique style.
Special Short Course!
Color Theory for Oil
Five Mondays
January 12, 26, February 2,
9, and 23
1–4 p.m.
Gary Godbee
$140 members
$170 nonmembers
Explore color theory with
this course that is based
on the use of a limited
palette and the completion
of a small painting each
day. Beginning with black
and white paint in the first
class, we will progress with
the addition of one color,
then two, then the three
colors that will allow us
to use the triad method
of color mixing. Color
as value, warm and cool
colors, color chords, and
color strategies will all
be discussed. In class still
life set ups or instructorapproved photos may be
Whether you paint
with oil or acrylic,
representationally or
abstractly, knowledge
of color theory and
fundamental design
principles are essential
components of good
painting. This class offers
an analytical step-by-step
approach to mixing and
achieving the “right” color
and value, balancing the
relationships between
colors, and achieving a
pleasing composition. The
class will include a study of
how artists have achieved
successful use of color and
design in their paintings.
All levels welcome.
Yard School of Art | 6
Adult Courses
Introduction to Painting
7–9:30 p.m.
Suzanne Baron
$260 members
$290 nonmembers
Learn the techniques of
oil and acrylic painting
in a fun, hands-on
environment. This course
is designed for the
beginner or intermediate
student who would like to
brush-up on the basics.
This class will cover
how to choose the right
materials, as well as learn
the basics of color theory
and composition so you
can create a painting.
Work in a supportive
atmosphere that develops
a personal statement.
Model fees included for
three sessions.
Atelier: Painting and
7–9:30 p.m.
Robert Kogge
$260 members
$290 nonmembers
This class welcomes all
levels to work in any
two-dimensional medium
and style that best suits
their personal vision.
The task of balancing
elements such as color,
form, harmony, line,
mass, pattern, rhythm,
shape, space, texture,
7 | Yard School of Art
tone, value, and volume
will be addressed.
Whether it is traditional
or experimental, how
one creates will be
regarded with heightened
importance in relation
to what one creates.
Students may use
reference materials such
as photographs or take
their subject matter
directly from nature.
Individual attention and
guidance will be provided
to all.
Path to Abstraction
10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Pat Butynski
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
This course is for the
intermediate and
advanced student of
drawing and/or painting
who is interested in
learning how to work
toward creating nonobjective art. Explore how
to create an abstraction
from specific subject
matter. Students will
learn to disregard a
traditional subject and
make the elements
of design the subject,
inspired by personal
expression. Abstraction
can be achieved through
the unification of the
elements of form, color,
and composition, an open
mind, and a sense of
Genre Painting, Drawing,
and Composition
1–4 p.m.
Alex Piccirillo
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
This is an intensive
course in painting and
drawing, with emphasis
on composing the figure
in a natural environment.
Light and shadow, color
and texture will be
explored in developing
the pictorial image. Each
pose will last three to four
weeks, depending on its
complexity. Any medium
may be used.
Pat Butynski
The Painterly Portrait
7–9:30 p.m.
Janet Boltax
$275 members
$305 nonmembers
For students with an
expressive nature, this
class will explore the
techniques for creating
painterly portraits.
Working from a model,
students will learn to paint
portraits with courage and
vigor in the spirit of John
Singer Sargent, Robert
Henri, Lucian Freud, and
Alice Neel. Students will
be taught the basics of
achieving a likeness and
mixing accurate flesh
tones, but will also be
encouraged to push the
limits of traditional portrait
painting by using bolder
colors and brush strokes
to unleash their individual
temperaments and visions.
Two classes offered:
• Thursdays
9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
• Thursdays
1–4 p.m.
Gary Godbee
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
Learn traditional
portraiture with the use of
oils, pastels, or charcoal
from direct observation
of a live model. This
course offers a unique
study of the structure and
proportions of the face.
Through demonstrations
and individual instruction,
each student will achieve
an understanding of the
head and features, color
mixture, tonal values, and
composition. All levels
Watercolor Techniques
Four classes offered:
• Wednesdays
7–9:30 p.m.
• Thursdays
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.
• Fridays
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.
• Fridays
1:30–4 p.m.
Sharon Pitts
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
Watercolor is a beautiful
and versatile medium.
This course emphasizes
the creative use of the
paint and goes beyond
the general information
found in “how-to” books.
Subject matter includes
florals, still life, and
landscape, both plein
air and from photos. We
will concentrate on use
of the palette, texture,
composition, values,
design, and color work.
Demonstrations will
give students a basis for
starting their own work
and individual attention
is provided to encourage
each student to find his
or her own direction. All
levels welcome.
Yard School of Art | 8
Adult Courses
Mixed Media and Pastel
Creating Art for Greeting Cards
10:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
$260 members
$290 nonmembers
Kristine Lombardi
Are you crazy for paper stores? Always checking out
cards and stationery? Would you like to see your art
on cards? This class will introduce you to the world
of greeting cards. We will review the industry, the
development of a personal style, and marketing of your
designs. Each student will develop a portfolio of work,
ranging from everyday cards to niche and holiday.
Layered Imagery: An
Exploration in Collage
Two classes offered:
• 1:30–4 p.m.
• 7–9:30 p.m.
Barbara Minch
$260 members
$290 nonmembers
Experience collage in a
brand new way. Using a
layering system, create
unique and unusual
compositions where no
two collages look alike.
Through this process you
will learn how to tap into
your subconscious for a
more intuitive imagery.
We will also work with
the three-dimensional
technique of glue and gel
9 | Yard School of Art
Special Short Course!
Working Magic on
Paper and Fabric
Eight Tuesdays
January 13–March 3
7–9:30 p.m.
Miriam Jacobs
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Participants will learn
various methods for
creating images on paper
and fabric. Learn traditional
and alternative marbling;
pole-wrapped Shibori;
monoprinting; bleaching
and batiking Canson paper;
dyeing with ice cubes;
gesso resist; Tyvek and
Citrasolv printing, and
carving your own stamps!
Participants will come away
with a rich portfolio of
images on paper and fabric
that they can use for collages,
frame-ready work, stationery,
scarves, and so on.
Independent Study:
9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Catherine Kinkade
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
Independent Study is a
seminar format course.
Students will design
their own projects in any
medium, with a preference
for oil and pastel. This
year the class has chosen
to address oil painting,
plein air landscape (fall
and spring), strokes, use
of colored grounds, and
green in the landscape.
For intermediate and
advanced students
comfortable in at least
one medium.
Introduction to
7–9:30 p.m.
Lizzy Storm
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
Explorations in
Printmaking: Plate,
Ink, and Paper
10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Dorothy Cochran
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
Challenge your artistic
curiosity by exploring
printmaking with bite
size experiences to see
what intrigues you. Each
class will focus on a print
technique including
monotype, linoleum,
woodcut, collagraph,
and trace prints. Plates
will be made, inked, and
printed by hand or press
during each class, creating
a portfolio of finished
images at class end. Waterbased Akua inks and rag
papers will be used for all
processes. Artists working
in other media, beginner to
intermediate, and returning
students are welcome.
Printmaking Intensive
1–4 p.m.
Dorothy Cochran
$270 members
$300 nonmembers
This is an advanced studio
class for artists that
have some printmaking
experience and want
to raise the bar on their
studio practice. Relief
and intaglio methods
such as collagraph,
solarplate, drypoint,
paper lithography, and
carborundum will be
some of the processes to
be explored. Group and
individual projects will
be based on consultation
with the instructor and
development of individual
goals. Class interactions
will include current
exhibitions, the history of
printmaking, and group
critiques in a supportive
community of artists.
This course will introduce
students to various
printmaking techniques
for transferring images
from plate to paper
using MAM’s Charles
Brand Etching Press.
Processes explored include
monoprint, drypoint, paper
lithography, and linoleum
relief printing. Students
will learn the technical
aspects of these processes
while experimenting with
variations to the repeated
image including chinecollé. The course will cover
the basic printmaking
principles necessary for
a successful print and the
editions of imagery. All
levels welcome.
Yard School of Art | 10
Adult Courses
Digital Media
Introduction to
Graphic Design
7–9:30 p.m.
Alexis McNutt
$300 members
$330 nonmembers
Digital Photography
7–9:30 p.m.
Anthony Cuneo
$300 members
$330 nonmembers
Introduction to
Web Design
7–9:30 p.m.
William Sweeney
$300 members
$330 nonmembers
This course explores
the industry of graphic
design and empowers
students to develop their
distinctive style. Students
will investigate a variety
of graphic design fields,
including print media,
marketing and branding,
and info graphics and
develop an understanding
of balance, scale, and
typography. The first
half of class will feature
lectures and discussions
while the second half
will focus on technical
instruction and critique of
student work. Students
will learn to competently
utilize Illustrator, InDesign,
and Photoshop to develop
a portfolio of work.
This course will cover
techniques for achieving
unique and artful
photographs. Learn
about the settings
and functions of your
digital camera, subject
and composition, and
use of visual elements.
Shooting assignments
will sharpen your mastery
and give you a chance
to experiment with a
variety of conceptual
approaches. Students will
also learn prepare their
photographs for printing,
digital projection, and the
web. No prior experience
required. Students should
bring their own digital
camera to class (point and
shoot or DSLR).
Learn how to create
a great website with
this intuitive and
straightforward industry
standard software. Adobe
Dreamweaver allows for
the direct creation and
editing capabilities of
HTML. Students will begin
by learning how the web
works, web design basics,
proper image sizing, use
of web-safe colors, what
HTML is, and how to apply
the design skills using
Adobe Dreamweaver to
create and save HTML
pages. This course will also
cover acquiring an online
domain name and site
11 | Yard School of Art
Special film series offered in partnership with
the Montclair Film Festival
Come as You Are: Films of the 90s
The 1990s saw the explosion of independent cinema in America, with artists of all stripes
taking to filmmaking as a way of telling new stories. This series focuses on diverse,
engaging films that framed the era, launched the careers of important new artists,
and defined the 90s as a decade of artistic exploration that endures well into the 21st
century. Ticket holders will have special access to the Museum’s galleries to view Come
as You Are: Art of the 1990s from 6 to 6:45 p.m. on the date of the ticketed screening.
Films will begin at 7 p.m.
Price per film:
$8 members*
$12 nonmembers
Price for package of 6 films:
$40 members*
$60 nonmembers
*Discounted price applies to MAM members, as well as members of the Montclair Film
Public tickets for all films will be available for purchase on December 1, 2014, at the
Montclair Film Festival website,, or by visiting the onsite
Film Box Office at MAM, located at the side entrance and opening at 6 p.m. on each
screening date, one hour before showtime. Member tickets will go on sale November 24, 2014. Members will receive a unique
Membership discount code and purchasing instructions via email on Monday,
November 24, 2014.
BASQUIAT (1996) February 11, 2015
Directed by Julian Schnabel
Cast: Geoffrey Wright, David Bowie, Benecio Del Toro,
Gary Oldman
USA/108 Min
The painter Julian Schnabel made his filmmaking debut
with BASQUIAT, his portrait of his friend and fellow
downtown New York City artist, Jean Michel Basquiat
(Geoffrey Wright). The film follows Basquiat’s life and
career, from naive outsider to the toast of Manhattan’s
art scene, while firmly marking Schnabel as a singular
filmmaking talent. Yard School of Art | 12
Special film series offered in partnership
with the Montclair Film Festival
Come as You Are: Films of the 90s
February 18, 2015
Directed by Leslie Harris
Cast: Ariyan A. Johnson, Kevin Thigpen
USA/92 Min
As one of the first independent American films written,
directed, and produced by an African American woman,
Leslie Harris’ JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE IRT holds an
important place in film history. It also is a statement of
empowerment, defying cultural and social stereotypes
to present a wonderfully comic, moving time capsule of
early 1990s era New York City. THE CRUISE (1998)
March 4, 2015
Directed by Bennett Miller
Cast: Timothy “Speed” Levitch
USA/76 Min
began his career as a filmmaker with THE CRUISE, a
documentary portrait of Timothy “Speed” Levitch.
Part NYC tour bus guide, part existential philosopher,
part tragicomic protagonist, Speed brings a unique
perspective to everything he sees, providing a
contemplative look at the relationship between the
individual and the big city.
March 18, 2015
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro,
Robert Forster
USA/154 Min
Quentin Tarantino’s JACKIE BROWN is a pivotal film in the
career of perhaps the 1990s’ most famous independent
filmmaker; transitioning from the pulp violence of his
previous films, JACKIE BROWN signaled a newfound
maturity in the filmmaker. The story of a flight attendant
(Pam Grier) caught between her criminal boss (Samuel L.
Jackson) and the law (Robert Forester), JACKIE BROWN
is Tarantino’s richest film, a dazzling crime story with a
novelistic scope.
13 | Yard School of Art
SAFE (1995)
April 1, 2015
Directed by Todd Haynes
Cast: Julianne Moore, Xander Berkley, Dean Norris
USA/119 Min
Widely considered one of the seminal films of the
1990s, Todd Haynes’ masterpiece SAFE is the story of
Carol White (Julianne Moore), a well-to-do suburban
housewife whose life is inexorably altered by the sudden,
inexplicable onset of an unnamed chemical sensitivity.
Echoing the era’s political and social treatment of
the quest for understanding during the AIDS crisis,
SAFE remains a searing experience for contemporary
April 15, 2015
Directed by Ben Stiller
Cast: Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Janeane
USA/99 Min
Generation X, the cohort born between the early 1960s
and 1980s, achieved its commercial, cinematic apotheosis
with REALITY BITES, the directorial debut from Ben
Stiller. The story of the ups and downs of a free spirited
young filmmaker named Lelaina (Winona Ryder), and
her yuppie (Stiller) and slacker (Ethan Hawke) suitors,
the film addresses the perspectives and concerns of Gen
Xers as they move from college into adulthood, resulting
in a movie that has come to uniquely define its cultural
moment. Yard School of Art | 14
Adult Workshops
Dennis Teppermen, student
Mosaics: Beautiful
Pictures from Tiny Pieces
Sunday, February 8
10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Donna Conklin King
$120 members
$140 nonmembers
Imagery through Collage
Sunday, January 25
12–3 p.m.
Barbara Minch
$40 members
$60 nonmembers
If you love collage but
didn’t think you could
do it, this workshop is
for you. Using magazine
imagery, you will learn
how to layer and design
unusual compositions with
surprising results. This
process allows you to tap
into your subconscious
and work more intuitively.
Students should bring
scissors or an X-ACTO
knife, permanent glue
sticks, and high quality
drawing paper. Magazines
will be provided for
15 | Yard School of Art
Video Editing: Intro to
Adobe Premiere Pro
Sunday, January 25
12–3 p.m.
Brian Robinson
$40 members
$60 nonmembers
Learn to edit your video
footage like a professional.
This one-day beginner
workshop will cover the
interface, controls, and
features of the industrystandard software Adobe
Premiere Pro. Whether
you’re aspiring to make
home movies, YouTube
shorts, or the next
Hollywood blockbuster,
Premiere Pro is an
affordable and user-friendly
way to get the job done.
Students are encouraged to
bring an external hard drive
that stores footage they
would like to edit.
Learn the exciting art of
mosaics. In this one-day
workshop, design, cut,
glue, and grout vitreous
glass tiles to create an
original 6x8" work ready
for hanging or framing.
Bring in your own simple
design or pick one of the
designs provided in class.
Learn about the Picasiette
(broken plate) method and
other techniques. Your
original mosaic will be
ready for Valentine’s Day!
All materials are included
in tuition.
Introduction to Wheel
Sunday, February 8
12–3 p.m.
Steve Jaskowak
$60 members
$80 nonmembers
Is learning the potter’s
wheel on your bucket list?
This one-day workshop
is a basic introduction to
the fundamentals of the
potter’s wheel. Students
learn basic pottery
techniques that will help
them to create unique and
personal pieces out of
stoneware. Students will
select glazes and return to
pick up the fired pots three
weeks from the workshop
date. All supplies are
The Foundations of
Sunday, February 22
10 a.m.–1 p.m.
Audrey Blake Breheney
$40 members
$60 nonmembers
Basket Weaving for
Sunday, March 8
12–3 p.m.
Lesley Schiftic
$75 members
$95 nonmembers
Are you truly harnessing
the creative power locked
inside your phone? If
you want to learn how to
improve the images you're
already taking on your
smartphone, how to edit
your images and make
them sing, and how to
store and organize them
in and out of your phone,
then THIS is the workshop
for you! No intimidation;
just a helpful workshop to
improve upon what you
are already doing and turn
your iPhone images into
works of art.
Personalize your home
decor with a unique
homemade basket! Basket
weaving, an ancient art
form, is the hippest new
craft trend to come along
this generation. The use
of wood reed in a variety
of shapes and sizes and
addition of embellishments
will create a personal
design for each basket.
Beginners will make a
magazine holder, waste
paper basket, or catchall
basket. Your creativity will
fashion the look, pattern,
and height of your basket.
Materials fee of $25
payable to instructor on
day of workshop.
Edible Art: Spring Cake
Sunday, March 1
11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Elisabeth Antoine
$35 members
$55 nonmembers
Try your hand at a
popular culinary craft by
turning your cake into an
irresistible piece of edible
artwork. No decorating
experience is necessary.
Just bring a cake, already
assembled and frosted,
either homemade or
store-bought, and we will
provide the materials and
instructions to create your
very own spring-themed
masterpiece. Bring home
your decorated cake to
share with family and
Do it on Yupo!
Sunday, March 15
10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Dorothy Cochran
$90 members
$110 nonmembers
Yupo is a new synthetic
paper that makes the
perfect printmaking plate.
It is durable, waterproof,
translucent, and wipes
clean. The smooth surface
receives watercolor and
ink with brushes, rollers,
and textural objects, then
prints them precisely with
razor-sharp precision. This
workshop will explore
making monotypes with
this amazing material by
hand and with a Charles
Brand etching press. The
possibilities are increased
as the Yupo can be cut
into shapes, so think
outside of the square or
rectangular format.
Documenting Your
Family Tree
Sunday, March 22
10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Conrad Fink
$75 members*
$100 nonmembers
With pictures and videos
scattered everywhere
from shoeboxes to photo
albums, mobile phones to
computers, preserving and
sharing your memories
is more complicated
than ever. This workshop
teaches adults the art of
nonfiction filmmaking as
a tool for documenting
the story of their family,
with practical, hands-on
teaching that focuses on
creating a keepsake film.
*Discounted price applies
to MAM members, as
well as members of the
Montclair Film Festival.
Dorothy Cochran
Yard School of Art | 16
Children’s Classes
Classes begin week of January 12, 2015
Classes limited to 15 students unless otherwise noted.
All supplies are provided for children and young teen (ages 12–15) classes.
Art Safari
4–5 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Ages 4–5
Ages 5–7
Studio Explorers
4:15–5 p.m.
Aggie Wszolkowska
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Pint-Sized Potters
4–5 p.m.
Michael Ferrari
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
The perfect introductory
class for our younger
students, this course will
include painting, drawing,
collage, printmaking,
and some sculpture.
Emphasis will be placed
on imagination, creative
expression, and skills
that will help children
to develop hand-eye
For our youngest pottery
enthusiasts, this class will
give students the chance
to explore the tactile art of
clay. Basic clay sculpting
techniques will be covered
and projects will include
pinch and coil pots, cups,
sculpted clay figures,
and more fun and funky
vessels. All works will be
either painted or glazed
and kiln fired, and will
surely be treasured for
years to come!
17 | Yard School of Art
Students will travel the
globe with each new
project inspired by cultures
and art styles throughout
the world. African,
Australian, Central and
South American, Native
American, American,
European, Indian, and
Asian art will be studied.
Animals, nature, and
people will provide subject
matter for 2D and 3D
Creatures and Animals
4–5 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
This course will introduce
various materials and
mediums including
drawing, painting, and
sculpture through the
theme of real life animals
and imaginary creatures.
Projects will explore the
use of color, line, shape,
texture, pattern, and
Beyond the Playground
10–11 a.m.
Aggie Wszolkowska
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Nature’s Investigators
4–5 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Children will be introduced
to many fine art techniques
that use childhood themes
as a springboard, and will
use everyday experiences
as inspiration. The young
artists’ favorite people,
places, animals, and
things are some of the
themes explored. Painting,
drawing, sculpture,
mixed media, collage,
and printmaking will be
taught in an encouraging
Embrace your child’s
curiosity about the natural
world! In this class, mixed
media projects will focus
on different themes in
nature. From bugs and
bacteria to flowers and
foliage, all of our planet’s
most wondrous creations
will serve as inspiration.
Projects will range from
painting and drawing, to
sculpture, collage and
printmaking, and will
be sure to bring out the
scientist in all of us!
Ages 6–8
Draw, Paint, Twist, and
4–5 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
This class introduces
young artists to building,
design, color, and
drawing. Imagine the
possibilities! Two- and
three-dimensional projects
will incorporate techniques
ranging from painting to
papier-mâché, and learning
to sculpt with found
objects. Projects will use
both recycled and fine art
materials to create unique
and memorable works of
Adventures in Comic
Book Art
4–5 p.m.
Vicki Arlein
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Have fun creating your
own comic book with
superheroes, creatures, or
people. You'll learn about
making comic books as
you plan and draw your
story with characters that
talk, walk, run, or fly! When
our class is done, you can
bring “published” copies
of your comic book home
to share with family and
Universe of Clay
4–5 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
Learn how to throw on
the potter’s wheel and
hand build with kiln clay.
Projects will be functional
and/or decorative, and
will cover cultural and
whimsical themes. Learn
the proper use of clay
tools, sculpting techniques,
surface design and
decoration, as well as
glazing. Some projects
will include bowls, mugs,
Yard School of Art | 18
Children’s Classes
animals, boxes, plates,
miniature figures, masks,
and more! All pieces are
glazed by dipping or
painting and then fired in
the kiln.
Beyond the Sketchbook I
4–5 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Fun yet focused, this
course is for young artists
who have a passion for
drawing. Explore basic
drawing and rendering
techniques, including
shading, perspective, form,
line, and composition
through a series of fun
and challenging projects.
Using a variety of fine art
drawing mediums, this
course will develop a set of
skills for students who are
serious about sketching.
Funky Sculpture
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Aggie Wszolkowska
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Push the limits of your
imagination in this fun and
funky class! Students will
create wild and whimsical
sculptures, both fantastic
and functional, using a
variety of traditional and
nontraditional materials,
as well as objects of
personal meaning brought
19 | Yard School of Art
from home. From Calderinspired mobiles and
made-up machines to silly
skyscrapers and papiermâché palaces, this class
will be sure to inspire and
Fashion Illustration
4:30–6 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
Ages 8–12
Calling all fashionistas to
explore the art of fashion!
While focusing on the
exaggerated fashion
figure and today's trends,
students will explore
sketching, design, basic
sewing, and mixed media
to transform their fashions
into art.
Lego Animation
4:30–6 p.m.
Michael Stabile
$250 members*
$280 nonmembers
Everything is awesome
in this unique class that
teaches young students
the art of stop-motion
animation using Lego™
building blocks. Students
will have the opportunity
to create sets and
characters, producing
exciting short films that
set them on the path to
becoming a master builder.
With a focus on visual
storytelling techniques,
Lego Animation is the
perfect class to let your
imagination run wild!
*Discounted price applies
to MAM members, as
well as members of the
Montclair Film Festival.
Adventures in Comic Book
Art II
5:15–6:30 p.m.
Vicki Arlein
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
Did you ever want to
make your own comic
book or create your own
characters? In this class
you'll explore the elements
of comic book art as you
design, draft, and draw
your own story. Then,
you'll learn how to get
your comic book ready
for printing. After the last
class, you'll take copies
of your comic book home
to share with family and
Pottery on the Wheel
Three classes offered:
• Mondays
4:30–6 p.m.
April Clark
• Fridays
4:30–6 p.m.
Danielle Kotopoulis
• Saturdays
1–2:30 p.m.
Ashley Hanania
$300 members
$330 nonmembers
This class offers older
children the opportunity
to work exclusively on
the wheel. Gain a solid
foundation of throwing
techniques while creating
bowls, pots, vases, and
more. Hand building,
sculpture techniques,
glazing, and texturing will
also be covered. Personal
expression is encouraged!
2D Animation
4:30–6 p.m.
Earl Speid
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
Do you love cartoons and
animated movies? Held in
our new Digital Media Lab,
this class lets you become
the author, director, and
animator of your own
personal cartoon. Students
will learn traditional 2D
animation as seen in Disney
films and utilize Adobe
After Effects, Premiere Pro,
and Photoshop to make
a short film they will take
home on DVD to share with
friends and family.
Digital Photography
4–5:30 p.m.
Deborah Guzmán-Meyer
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
In the Scientist’s Studio
5:15–6:15 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
Brains, bugs, and black
holes, oh my! In this
unique class, artists will
explore how science
has impacted our lives.
What can scientists teach
us? Learn fascinating
discoveries and facts
while creating one-of-akind works of art. Using
a variety of techniques
and mediums including
drawing, painting, collage,
and clay sculpting, this
course will encourage
observation, curiosity, and
a sense of wonder, while
incorporating different
branches of science and
nurturing a lifelong love of
No previous experience is
required for this beginner
photography course.
Students will learn how to
get the most out of their
digital cameras through
fun, hands-on activities.
They will discover the
different settings on
digital cameras and
the basic principles of
photography—how a
lens and shutter work,
composition, light, and
contrast. Students will
also perform some basic
editing techniques using
Photoshop CS5. Canon
point-and-shoot cameras
will be available and
students may bring their
own camera.
Yard School of Art | 20
Children’s Classes
The Art of Writing
(Ages 10–12)
6 weeks
February 11–March 18
4–5 p.m.
Susan Sonneborn
$150 members
$180 nonmembers
Calling all young writers
and art lovers! Use the
Museum as your muse
while developing and
strengthening vital writing
skills and expanding your
creative expression. This
session we will focus on
themes and topics inspired
by MAM’s exhibition
Come as You Are: Art
of the 1990s. A certified
Language Arts teacher
will work with students to
hone fundamentals while
encouraging expressive
writing through poetry,
opinion pieces, short
stories, and more.
Digital Filmmaking
4:30–6 p.m.
Michael Stabile
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
From script to screen,
this course will guide
students through the full
spectrum of the narrative
filmmaking process in a
fun, hands-on environment.
Areas of focus will
include screenwriting,
camera operation,
cinematography, lighting,
21 | Yard School of Art
directing, and sound
design. Using professional
film equipment and
industry-standard editing
software, students will
experiment with various
storytelling techniques
and create films they’ll
be proud to call their
own, while learning the
magic behind the art of
Beyond the Sketchbook II
5:15–6:15 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$240 members
$270 nonmembers
For young artists who
have a passion for
drawing, this course will
explore essential drawing
and rendering techniques,
including shading,
perspective, form,
line, and composition
through a series of fun
and challenging projects.
Using a variety of fine
art drawing mediums,
this course will develop a
set of skills for students
who are serious about
Draw, Paint, Create
4–5:30 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
This course will stimulate
young artists’ curiosity,
and encourage discussion
about art through
exploring different
aesthetic approaches.
Learn about art history
though gallery visits and
reference materials while
creating fine art projects
that you could add to any
portfolio! In an inviting
atmosphere, students will
learn techniques such as
drawing, painting, clay
sculpture, printmaking,
and more! Inspiration will
blossom from students’
individual creativity while
learning about artists
from different cultures
throughout history.
Drawing and Painting
(Ages 8–10)
10–11:30 a.m.
Liz Seaton
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
This class will explore
a variety of techniques
that allow for creative
expression in a fun and
supportive atmosphere.
A selection of visual
resources will be used
to introduce styles,
techniques, and artists,
and as inspiration for some
of the lessons.
Children's Workshops
Intermediate Drawing and
Painting (Ages 10–12)
12–1:30 p.m.
Liz Seaton
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
Parent and Child
Valentines Chocolates
(Ages 7+)
Saturday, February 7
12–2 p.m.
Nanci Iovino
$60 members
$80 nonmembers
A more challenging version
of our earlier program on
Saturday designed for
a slightly older student.
Fine art mediums are
used to explore styles,
techniques, and the formal
elements of art making in
a creative and supportive
Spend special time
with your child creating
chocolates to present
to your loved ones this
Valentine’s Day! Students
will use candy molds
to make a variety of
lollipops and chocolates.
Personalize your creations
with colored white
chocolate and candies!
Limited to 12 participants;
prices are per pair.
Peg Kenselaar
Cards by Cupid (Ages 5+)
Sunday, February 8
10 a.m.–12 p.m.
Peg Kenselaar
$40 members
$60 nonmembers
Show those you are
closest to how much they
are loved! In this fun and
creative workshop, artists
will design a one-of-akind Valentine’s Day card.
Decorative papers, glitter,
special effects markers, 3D
objects, buttons, ribbons,
and more will adorn these
keepsakes. Students can
also write a love note to
place inside, making their
card ready to deliver!
Superhero Green Screen
Filmmaking (Ages 8+)
Sunday, February 22
12–4 p.m.
Michael Stabile
$80 members
$100 nonmembers
Lights, Camera, Action!
Spend the day as a
superhero while learning
how to create Hollywoodstyle visual effects.
Students will perform
exciting action scenes in
front of a green screen
and composite superhero
motion graphics with
Adobe Suite editing
software. All students will
take home a digital copy
of their movie in stunning
high-definition on a
Parent and Child
Ceramics (Ages 6+)
Sunday, March 1
12–2 p.m.
April Clark
$60 members
$80 nonmembers
Work together with your
child to discover the
art of clay. Workshop
participants will view
demonstrations of the
various steps involved in
wheel throwing and have
time for guided practice.
In addition, participants
will use a variety of stamps
and texturing implements
to design their own
"family" tile or wall piece.
Students are encouraged
to bring texture objects to
class. Price is per parent
and child pair.
Yard School of Art | 22
Young Teen Classes
Classes begin week of January 12, 2015
Graphic Art and Web
6:30–8 p.m.
Earl Speid
$275 members
$305 nonmembers
Ages 12 -15
4:30–6 p.m.
Earl Speid
$250 members
$280 nonmembers
Students will draw from
direct observation,
learning the fundamental
elements of line, value,
form, perspective,
composition, and
proportion. Subject matter
will vary, and include still
life, landscapes, clothed
figures, and sketching from
the Museum’s collection.
23 | Yard School of Art
Students will learn the
fundamentals of graphic
design and building
websites that focus on
their individual interests.
By making personal
design choices for fonts,
images, colors, and the
composition of their
websites, students will
create a product that
expresses their unique
voice, while learning and
applying real 21st century
digital design skills.
Oil Painting
4:30–6 p.m.
Nicole Basalyga
$255 members
$285 nonmembers
Students will be
introduced to the
technical and perceptual
basics of oil painting.
Building on the
foundation of drawing
and compositional skills,
students will learn to
create form and space
through color mixing,
paint application, and
manipulating paint. They
will paint from still life
and use artwork in the
Museum as reference.
Wheel Throwing for Teens
5:15–6:45 p.m.
Steve Jaskowak
$300 members
$330 nonmembers
This class is for teens that
want to learn to throw
pottery on the wheel.
Throwing techniques for
centering clay and creating
bowls and cylinder forms
will be covered. In addition,
students will gain a strong
foundation of finishing
techniques, such as glazing
and texturing. Individual
vision and personal
expression is valued and
Teen Fine Arts Survey
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Emily Kenselaar
$255 members
$285 nonmembers
For teens of any age,
this is an opportunity
to study a range of fine
art techniques. Drawing,
oil and acrylic painting,
printmaking, and mixed
media techniques will all
be covered in a relaxed
and fun atmosphere.
Teens can refine their skills
in their area of interest
or work with a medium
they have never tried. All
students will leave with a
well-rounded and robust
knowledge of traditional
fine art media, with a touch
of experimentation and
Older Teen Classes
Digital Photography
10 a.m.–12 p.m.
Deborah Guzmán-Meyer
$275 members
$305 nonmembers
Students will learn how
to maximize the use of
their digital cameras to
create personal works
of art. Through different
assignments, students will
learn about composition
and lighting, as well as
camera settings that give
them creative tools to
make their art have its own
unique voice. Students
will also learn how to
transform their images
using Photoshop CS5.
Canon point-and-shoot
cameras will be available
for each student. Students
are encouraged to bring
their own cameras.
The upper level teen classes (ages 16+) are modeled
on college level studio courses and develop formal
skills while promoting analytical, critical, and creative
thinking. Students are responsible for bringing their own
supplies. Students 16 and older may also register for
our adult courses. Supply lists can be found online at
Ages 16+
Teen Portfolio Preparation
7–9 p.m.
Anthony Cuneo
$255 members
$285 nonmembers
This course provides
high school juniors and
seniors an opportunity to
prepare and expand their
portfolio for admission
to art school, college,
and university. We will
examine the application
process and what art
programs are requiring
from your portfolio. The
class objectives include art
historical references with
each project, exploration
of various media, life
drawing from a nude
model, and class critiques.
Life Drawing
9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
John Atura
$280 members
$310 nonmembers
This course provides an
opportunity for older
teens and adults to work
directly from the figure
to explore sketching the
human form and anatomy.
It is especially useful for
students 16+ who need life
drawing experience not
provided in the high school
art curriculum. Working
from the nude model,
a classical approach
provides the basis for
understanding the
relationship of form and
technique. Students will
draw with charcoal, pencil,
and a variety of other
Teen Workshops
Digital Photography
Portfolio Printing
(Ages 16+)
Sunday, March 8
10 a.m.–3 p.m.
Deborah Guzman Meyer
$90 members
$110 nonmembers
Prepare your professional
photography portfolio.
Students will select, edit,
and color correct their
images before creating
high-quality prints in
various sizes. Students
should bring a flash drive
containing digital files of
their photos, glossy paper
in sizes of their choice, and
a folder to store finished
Yard School of Art | 24
Policies and Procedures
Please read our detailed policies and procedures prior to
enrolling in any class at
Course Codes
Course codes are provided with each class to help select
a program that best fits your skill level and experience.
For the code key, please visit
Supply Lists
Lists for adult and teen 16+ classes are available at
For information about our faculty, visit
Professional Development Credits are available.
Please call 973-259-5139 for more information.
Celebrate at the Yard School of Art!
Held in our spacious art
studios, including our
new Ceramics Studio, Art
Parties are the perfect
way to encourage and
celebrate the creative
spirit for all ages! They
are fun, educational,
and can accommodate
a wide range of events,
from birthday parties to
bridal showers. If desired,
partygoers may use our
permanent collection
as inspiration through a
gallery visit. Projects are
designed to accommodate
individual interests.
Call 973-259-5139, or email
[email protected] for details.
For information on parties in MAM’s Ceramics Studio,
please call 973-259-5152, or email
[email protected] Party hosts must
me Family-level members of the Montclair Art Museum.
25 | Yard School of Art
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$3,000 Director’s Circle
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***Full proof of full-time student at an accredited college must accompany payment
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