korea study abroad in english

Program Dates:
Fall Semester: August - December Spring Semester: February - June
Program Costs:
~3,800 per semester
USU resident tuition and fees, medical insurance for program dates
Not Included:
Airfare, housing and meals, passport, visa, local transportation, and other personal/miscellaneous expenses
For credit toward degree requirements, you must plan in advance with an academic advisor.
International student dormitories 2,3 or 4 person suites. ~$1,800 per semester incl utilities. Rooms include shared kitchen for
preparing meals.
USU provides a comprehensive medical insurance policy for program dates only. For more information go to:
www.usu.edu/riskmgt/other/international/cfm. Participants may purchase up to 7 days of personal travel insurance after the
program. Contact USU Risk Management for details.
GPA: 3.0; Minimum age: 18; Completion of one-year of university-level study before program begins.
Financial Assistance:
Most USU scholarships, Pell grants, and student loans, may be applied to this program. If you have questions contact a USU
financial aid advisor. For more information on financial considerations and scholarships for study abroad see:
Academic Notes:
Study art in the English language. Take courses such as drawing, digital image, art history, modern art history, textiles theory,
introduction of design, graphic design theory, style and fashion, interactive application design, computer aided design, web design
and digital photography.
Application Fee:
$225 (due with application), non-refundable unless determined ineligible.
Student Orientation:
Participants must complete on-line orientation modules through Canvas and attend one in-person pre-departure session.
Participants are responsible for international airfare and a country entry permit (if applicable). www.embassy.org/embassies.
How To Apply:
Submit USU semester application online at
http://globalengagement.usu.edu/htm/study-abroad/applications-and-forms/semester-ay-partner-institution. A completed
application includes: two academic recommendations, personal statement, official transcript, and the application fee. Once
accepted by USU study abroad, students will be required to complete and submit a partner application.
Course Catalogue:
Art students only. For more information visit:
Application Deadline:
Spring Semester: October 1 Fall Semester: March 1
Sungshin Women`s University was founded by Dr. Lee Sook-chong as an outgrowth of its predecessor, Sungshin Girls` School,
which was established on April 28, 1936. Dr. Lee decided to establish an educational institute based on the belief that only
education would lead Koreans to national independence during the Japanese Occupation. Dr. Lee invested all of her capital with
the purpose of restoring our national spirit and culture. Sungshin Girls` School was first opened with 60 students in the Catholic
Memorial Building in Kyungwoon-dong, Seoul. As more students enrolled and more facilities were needed, the school moved to
its present site, Donam-dong, Sungbuk-gu. As of 1995, the Sungshin Institute consisted of Sungshin Pre-school, Sungshin
Elementary School, Sungshin Girls` Middle School, Sungshin Girls` High School and Sungshin Women`s University. Currently
the University is composed of 7 colleges offering 35 major courses, and 5 graduate schools. Approximately 13,000 students are
currently enrolled while 680 staff and faculty members serve at the University.