Weekly Bulletin - School of the Cathedral Mary Our Queen

February 11, 2015
Nationally designated “Blue Ribbon School”
Upcoming Events
Wednesday, February 11
CASPA Board Meeting, 7 pm
Friday, February 13
Valentine’s Tag Day- Wear red!
Monday, February 16
SCHOOL CLOSED for President’s Day
Youth Ministry Ski Trip
Tuesday, February 17
Birthday Dressdown Pass Day
Wednesday, February 18
Ash Wednesday, Mass 12 noon
Student Council Meeting, 3-4 pm
Thursday, February 19
Grade 3 Class Mass, 8:15 am
Friday, February 20
New student deposits due
Baltimore Blast Night, 7:35 pm
Thursday, February 26
Grade 4 Class Mass, 8:15 am
Friday, February 27
11:45 am Dismissal
Deadline to apply for Financial Aid
Saturday, February 28
Confirmation Retreat
See the full calendar on the website
Dear Parents,
Today the students had the opportunity to be part of an assembly
with Human Beat Box artist Max Bent. Mr. Bent is a part of The
Young Audiences of Maryland program. He demonstrated his skill, explained the history of
beat boxing, and encouraged the children to take risks and see the connections through
various aspects of music and history. This was all done while involving the students in the
assembly. Be sure to ask your children what they thought of this assembly!
We are just a little more than a month away from the March 15th Baltimore St. Patrick
Parade. As in years past, the Archdiocese is entering a float and inviting all schools to send
students to march along the route with it. This is an extremely fun way to get the Catholic
School message out to thousands of parade goers. If you are interested in walking in the
parade, please contact Mia White [email protected] so that she may notify the
Archdiocese of our numbers.
Next week marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Please join us for the Ash Wednesday
Mass on Wednesday at 12 PM. For Catholics, this a very special time of year and as such
we encourage parents to begin speaking with their children now about the meaning of and
importance of Lent. Lent is a season of reflection, re-evaluation, repentance, and
reconciliation. We endeavor to let go of those things that prevent us from understanding the
powerful forgiveness and love of God.
Speaking of Lent… this year the Middle School will continue with the tradition of having
“Soup & Bread Fridays.” During lunch on Friday, the Middle School students will spend
quiet time in reflection while eating a simple meal of ramen noodle soup and bread. There
will be an option for those students will food allergies. Father Andrew will provide a
guided meditation or reflection as the students eat in silence. Students will still be
permitted to have their normal snack during the day. Look for an email from your child’s
homeroom teacher regarding specifics.
A quick reminder about Fine Arts Night Permission Slips and
auditions. The permission slips can be found on the ledge next
to the front office. Auditions will be held on Tuesday,
February 17th for vocalists and Wednesday, February 18th for
instrumentalists. Remember that since the musical portion of
Fine Arts night is limited to 90 minutes we will have a
maximum of 18 musical acts. We have a number of teachers
who will be a part of the selection committee since, depending
on numbers, there is the possibility that all those who wish to
participate may not have the opportunity this year.
Msgr. Richard Woy, Rector
[email protected]
“And He will raise you up on eagles' wings
Bear you on the breath of dawn
Make you to shine like the sun
And hold you in the palm of His hand.”– Refrain from Eagles Wings
Dr. Jane Towery, Principal
[email protected]
Mr. Michael Wright, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Dr. Jane Towery
Mr. Michael Wright
Assistant Principal
Donations Needed for Science Night
We need to collect the following for science night:
• Empty paper towel rolls
• Plastic bottle caps
• Empty thin cardboard boxes (cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pasta boxes, etc.)
• Empty thick cardboard boxes (amazon packages, shipping boxes, etc.)
• Small figurines (polly pocket, lego men, buttons, army men, etc.)
Thank you!
The 2015 Cardinal Cup
Calendar of Events
Wed., Feb. 4th – Mon., March 2nd: Art Contest
Thursday, Feb 5 - Friday, Feb 13th: Running Clinic- Registration
Thurs., March 5 – Thurs., April 23: Running Clinic
Friday, March 11th: Cardinal Cup Registration Opens
Wed., April 22: Race Packets Distributed
Friday, April 24: Dress Down Day – students can wear race t-shirts to school
Saturday, April 25th: 7:00 am Race Day Registration Opens
8:00 am 1 Mile Fun Run Begins; 8:15 am 5K Begins
“No Place I’d Rather Be”
Student Challenge
played on the bulletin board by the front
office. These students will be further recognized at the Wednesday Assembly. For
example, a student receiving a Mustang
ticket in February will be recognized at
the March 4th Wednesday Assembly in
the gym. Each green ticket will then be
placed into a bin and one winner will be
drawn from each grade level. Each student winner can choose from one of the
following rewards:
1. Dress Down Day pass
2. Homework pass
3. Assist with AM announcements
At Cathedral, we PRAY every day
Practice Peace
Respect ourselves and others
Accept responsibility
Your best effort always!
When a faculty/staff member observes a
student displaying exemplary behavior,
the student will be recognized and rewarded by receiving a green ticket (see above
photo right). The green ticket will be dis-
Some parents wonder why their kids
need immunizations if many of the
diseases they protect against are no
longer commonly seen in the United
States. But the fact is that infectious diseases that
are rare or nonexistent here (because of immunization programs) are still huge problems in
other parts of the world.
It's also important to understand the concept of
"community immunity" (or "herd immunity")
which is when the majority of a population is
immunized against a contagious disease, thus providing little opportunity for an outbreak. A single
person's chance of catching a disease is low if
everyone else is immunized. But each person who
isn't immunized gives a highly contagious disease
one more chance to spread.
People who can't receive certain vaccines (such as
infants, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems) are also protected when
most of the population is immunized. So when
parents decide not to vaccinate their kids, they not
only put them at risk, but also others who cannot
be vaccinated.
Many parents worry about their children (especially infants) getting too many shots in one visit.
They feel it might be "overwhelming" to the
child's "immature" immune system. This prompts
them to request delaying or postponing some
immunizations so that the shots could be more
spaced out or given one at a time. A recent online
survey shows that more than 1 in 10 parents use
alternative immunization schedules that don't
adhere to the recommendations of health experts.
Yet, the truth is that there is no evidence to suggest
that childhood vaccines can overload a baby's
immune system. On the contrary, babies are
exposed to numerous bacteria and viruses on a
daily basis — so much so that the added exposure
from the vaccines is simply a drop in the bucket.
This past Monday was the BIG KICK-OFF
for our next Student Challenge! Our
teachers and students watched a video
outlining this special challenge. See the
video clip below for more details!
Beginning Monday, SCMOQ faculty/staff
will be looking for students who display
exemplary behavior based on the premise
of the school motto:
What is PBIS?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral
Interventions and Support. PBIS is a
school-wide system of support that
includes proactive strategies for defining,
teaching and supporting appropriate student behavior to create a positive school
environment here at SCMOQ.
SCMOQ PBIS FEB 2015 - SchoolTube
SCMOQ -- No Place I'd Rather Be
Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. Streett
The Bottom Line
Immunization is the best way to protect kids from
preventable diseases. A series of simple shots
given from infancy to the teen years can fend off
many major illnesses in millions of kids.
Some people talk about "toxins" (like mercury or
aluminum) or overwhelming an infant's immune
system, and many even believe that the diseases
are safer than the vaccines meant to prevent them.
In truth, the risks of serious reactions to vaccinations are extremely small compared with the
health risks associated with the often-serious diseases they can prevent.
So if you see, hear, or read about side effects or
downsides of immunization, speak with your doctor. It's important to get all of the facts before
making a decision to delay or skip an immunization — a choice that could affect not only your
kids' health but that of others. www.kidshealth.org
The School of the Cathedral • February 11, 2015 • www.schoolofthecathedral.org
Financial Aid
Financial Aid applications
for the 2015-2015 school year
are now being accepted.
Please log into the FACTS
website and complete the
application under the
Grant and Aid tab.
Dear Friends,
I want to personally thank all of you who have participated and financially
supported the Archbishop's Annual Appeal through the years.
We conducted the 2015 Archbishop's Annual Appeal commitment this weekend in
our parish. I would like to remind everyone of an important change in the
parish-sharing formula between the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Cathedral of
Mary Our Queen. Archbishop Lori has granted our parish an exception this year to
allow all funds that are raised in the Archbishop's Annual Appeal, minus expenses, to
be used for the needs of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.
Application deadline is
February 27, 2015.
To date, we have already raised $49,175 from our first 43 gifts. I invite you to
participate and am grateful for the early commitments that have been received.
Our funds raised in the 2015 Archbishop's Annual Appeal will assist us financially
with the resources to hire a Youth Minister and a Director of Faith Formation.
Reception immediately following
in the Undercroft. All are invited!
Speaking of faith formation, on January 31st, 93 of our students celebrated their
First Penance. Fr. Andrew and I spoke with the students in their classes beforehand
and on the day of their First Penance, they all received a necklace to remind them of
Jesus' love for them.
For those planning ahead, the Lenten and Easter schedule will be mailed to all
registered households this week. Masses on Ash Wednesday will be held at 7AM,
8:15AM, Noon, and 5:30PM. I urge you to take advantage of this time to return to the
basics of our faith and refocus our relationship with God and His Church.
Thanks to the parents that helped with the
cafeteria recycling launch: Lindsay
Senker, Karla Peddicord, Noel Burch,
Ann Marie Barbour and Kara Keehan.
Finally, please keep the family of James Maher in your prayers. Mr. Maher died on
January 31st and his memorial Mass was celebrated Saturday morning.
Want to help? If you have lunch duty,
* make sure the recycling bin lids are open
* remind students to recycle milk cartons
(even if they contain milk)
* look for these common items to recycle:
juice boxes, yogurt cups, Lunchable trays,
fruit cups, brown bags, and clean aluminum foil.
Msgr. Woy
Thank you for your help!
Have a good week!
STAND- Shield the Vulnerable
Parents in the process of completing the new STAND-SHIELD training
1. Brand new Volunteers follow the instructions on our website
2. Existing Volunteers who need training and/or background check- follow the
instructions on the letter you received.
3. Existing Volunteers who do not need training or a background check- please register
by March 16, 2015 in order to continue as a volunteer. You will be receiving a letter if you
are in this category.
If you have questions, please contact Sue Seiler [email protected]
CASPA Corner News for All Parents
Thank you to Wendy Craig and Colleen Strain for coordinating the delicious faculty lunch
on Friday, 1/30.
Thank you to Lauren Russell-Wood and her Chipotle team for the awesome presentation, the give aways for the students & yummy lunch for faculty on Thursday, 1/29!
Interested in getting
involved in either
initiative? Please email:
[email protected]
All Basketball has started.
In case of bad weather, please call the
Athletic Office 410-464-4083 after 8 a.m.
for any cancellation information.
Save the date Friday, March 13th from 7 pm-10 pm. Totally 80's Pre-Party at the Mt.
Washington Tavern! Open Bar, Lite Fare and Auction Items!! Be on the lookout for an
invitation in your child's folder!! We are looking forward to a fun evening at the Tavern!! See
you there!!
Join us for the upcoming events:
Friday, February 20th at 7:35 pm: Baltimore Blast Night vs the Chicago Mustangs.
The registration form is attached to this bulletin. Please return the completed forms to
school by Monday, 2/15.
Friday, March 6th from 5-8 pm: Family Ice Skate Night at Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena. Look
for the registration flyer in this week's Wednesday folders. The registration flyer is also
attached to this bulletin.
Tuesday, March 10th from 11:45 am-1:15 pm: SAVE THE DATE for a Lunch & Learn
with Deborah Kaufman RD, LDN at the Parish Center. Deborah will present Healthy Eating
and Healthy Weight: Fact vs. Fiction. Lunch will be served. Stay tuned- more info to follow.
Deborah will present Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight: Fact vs. Fiction. Lunch will be
served. Stay tuned - more info to follow.
The School of the Cathedral • February 11, 2015 • www.schoolofthecathedral.org
The Painting Workshop offering many classes for all
ages. Brochures are available in the office. For information call 410-602-9799 (office) or e-mail
[email protected]
Painted Nest Interior and Decorative Painting,
Cathedral parent Emily McGeady 410-428-3641,
Experienced, Dependable, Detail Oriented, Reasonable
Got books? Local charities: TurnAround, Our Daily
Bread, Sisters Academy, Family Crisis Center and
Beans and Bread are in need of children's books (preschool-12). Contact Andrea to donate: [email protected]
Join us at Baltimore Mediation for our 40-Hour
Fundamental Mediation & Conflict Transformation
Skills Training during from 2/23-2/27. This is a certificated training that's part of our Mediation Core
Curriculum designed to teach you everything you need
to know to start mediating, either professionally or for
daily use and practice. Call us at 443-524-0833 for
more information!
Community Service Opportunity in Lacrosse:
CCYL, "Charm City Youth Lacrosse" is looking for 7th
& 8th boys and girls to help on Saturdays 9am-12 noon
in downtown Baltimore City areas. We will be helping
low income inner city kids to learn the sport of lacrosse
in a fun and kind way! Come out and help these kids
learn the sport, help with uniforms, the gear, the rules,
stick work, scrimmages and more! If you love helping
kids, want to make a difference in someone's life, and
have a passion for the sport of lacrosse, we look forward to seeing you :-) Please email or call Michelle
Hamed -McGonnigal, Advisory Board Member for
[email protected] Thank you for helping out
for such a great cause, our children in Baltimore City!
Free Piano to a good home: A lovely piano is looking
for a new home. Formally the teaching piano for a well
known classically trained soprano and pianist. Finish is
a bit worn, will need to be tuned after move. Last tuned
in 2010. Free- just need to come get it. Available immediately. Contact Kate Culotta for information and pictures. [email protected]
Have fun and learn about great summer experiences
for all ages at the Winter Family Fling & Open
House at Gilman School Finney Arena, 5407 Roland
Avenue • Baltimore, MD 21210 (Please use Northern
Parkway entrance for parking.) Sunday February 22,
2015, anytime between 1:00-4:00 PM. For more details
and to RSVP (optional), please call: 410.532.2300
Grade 2
will hold a
Bake Sale on
March 24th
Mustang Market will be open!
Don’t Forget... Our Daily Bread
First Tuesday morning of each month
Next collection: Tuesday, March 3
Pans are available in the school office
Hot Dogs and Baked Beans
1 10 oz. can tomato soup
2 packages hot dogs (cut into bite size pieces)
3 16 oz. cans baked beans DRAINED
1/3 package chili mix (at most)
1. Spray pan with “Pam.”
2. Mix all ingredients in pan.
3. Cover pan securely with aluminum foil (not plastic wrap)
4. Mark top of casserole with “CMOQ, date, Hot Dogs and Beans”
5. Place in a plastic bag and tie securely and FREEZE.
No baking is needed at home. These casseroles are heated thoroughly before
they are served. To prevent spillage while transporting them to Our Daily Bread,
All official announcements regarding school closings, late openings, early closings, or
emergencies are made on local radio and TV stations. The School of the Cathedral (K-8)
follows the same procedure as the Baltimore County Public Schools, per
Archdiocesan policy of strictly adhering to the directive of the chosen local public school
system, for closing or delayed opening due to inclement weather:
If Baltimore County opens 1 hour late, Cathedral will open 1 hour late, at 8:55 a.m.
Students may not arrive before 8:30 a.m. The building will open at that time.
If Baltimore County opens 2 hours late, Cathedral will open 2 hours late, at 9:55 a.m.
Students may not arrive before 9:30 a.m. The building will open at that time.
If Baltimore County is closed, Cathedral will be closed.
When Baltimore County announces an early closing, Cathedral will close accordingly, and
all after-school athletics, meetings, and clubs, including after-school care
(Cathedral Extended Day [CED]) will be canceled:
1 hour early means that Cathedral will close at 1:45 p.m.
2 hours early means that Cathedral will close at 12:45 p.m.
3 hours early means that Cathedral will close at 11:45 a.m.
Parents are expected to arrive to pick up their children promptly or to have made prior
arrangements with a relative, neighbor, or friend to do so. If there is concern about road
conditions, a child may leave for the day after the parent reports to the School Office and
signs the child out. At all times it is the parents' decision to send children to school in
adverse weather conditions.
Every effort will be made to communicate as thoroughly as possible with parents regarding early closing. Since many parents work and do not have access to a radio or television
during the day, we suggest that you sign up with either WBAL or Schools Out for an e-mail alert
on Baltimore County school closings.
Here's how to sign up for Snow Closing Alerts:
For Schools Out go to http://www.schoolsout.com
Click on "Services" from the menu across the top
Scroll down and select “School’s Out Basic” which is a FREE e-mail alert service.
Step 1- “Choose the school you want to receive e-mail notices from”-- Choose Maryland,
Step 2- Enter your e-mail address
Hit “Subscribe Me” button at the bottom and you will be signed up
You may also sign-up for a paid text alert service.
For WBAL go to http://www.thewbalchannel.com/closings/index.html, scroll to the bottom
and follow the directions for e-mail alerts from WBAL also using Baltimore County Public
Schools as the system for the alert.
The School of the Cathedral • February 11, 2015 • www.schoolofthecathedral.org