Term 1 - Marion Primary School

Parents and Friends.
Welcome back to all our families. Our AGM will be on Tuesday 10th
February at 9:00am so please join us for a cuppa and get to know
other families in the school. We are looking forward to a great year,
full of activities and fun.
Welcome back!
The Marion Primary School Canteen follows the Right Bite Strategy, only
selling foods that are rated as “Amber” or “Green”. Food and drinks in
the Green category;
 Reflect the five food groups
Out Of School Hours Care
Greetings from OSHC!
After School Care times of 3:30—6:00 remain.
We will also be running Vacation Care service this year. Bookings will
be open for that soon.
Sheila Wates, OSHC Director
Christian Pastoral Support Worker
Welcome to all the new families. It was great to start this term and see
all the friendly new faces and all the other students from last year. It has
been a lovely holiday and I hope you all enjoyed spending time with family and friends. I look forward to a great new year ahead and meeting
new parents and caregivers.
At the moment I am working at Marion Primary School every Wednesday
and Friday from 9.00am but I am usually here a bit earlier so if you see
me around and want to talk about anything, please feel freed to or I can
see you if you make an appointment. I am looking forward to continue
supporting students, staff and families this year and with the lunch time
programs. Craft club will be every Wednesday lunch time. I will continue
cooking with some groups where we will incorporate “my kitchen rules”
so that will be something exciting to look forward to.
I will be starting as the playgroup coordinator this term, so if you have
younger children and would like somewhere to have a coffee and meet
some new people, I would like to meet you all. Playgroup will run every
Friday from 9.30—11.00am.
Encouraging quote for the week: “Just as plants soak up water, your
children need your loving words and with them they will thrive” by Judy
Kym Saunders
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club commences on Thursday 12 February.
Sessions will be at 8:30a.m each morning. Volunteers from
Kick Start 4 Kids are:
Thursday—Sarah, Tanya, Kate (alternating)
Yours kindly, Jacinta Baldwin.
Tuesday and Wednesday sessions will begin later in the
term or early next term.
Scholastic Book Club
4 Year Old Program
Orders must be placed at the front office by Friday, 13th February,
2015. Spare order sheets are available from the library. Thank you.
When: every Friday from week 5 27th February, 2015
Ali Edwards
Time: 9:00—11:00am
Where: Marion Primary School
Who: Children who have turned 4 and enrol at MPS
Uniform Reminder
Information & enrolment forms at the front office.
It was great to see everyone dressed smartly in their
uniforms on Tuesday.
Led by Reception teacher, Georgina Sprigg, the children
Hats must be worn throughout this term. Don’t forget to write
your child’s name inside items—especially hats and jackets.
who participate have a great head-start in getting ready for school.
If you know of any four year olds near you, let them know about this
unique program.
We had over 80 jackets and sweatshirts in lost property at
the end of 2014—no names in any of these items!
[email protected]
Website: www.marionps.sa.edu.au
School News
Session times are 7:30—8:30 and the cost is $8 a session. Childcare
rebates apply. Bookings at OSHC or the front office.
Are low in saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt
Help to avoid an intake of excess energy.
The Marion Primary School Canteen is run primarily by volunteers, and
the time and effort they provide enables us to provide a canteen for the
students 5 days a week, which is something that schools much bigger
than ours are unable to do.
Below are the volunteers for Weeks 2 & 3. If you are available to help
out please let me know as we are always looking for more volunteers.
Malcolm Avenue, Marion SA
Phone: 8277 2293
8374 0957
Our Before School Care has now begun.
Are excellent sources of important nutrients
Hi everyone,
Welcome back everyone, it has been great to catch up with so many families and hear about your holiday ventures.
A very warm welcome to all of our new families—we are pleased to have Lilly, Caitie, Joel, Abigael, Tiara, Matilda,
Izabellah, Grace, Liam, Peter, Jazmyn, Deema, Lily, Novak, Ryan, Charlie, Christian, Jasper and Joshua, Kayra,
Jasmine, Thomas, Kriti, Nicolas, Yashita, Ben, Dastan, Lucy and Daniel join classes from Reception to Year 6.
We would love to see you here in 2015
ISSUE 1 29th January, 2015
Held in the OSHC Room Cost is $3—please bring a piece of fruit.
Parents & Friends Committee
From the Leadership Team
Welcome to the new families attending playgroup each Friday.
This year we introduce Jacinta Baldwin as our Playgroup Coordinator so come along and meet her this Friday.
Our staff have been very keen to get going again and were busily preparing for students’ arrival last week. I know
throughout the holidays they have been busy preparing for exciting learning opportunities this year. Staff includes:
Reception—Georgina Sprigg and Michelle Triantafilakis
Year 1/2—Kaye Wilson
Year 3/4—Annie McDonnell
Year 4/5—Nathan Starling
Year 6/7—Mark Pavlich
LOTE Spanish—Mercedes Puyo
Special Education/EALD Teacher—Sue Moore
Counsellor / Media Arts / Health—Stacey Eichenberger
Library Support—Ali Edwards;
Front Office Admin and Class Support (QuickSmart Maths) Sue Whittaker
Finance Officer /Class Support—Barb Bennett
Class Support—Julie Hewitt-Hunt
ACEO—Russell Milera
Pastoral Care Worker—Jacinta Baldwin
OSHC Director—Sheila Wates
Staff look forward to meeting you at our Acquaintance Night on Tuesday 10th February. Class teachers will hold information sessions in their classrooms and talk about their expectations for the year. More information about this next week.
Also coming up are very important AGMs for our Parents & Friends group and our Governing Council. The AGM for both
will be held on 10th February (see times below). These bodies provide opportunities for parents and carers to become
more closely involved with the management and decision making processes in the school. Parents & Friends meet
formally twice a term but usually get together weekly on Tuesdays at 9:00am for a cuppa and chat. During the year, the
team provide invaluable support to our whole school events in addition to leading several fund-raising activities.
Governing Council meet twice a term, previously on Monday evenings. There are a small number of positions for nomination this year. We also have a number of sub-committees that focus on different management aspects of the school
including Sports Committee, Grounds Committee, OSHC Committee and Canteen Committee. Each of these committees
will benefit with your involvement so if you would like to know more about what is involved and what each one does,
please see me. Nomination forms will be sent home on Monday.
Just a reminder please that students are not to be in the yard before 8:30am or after 3:30pm unless they are booked into
OSHC (After School or Before School) or supervised by a carer (adult). On enrolment, parents sign an understanding that
students are not permitted on school grounds without supervision. We all owe a duty of care to our young people and
staff duty commences at 8:30 and finishes at 3:30. Students who arrive early or remain late may be directed to OSHC.
Your cooperation in this safety matter is very much appreciated.
Cheryl Ross,
Instrumental Music begins
Parents & Friends AGM 9:00am
Gov. Council AGM 6:00pm , Acquaintance Night in classes
Playgroup every Friday from 9.30am