What a Name! Isaiah 9:6-7

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Worship Saturday Cantonese Mandarin Kids MRLQ
English Prayer Meeting Sunday School Saturday
Cantonese Mandarin Kids English Monday
Feb 15, 2015
Pastor Edwin
Feb 22, 2015
Pastor Andy
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Cantonese Worship
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General Thanksgiving Building
$3,863.90 $1,187.00
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that you offered last week
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Richmond Capstan
Alliance Church
Welcome to English worship. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Hope to see you again.
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What a Name!
Isaiah 9:6-7
3360 Sexsmith Road Richmond BC V6X 2H8
604.248.1885 | www.cacweb.ca | [email protected]
Senior Pastor: Rev. Henry Chan
Mandarin Pastor: Rev. Aymon Chu
Worship Ministry Pastor: Rev. Edwin Tsang 604.537.6471
English Youth Ministry Pastor: Pastor Andy Beh 778.995.3031
Family&Children Ministry Pastor: Pastor Suyi Harris 778.321.1278
Elders: Bernard Cheng, Patrick Cheng, Samuel Chiu,
Sunny Leung, Ben Yim, Janven Yiu
1. Today after service, 12:45pm,
there will be a Chinese New Year
Lunch Gathering at Kalok
around the corner. For those
who registered, come on time.
2. 2/19, there will be senior home
visit at China Town. Please
contact Eugene for more detail.
3. 2015 Alpha will take place from
4/7- 6/23. Please pray and invite
friends. 3 languages at the
same time.
4. We need servers and cleaning
voluteers for the Alpha course.
Please contact Loretta if you are
5. Our nursery parents has been
trying really hard to keep the
nursery organized and pleasant
for their own kids and new
comers to stay in. To support
them in our actions, please keep
this space clean and tidy after
used. Thank you!
6. From now on, there will be no
more special account for Alpha
Course. It will be pool with
General Fund.
7. Seniors in Mandarin congregation
need rides. Especially after Sunday
worship. Anyone who can assist,
please contact Elaine Chan at
8 Harry and Kasumi gave birth to
a daughter on 2/7, name is
Prayer Item
1. Please pray for Ben Wong and
family for the new diagnosis.
Pray that the transition will go
smoothly filled with joy and
2. Yoyi’s mom Eva Yip is diagnosed
with breast cancer. Her surgery
is completed. Please pray for her
treatment and recovery.
3. Sabrina’s mom is doing well
while dancing with cancer. But
there are great stresses in the
Yiu's family. May God carry
them through and give them
joy, peace, comfort, strength and
good sleep. They are learning
the lesson of letting go and
surrender themselves to the
Almighty God. May uncle
accept Christ soon.
4. Please pray for May Chung who
is resting at home. Chemotherapy may start later.
5. Please pray for Andre’s chemotherapy. May God watches over
him, reduce the side effects and
keep him not to be infected.
Please pray that God will give
the family faith and energy
through out this journey. The
family thanks all for caring.