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March 31, 2015!
Attention 3rd, 4th and 5th graders with a talent to share:
The 2015 KES Variety Show is calling for you!
Intention Forms Due: Thursday, February 26
Showcase of Talent (Audition): Tuesday, March 3 (Directly after school ~ 3:10pm)
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Planned Rehearsal Dates:
10 (Tuesday) Rehearsal group A – Act I (3:10 – 4:30pm)
13 (Friday) Rehearsal group B – Act II (3:10 – 4:30pm)
17 (Tuesday) Rehearsal group A – Act I (3:10 – 4:30pm)
20 (Friday) Rehearsal group B – Act II (3:10 – 4:30pm)
24 (Tuesday) Rehearsal group A – Act I (3:10 – 4:30pm)
27 (Friday) Rehearsal group B – Act II (3:10 – 4:30pm)
Planned Dress Rehearsal Date:
• March 30 (Monday) – BOTH GROUPS (3:10 – 6pm)
Our students and teachers have talent and we want to find it! Calling all dancers, singers, actors, musicians,
cheerleaders, gymnasts, martial artists, magicians, etc. The Variety Show is a great opportunity to showcase
your talents. We also want to include those who want to help in other ways: emcees, greeters, backstage
help, photography etc. This show is kid (and teacher) centered! Make a difference by sharing your talents and
joy with the Kingston community of students and family.
The attached intention forms are due Thursday, February 26 for each participant in a single or group
act as well as the show helpers. Forms are also available online at Parents need to
arrange to have an adult present with your child at the talent showcase on Tuesday, March 3 starting directly
after school around 3:10pm in the Kingston cafeteria.
Guidelines for Kingston Variety Show:
1. All acts must be ready and rehearsed before the audition date (March 3).
2. Acts can only be performed by Kingston 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students and Kingston teachers.
3. All acts are responsible for their own costume and props. Piano, CD player and microphones will be
Please Note: The Variety Show is on a Tuesday Night. Due to time constraints, we are suggesting
that acts be no longer than 2 minutes in length. Not knowing how many acts will be showcased, the
length of each act is subject to change in order to accommodate everyone. It is our intention to include
all properly prepared acts. Consider this before the audition and keep your act short to avoid a possible
5. Acts must be appropriate for an elementary school variety show and suitable for a family audience. No
profanity or adult content in the lyrics will be permitted. If the same song is being used by multiple acts,
we will contact each act to make any necessary changes. The song for the finale group act is, “On Top
of the World” By Imagine Dragons, so do not plan an act with that song.
6. Each performer can only appear in one act. All performers will participate in the finale group act.
7.Each performer must attend the showcase, rehearsals specific to his/her act, and the dress rehearsal in
order to be included in the show.
8. Lip-sync may only be included in a performance as part of a dance or skit, but not by itself.
9. Singing acts must be done with non-vocal, instrumental music (Karaoke version).
10. We also would like to include students and teachers in other areas of running a show including emcees,
photographers, stage/setup helpers, artistry for posters and set design – as well as greeters and ushers.
The students must be 3rd through 5th grade for these positions as well. Depending on the amount of
students interested, we may need volunteer parents to help organize each group.
11. If a student is interested in being an emcee, he or she should come prepared to the showcase with
a short speech about what the Kingston Variety show or “Making Tracks Together” means to them
12. Photographers must provide their own cameras.
Please contact Kami Hines, [email protected] / 567-241, Jacqueline Anderson, [email protected] /
880-9414 or Sherri Beeckler, 434-0645/ [email protected] with any questions.
Proudly sponsored by the Kingston PTA
Please return to your teacher by Thursday February 26th!
Student Last Name___________________________ Student First Name_____________________________
Type of Act_________________________________ Length of Act_________________________________
Name of Song (if applicable)_________________________________________________________________
Additional items needed on stage for any performance *__________________________________________
*(microphone, CD player and piano will be made available)
Name of other applicants in your act (if applicable) **____________________________________________
______ Emcee
______ Photography
______ Greeter/Usher
______ Backstage Help
______ Artistry (posters/set design/programs)
Please fill out the permission slip on the BACK of this form.
Proudly sponsored by the Kingston PTA
A confirmation will be sent via e-mail, so please make sure to print your e-mail very carefully.
Student Name___________________________________________________________________________
Teacher_________________________________________________ Grade___________________________
I give my child, __________________________________________ , permission to stay after school for the
Variety Show “Showcase of Talent” on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.
I understand that I must accompany my child during the showcase, or have another adult present to
accompany my child. Additionally, I will be responsible for taking my child home from the showcase with
me. I understand that my child must be present at all rehearsals for his or her act, including the dress
rehearsal in order to participate in the Variety Show.
Parent Name_____________________________________________________________________________
Phone number where parent can be reached__________________________________________________
Parent Signature__________________________________________________________________________ Parent e-mail address______________________________________________________________________
(PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY – Main form of communication)
Please contact Kami Hines, [email protected] / 567-2417, Jacqueline Anderson, [email protected]
/ 880-9414 or Sherri Beeckler, 434-0645/ [email protected] with any questions.
Thank you!
If you are willing and able to help as parent of a performer, please check here. ______