TNReady: Design and Instructional Implications Overall

TNReady: Design and Instructional Implications Overall: What we know 1) The assessment will be designed to assess our
current standards and can be adjusted over time if
the standards change.
2) The test will be given online with a paper pencil
back up for the first three years.
3) There will be a variety of item types.
• Not all questions will be multiple choice
• Evidence Based Selected Response
• Technology Enhanced
• Constructed Response
4) TN Ready will be given in two parts.
• Part I will be given 2/3 of the way through the
course or year.
• Part II will be given 90% of the way through
the course.
• There will be a block option for high school.
What should students know and do? What should teachers know and do? What should leaders know and do? • Experience daily instruction based • Plan instruction based on the
• Ensure instruction is being
on the standards.
planned based on the
standards. standards.
• Practice with the platform
• Plan practice and plan lessons and
• Ensure students have the
multiple times before the
instruction that mimics the opportunity to practice.
functions available on the • Encourage teachers to assign
assessment and the assessment tasks that allow students to use
platform. the tools they will use on the test.
• Explore content with a variety of
• Personally experience the variety
• Ensure teachers have the
types of questions.
of item types. opportunity to personally
experience the technology and
• Regularly write.
• Plan assessments with multiple
the types of items that will be on
types of items. • Experience the types of items that
the test.
will be on the assessment as part
• Plan assignments that ask student
• Ensure district or school
to articulate their thinking and of their learning prior to
assessments involve multiple
approach through thinking, item types, not just multiple
speaking and writing. • Experience instruction that
balances focus on critical thinking
• Balance critical thinking,
application and basic skills. and basic skills.
• Learn the key content for part I
• Ensure instructional plans include
• Ensure any school or district
all key content for Part II in the pacing guides begin instruction
before the test is given.
first half of the year. (More on the major work of the grade
• Understand that testing will have
information will be shared in early in the year.
multiple important parts.
March.) 19