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Tis the Season of Gratitude &
Mothers’ Workday Recap
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7th Annual Regional Trip Announced
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Season of Giving
In Memoriam
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Parliamentary Moment: How do members have their say?
National Vice President
Tamara Robinson
Regional Director
Marjorie Mitchell
Regional Secretary
Stephanie Smith-Jefferson
Regional Treasurer
Gail Ash Dotson
Regional Member at Large
Gwen Thompson Hewitt
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PLUS:Mothers’ Workday Recap & Sweet
23Chapter Programming Highlights
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our mothers and children.
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The Lake Spivey Georgia Chapter lost Father Wayne Henry in November. Mother Wendy Dent Henry's mailing
address is 946 Plymouth Drive, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236. They have two sons: Nigel Henry and Joshua Henry.
Mr. Albert (Al) Hewitt, the beloved husband of Gwendolyn Thompson Hewitt, Regional Member-at-Large,
longtime leader, and former Chapter President of the Orlando Chapter passed away unexpectedly in November.
The couple has three children, Alana and A.J. Hewitt, J&J alums, and Andrew, current teen, all of whom have been
active members of Jack and Jill. Please continue to support The Hewitt Family Memorial and Education Fund.
Cards and donations may be sent to: Ms. Gwen Hewitt - 461 Silver Dew Street - Lake Mary, Florida 32746
Burnetta Burns Williams died December 13, 2011. She was Corporate Vice President and Treasurer of FedEx Corp,
1972 graduate of Hamilton High School, 1976 graduate of Yale University, and 1978 graduate of The MIT Sloan
School of Management. She was a founding board member of Triumph Bank, board member of Dixon Gallery and
Gardens, and Girls, Inc., former board member of Arts Memphis, Riverfront Development Corp., Renaissance
Women Book Club, the Memphis Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., and charter member of the Memphis
Chapter Associates of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. She leaves her husband, James F. Williams, Jr.; son,
Christopher J. Williams
N O V / D E C
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On Behalf of the Regional Leadership Team, I’d like to wish you and your families
A Blessed Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!
Marjorie Mitchell, Regional Director
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truly appreciate your well wishes. In the dog days of
August and September, as I was struggling to close out
the regional books from my ST job, and working hard to
plan Mothers Workday, those cards and notes made it all
worthwhile and gave me the energy to keep plugging
away. And a super special thank you to my wonderful
friends who hosted the lovely Congratulatory luncheon
in September in Atlanta - Mother Felicia Lewis
and President Rebecca Young of the Atlanta
Chapter, Regional Protocol Chair Helen
Mitchell and National Vice President
Tamara Robinson of the North
Suburban Atlanta Chapter.
Regional Director’s
Dear Mothers of the
Sweet, Sweet
Words cannot express how
grateful and thankful I am to
work with you every day on behalf
of our children and our beloved
organization. I wanted to take a
moment, before this year ends, to
thank those of you who reached out to me this
summer in support of my role as Regional
Director. While it's always risky to name specifics,
it's important to me that you know how much I
appreciate all of you and all that you have done for me.
Thank you to all of you who shared
your Sunday afternoon with
me. I could not have been more
surprised (and pleased) to have
SUCH a special day. From......the
surprise appearance of my mentors National Vice-President Tamara
Robinson, Former National President
Miriam Shropshire, Former National
Treasurer Mavis James, Former SE RDs
Marjorie Belton and Ruth Wilson, Former
Atlanta Chapter Presidents Sarah Lattimer and Alfreda
Mayes, and Former Buckhead Chapter President Sabrina
Shannon Womack.
A special thanks to:
Immediate Past Regional Director Joli Cooper for being
totally and incredibly supportive, and for providing
wonderfully thorough training. The best regional team
one could ask for with NVP Tamara Robinson, Treas.
Gail Dotson, Sec.
Stephanie SmithJefferson, MAL
Gwen Hewitt, and a
fabulous team of
appointed officers
and committee
.... to the beautiful faces of the fellow moms from around
the city who came out to share the day with me
... to remarks by Former National President Miriam
Shropshire, NVP Robinson, President Young, RPC Helen
Mitchell, and my wonderful husband, ER Mitchell.
... to the proclamation delivered by Councilman CT
Martin (thanks to President Young and Councilwoman
Keisha Lance Bottoms -Atlanta chapter)
... to my husband's surprise visit complete with praise
... to the talented offerings of Atlanta chapter teens Tyler
Beth James, an extraordinarily mature vocalist, and
Kendall Greer, a gifted visual artist
... the day could not have been any richer or more
All of my Atlanta
Chapter moms,
including current
President Rebecca
Young and
Immediate Past President Patrice Greer - who sent me to
Jackson, MS with cards, prayers, well wishes,
encouragement and all kinds of support. My campaign
team, led by Chair Felicia Lewis and including: President
Rebecca Young, VP Marian Roach, Treasurer (and word
genius) Laura Sams-Haynes, Editor Lori Pascal, and all
of those who worked with me behind the scenes like
Sabrina Shannon Womack. These moms made it happen,
and I'm always thankful for their silent support.
All of the moms from around the region who sent cards,
notes, gifts, and wonderful cards from the children, I
And so to all of you from around the region THANK
YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I know that the
burden is heavy, but with our shoulders locked together
in sisterhood, we can do it!
Thank you for everything!
Reflect, Connect, Engage!
Marjorie Mitchell
Regional Director
Moms you have two more opportunities to
Meet the 1 in 4 requirement!!
Parliamentary Moment
Brenda Taylor, Birmingham Chapter
How Do Members Get Their Say?
Have you been sitting in a meeting and thought "I have something to say"?
Well, all that is needed to get your business on the floor of the meeting is a motion, just like you would roll a
ball to get it going or put it into motion. A motion is a proposal that the members take an action on some
Present a motion - "I move that...."
Second to a motion: just simply means I agree to bring it up for
You do not have to agree with the motion, but that you support it
being discussed.
Debate means to give your opinion.
The maker of the motion usually speaks first and in favor of the
issue; and then the presiding officer alternates between those for and
against the motion.
Each member directs her attention to the president.
Finally there is a vote on the motion.
The History of our National Headquarters
Joselyn Forde, Regional Historian
In1978, Dr. Lillian A. Parks was elected as the 11th President of the more than 140 chapters. It was at this time
that delegates were asked to consider the establishment of a National Headquarters and employing a full-time
Executive Secretary.
At the 1980 convention, the
delegates gave the Executive Board
the charge to proceed with the
establishment of a National
Headquarters. The first executive
secretary, Patricia M. Cannon, was
hired and operated an office from
her home in Atlanta, GA.
At the 26th National Convention in
1984, the Ad Hoc Feasibility Committee was formed to study the
probability of establishing a National
Headquarters. Crystal Stairs presented a
report, which outlined major organizational
revisions and supported the idea of
establishing a National Headquarters.
They voted that such a huge undertaking
required additional study. In 1990, the
historic aspect of this convention was the
vote of the body to raise the necessary
revenue to purchase a site for the National
Headquarters Building to be located in the
Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. The
affirmative vote paved the way for the
organization to begin our one-time headquarters assessment to be paid by all
active members at the time of the vote and all subsequent new members upon initiation.
An Ad Hoc Headquarters committee composed of a
representative from each region, various members of
the Jack and Jill Foundation, and National Officers
was formed to locate a site for the Headquarters.
building may have clouded the excitement. In April
1996, just a few months before leaving office, National
President Shirley Barber James appointed Sharon
Pope to Chair the National Headquarters Committee.
Ultimately, in Feb. 1997, the property was sold and
In 1992, the National Headquarters in Alexandria, VA Sharon Pope, entrepreneur, realtor, and Foundation
was purchased. January 21-23, 1994 was the
Board Member was closely involved in the sales
weekend that the National Headquarters was officially process, which resulted in a profit for Jack and Jill of
dedicated and opened. The weekend began with a
America, Inc.
reception Friday night honoring former National and
Regional Officers. Jack and Jill members and
In the area of organization and management, a
associates traveled through weather reminiscent of
temporary National Headquarters was leased in
that which the Founders battled to get to the historical Orlando, FL while still searching for a permanent
meeting in Philadelphia. Cold and blistering winds
National Site. It was during this time in April of 2000
could not deter these determined members away from that Founding Mother Louise Truitt Dench
their new home. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was
participated in the history writing process, which left
held at the headquarters. The poem, The Black
her in awe of how the idea that she shared with Marion
Family Tree was read. A limited-edition poster,
Turner Stubbs Thomas had reached across the globe.
commissioned by The United Negro College Fund was Finally, in February 2002, we purchased our National
unveiled. The poster showed children (in Jack and Jill Headquarters Building and in August 2003, 13 years
t-shirts) playing in front of the headquarters.
after the initial vision to have a headquarters in our
Saturday culminated with a formal banquet, and
Nation’s Capital, our wonderful Headquarters Opening
Sunday the attendees participated in a family
Weekend took place!
Let’s Make History,
RH Forde
Albeit short lived, this was as exciting time in the life
of Jack and Jill to have accomplished such a goal. In
retrospect, some of the unresolved conditions of the
[email protected]
To Mother Nikki Barfield of the Pinellas County Chapter,
She was our first winner of FUN FACTS!
Q: What city in the Southeast was the “temporary home” of
our National Headquarters?
A: Orlando, FL
February 15th
Jacqueline Robinson Grant Proposal Due to Foundation Office
April 1st
Loose Change Campaign Ends
April 15th
Loose Change Contributions are due to the Regional Secretary/Treasurer
April 15th
Foundation Chairs send Loose Change Donors names to Regional Member-At-Large
May 15th
Chapter Foundation Contributions due to Regional Secretary/Treasurer
For more information on OUR Foundation log on to:
If you have any questions or need support in anyway, contact Member-At-Large Gwen
Thompson Hewitt [email protected]
The National Executive Board is currently reviewing the 2012 REBUILDS AMERICA proposal presented
by the MALs. Several properties in the Philadelphia African- American community have presented as
prospective sites for the Jack and Jill Rebuilds America home. As part of our 75th Anniversary
Celebration we will honor the birthplace of our great organization by providing a home to a
Philadelphia family. Through your generous support Jack and Jill of America, Inc. will leave
Philadelphia better than we found it!
Southeastern Teen Foundation Chair Ethan Green. Ethan has been appointed Teen Representative to
the Jack and Jill of America Foundation Executive Board. He will serve as the Teen Foundation Chair
liaison to the Foundation Board and have the opportunity to express the views of all Jack and Jill
teens on Foundation matters. Congratulations Ethan we know you will do a great job!
It’s hard to believe another year
is about to end.
And while the hustle and bustle never seems to end, I hope this
holiday season and the New Year brings you and your families
continued blessings, peace, love and joy.
I can never say thank you enough to the Program Directors for
sharing your time and talents to make our programming efforts
a success.
4) Mobile: Team members Howard,
Altice, Cook, Hall, Davis coached
by Mom Kendra Hudson
5) Jackson, MS: Team members Smith,
Darby, Kirkland, Brunson coached
by Moms Nia Wilson and Sharolyn
Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader Book Club
We are excited to have 200 participants in this year’s
book club. The book selections explore a variety of
engaging stories designed to entertain and enlighten
with November’ theme focusing on the family. We
hope you and your family will enjoy these wonderful
selections together.
December Selections:
Holiday Theme
The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats (2-4 year olds)
Waiting for Christmas by Monica Greenfield
(4-6 year olds)
T’was the Night Before Christmas by Melodye
Rosales (6-8 year olds)
Teen Stock Market Challenge:
Phase I of the Challenge has now ended. After 7
weeks of the challenge, congratulations to the
following top 5 chapters, as they topped the leader
board for the final week of Phase I:
1) Tuscaloosa: Team members Jones,
Grant, Hutchinson coached by Mom
Mara Jones
2) Jacksonville: Team members Sams,
Kemp, Oliver, Speakman coached
by Dad Jeff Couch
3) Jacksonville: Team members
Carrington, Chapman, Clark, Clark,
Gomes coached by Dad Jeff Couch
The top 50 teams will advance to Phase II. Complete
details regarding Phase II will be sent the beginning of
January. Phase II of the Challenge will begin on
January 30, 2012 and run through April 6, 2012.
If you have any questions or need support, please
contact Dad David Thompson at
[email protected]
Program Handbooks
Thank you to those Program Directors submitting your
handbooks by the November 1st deadline. Those
chapters that did not meet the deadline will receive an
invoice and instructions for submitting the $50 late
penalty. Any Chapters that have not submitted their
handbook should contact RPC Berry-Vaughn at
[email protected] Even if you have not submitted
your handbook, all chapter members should have a
copy of your chapter programming and grade group
calendars. If you do not have, please contact RPC
2012 Ann Owen Gordon Teen Competition:
Oratorical guidelines and dates have been distributed to Program Directors and Chapter Presidents. This year’s
competing division is Division II; 16-19 years of age by June 30. 2012. The Statewide Oratorical competitions
will be held during the months of March and April at the Super Clusters. Chapters are asked to be cognizant of
Super Cluster dates and plan accordingly at the chapter level.
Super Cluster
2012 Super Clusters
March 24, 2012
March 31, 2012
April 21, 2012
April 28, 2012
Host Chapter
2012 Speak Up ~ Speak Out Youth Presentations:
Chapters are encouraged to conduct a Speak Up- Speak Out Youth Presentation at the chapter level. A chapter
can only have one (1) presenter participate at the State level. New this year, the Speak Up Speak Out Youth
Presentations (ONLY) will be an added programming feature of the Children’s Cluster at the South Miami and
Albany hosted Children’s Clusters. Though it is not required, youth presenters are encouraged to present their
presentations at a Chidren’s Cluster or Super Cluster. All Presenters must be 10-12 years of age by the date of
the Cluster/Super Cluster that you will attend. This is not a competition for the youth presenters and is
completely OPTIONAL.
2012 Children’s Clusters
April 28, 2012
April 14, 2012
Host Chapter
South Miami
Any questions regarding Programming, please contact
RPC Berry-Vaughn at [email protected] or 561-212-4258.
Mothers’ Workday was held in sunny Orlando, Florida on October 14 & 15 at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa. Not only
did we have a wonderful time enjoying each other as sister mothers, but we had a great chance to work specifically on the goals
our founders set forth to achieve in creating our great organization. Specifically, our constitution states:
Section 1
The objectives of this nonprofit organization are:
[Objective #1] To create a medium of contact for children which will stimulate growth and development.
[Objective #2] To provide for children, constructive educational, cultural, civic, recreational, health and social
Section 2
The aims of this organization are:
[AIM#1] To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study.
[AIM#2] To seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own.
[AIM#3] To support all national legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of all children.
*excerpt from the Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Constitution and Bylaws
Since part of my personal goal is to share what I’ve learned on my J&J journey, I want to take some time each month to revisit
our Constitution and Bylaws with you with the hope that it will help re-familiarize you with our governing documents and keep
us focused on our true mission.
MWD Goal #1: Train Mothers to deliver Jack & Jill OBJECTIVES#1 & #2 at the chapter level.
Mothers Workday was designed to provide you with the training necessary to operate your local chapter, both from an
administrative and program delivery basis. In addition to our traditional role based training, we were pleased this year to offer
the new region-wide program planning session to support you in implementing local chapter programming. We hope that you
exchanged some great new ideas to ensure that our programming remains fun, fresh and innovative. The newsletters, both
regional and chapter, that were distributed all contain great ideas – use them. There is NO SHAME in copying a great
idea. Likewise, the national website houses SCOPE magazine, our national programming newsletter which is packed with great
ideas for your use. Be relentless in your pursuit of fantastic programming and you can’t fail to meet the two objectives our
founders envisioned.
MWD Goal #2: Train Mothers to support the AIMS of J&J.
Because the On the Hill Summit was hyper-focused on AIM #3 (National legislation), we wanted to focus on AIM #1 and 2 –
learning more about our children through careful study and seeking for all children advantages. Our parenting and personal
development sessions helped us to meet the goal our founders envisioned with AIM #1. It is my sincere hope that you will
continue with your chapter based community service programs and fundraisers, while supplementing your work with the
Regional Literacy and Reading Service Activities – all of these events help us to meet the goals of AIM #2.
Reflect, Connect, Engage!
Marjorie Mitchell
Regional Director
Mothers from across the Southeastern Region enjoyed a productive Mothers’ Workday in Orlando. In the photos to follow
you will find photos of the wonderful, organized and hospitable planning team. Which included:
Regional Directory Marjorie Mitchell
Regional Secretary Stephanie Smith-Jefferson
Regional Treasurer Gail Dotson
Regional MAL Gwen Hewitt
NVP Tamara Robinson
Reg. Program Director Candace Berry-Vaughn
Reg. Protocol Chair Helen Mitchell - NSAC Chapter
Mother Felicia Lewis- Atlanta Chapter
President Wanda Pride - Daytona Beach Chapter
Mother Ida Wright - Daytona Beach Chapter
President Tanya Spencer - Orlando Chapter
Mother Cathy Brown- Butler - Orlando Chapter
You will also see candid photos of the Caribbean Queen themed kick-off party. Mothers had fun learning line dances by
professional instructors, sharing laughs, watching movies and even taking in an exercise class. The next day the
following topics were covered by our group of dynamic speakers in both the plenary sessions and workshops.
Managing your Membership: Recruitment, Intake & Retention
Tamara Robinson
OUR Foundation: Best Practices for Fundraising and
Community Service
Gwen Hewitt
It's Not Personal, It Really is Protocol
Helen Mitchell
Our National Bylaws - Understanding Updating our Governing
Kim Jones Snipe
All You Need to Know to Manage Your Chapter's Money
Gail Dotson
Maximizing Your Membership
Marjorie Mitchell
Enhancing Your Chapter Brand: Effective Communications &
Marketing Techniques
Dionne Mahaffey
Programming for Pre-K -5th Graders
Carmen Conner
Programming for Pre-Teens and Teens
Candace Berry-Vaughn
Fine Tuning Teen Conference - Sharing your Best Ideas
Lisa Shannon Brown & Carolyn Johnson
Effective Chapter Communications: Minutes & Records
Stephanie Smith-Jefferson
The highlight of the day was the roundtable discussions which afforded moms to break into
small groups and share programming ideas. The goal was for each mom to leave workday with
no less than 40 ideas that her chapter could use
Thank you to the mothers of
Daytona Beach and
Orlando chapter for
making this a memorable
SSATB is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance and add value to the independent
school admission process for families and schools. The award recognizes those whose “interest in students
and concern for colleagues is an inspiration to those who serve in admission.” Kirsten Beard, Director of
Admission at Atlanta Girls’ School, lauded Ms. Mitchell's ability to combine business acumen with “intimate
and compassionate commitment to the best
interests of the child and the family.” Ms.
Mitchell, noted Beard, takes the time and “sincere
personal care” to get to know each child, whether
a prospect, an applicant or a current school
member. “She develops that human connection
that makes a school a caring family,” Beard said,
and “by her example and inspiration, models what
it means to truly serve the customer.”
Congratulations, Marjorie Mitchell!
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
Play it Smart Student Athlete Award Winner
featured on NBC News affiliate 11 Alive
John Blasingame leads by example, making an impact on the football field and in
the classroom. A senior safety for the Mays Raiders, Blasingame is team captain on
a team that is 5-1 so far this season.Off the field, Blasingame is a member of the
National Honor Society and takes part in the Math and Science program at Mays
High School.
Taking part in the Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill's efforts to assist the area's homeless population is a way that
Blasingame makes a major impact in the community, too.
For his leadership on the field, in the classroom and in the community, John Blasingame was selected the Play It
Smart-Student Athlete. The Award is presented by the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the National Football Foundation.
The Air Force and Rice are among the colleges that have made offers to John Blasingame for next fall.
Maya Church-- daughter of Atlanta chapter Mother Angela Church appeared on a
recent episode of Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" on TBS. She was featured
as the leader of a gifted program.
Atlanta Chapter teen
is HARVARD bound!
Mike Hall, a senior at Woodward Academy, recently committed to Harvard. Harvard men’s
basketball coach Tommy Amaker’s fifth recruiting class with the Crimson is beginning to
fill up. Mike Hall, a 6'10 senior at Woodward Academy (Ga.) committed to Harvard this
evening, choosing Amaker’s squad over offers from George Mason and Penn—which he
stated were his second and third choices, respectively. Hall, rated an 89 by ESPN and a
member of the Top 150, was one of eight highlytouted high school prospects to visit Harvard this past
“Just the experience I had this weekend [pushed me over the edge],” said Hall,
who noted that he had arrived in Cambridge without expecting to make a
decision in the near future. “I really enjoyed my experience up there. It just felt
like the right fit for me.”
“Also, [it was] the fact that I had a really good relationship with Coach
Amaker,” added Hall, who joins Evan Cummins of Northfield Mount Hermon
(Mass.) as the second member of the future class of 2016. “He showed me some
film of his style of play. It’s great, and it really seems like a great fit for me.”
Hall’s announcement has already sent waves throughout the national media, which has been keeping close tabs
on Harvard’s recruitment in recent days.
“He is long and athletic, and uses both effectively on the defensive end,” wrote Jeff Borzello, a college
basketball writer at, who said that Hall has the potential to be a “stud” in the Ancient Eight.
“He needs to add weight and get tougher, but he’s not afraid to mix it up on the glass.”
“IF the light goes on Mike Hall is going to be a problem for the Ivy League,” tweeted ESPN analyst Dave
Telep. “Harvard scores prime commitment from him tonite.”
In addition to bolstering the Crimson’s future frontcourt, Hall’s commitment also marks another disappointment
for Harvard’s Ivy League rival Penn. The Quakers, whose four returning frontcourt players combined for just
eight starts this past season, were high on the talented big.
“Penn was, as well, one of the schools I was really considering pretty hard,” Hall said.
But just one day after leaving Cambridge, Hall placed a phone call to an “excited” Amaker to announce his
“I’m not really sure how I’m celebrating yet,” Hall said. “I’m just excited.”
More ….
Jack and Jill mom opens actors lounge
By Dionne Mahaffey, Regional Editor
North Suburban Atlanta Mother, Shannon Nash and Terri J. Vaughn
(Actress – Meet the Browns) recently hosted a private opening soiree for
their newest concept lounge – The Green Room Actors Lounge in
Nestled in the pockets of Buckhead, The Green Room Lounge takes its
inspiration from the iconic LA based Samuel French Theater and film
bookshop. The Green
Room Lounge’s
atmosphere pays homage to vintage Hollywood, fusing together
unique light bites, an actor’s bookstore, and a performance area
all encased in a unique, relaxed atmosphere. The City of
Atlanta has been dubbed the new “Hollywood” and the private
opening truly
celebrated that at a
very high level as
the event was filled
with actors/actresses,
industry executives and national recording artists.
To commemorate the historical implications of this new concept
lounge coming to the city, the Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed was on
hand to make a special presentation to the ownership team. Guests
were guided through the evening with an impromptu jam sessions
lead by host band Quinn and the Jukebox along with live performances by national
recording artists: Angie Stone, Anthony David, Alexa Lieberman, Nicci Gilbert
(formerly of Brownstone) and Soul for Real. The event also benefited two
nonprofit organizations: Take Wings Foundation & Colored My Mind. The
Green Room is the creative vision of actress, producer and owner Terri J. Vaughn
and is co-owned by Business Manager and Attorney Shannon K. Nash, Film
Producer Roger Bobb (BobbCat Films) and retired NBA Player, Adonal Foyle. An
actor’s haven, The Green Room Lounge will also serve as a specialty theatrical
bookstore and performance space. Notable Attendees Included: Mel Jackson (Soul
Food/Deliver Us from Eva), Jasmine Guy (A Different World), Lamman Rucker (Meet the
Browns/Why Did I Get Married), Rodney Perry (The Mo’Nique Show), Kasim Reed (Mayor of
Atlanta), Demetria McKinney (Meet the Browns), Chef G. Garvin (TV-One), Lisa Arrindell
Anderson (Madea’s Family Reunion), Clifton Powell (The Brothers, Woman Thou Art Loosed),
Soul for Real, Derek J (Celebrity Hairstylist), Lisa Wu Hartwell (Formerly of the Housewives of Atlanta), Chef Jason Ellis (Hell’s
Kitchen), Tommy Ford (Martin), Derek Blanks (Celebrity Photographer), Angie Stone, Derek Anderson (Former NBA Athlete),
Shannon Nash (Co-Owner of The Green Room Lounge), Kwanzaa Hall (Atlanta City Councilman), Roger Bobb (Bobbcat Films/CoOwner of The Green Room Lounge) , Malinda Williams (Soul Food/Daddy’s Little Girls).
7th Annual Regional Trip -
April 6-9, 2012
Carnival’s Imagination Cruise Ship
Dial: 1-866-721-3225 and select option #2 to secure your cabin in the Regional group
reservation by January 13th. GROUP # is 305RC4. Additional Information regarding
booking+ and $ rates can be found on our web-site -
Sailing Itinerary
Friday - Miami
Saturday - Nassau
10 am
Sunday - Nassau
Sunday - Fun Day at Sea
Monday - Miami
8 am
4 pm
Regional Trip Itinerary – draft
4 pm - Ship sails
7pm - Welcome Reception
8pm - Family Dining at the 2nd seating
10 am depart ship to Nassau - Regional Community Service visit to local children's group - Book
Donation & Reading Activity
(Note: Optional activity - not meant to interfere with any family
excursions or island tours.)
- Ship docks all day in Nassau - excursions available , including to Atlantis for the day
7am - leaves Nassau
Easter Service on the boat
Day at Sea
8am returns to Miami
(Note: All travelers are asked to bring one paperback book per family member to donate to the
children's group)
Birmingham Chapter Teens Go High Tech
with Scavenger Hunt
The teens of the Jack and Jill Birmingham chapter met on Oct. 1 for a
Saturday morning event. The host teens greeted the teens and the mothers.
The 20 plus teens participated in a high tech scavenger hunt that was
educational and required teamwork. There were 6 teams of four. The lead
mother Cathy Floyd explained the activity to the teens and gave the teens the
The categories that were covered were: Jack and Jill History, Safe Sex,
Smoking, Safe Driving, Bullying and Healthy Fun Facts. Each team was
given clues per text messages. The texts provided information on where they
could find the answers to the questions that were asked of them. The teams
competed against each other to find the correct answers as well as beating
the other teams back to home base with their answers.
There was a lot of interest in the activity. The first three teams to successfully
find the clues and answer the questions correctly received prizes.
First prize was 25 dollars each, second prize, 10 dollars each and third prize
was gift cards. The first place team members were, Jameson Floyd, Kyra
Perkins, Meghan Marks, and Melissa Matthews.
The second place team members were, Kyle Hall, Jillian Hamilton, Hannah
Floyd and Jaalen Jones. The third place team members were DeOra Simon,
Reggie Lawson, Alex Coleman and Preston Mitchell. All the teens that
participated were winners.
They left knowledgeable of Jack and Jill History, Safe Sex, Safe Driving,
Bullying, Healthy Fun Facts and Smoking. The teens ate a healthy lunch
following the enlightening activity.
The Birmingham Chapter and Belk at The Summit held their third annual fashion show fundraiser
during Foundation Month on Saturday, October 8, 2011. In support of Jack and Jill of America,
Inc. national initiative to combat the ever increasing rate of childhood obesity in the African
American community; this year’s fundraising recipient was the Healthy Happy Kids program of
The Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center at UAB. Healthy Happy Kids is an
after school program that teaches children in the Birmingham City Schools about the importance
of healthy eating and physical activity.
Belk opened their doors early for this private special event. Over 225 guests enjoyed a continental
breakfast catered by Roberts Fine Cuisine and were entertained by the talented youth from Neo
Jazz Collective. Belk store manager Joe Schmidt and Birmingham Jack and Jill president Angela
Jenkins greeted guests. The models wore fashions from Belk’s fall and winter collection by Atlanta
fashion stylist Cassandra Wilson. Guests were particularly delighted when the Birmingham Chapter
teens strutted down the runway. Teens models were Imani Anderson, Alex Coleman, Elexia
Coleman, Paige Juzang, Mykala Johnson, Kyra Perkins, and Elliot Spillers.
A beautiful art display featuring artwork from last year’s recipient the A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls
Club was prominently exhibited. Each guest received a swag bag that contained samples from
various cosmetic lines along with a Belk gift card with values ranging from $10 to $100. Following
the fashion show lucky guests were awarded fabulous gift items such as cosmetics and perfume
baskets. One lucky winner took home a free pair of Donald Pliner shoes of their choice. Guests
had the opportunity for private shopping before the store opened to the public. Fundraising
committee members were Karla Fields, Alpha Davis, Tampia Anderson, Majella Hamilton, Nyya
Parson-Hudson and Alandris Burris.
FLORIDA The premise for the event was the
belief, “Give a man a fish, you
feed him for a day, teach a man
to fish you feed him for a life
Daytona Beach Area Chapter
Working Women Workshop
Make a Difference Day
(United Ways’ National Day of Doing Good)
The mothers of the Daytona Beach Area Chapter took charge in making a
difference for homeless women at an area residential homeless shelter.
This initiative was co-sponsored by United Way of Volusia, Flagler&
Putnam County.
The project is the brain-child of Tionis Fordham and Dr. AnneMarie
Etienne’, two of the chapter’s newly installed moms. These ladies made
the proposal to the chapter as a part of their initiation process. Based on
the staggering statistics indicating that women and children are the fastest
growing segment of the homeless population, the chapter immediately
embraced the project. The county in which this chapter resides has a
homeless population of 17% of children in the school system.
During the summer the moms began gathering professional suits, shoes
and other items that would assist these women in their job seeking
endeavor. The primary goal of this project was to prepare these women
with the skills and attire to better position them to get beyond the
application phase and mainstream them into the working world.
This project will be repeated in the
spring upon the request of the
shelter directors.’ The project was
co-funded by a grant from United
Way, thanks to the support of
associate mom Shelia Jackson who
is a project coordinator for United
Way. The women were exposed to
workshops that addressed dressing
for success, mock interviews,
application and resume’ writing
seminars. The women were also
provide continental breakfast,
professional attire, shoes, basic
toiletries, Mary Kay make- up,
calculators, portfolios (grant
purchased) and words of
encouragement and well wishes.
Our Daytona Beach
Area moms are
proud of the work
done for these
women and their
families and ecstatic about their
contribution to “Make a
Editor(s); Daytona Beach Area
Chapter KS, & AW
Photo Caption: Daytona Beach
Moms working with the women
at the homeless shelter to help
prepare them for job interviews.
The Teen Chapter of the Daytona
Beach Area Jack and Jill attended
Universal Orlando Halloween Horror
Nights. This activity has become
annual traditional for the teens. This
year the teens met at 6pm on
Thursday, October 13th to caravan
from Daytona to Orlando. Friday,
October 14th was a Teacher Planning
Day, so the teens did not have to
worry about homework for the
evening. As the group arrived at the
theme park, they travelled through the
Scare Zones.
Scare Zones are areas within the park that have an
eerie ambience and actors jump out as the teens walk
by. It was exhilarating experience to get chased by
chain-toting zombies or watching the transformation of
people as they were hit by “acid rain”.
After walking through the scare zones, the teens
decided to go to a few of the haunted houses. The
lines for the haunted houses were horribly long.
However, waiting in line allowed the group to talk to
each other and bond. We also learned who the jokers
in the groups were because they were always trying to
scare another teen. Unfortunately, our chaperones
became a little grumpy after waiting in line for 60
minutes to walk through a maze that lasted 5 minutes.
One of the favorite haunted houses of the teens was
Winter’s Night. It was visually impressive maze
because it was winter inside a house, and it was
definitely cold. The haunted house had interesting
lighting and ghosts and ghouls jumping out from
unique hiding places. A few of the teens thought that
The Thing Haunted House was the scariest. There
were loud noises, flashes of light, and an extremely
gory creatures appearing throughout the maze. A
couple of the teens decided that one haunted house was
enough they chose to walk around the rest of the night
and look at the spectacles.
Overall, the activity was a fun-filled, exciting night for
the teens. Even the teens that did not appreciate the
gore and scary moments were able to enjoy spending
time with their fellow teens. As a group, they
are already planning on attending next year.
Submitted by WW & TJ
The Jacksonville Chapter
Jack and Jill Teens Serenade First Lady Michelle Obama
as She Honors Jacksonville Children Promoting Healthy Living
Jacksonville, FL – On Thursday, October 27, 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama met with children in
Jacksonville during her three-city visit to Florida. Teens Adia Gomes and Joel Oliver of the Jacksonville
Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., serenaded Mrs. Obama with other members of the Jacksonville Mass
Choir during her visit to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign to tackle childhood obesity. Mrs. Obama began
her visit meeting with culinary students from Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology High who won the
“Cooking up Change” national healthy cooking contest sponsored by the Healthy Schools Campaign. The
contest challenged students to create nutritious, cost effective and delicious school lunches consisting of an
entrée and two side dishes. Mrs. Obama, who serves as the Honorary National President of the Girls Scouts,
also met girls from a local chapter who are involved in healthy eating and physical activity efforts.
First Lady Michelle Obama
Jack and Jill Teens Joel Oliver and Adia Gomes
First Lady Michelle Obama
Welcome by Santhea Brown
The Jacksonville Chapter’s Family Fall Festival was a huge success this year! A large number of
children attend from all age groups. The Fathers Auxiliary came in strong and helped the younger one
win at tug-a-war, and we were blessed with another beautiful day.
Treasure Coast Chapter
Hands on Learning at Workday
and the Smithsonian Aquarium Supporting Healthy Living in the Community
meaningful information for us to reflect, connect and engage.
October was full of activities. We reflected on our past experiences in order to move forward
Our first event was the
to better
Smithsonian Aquarium
programming for
Open House. This event
this year.
was for the entire family.
Reconnecting to
Jacks and Jills experienced
our vision and
hands on marine life
reason for this
ecosystems. Seahorses, sea
cucumbers, sea urchins, jelly
organization was
fish, and many more sea life important. We
were at their fingertips. Our are all united for the same goal: investing in all children.
next event:
Supporting our National Health Initiative: AIM for Healthy
Living. During the Fall Festival, our chapter educated the
community youth on healthy eating habits. We provided
activities focused on kitchen measurements, digestive
Workday in
system, identifying healthy foods, and the food chart.
Orlando. This
The participants were very engaged and enjoyed our
booth. Each child was entered into a drawing to win a
coloring book, video, and pedometer.
Miami Chapter
Jack and Jill Day
The Miami Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. paid homage to Carole R. Robertson during its annual Jack and
Jill Day celebration. The fun filled family luau was held on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Pelican Harbor. The
families of Jack and Jill, Miami enjoyed a relaxing day on the 10 acre island which is also a bird sanctuary and nature
reserve. Much fun was had by all beginning at their arrival to the island on the charter boat. Amid the wonderful
food, drink and games; Moms, dads and kids alike were able to reconnect with each other as well as reflect on the
life of Carole Robertson. Each child honored Carole’s memory by tossing a pink rose in the Miami Bay as the
Lord’s Prayer was recited. Jack and Jill Day reminds us of the importance of family and our united commitment as
members of this premier family organization during its annual Jack and Jill Day celebration. The fun filled family
luau was held on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Pelican Harbor. The families of Jack and Jill, Miami enjoyed a
relaxing day on the 10 acre island which is also a bird sanctuary and nature reserve. Much fun was had by all
beginning at their arrival to the island on the charter boat. Amid the wonderful food, drink and games; Moms, dads
and kids alike were able to reconnect with each other as well as reflect on the life of Carole Robertson. Each child
honored Carole’s memory by tossing a pink rose in the Miami Bay as the Lord’s Prayer was recited. Jack and Jill
Day reminds us of
the importance of
family and our
united commitment
as members of this
premier family
South Miami Chapter
The South Miami Chapter’s Pinwheels grade group participated in a cultural and educational activity at
South Miami library titled, “Hello Leaves, A Celebration of Autumn.”
The children listened as the librarian read 3 books about autumn
including leaves, their colors, varieties and origin. The children
also designed their own butterfly projects with leaves, paper and
glue. They all presented them at the end of the program and
took an interest in reading other books on display about leaves
and the autumn season. After the program and completion of
the art projects, we took the children to Big Cheese for
pizza where we all socialized and became better acquainted.
The Chapter’s Riptides and Windjammers grade groups
spent the day at Mother Apollon’s Office (Casthely
Orthodontics) where she provided a dental health
demonstration. The children were given handouts about
dental care and hands on experience as a dentist or patient at the
office. Mother Apollon explained how to clean teeth and the
importance of flossing. She generously gave the children a lunch
tote, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss. The children
had a fun filled learning activity.
Athens Chapter
October was an exciting programming month for the
members of the Athens Area Chapter. On October 8,
2011, Athens newly formed Father’s Auxiliary hosted its
first event for all age groups! Dads enjoyed a leisure day
by the lake with their Jack and Jill. Children were ecstatic
to show their fishing skills or in some cases just holding
their own fishing rod. This event was a great success and
Fathers look forward to organizing future outings.
pom-poms, hi-fives, even a few high jumps!
On October 16, 2011, Athens Area Jack and Jill proudly
served as cheerleaders for In Their Shoes, a one-day walk
in Athens Georgia. This 13.1 mile walk was established
in support of individuals who have experienced cancer.
Moms, teens and preschoolers cheered on walkers with
All ghost, ghouls, and goblins gathered at Grandview
Care Center on October 26, 2011 for an entertaining
night with approximately 45 residents. Goodies and
Giggles annual event received a warm welcome from
residents as they enjoyed preschoolers’ costumes and
treats. Teens assisted preschoolers in delivering toiletries,
washcloths, t-shirts, bananas and sugar free candy to
The Atlanta Chapter donates over $40,000
to various community initiatives.
During a recent meeting, the chapter announced donations to Morehouse College-$1000.00; The East Lake
Foundation-$20,000 and Raising Expectations-$20,000
About our funded: Morehouse College’s: The
Literary Salon is a co-curriculum program that
focuses on President Robert M. Franklin's - “wellread initiative.” The objective of the well-read goal is
to ensure that the men of Morehouse are versed in
classic and contemporary classic literature. As such,
the Literary Salon uses the style and atmosphere of
the Literary Salons that were popular during the
Harlem Renaissance period - where black
intellectuals gathered to discuss poetry and
literature. The
College version
of the Literary
Salon offers a
select group of
students an
opportunity to
debate and explore key themes that can influence
their lives- with the goal of cultivating leadership
principles and vision through the rich and powerful
life lessons that literature provides. Prior to each
session, participants are given an assigned book (that
they keep) that will be the topic of discussion for the
Literary Salon gathering. At the gathering, the author
or a faculty member who knows the book, will
engage the participants in discussion about the
book's themes and the life lessons that it provides.
The participants also partake in a sumptuous meal
while sharing their thoughts.
The East Lake Foundation
The East Lake Foundation established in 1995 was
founded in one of the nation’s most violent public
housing projects. It has become the national model
for community redevelopment. By working with
residents and expert public and private partners, the
Foundation is providing comprehensive programs
and facilities that attract people of all ages and
seeking a
sense of
The East Lake
helps families
build better
lives and
children reach their highest potential through its
holistic approach to community revitalization
incorporating Cradle-To-College Education, MixedIncome Housing and Community Wellness. The East
Lake community includes: The Villages of East Lake,
Charles R. Drew Charter School, the East Lake Family
YMCA, the Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family
Center and the Charlie Yates Golf Course home to The
First Tee® of East Lake.
Raising Expectations
As a non-profit youth development organization that has served the Atlanta community for over 14 years, Raising
Expectations has positively impacted the lives of numerous children and youth throughout the city of Atlanta with
extensive services designed to develop their academic, social and civic abilities. Raising Expectations serves
children and youth in 4th through 12th grade. Within this range, they focus on children with low academic skills,
low motivation in school, behavioral challenges, high absenteeism and children who come from low-income or
single-family homes or homes with grandparents as the primary guardians. Additionally, they reach out to youth
who have been expelled and sent to alternative schools and those who have interfaced with juvenile court. As a
snapshot of our students’ success, Raising Expectation is proud to share recent results from CRCT scores for 6th to
8th graders who have successfully met standards in a variety of educational categories. This is a great example of
how schools and after school programs can effectively collaborate to ensure success for all involved.
Buckhead-Atlanta Chapter
“ Screen on the Green”
During September, not only did we remember
Carol Robertson’s significance in our history, but
we gathered outdoors to view a family movie that
all ages could enjoy. Our “KICK” off event for the
year also was
to support our
charge to AIM
for Healthy
Living. We
were mindful
of the snacks
that were
offered at the
movies and
came up with
rather than the traditional movie treats.
The Executive Board served as the hosts for the
evening The VIP families arrived to the red carpet
entrance to find their names on our Star Walk of
Fame. Each guest received their Carole
Robertson VIP name tags and then escorted by
by all!
our teen ushers to find plenty of great spots for
the best seats in the house. Families relaxed on
blankets and lawn chairs before enjoying the
feature film. At dusk, we all gathered to view a
slide presentation on the bombing of the
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham
and a moment of reflection was observed.
Our feature movie for the evening was The Karate
Kid starring Jayden Smith. With lots of laughter
and action for children and adults to enjoy, we
made sure everyone was adorned with glow in the
dark glasses, bracelets and jewels. Each
family was given blue or pink flashlights to move
about. The concession stand was stocked with
yummy healthy food choices from turkey &
chicken hotdogs to low sodium popcorn, whole
grain nachos, fruit cups and sugar free snow
cones. We even dressed our hotdogs in formal
attire to entice the kids into a healthier choice.
As the night ended, the children were given
SWAG bags with Carole Robertson bookmarks
and other goodies and prizes. This was a starry
night affair and a great time had
East Suburban Atlanta Chapter
East Suburban Atlanta Chapter recently held two youth
town hall meetings, in DeKalb and Rockdale counties.
Rep Dee Dawkins-Haigler, D-Lithonia, said she
believes it is important to introduce how government
works to youngsters and allow them to meet with
elected officials involved at the state and local levels.
"I want to make sure we engage our young people to
be active participants in the political process, which
will prepare them in the future to be better leaders,"
she said.
Haigler is also the president of East Suburban Atlanta
chapter. On two separate evenings, the town hall
meetings were open to all Rockdale County and
Dekalb County residents between grades 5-12.
During the town-hall meetings "No adults were
allowed to ask questions," Dawkins-Haigler said.
Youth asked questions ranging from bullying to
speeding laws to funding for schools.
Loose Change Kick-off
by Latosha Keown
Our little ones are always on the move and we (East Suburban Atlanta Chapter) never pass up
a fun educational opportunity. To kick off our loose change campaign, ESAC Shining Stars (grades 1st thru 3rd)
toured the Grayson, GA Branch of Wells Fargo Bank. The robust youngsters learned about the banking
process, discussed "where money comes from" and ways in which they can save. They were most intrigued
and excited by the VAULT! We have a very inquisitive and enthusiastic bunch. After the bank tour, the children
decorated ceramic banks which they will use to collect their "loose change" for donation. Here at ESAC, even
our "smallest hands" play a part.
North Suburban Atlanta Chapter youth excel
@ Black-History Jeopardy!
Can you answer the following question?
Who created practical procedures for the maintenance of blood banks and served as the head of surgery at
Howard University?
If you answered Dr. Charles Drew, you have won $200 in the category of Science/Inventors.
On October 15, 2011, the 4-5th age group of North Suburban
Atlanta Chapter participated in Black History Jeopardy. In an
effort to continually educate our youth in the vast history of
our African-American culture, it was decided that we would
not only celebrate and educate our youth in February, Black
History Month, but also across the year. The NSAC children
in attendance were educated in the areas of: The Arts, Civil
Rights/History, Science/Inventors, Sports, and Business. The
game was done in the traditional form of the Jeopardy game
The winning team won individual movie tickets. The
competitive spirit exhibited across the teams was priceless.
The Black History Jeopardy Game was originated used during
the 2010-11 program year for 6-7th grade age group. After an
overwhelmingly positive response from the children, the
NSAC Moms felt that this type of activity was perfect for
reuse/recycle in the future.
Kendall Watkins, NSAC Mom, created the original game
format and questions for the 6-7th grade, and she modified
some of the questions to the 4-5th grade level for this year’s
activity. Many of the Moms in attendance felt that we need to
complete our own remedial course to get up to speed with our
kids! In addition to the game, the children had an opportunity
to view various Black History Books that were on display.
This activity was sponsored by Kendall Watkins, Arva
Lumpkin-White, Lavonne Walker, and Letitia Johnson.
Our hope is that we fostered a desire to learn more about our history – where we have come from, where we are
today, and where do we go into the future.
Knoxville Chapter
“Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s success.” Students in Knoxville are better prepared for their
futures thanks to a series of ACT workshops sponsored by the Knoxville Chapter, as part of their East
Tennessee Youth Leadership Program (ETYLP). Approximately 24 middle and high school students arned how
to maximize their test-taking skills and received intensive tutorials in English, reading, math and science.
Students also took practice tests and were provided immediate feedback from a panel of subject-matter experts
from the East Tennessee Community Think Tank. Students and parents appreciated the workshops and shared
their experiences with other families in the community, who have already inquired about workshop availability
next year. ETYLP is sponsored by a grant from the Jack and Jill of America Foundation.
In early October, the chapter kicked off the “Loose Change” campaign with a financial literacy activity for its
younger age group. The children engaged in an interactive discussion entitled “Spending, Sharing, and Saving:
Basic Money Concepts for Children” that introduced money management concepts using common terms such
as value and saving. Participants considered how they could spend, save, and share their money with the
people, places, and things that mattered most to them (their values). They also discussed strategies for saving
towards larger financial goals using different ‘banks’ for each goal. Online resources, including PNC's Grow
Up Great Kits for Children, were shared with mothers.
Photo caption: Instructor Theresa Knighton and students during the Knoxville Chapter’s ACT workshop at the
Beck Cultural Center..
Memphis Chapter
Memphis Chapter makes it Happen!
October was a busy month for the Memphis Chapter Vogues and Esquires involved in the Teen Stock Market
game. The teens will also visited the medical office of Jack and Jill father, Dr. Phil Bowden, a local corn maze
and worked on a community service project.
In preparation for the oratorical contests youth in the chapter participated in a living Black History Wax
Museum event at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Memphis Chapter is proud to say that one of
their own mothers, Mother Karen Norris, was the
casting model used for the one of the statues at the
historic lunch counter exhibit. Mothers in the
Memphis Chapter are eagerly planning their
fundraising event to benefit the Jack and Jill of
America, Incorporated Foundation. In 2012 Mothers
will done their fancy hats for the first annual
“A Day at the Races: Hats, Horses and Hors
d’Oeuvres” in celebration of Kentucky Derby Day.
Guests will experience Churchill Downs at MercedesBenz of Memphis who has graciously donated their
venue and employees to facilitate complimentary
valet parking at the event.
In addition, Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with the
chapter and assisting with the planning of this grand
event. The Memphis Chapter will celebrate its 65th
Anniversary in 2012 and this adult Kentucky themed
fundraiser will commemorate this chapter milestone.
Memphis Chapter members are on board with healthy
living. Their line dancing workout before their
general meeting really gets them energized. Check
out their moves here: .
Mother Ella Horton conducts the monthly weigh-ins
and her records show that one Mother has lost 9 pounds in the last two months!! Keep it going Memphis
Williamson County Chapter
The Williamson County of Jack and Jill of America ushered in the
fall with a host of activities which focused on service, creativity,
education and fun. Adorned in their Halloween costumes, each
member of the Sugar-N-Spice Grade Group (Pre-K –
Kindergarten) quite creatively painted a canvas that will be given
to a local nursing home. Once they completed their service
activity, they participated in a trick-or-treat hunt. The children
from our Kid Power group participated in arts and crafts,
harvesting, and general pumpkin patch fun at Walden Farms.
Our 1st-3rdgraders enjoyed a creating arts and crafts, hayrides,
wandering through the corn maze, and learning about fall
agricultural harvest such as corn, cotton and of course pumpkins.
Our middle school aged children, aka Preppies, participated in
Ghouls at Grassmere. Our children enjoyed a haunted hayride,
scary-go-round rides at the Carn-Evil, experiments at the
Monster Lab, and trick-or-treating at 20 themed treat stations. In
addition to fun, this event supports an annual Nashville Zoo
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Jack and Jill
Orlando Chapter’s World Wide Day of Play; Regional Canada Trip: Follow the North Star &
Miami Chapter Mom’s participate in cooking class on local NBC station
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