CHAN CHILI overview recipe yields approximately 8 cups ingredients

A quick and easy recipe for Paleo chili
recipe yields approximately 8 cups
16 protein blocks
8 carbohydrate blocks
16 fat blocks
1.5 lb. ground beef
1. Chop onions, zucchini and olives.
3 cups onion, chopped
2. Brown ground beef in skillet.
~ 80 olives, chopped
3. Saute onions and zucchini in skillet.
4 cups zucchini, chopped
4. Mix ground beef, olives, zucchini and onion together in a
large stock pot.
2 cups salsa
5. Pour salsa into chili
and stir well.
A 1/2 cup of Chan Chili contains approximately 1 block of protein,
a 1/2 block of carbohydrate, and 1 block of fat. Simply eat an
additional 1/2 block of carbohydrate for a complete 1-block meal.
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