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spring 2006 | volume 7
Leonard Nimoy:
A West-Ender Returns
inside this issue... Leonard
new in the Clubhouse? | A Special
lumni, friends and supporters
will gather at the Boston Marriott
Newton on April 29th to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
West End House. Leonard Nimoy, one
of the most famous “West Enders,” will
be the host for this special evening of
reflection and celebration. For Nimoy,
and hundreds of other guests, the gala
is a chance to reconnect with their past
and ensure that the West End House
legacy continues for future generations.
Mr. Nimoy is a distinguished alumnus
and both he and his wife Susan Bay-
Nimoy: A West-Ender Returns |
Kids explore their inner Picasso
through MFA partnership | What’s
Nimoy are
members of
the Honorary
Thank You to Our $100,000
Centennial Fund Donors |
Nimoy is the
son of
and lived on
Leonard Nimoy to host the
Centennial Reunion Gala
Street in
Boston’s West End, where his father,
Max Nimoy, ran a barber shop.
Speaking of his experiences at the
West End House, Nimoy said “It
was a healthy, thriving place to go.
The Club offered me an opportunity
to be well-rounded. I played
basketball and I was on a long
distance running team. I also got
experience in public speaking
there.” His first year in the annual
declamation contest he came in
fourth place, but the second time
he entered he won first prize. “This
was something I was particularly
inclined to do. The experience
helped me in my career because it
taught me how to select appropriate
material and then perform in front
of an audience,” says Nimoy.
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Gordon and Quantae display their culinary masterpiece
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton | Club News | Spring 2006
Partnerships Expand Opportunities
for Club Youth
Kids explore their inner
Picasso through MFA
n the South East Asian gallery at the
Museum of Fine Arts, children from
the West End House Boys & Girls
Club sit on the floor and listen to visiting
artist Evelyn Rydz. They have set up a
small studio in the gallery itself, sketching and working on multi-media pieces of
art. Through a new collaboration with the
MFA, 20 children from the Club travel to
the Museum each week – not just to look
at art, but to create it.
This program will result in a final art project called “Blue Print Voyage” that will be
on display in the MFA upon completion.
West End House children explore the
museum’s galleries each week through
the theme of participating in an expedition. They record their experiences in
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What’s new in the Clubhouse?
Math and Reading
Twice each week, West End House staff
and volunteers run math and reading
enrichment programs for small groups
of children. The Harvard After School
Initiative (HASI Bridging Project)
provided educational games and activities for each session. Professionals
from Harvard train staff and volunteers
on best practices for literacy and math
tutoring, while ensuring that young
people have fun while learning.
Youth of the Year
Each year, the West End House Boys &
Girls Club nominates an outstanding
teen to participate in the state “Youth
of the Year” competition. This year,
Dawn Jaffier won the nomination. A
Club member since age 8, Dawn has
been a member of both the Keystone
WEH staff Brien Wong on his service trip to
Lisanna and Sha-asia sing at Staples’ corporate
Boys Group teaches life skills
teen leadership group and the Mayor’s
Youth Council and is an alumnus of the
Brian J. Honan Fellowship Program.
Dawn hopes to become an early childhood educator and is deciding between
the seven colleges which have already
accepted her for next fall.
Boys Group a Big Success
Every week, boys age nine to eleven
spend an hour in “Boys Group”, a new
life skills program designed to teach
conflict resolution and build teamwork
Siria Vazquez [top row right] wins “Swim Team
Coach of the Year”
Leonard Nimoy: A West-Ender Returns
When Nimoy was a teenager, he was admitted to a summer
theatre program at Boston College. “The tuition was $75 and
I was offered a scholarship that covered half,” he says. “That
meant I had to find $37.50 which I didn’t have. I went to Jack
Burnes, the director of the West End House to ask for help.
He gave me the money. It meant the world to me because
someone cared enough to reach out to me.”
Later, Nimoy moved to California in search of an acting
career and began his role as the Vulcan officer Spock on Star
Trek in the 1960s. He also won several stage roles and costarred in six Star Trek films. One of his current avocations
is black and white photography and he has published several
volumes of poetry, illustrated with his photos.
skills. Club member Mathew Lok says,
“We get to talk about what we like
about being boys, and what we don’t
like – like fighting or if someone calls
us names.” Boys group participants go
on outdoor field trips, play team building games in the gym, and learn about
problem solving together.
Girls Camping Program
The Girls Camp founders committee,
led by Laurie Kaplan, will offer its first
camping experience this summer.
Thirty-two girls from the Club will
spend two weeks at an overnight camp
in Greenfield, New Hampshire, and will
participate in swimming, hiking, rockclimbing, athletics, art, and much
more. Female teen leaders from the
Club will act as junior counselors and
role models. For many of our girls, this
will be their first overnight camp
experience – they are counting the days
until summer!
[from page 1]
Leonard Nimoy and
Susan Bay-Nimoy,
sponsor the summer
performing arts program
for young people here at
the Club in Allston.
Through classes and
performances, this
Leonard Nimoy and WEH kids at the Club’s
program encourages
85th anniversary
children and teens to
express themselves creatively and builds skills such as selfconfidence, public speaking, and empathy.
A special thank you to Leonard Nimoy and Susan Bay-Nimoy
for their support!
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton
MFA partnership
Brooke and Asia sketch classic
[from page 1]
Asia with her artwork
instructors teach various art techniques and
lead discussions about
various artists. Artist
Evelyn Rydz, recently
featured in Boston
Globe Magazine,
guides Club youth as
they create a collage
mural that will be on
display in one the
museum galleries.
sketches and other mediums, and learn
about different cultures and histories
through each gallery they visit. Children
have the opportunity to work with
museum artists, curators, designers
and installers throughout this process.
Fransisco Mendez-Diez,
Manager of Community Arts at the
MFA, is expanding the collaboration
even further and facilitated a family art
project at the Club. He says, “Evelyn
Rydz loved working with the West End
House crowd at Parents’ Night.”
Through the partnership, the MFA is
providing weekly instruction and transportation, free membership for Club
youth and families, and professional
development for Club staff. Their
The mixed media mural created by youth
at the West End House Boys & Girls Club
will be on display at the Museum of Fine
Arts, Boston beginning May 20th.
Creating art in the MFA gallery
Learning about design and shape
A Special Thank You to Our
$100,000 Centennial Fund Donors
everal generous donors have each pledged $100,000 as
James J. Storrow Sponsors of the West End House Centennial
Fund. This Fund will support the future growth of the West End
House Boys & Girls Club by expanding our capacity to implement new
initiatives, introducing the Club to new audiences, and celebrating the
rich history and tradition of the West End House. “We continue to be
amazed at the generosity of this dedicated group,”said Executive
Director Andrea Howard, “Their contributions inspire others to give
and will to help launch our second century of service.” The following
individuals have each contributed $100,000 to this important
fundraising effort:
Henry and Andrea Barr
Jim and Meg Gordon
Laurie Kaplan
David S. Krivitsky
Alan and Harriet Lewis
Henry R. Lewis
The New Balance Foundation
Charles and Fran Rodgers
In Memory of Allan and Bertha Romanow
Stan and Kay Schlozman
Club News | Spring 2006
Join us for the
West End House
Centennial Reunion
Saturday April 29th
Centennial Reunion Gala at the Boston
Marriott Newton
Reception: 5:30 p.m.
Dinner: 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 30th
Open House and Family Brunch at the
West End House Boys & Girls Club
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For more information, please call
617-787-4044 x 27.
Watch for future events as we celebrate
our 100th year throughout 2006!
Partnerships Expand Opportunities for Club Youth
he West End House Boys & Girls
Club is leveraging partnerships
with other non-profits to offer new
and innovative youth
programs for children
and teens. Some of the
new programs available
this year at the Club
include Congo drumming,
music production, science experimentation,
guitar lessons, and sign
language. Each week,
these programs are
sprinkled into the Club
Lexi practices his acoustic guitar skills
schedule to keep young people engaged
and to spark interests in subjects like
music and science.
With 175 children and teens attending
each day, the Club has a captive audience
of urban young people. For other nonprofits, the Club is a perfect partnership – the children are already present;
the facility offers resources like space
and equipment; and a committed staff
helps them build relationships with
young people.
Several nonprofits throughout Boston
have teamed up with the Club to bring
more diverse programs to young people.
A small group called “RawkStars”
provides free drum, guitar, and piano
lessons for Club children and teens.
Young Audiences and the Harvard After
School Initiative have partnered with
the Club to provide congo drumming
lessons each week. WGBH offers a
science program for ten weeks based
on their new television show “Fetch”.
The Loyd Fund and the Horace Mann
School for the Deaf help teach ASL to
Club youth. West End House Program
Director Jenny Nute says, “These
groups help open new doors to our
youth – and maybe even help them
discover a future career path.”
Club News Team:
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Executive Director: Andrea M. Howard
President of the Board: Charles Rodgers
Editors: Kristin Morlok, Deborah Black,
Andrea M. Howard, Carolyn Eggert
Design: Rebecca Fagan,
Printing: The Lexington Press
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston-Brighton
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Allston, Massachusetts 02134
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West End House, Inc.
105 Allston Street
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Save The Date:
West End House Reunion Gala!
April 29, 2006
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton | Club News | Spring 2006
2005 Annual Report of Gifts
The generous individuals, corporations, and foundations listed below are daily partners in our
effort to provide the highest quality programs for young people at the West End House Boys &
Girls Club of Allston-Brighton.
Our sincerest thank you to the following donors for their 2005 gifts.*
Pacesetter $100,000 +
Jim & Meg Gordon
Mr. Henry Lewis
Alan & Harriet Lewis
Charles & Fran Rodgers
Benefactor $50,000 – $99,999
Department of Education
Ms. Laurie Kaplan
Mass State Alliance of Boys & Girls
Clubs, Inc.
New Balance Foundation
Champion $25,000 – $49,999
Frank R. Reed & Margaret Jane Peters
Memorial Fund, Bank of America
Foundation To Be Named Later
Harvard University
Nehemias Gorin Foundation
John & Jeanette Parker
Chris & Susan Richmond
Daniel L. Romanow & B. Andrew
Stratford Foundation
Today’s Girls Tomorrow’s Leaders,
A.Varadachari and V. Ammani Family
Patron $10,000 – $24,999
Anna B. Stearns Charitable Foundation
Henry & Andrea Barr
The Baupost Group
Boys & Girls Club of America
J.E. & Z.B Butler Foundation
Child Care Capital Investment Fund
CIBC World Markets
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
Mr. Lewis Cohen
Department of Neighborhood
Development, City of Boston
Mr. Belknap Freeman, PE
Grand Circle Foundation, Inc.
Harvard Business School
The Hestia Fund
Ms. Katharine D. Kane
Ms. Hillary J. Librot
Office of Jobs & Community Services,
City of Boston
Quebecor World (USA) Inc.
Stan & Kay Schlozman
Fellow $5,000 – $9,999
American Home Builders, Inc.
Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Bank of America
Sidney & Beverly Boorstein
Boston University
Citizens Bank
City of Boston
Clipper Ship Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gabrieli
Mr. Neal Goldstein
Houghton Chemical Corporation
Mr. George Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Maus
Leonard Nimoy & Susan Bay-Nimoy
Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James J. O’Brien
Peoples Federal Savings Bank
Edward & Carole Rudman
Winn Family Charitable Foundation
Leader $2,500 – $4,999
Allston-Brighton Boston College
Community Fund
Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund
Brimstone Consulting Group
Harold & Maura Brown
Irwin & Roberta Chafetz
Charles River Apparel
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Collier
Charles & Jodi Collier
Mr. Charles Comtois
Craig & Macauley
Theodore H. Cutler Family Trust
Elevator Constructors Local Union #4
Fish Family Foundation
Mr. Mark C. Frevert
Joel & Karen Goober
Peter and Wendy Gordon
Lloyd & Diane Gordon
Mr. Simon Gottlieb
The Greater Boston Real Estate Board
Martin Jacobs & Carol Thomas
Mr. Lawrence M. Johnson
Judith & Douglas Krupp Charitable
Ms. Shirley Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewkowicz
Mail Computer Service
Sherif & Mary Nada
Mr. Charles J. Natale, Jr.
Mr. Stefan M. Nathanson, ESQ.
Office of Child Care Services
Outlook Group
Mr. Richard Settipane
Maurice & Penny Sullivan
Neal & Susan Yanofsky
Sponsor $1,000 – $2,499
Mr. Robert Aisner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aronson
BHF Printing, Inc.
Mr. David R. Bikofsky
Deborah Black & Cliff Risack
Alexander & Cathy Bove
Mr. Michael Cartalano
City of Boston Employees Campaign
Marvin & Ann Collier
Corporate Ink Public Relations, Ltd.
Ms. Cheryl L. Crivellone
Mr. William Cunniff
Davinci Group, Inc.
Mr. Mike Desotell
Mr. Robert W. Dine
Michael & Mary Dowd
Elizabeth Edmunds & Michael Harrows
Gerald & Phyllis Feld
The John & Ethel Goldberg Fund
Mrs. Florence Gordon
David & Bonnie Haley
Mr. Allan Hansted
Hingham Woods Realty
Proctor & Eloise Houghton
Diane Fingold & Paul Howard
Ms. Chobee Hoy
Mrs. Myra G. Kolton
Konik & Company
Ms. Miriam Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lyon
* Every effort has been made to include all gifts received between January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005. If you have any questions, please contact the WEH
Boys & Girls Club Development Office at (617) 787- 4044 x 27.
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton | 2005 Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Angus Macbeth
Mr. Eric Marder
Maric, Inc.
Mr. Joseph H. Matzkin, Esq.
McAdams Graphics
Media Education Consultants, Inc
Mr. Harry Melikian
Metropolitan Graphic Arts, Inc.
MF&T Insurance
Midland Paper
Dr. James & Jean Mongan
Joseph & Susan Mulligan
Northeast Auctions
Mrs. Richard S. Oresman
Pioneer Investments
William & Lia Poorvu
Stuart & Elizabeth Pratt
Print Promotional Services
Pure Imaging, Inc.
Deb Re & Peter Reinhart
Mr. Sumner Redstone
Theodore Romanow & Kim Redfield
Richard & Nancy Romanow
Mr. Manuel Russell
Mr. Roger A. Saunders
Lucy & Tim Scanlon
Shawmut Advertising Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Solomon
Solomon McCown & Company, Inc
Thomas & Sylvie Souza
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Ms. Virginia Stokes
Mr. George F. Trant
Walco Electric Company
Hon. Norman & June Weinberg
Ken Wexler & Barbara Gray
Winter, Wyman, & Company, Inc.
Michael Zucker Scholarship Fund
Associate $250 – $999
Ms. Ruth Aisner
Allston Board of Trade
Andrews Consulting Group
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Apgar
George & JoAnn Armstrong
Aronson Insurance Agency
Asian American Bank & Trust
B&W Press
Stuart & Janet Bailey
Mr. Robert Banker
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Barbetta
Brett Barenholtz
James & Diane Best
Mr. Charles Boit
Boston After School & Beyond
Boston College Office of Govt. &
Community Affairs
Boston Insurance Group
Ms. Kameron Branon
Mr. Peter Brewer
Brighton Marine Health Center
Richard & Karen Broderick
Brookline Bank
Brookline Mass Rotary Club
Mr. Edward J. Burmon
Mr. Lawrence Burrows
Mr. Thomas J. Butters
C.E. Floyd Company
Joseph & Wendy Cali
Carpenters Local Union No. 40
Mr. Larry Carpman
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Chandler
Mr. Andrew Chandler
Mr. Sheldon Cohen
Mr. Martin Cohen
Cohen, Rosenburg, Lieberman
& Co, LLC
Mr. J. Ralph Cole
Mrs. Carol A. Collins
Gerald & Debra Bickoff
Computer Fulfillment
Ms. Elizabeth Connolly
Vince & Jana Cook
Angelo & Clementina Crivellone
Steve & Bryna Curley
D3 Logic
Database Marketing Solutions
Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, PC
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Doucette
Michael & Carolyn Eggert
Mr. Robert Eggert
Ms. Carol English Ferullo
Mr. Walter Esquivel
Mr. Serge Ewsuk
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fay
Mr. Richard D. Ferrante
Pelino & Corrine J. Ferzoco
Mr. Terence G. Fibich
Fidelity Communications
Fine Associates
Mr. Robert Fireman
Ms. Jane Forsgard
Lawrence & Linda Fox
Ms. Suzanne Fragnoli
Michael & Linda Frieze
Gadsby Hannah LLP
Mrs. Mildred M. Geraghty
Richard & Constance Giesser
Mr. Lawrence P. Gilligan, Jr.
Jordan & Sandra Golding
Mr. Richard H. Goldman
Mr. Howard Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Greiff
Mr. & Mrs. James Grotstein
Mrs. Alicia Guevera
Mr. Vincent David Hahn
Mr. Louis Harris
Mr. Richard M. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Harvey
Miss Diane Hatoff
Paul Hoffman & Sallie Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Holland
Katie Hope & Ron Blackman
Thomas & Nancy Howley
Japs-Olsen Company
Ms. Darlene D. Jarvis
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.
Ms. Charla Jones
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton | 2005 Donors
Mr. Marc Kadish
Mr. Alfred Kafka
Ms. Jennifer J. Kane
Mr. Peter J. Kaplan
Keegan Werlin LLP
Mr. James E. Keliher
Andrew & Betsy Kemeny
Seth A. & Beth S. Klarman
Mrs. Freida Lefkowith
Mr. Paul Lehman
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Lento
Norman & Sondra Levenson
Mr. Robert Locatelli
Mr. Keith London
Mr. Fred London
Mr. Sam London
Paul A. Lonergan & Annie Tallon
Mr. David L. Lubchansky
Steve & Robin Lydenberg
Ms. Lucy G. Mack
Edward & Patricia Marchetti
Mr. Martin Marcus
Mr. Donald Marcus
Mr. Robert Marcus
Bill Margolin & Bryna Leeder
Ms. Mary B. Marks
Gregg & Caroline Marston
Mr. Tim McCoy
Ms. Linda M. McCullough
Ms. Laura Meegan
Richard & Anne Meirowitz
Ms. Brenna Melvin
Mericare, Inc.
Mr. Scott Miller
Mitchell & Diane Jacobs Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Morgan
Cathy Moritz & Bob Wadsworth
Mr. Dana Mosher
Mosher’s Men’s Store
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moskowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mruz
Ms. Pamela Murray
Peter & Laurie Nawrocki
New Hampshire Foundation
Newsboys Reading Room Assoc.
Ms. Kelly B. Niehoff
Donna & Lonnie Norris
Paradigm Properties
Parallax, Inc.
Maury & Kyle Peterson
Kevin & Anne Phelan
Philip Citron Charitable Foundation
Mr. Kevin Poultney
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Powell
Michael Price & Chego Zegarra
Ms. Martha C. Prybylo
Ms. Maureen A. Pudlo
Mr. Marc Resnick
Ms. Diana L. Richardson
Rinet Co.
Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ritter
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Ritzau
Mr. Joseph V. Roberto
Mr. Merton J. Rodman
Rodman Insurance Agency Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Romanow
Ms. Diane M. Rooney
Mr. John Russo
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Salwen
Ms. Katherine Sastavickas
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schwartz
Sei-Boston, LLC.
Mark & Jeannie Shionis
Robert & Sherry Shulman
Siegel Egg Co., Inc.
Mr. Gordon H. Silver
Mr. Eric Simard
Mr. Christopher A. Skilling
Mr. Richard Skinner
Mr. John S. Smiroldo
Sarah Steele Smith
Ms. Joanne B. Snider
Harold & Milly Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Souza
Elliot & Donna Spigarolo
St. Herman of Alaska
Mr. Larry Stifler
Mr. James Stoller
Mr. Matthew F. Sutton
Mr. Lenny Teperow
Mr. Harry Terp
The Briar Group
Kurt & Shari Therrien
Tofias PC
Trip Mate Ins. Agency
Mr. Raymond Tye
United Way of Delaware
Unlimited Promotions
Mr. Peter Valiando
Ms. Patricia A. Vega
W.A. Wilde Company
Ms. Clara Wainwright
Mr. Gerald M Walsh
Mr. Herbert Weingartner
Martin Wice & Cathy Freeman Wice
Paul & Debra Williams
Winway International
Mrs. Annette Wolfsteiner
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Yingling
Mr. Jack I. Zalkind
Mr. Daniel Zedek
Ms. Susan Zeiger
Mr. William A. Zucker
Friend $50 – $249
Abbott Action, Inc.
Hon. Herbert Abrams
Ms. Edna Achuff
Mr. Edward Acworth
Albert J. Welch Equipment Corporation
Alewife Commercial Associated
Mr. & Mrs. Alec J. Alexander
Ms. Jane Alix
Mr. Ralph Allen
Dr. Ricki S. Allison
Allston Brighton Area Planning
Mr. Malcolm D. Alter
Mr. Dana Angelo
Maddy August
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Badavas
Sandra & David H. Bakalar
Bank of Los Altos
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Baron
Mr. Roland S. Barth
Mindy C. Berman
Mr. Edward A. Bernald
Robert & Beverly Bernson
Ms. Marcia Bernson
Mr. & Mrs. James Bezreh
Reggie & Monica Bird
Ms. Paula Blachman
Mr. Curt Bletzer, Esq.
Bloom & Witkin
Mr. Mark Bloomstein
Mr. Ron Bloomstein
Mr. Steven A Blum
Charlie & Helen Boiardi
Ms. Patricia A. Bonnet
Mr. Mario Borseti
Boston Plumbing & Gas Fitting
Boston Police Activities League Inc.
Boston Sports Medicine, Inc.
Ms. Patrice A. Bova
Mrs. Alice Brauer
Mr. Richard Braverman
Ms. Phyllis Brawarsky
Mr. Eric B. Brenman
Mr. Julius Breslouf
Brighton Allston Congregational
Brighton Emblem Club No. 398
Brighton Lodge of Elks, 2199
Ms. Ann E. Briss
Mr. Robert Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Brown
Ms. Rona Buchbinder
Ms. Susan Buckey
C & C Associates
Gifford & Michele Campbell
Ms. Jennifer A. Cann
Francis & Sheryl Carberry
Carlo’s Cucina Italiana
John & Patricia Cashman
Ms. Lorraine C. Caulfield
Mr. Saul Chadis
Matthew & Carole Chaet
Mr. Robert C. Chakarian
Ms. Maria CJ Chaves
Ms. Susan Kay Chernilo
Darryl Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Close
Cobb Brothers Company, Inc.
Mr. Ron Cochran
Mr. Joel Cohen
Mr. Joel Gary Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Cole
Mr. Harris Coles
Mr. David S. Collins
Mr. Brian Conlon
Mrs. Dorothea Cornetta
Ms. Nancy L. Coughlin
Courtney G’s
Mr. Tom Craven
Mr. Ernest Crivellone
Ms. Mary Crivellone
Mr. Michael R. Cross
Mr. Todd C. Damon
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Dana
Mr. Stephen Dancey
Mrs. Marilyn Daniels
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davlin
Mr. John DeMarco
Frank & Donna DePrisco
Mr. Emmett Dermot
Rep. Sal DiMasi
Eastern Connection
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Egan
Dr. Michael Eidelman
Ms. Kerry C. Elinskas
Mr. Jim Engelbrecht
Mr. Daniel Epstein
Epstein/Carver Family Foundation
Mr. Hyman Escott
Mr. James Esty
Ms. Jennie T. Ferracane
Mrs. Vivian Fleitman
Mr. Jeffrey S. Forman
Dr. Fred H. Frankel
Ms. Laurel E. Friedman
Mr. Wally Furlong
Mr. Andrew T. Furlong
Jeffrey & Elizabeth Ganz
Mr. Paul Garber
Mr. Phillip Garber
Ms. Mary Christine Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gebhart
Mr. Arthur Geller
Mr. George A. Gilboy, Jr.
Ms. Jane C. Gilman
Mr. Bruce Gladstone
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Goldberg
Mr. Herbert Goodman
Mr. Steven M. Gordon
Mr. George Gordon
Thomas & Victoria Graboys
Mr. Evan Grace
Mr. Michael Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Greenfield
Mr. Marc T. Gromada
Mr. John E. Groman
Mr. Gareth Guarino
Mr. David S. Halle
Mr. Fred Handsman
Mr. Michael J. Hanlon, III
Mr. Frank Hatch
Ms. Diane Ruth Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. David Healy
Gerry & Jerry Heffernan
Mr. Daniel R. Heist
Hi-Tek Electronics, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Holenport
Ms. Ann Marie Holland
State Rep. Kevin & Mrs. Colleen Honan
Ramez & Sylvia Hourani
West End House Boys & Girls Club of Allston/Brighton | 2005 Donors
Mrs. Elizabeth Howard
Ms. Audrey Huang
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Hunter
Iron Workers Local Union #7
Jack Young Company, Inc.
Ms. Rita Jacobs
Mr. Neil Jacobs
Mr. Peter Jaffe
Mr. Eliot Jekowsky, M.D.
Mr. K.C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. John Juvalles
Sheldon & Bryna Kahalas
Ms. Susan Kahn
Mr. & Mrs. Irving Kalish
Rick Rayfield & Holliday Kane
Ely & Elaine Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. William Kates, Dr.
Edwin & Rosaline Kaufman
Mr. Edward Keefe
Mr. Leonard Kelliher
Ms. Margaret Kelly
Dr. Alexa Kemeny
Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kessin
Mr. Ronald Klingsberg
Dr. Marcel Korn, DMD
Ms. Lisa S. Krassner
Dr. Jeffrey Kublin
KVAssociates, Inc.
Ms. Carol Lane
Mr.& Mrs. Roland Lariviere
Mr. Daniel Leavitt
Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Leclair
Chaipel E. Leinster
Ken Lewis & Laura Allen
Mr. Nick Lewis
Ms. Natalie Lewis
Joel & Melanie Lipof
Walter & Ellie Lipsett
Roger & Beverly Litman
Mr. Vincent Logrippo
Mr. Donald Lombardi
Anthony & Barbara LoVuolo, Jr.
Ms. Christine Lucas
Mr. Mark Lustig
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lynch
Ms. Barbara McDonough MacDonald
Ms. Ruth Macolini
Ms. Jane Maimon
Ms. Dorothy Malmad
Ms. Ruth Maltzman
Mr. Rudy Mancinelli
Mr. Henry Isaac Mansour
Mr. Michael Marchand
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Marino
Mr. Robert Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Martin, Jr.
Mr. Ray Martin
Mattapan Car Wash, Inc.
Peter & Susan Mayo
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McCabe
Mr. Oisin McCarthy
City Councilor Jerry McDermott
Mr. Bernard McGary
Mr. Peter McGoldrick
Mr. John P. McGovern
Ms. Maryanne McKendall
Robert & Diane McManama
Ms. Judith Meguire
Mr. James T. Merrigan
Mr. John J. Messina
Mr. Christopher Meyers
Burt & Nesha Miller
Mr. Thomas Monerman
Mr. & Mrs. William Morlok
Ms. Barbara J. Morrison
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