Friday 20 February 2015

 Friday 20 February 2015 9:45 ‐ 10:15 Registration and refreshments Lower Level 2 Foyer Introduction 10:15 ‐ 10:30 Welcome to Country David Tournier Cultural Heritage Education Language Officer Wathaurong Aboriginal Co‐operative 10:30 ‐ 10:45 Welcome Professor Jane den Hollander Vice Chancellor 10:45 ‐ 11:00 Associate Dean (Research) Professor Chris Hickey 11:00 ‐ 12:00 Keynote Speaker David Pledger Costa Hall Access level 3 via stairs near registration area or take the lift from the main Waterfront entrance to level 4 and enter from there Independent artist and PhD student Working Lunch 12:00 ‐ 1:30 Candidates will be able to include the following activities during this period:  Poster presentations – presenting and viewing  Supervision meetings  Personal consultations with librarians ‐ ‐ confirmed Gallery space off John Hay Courtyard Research Video Snapshots – 3‐4 minute interviews filmed and edited for a YouTube playlist of HDR student projects and to expand students’ own ePortfolios. 1:35 ‐ 2:50 SCHOOL GROUPS The University librarians will also give a 15 minute presentation directly related to individual school requirements. All candidates will then deliver a 2minute thesis followed by group discussion. D2.193 D2.194 D2.211 D2.212 School of Education group 1 Dr Andrea Gallant School of Education group 2 Dr Amanda Mooney School of Communication and Creative Arts Dr Glenn D’Cruz School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr Costas Laoutides 2:50 – 3:10 Afternoon tea 3:15 ‐ 5:15 Lower level 2 Foyer Late Phase Candidate presentations – 20 minutes each with 10 minute discussion time D2.193 D2.194 D2.211 D2.212 D2.105 Dr Julie Rowlands A/Prof Bernadette Walker Gibbs Prof Trevor Gale Dr Katya Johanson Dr Costas Laoutides Natalie Robertson
An analysis of preschool children’s involvement in dramatic play Paul Lochland
Intelligibility, accentedness and emotional attitudes in English as a Lingua Franca Paul Belanger Into the Machine: Ideology mapping and electronic literature 3:15‐3:45 Margaret Perger A pedagogical response to the marginalisation of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) and their exclusion from learning. Junjie Su
Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) safeguarding in the context of tourism‐a case study of lijiang world heritage site, China Nhung Nguyen English learners’ autonomy, sense of self and motivation Peter O’Keefe
A mindful approach to visual arts pedagogy: ‘There are these two fish …..’ Kris Greaves
Australian practical legal training practitioners and scholarship of teaching and learning Catherine Sly A narratological investigation of Australian graphic novels for children and young adults. Michael Hatherell
Indonesia's National Parties and the representation of a diverse society Kismullah Language variability in leupueng in post‐tsunami context: Child language variation and parent language use Sharon Watson
Life‐Context Interactions and their Contributions to Postgraduate Distance Learning Gregg Weaver
Principalship as negotiated practice: a Bourdieuian analysis Kate Neely A complex adaptive systems understanding of water projects in international development Amanuel Elias
Measuring the economic consequences of racial discrimination 3:45‐4:15 4:15‐4:45 4:45‐5:15 6:45 – 10:15 Jarjani Usman Complexities of active learning implementation in higher education in Aceh: Beliefs and culture Robin Bellingham
Research writing chronotopes and constitutions of possibility Jerri Gray
Focussing on quality, forgetting about safety. A Case Study Trevor McCandless School Marketing: Using images to select students Summer School Dinner Michelle Summerton
Portable Domesticity: Home‐making in gold rush Victoria Deakin Waterfront Kitchen Saturday 21 February 2015 8:30 ‐ 9:30 Refreshments available for candidates and supervisors who wish to schedule meetings at this time D2.193 9:30 ‐ 11:00 11:05 ‐ 11:25 D2.194 Panel 1 – Publish and flourish Panel 2 – Understanding yourself as a researcher / Negotiating the research journey Prof David Cross A/Prof Katya Johanson Prof Andrea Witcomb Prof Trevor Gale Dr James Barry Dr Geoff Boucher Prof Andrea Nolan Morning tea Lower level 2 Foyer Workshops D2.193 11:30 ‐ 1:00 Archival research and interviews Dr Cassandra Atherton D2.194 The sensory, the sensible and making sense: Practice‐
led research and the exegetical writing for creative practitioners D2.211 D2.212 Preliminary coding of qualitative data Working with feedback A/Prof Andrew Singleton Dr Amanda Mooney Dr Andrea Gallant and Dr Jondi Keane 1:00 ‐ 1:50 Gallery space off John Hay Courtyard Lunch Reading groups (see program for group descriptions) D2.193 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 1a Group 1b A/Prof Bernadette Walker‐Gibbs‐ Narrative and Self‐Study: Implications of self in your study D2.194 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 2a Group 2b Dr Rea Dennis Walking, Imagining, Knowing: Perception and creativity in research D2.211 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 3a Group 3b Dr Renata Lemos Morais Material Ecologies: Post‐digital design and aesthetics D2.212 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 4a Group 4b Dr Samantha Balaton‐Chrimes‐ Agonistic democracy D2.106 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 5a Group 5b Dr Chengxin Pan Global Power Shift: What does it mean (for us)? D2.204 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 6a Group 6b Dr Antonia Pont The Liminal Space of Supervision: Thinking the private and public aspects of candidature via Richard Sennett
D2.205 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 7a Group 7b Dr Danielle Chubb Global agenda setting – activists, issues and strategies of influence D2.105 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 8a Group 8b A/Prof Lyn Harrison Postfeminism, Neoliberalism and subjectivity & Dr Claire Charles‐ D2.104 2:00‐3:00 3:05‐4:05 Group 9a Group 9b Dr Shaun Rawolle 2:00 ‐ 4:05 4:05 ‐ 4:20 Afternoon tea Selecting Social Theorists for your research Lower level 2 Foyer 4:25 – 5:15 Research Project – Prof Chris Hickey 5:25 ‐ 6:30 Drinks and Nibbles D2.193 Level 6 Sally Walker Building Sunday 22 February 2015 9:30 ‐ 10:20 10:20 – 10:50 'There and Back Again': A Non‐Hobbit's PhD tale of survival, reach, and visibility’ Dr Deb Waterhouse‐Watson Mental health and the PhD D2.193 A/Prof Helen Gardner 10:50 – 11:00 Morgan Burcher, PhD Candidate– University 3MT winner / Faculty runner up 11:00 ‐ 11:15 Morning tea Lower level 2 Foyer Workshops D2.193 11:15 ‐ 12:45 Preparing for colloquium Dr Andrea Gallant and Dr Amanda Mooney D2.194 D2.211 Thesis examination – demystifying the process Developing and writing an exegesis Prof Jack Reynolds Dr Glen D’Cruz D2.212 Being engaging from your bedroom: A practical workshop on communicating research online Dr Adam Brown 12:50 – 1:20 Plenary Question and Answer D2.193 Evaluation 1:20 ‐ 2:00 Lunch Lower level 2 Foyer