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1. Valentine Parties for Little Girls…………….………3
Princess Party
Alice In Wonderland Tea Party
Cupid Craft Party
2. Valentine Ideas for Boys……………………………… 5
Jungle of Love Safari Party
Make something for Mom
3. Father Daughter Valentines Dates………..………7
4. Valentine Parties for Teens……………………………8
5. Single’s Groups: Living the Single Life at
Valentine’s…………………………..………………………….. 10
6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun………………………….....12
7. Be Your Own Cupid…………………………………………13
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Valentine’s Day—It’s Not Just For Couples Anymore!
By: Karen Sullen
Valentine’s Day has always been a “lover’s” holiday, it’s true. But since love is not limited to
starry-eyed couples, it seems that there’s cause for plenty of other folks to enjoy the day as well.
According to Frank A. Clark, “A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.”
That’s why we need to shower each other with love from the womb to the tomb—not just on
Valentine’s Day. Shifting the focus away from romantic couples, we’ve uncovered some great
party ideas for people of all ages and walks of life. Kids, parents and children, friends,
classmates, single’s groups and the individual can all celebrate February 14th with these fun,
creative Valentine party ideas. So, get your cupid on, and let’s have some fun!
Valentine Parties for Little Girls
Whether over tea or mud pies, little girls love get-togethers. Plan one for Valentine’s Day with
one of these themes that would make any little girl feel loved.
Princess Party: Celebrate the princess within
with this fun party theme for girls. Let everyone
know to wear their best princess attire and
have a costume contest awarding the winner
with their very own royal robe, tiara and
scepter. Add in some other wardrobe accents,
like feather boas and high heel shoes, for a
great time playing a dress-up relay race.
Another game is to place a life-size picture of a
princess on the wall and have the girls play “Pin
the Tiara” on her. As a craft activity/party
favor, the girls can make and decorate their
own princess wand to take home with them. Finish the day by watching Princess Diaries or one
of the Disney “princess” movies. Although you might not want the princess party to end, finish
the story by giving fairytale favors to all the little princesses.
Alice In Wonderland Tea Party: This
theme is just made for girls who like to
party. A creative adaptation of the classic
story, you can bring it to life in your home
or garden with these tips from Lenny’s
Alice In Wonderland Site. Have your
invitation come from the Fish-Footman,
addressed “For The Duchess” from the
“Queen.” Of course, they mustn’t be lat
for this very important date. You can
even place a teabag or playing card in the
invitation for fun. If your budget allows,
rent costumes (like the ones in this photo
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from the Wonderland Tea Party at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort) for Mom and Dad to be the
Mad Hatter and Alice. From decorations and games to cupcake centerpieces and top hats, you’ll
find your inspiration at http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/mad-tea-party-ideas.html without
having to go down the rabbit hole to do it.
Cupid Craft Party: Kids love crafts! So why not combine the two for a fun party theme that
lets them make Valentine’s for their parents, themselves, the classmates, relatives and friends.
There are tons of great Valentine kid crafts on www.kaboose.com, but here are a few of my
Project #1: Valentine Barrettes: Girls can create these
beautiful Valentine's Barrettes as gifts for their friends,
or turn it into a fun Valentine's sleepover activity.
What you'll need:
Plain barrettes
Seasonal colored ribbon or yarn
Craft glue
Special buttons or beads
Lace, to add a bow
How to make it:
1. Wrap the ribbon or yarn around the barrettes. Glue the ends well.
2. Sew a special button or bead onto the barrette.
3. You may wish to add a lace bow to your barrette. Take a long piece of lace and tie it
into a bow, then attach to the barrette with glue.
4. Your imagination is the limit here - you can string beads onto the ribbon, add loopy
ribbon or glue on hearts, flowers or other doodads.
Project #2: Decorate Valentine Shirt: What
little girls wouldn’t adore this cute shirt?
This project is easy to make and oh so fun
to wear! They make great gifts too!
What you'll need:
Heart shaped foam stamps
Pink shirt
3D fabric paint tubes
Fabric paint in Valentine colors (or
Textile medium and acrylic paint)
Wax paper
Piece of cardboard
Cutting board or cookie sheet
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How to make it:
1. If you don’t have fabric paint to apply color to the stamps, you can use acrylic craft
paint mixed with textile medium. Use one part textile medium and 2 part acrylic
2. Tape a sheet of wax paper to a piece of cardboard large enough for your design.
Place the shirt flat onto cookie sheet (back side) or a flat cutting board. This gives
you a mobile work surface. Insert the cardboard into the shirt. This will protect the
back side of the shirt from paint seepage.
3. Paint each foam stamp generously with fabric paint. Alternate colors as you desire.
Press foam stamp carefully onto the shirt and press down gently. Lift stamp straight
up into the air to remove.
4. When you are finished stamping your design on, decorate the heart shapes with 3D
or puffy fabric paint tubes. Outlines look great and make your designs jump out.
You can also decorate the inside of the hearts like we did.
5. Carefully lift the entire project using your “mobile work station” (cutting board or
cookie sheet) and place in a safe spot to dry. Allow to dry overnight before wearing.
Follow direction on fabric paint bottles for best results. Wash and dry clothing
before painting, do not use fabric softener.
Textile medium can be purchased in the same aisle as the acrylic or fabric paints.
Foam stamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some even have cutout designs
like ours. They are available at any craft supply store.
Valentine Ideas for Boys
Although the focus for the holiday seems to always be on the women, boys need love, too!
Show them some love with these activities just for them.
Jungle of Love Safari Party:
Since Cupid is technically of the
male persuasion, there’s nothing
wrong with planning a party for
the boys. Instead of reds and
pinks in your decorations, this
jungle theme keeps the cuteness
to a minimum. If the weather’s
good, plan outdoor activities to
let them “go wild” and have some
good food ready for when the
natives get restless. A subtle way
to add a Valentine touch is with
some heart-shaped sandwiches!
Choose whatever fillings you like.
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Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter or cut out the heart with a paring knife. Be sure to have plenty
of goodie bags and games, like:
Jungle-themed inflatables
Bean Bag Toss
Guessing games
Valentine scavenger hunt
Elephant Peanut Relay (the first one to push a peanut over the line with their nose
Animal face painting
Make something for Mom: Valentine’s Day is a great time for
little boys to do something special for their “first love.”
Make a Valentine card
Write a poem
Sing a Love Song
Make a coupon book of “Love” that Mom can redeem
throughout the year (create your own or download pages
from ActivitiesForKids.com )
Fix breakfast in bed (depending on the age of the child)
Make a book of quotes about mothers and sons or the cute things kids say about their
Mom (see below)
Quotes about Mothers and Sons:
"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."
-- Cardinal Mermillod
"A boy's best friend is his mother."
-- Joseph Stefano
Cute things kids say about Mothers:
- Why did God make mothers?
1. She's the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
2. Mostly to clean the house.
3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.
- If you could change one thing about your Mom, what would it be?
1. She has this weird thing about me keeping my room clean. I'd get rid
of that.
2. I'd make my Mom smarter. Then she would know it was my sister who
did it and not me.
3. I would like for her to get rid of those invisible eyes on her back.
- How did God make mothers?
1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
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2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
3. God made my Mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger
Read more of these little gems at the Baby Talk Forum.
Father-Daughter Valentine Dates
Before girls start dating, I’m a firm believer that
their first “date” should be with their father. And,
Valentine’s Day is a great time to do it…provided
Mom won’t mind. It’s a fabulous way to show little
girls how they’re to be treated, shower them with
affection from their “lifetime love” and celebrate
the holiday in a different way. It’s just one of the
many ways that Dads can play Cupid for their little
sweethearts. Setting the standard for future
boyfriends and husbands, here’s what Dad can do
with their daughters:
Cook breakfast for the girls in your life (Mom included)
Place a Valentine card in her school bag
Take your daughter out for lunch or dinner
Place a single rose or a box of candy somewhere in the house for her to find
Tell her that you love her and why
Make “date night” a game night and spend some quality time together
Relive the good times and watch old family videos together
Go to a Father-Daughter Dance (check for activities held in your area)
You can also have an all-out love fest and spread the sentiment to someone else who may not
feel as loved as you. It’s a great idea called “Have A Heart Attack” from Wayne Parker of
About.com. I particularly like this one because it doesn’t exclude the sons and can be done as a
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He says, “One of my favorite Valentine's Day activities is called a heart attack. You and the kids
pick someone who needs to know they are loved—maybe a friend, a relative, or one of the kids'
friends-- and then you plan out the attack. Help the kids cut out lots of red construction paper
hearts and glue them onto wooden skewers. Then, in the dark of night, stick them in the front
yard of the person who is the subject of the attack. (If they don't have a front yard, use masking
tape to tape them to the front door.) The kids will appreciate the opportunity to do a secret
project for someone else and the attackee will have a much better Valentine's Day knowing they
were remembered.”
Valentine Parties for Teens
If you’re the parent of teens or tweens, you know they’re always looking for an excuse to hang
out. Make sure it’s a safe, non-sexual environment (gotta keep those hormones at bay) by
hosting a Sweetheart Ball for your kids. Whether you have it in the basement, recreation center
or at a hotel, it’s sure to be a memorable event, especially if you incorporate one of these party
Sock Hop: Relive a happier, simpler time with a
50’s party. Guys can come dressed in leather
jackets with jeans and loafers, while the girls can
where wide poodle skirts and cardigan sweaters.
Don’t forget to give a prize for the best dressed.
You can serve hot dogs and hamburgers with an
ice cream bar where they can build their own
sundae. If you do, this sundae candle would be a
fab favor.
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Sadie Hawkins Dance: With this party theme, the girls are in charge. Asking the guys to
dance instead of waiting to be asked will turn the tables on the fun. But don’t let the
power get the best of them. Set some ground rules, like not asking a guy if he’s clearly
at the party with a date. Sadie Hawkins Dances can be fun for the guys because they
now know who might be interested in them. If nothing else, it will help girls appreciate
how much nerve it takes to ask someone to dance, so maybe they won’t be so quick to
say no at the next party.
Dessert and Dance: Life is short, so serve dessert first! Create a unique dessert bar
with interesting treats, and throw in a cupcake or cookie decorating station so that
guests can make a sweet “valentine” for themselves or someone else. As far as the
dancing goes, if the budget won’t allow for a DJ, solicit a volunteer to create a mixed
tape of music or download a bunch of songs on an iPod. It won’t matter as long as there
are some good songs to dance to.
“Endless Love”: If you were around during the 80’s, you remember how popular this
song was when it came out in 1981. Use it as a retro party theme and have an 80’s oldschool party based on the popular song. You can even play 80’s trivia or a round of
“Name That Tune” featuring songs from that era. Pull out your parachute pants and get
ready to get down!
Have A Heart: This simple party theme only has
one requirement—that everyone wears heartcovered clothing and accessories. For this
traditional Valentine theme, only red, pink and
white will do. Look for every possible way to
accentuate the heart theme with heart
decorations, heart-shaped cake or cookies,
heart dance floor, heart invitations, and so on.
You can
even play
a round of
Hearts or
Candy Heart Bingo and give out these fun heartshaped calculators to all of the kids.
“You’ve Got Mail”: A spoof of the days before
IM, this interactive set up allows guests to leave
secret notes (yes, they actually have to write) for
each other on a message board. It’s email unplugged! Can’t you just hear the
excitement of your guests discovering they have a special message? But, so that no
one’s left with an empty “mailbox”, be sure to write a message for all the guests prior to
the party and place them on the board throughout the night.
With any of these Valentine party ideas, be sure to have a place for them to take pictures,
especially if they are dressed in character. This could be as simple as a basic backdrop or a
decorated arch or as elaborate as a photo booth. Keeping things fun and casual will likely be
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best for most teens. But, if you have a group that doesn’t mind dressing up, you can turn it into
a sweetheart ball or a mini-prom!
The great thing about hosting a teen party is that you don’t have to plan a lot of games or
activities. Typically, the opportunity to socialize with friends, dance and eat is all that’s
required…and, of course, a few chaperones!
Speaking of chaperones, here are a few other teen party tips from Denise Witmer to be sure
everyone is safe and has a good time:
Establish a list of who is invited and how many are allowed to come. Allow very few
exceptions to this list should things change a couple of days before the party.
Do not hold an 'open house' party, since 'party crashers' normally start trouble.
Dimming the lights is okay, but shutting them off is a no-no. Try using white Christmas
lights strung around the room, with more lighting at the food table.
No drinking or drugs should be permitted. Say it loud and clear, you will call the parents,
(or the police should things get out of hand), to pick them up should they show up
drunk, or should they bring alcohol to the party.
Don't hover, but do make frequent trips to the food table to refresh the chip bowl.
Keep the kids in one room, or area, of the house. This will help avoid wandering around
and 'losing' a few people.
Single’s Groups: Living the Single Life at Valentine’s
When February 14th comes, you don’t have to dread the day! Whether you’re recently
unattached or have been flying solo for a while, single’s groups and ministries offer a place for
you to connect and have fun, which is particularly helpful around Valentine’s Day. Abating the
message that if you’re alone, something is wrong or that V-Day is just for lovers, these groups
plan mixers, gatherings and events that keep the focus on fun.
Speed Dating: National
organizations like Meet Up and
Professionals In The City are
known for great networking and
great events. One intriguing
event that is perfect for
Valentine’s is Speed Dating. In
one fast and furious night,
participants get to spend six
minutes at a time with everyone
of the opposite sex in the room
that night. All they have to do is
keep track of who they like; and
then, after the party, pairs who
had a mutual match (meaning they both wanted to see each other again) will each receive a
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note from one another! Even if they don’t make a love connection, they will have fun meeting a
bunch of new friends.
Un-Lucky In Love Casino Night: If love
has dealt an unlucky hand, this fun theme
lets your guests hit the jackpot in a different
sort of way. Gather all your high rollers
together for a night of mock gambling with
a Casino Royale party. The stakes are high
and the risk is worth it when you can walk
away with cash and prizes. From Blackjack
to the Slots, you can rent everything you
need for a night of Vegas fun. Simply check
your local listing of party rental companies
that can set up the whole casino for you.
Decorate with oversized playing cards and
scatter casino chips along the tables. You
can even reserve tables or add special photos or messages with a Vegas place card holder. It’s
just one of the many decorations that guests can also take home as a Las Vegas party favor. At
the end of the night, guests can “cash in” their winnings for items in your “store”.
I'd Rather be Single Than With My Ex! (Ex-orcising party): When it comes to breaking up
and moving on, Taylor Swift says it best, “As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another picture to
burn!” Chances are, there are a lot of people out there at
the end of a bad relationship, too. Help them move on or
celebrate their freedom, with this outrageous party
theme from Party 411 that let’s them have a good oldfashioned “Ex-orcism.” It’s time to trade in the pity
parties and Chunky Monkey ice cream for a new kind of
release and lease on life. Instruct guests to bring old
remembrances of their ex-mates, such as stuffed animals,
clothing, photos, cards/letters, etc., to be indelicately
"discarded" in the manner of your choice at the party.
Have guests share their “Best of the Worst” story and play
a bunch of those "get on with your life" songs like, "I Will
Survive," "What's Love Got to do With it," and "It's My Party." That’s show ‘em!
Celebrate Singles Awareness Day: Wow—an
entire day to celebrate your singleness! For those
who know themselves, love themselves and don’t
need someone else to “complete” them, this fun
party theme lets them exude confidence and love
for the single life. Held on February 14th or 15th,
it’s entirely up to you, the goal of Singles
Awareness Day is to let singles have celebrations
and get-togethers (that aren’t romantically based)
to exchange gifts and hang out with their single
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friends. It reminds us that you don’t have to be in a romantic
relationship to feel loved or express love. The awareness day was
established by single people who were just sick of feeling left out
on Valentine's Day, and support of the day is growing every year.
Find out more on http://www.singlesawareness.com/.
Great idea, but it’s unfortunate that the acronym spells “SAD”—
not a good thing for singles.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
No man? No problem! A gathering of the girls is always plenty of fun on Valentine’s Day. Turn
it into a night of sisterly love by hanging out with your best friends. Go to a movie, take in a
concert, go to an amusement park or catch a play. Either way, it will be a great night for just the
girls. Here are our suggestions for some fun themes and girls’ night out favors:
I'd Rather be in Debt Than in Love (shopping
party): What do girls love to do most? Shop! So,
gather your best single friends together, go to the
closest mall and shop 'til you drop! According to
Party 411, a Valentine’s Day shopping spree is a
great time to take advantage of the specials and
deals as a gift for you. Take a break from the
shopping and gorge on fast food and yummy junk
from the candy store—don’t worry, it's only for
one day. At the end of the day, settle in for a
good chick flick whether at home or at the
movies. And if you decide you want to keep the fun going, turn it into a slumber party.
Relax, Relate, Release Spa Night: Nothing’s better
for a Valentine activity with the girls than some good
old-fashioned pampering. Rejuvenate your senses by
spending the day at the spa getting a massage, facial
and a manicure. Be adventurous and try something a
little different, like a new scrub or a mud bath. Check
your area for spa specials during the Valentine’s Day
weekend, and treat yourself to something wonderful. A
great way to remember your pampering party and to
remind them to relax is to give your girlfriends a
monogrammed manicure set or an eye mask that’s
perfect for sleeping late on the weekends or simply when you need a little extra beauty rest.
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White Elephant Gift Exchange: Everybody
knows that getting a gift is the best part of
Valentine’s Day. But, you don’t wait for some dude
to buy you gifts. Treat you and your girlfriends to a
White Elephant gift exchange. Here’s how it works:
1. Ask guests to each bring a wrapped, unmarked or
identified Valentine's Day or friendship-related
present for the exchange.
2. As guests arrive, stack all the presents in one
location until after dinner so guests can ooh and
ahh over the pretty packages while wondering what’s inside. But, be careful--looks can be
3. Have each guest pull a number out of a bag to determine who chooses their package in what
4. Here’s the twist: After the first person opens her gift, give the second player the option of
choosing a new gift or "stealing" the first player's item. If she opts for the first player's gift, the
first player gets to choose another gift to open. The third player can open a new present or steal
one of the first two gifts, and so on. Everyone will have a blast stealing and swapping all night.
But, don’t worry. Once a gift has been “stolen” three times, it’s out of commission for the
Be sure to set a dollar limit or range to be spent on the gifts.
To make it more interesting, choose a theme for the gifts, like gag gifts, music gifts, food
gifts, etc., and get ready to have some White Elephant fun!
Be Your Own Cupid!
Go on…Have a love affair with yourself! It has
been said that “If you don’t love you, how can you
expect others to love you.” So, take Valentine’s
Day as a day of self love. Pamper yourself, treat
yourself, improve yourself, empower yourself and
just be good to yourself. Here’s how:
Shop ‘Til You Drop! There’s nothing like a
pair of new shoes or a new outfit to put a
little pep in your step. For many women (and
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men for that matter), planning a mini shopping spree with just you and your credit card
is an easy way to treat yourself and have fun. You could even shop for a snazzy new
outfit a few days before the 14th, and unveil your “Cupid Couture” on Valentine’s. Just
remember to set a spending limit so you don’t regret it later.
Take a class: Love yourself by improving
yourself. Admit it. Everyone has one or two
things they’d like to work on. This Valentine’s,
improve yourself by learning a foreign
language, brushing up on your computer skills,
learning to paint or anything else that would
increase your experience, knowledge,
awareness and make you an all around better
Go on a personal retreat: Planning a
getaway just for yourself could be just the
thing you need to revitalize the senses and do
something nice for you. I took one at the
beginning of the New Year to set goals and focus on me. And, there’s no reason why you can’t
do that at Valentine’s, especially if you’re in a place that has some fun things to do after all that
introspection is done. It doesn’t matter whether you pick a far away place or book a room
downtown, the change of scenery will do you good. Alice Suh of the www.BnBfinder.com
suggests planning a charming escape to a bed and breakfast. Much more cozy than a hotel, you
can see a piece of Americana while staying at one. If you do, you might want to take advantage
of one of the Valentine specials, like this Love-Yourself Special, listed on the site.
Sweet Revenge – Don’t let an ex dampen your mood. At Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast in
New Orleans, Louisiana, you’re sure to perk right up with the “Breaking Up is So Very
Hard To Do” package. Designed to let you get over your ex-special someone, the
package includes a three nights stay, welcome bag of shopping coupons, Mardi Gras
beads, a Southern Comfort souvenir, a copy of “He’s Just Not that Into You,” two pints
of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, one hour massage at a local spa and a voodoo doll with
pins and permanent marker. (Looks like they’ve thought of everything!)
Check out the B&BFinder to locate other packages offered from B&B’s across the US.
Buy yourself some flowers: Whether you send them to
the office or fill your home with them, flowers have a way
of brightening the day and nurturing your soul. Keep
them at the office or take them home to use as a floral
centerpiece, you can let their beauty and aroma delight
your senses because you’re definitely worth it.
It’s Your Day…Do what you love! Whether you fancy
gardening, going to the movies, eating out, watching a
show on Broadway or just curling up with a good book,
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this is a great time to spend the day just doing you. How many times to we get to do that!?
Break those bad habits: We all have things we do that
we really shouldn’t. Let Valentine’s Day be the beginning
of a brand new you. Leaving that bad attitude,
procrastination, tardiness, impatience or other illtempered behavior in the past, make a commitment to
yourself to be a better person.
Get a new do—hairdo, that is! It’s been said that a
woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Make sure yours
looks its best by treating yourself to a trip to the hair
salon. Whether you’d like to get some cut off, have some
added in or try a different color, a new look can boost
your image and give you a new attitude.
As you can see, from kids to grown-ups, there are plenty
of ways to celebrate this season of love. Valentine’s
Day—it’s not just for couples anymore!
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