God talks to Samuel

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God talks to Samuel
Week 3
Theme:: God wants to talk to us.
Gotcha: The children sit in a circle with one child in the centre. On your command, one child will
call out the name of another child. That child in turn calls out another child’s name and so on. The
child in the middle tries to tap the named child on the shoulder before they have a chance to name
someone else. If they succeed, these two children swap places.
Letters: The children sit in a circle. One child (the postman) walks around the outside of the circle
carrying a letter. The postman will drop the letter in another child’s lap and run round the circle.
The child gets up and tries to catch the postman before they get back to their place. If the
postman gets back first the chasing child become the postman.
Simon Says: The group stands in front of a leader. The leader gives instructions e.g. ‘arms in the
air’, ‘run on the spot’ etc. If the leader says ‘Simon says’ in front of the instruction the children
must do it. If not they don’t.
Introduction: Get the children to tell you ways in which we communicate with each other. You
could show objects or pictures of things such as phone, letter etc.
Story 1Samuel 3 v 1-10. Tell the story or if you like get one child to lie on the floor pretending to
be asleep, a short distance from the others. As you tell the story, get the children to call out,
“Samuel, Samuel” when God calls him. Tell the children once Samuel could hear God, God
continued to speak to him and used him to do many great things.
Memory Verse: 1Samuel 3 v 10. "Speak, your servant is listening." Chinese whispers. Sit in a
circle and whisper the verse to the child sitting next to you. They whisper it to the next child and so
on all the way round the circle back to you. Will it be the same?
Application: Ask the children to tell you how God communicates with us. The most common
way is the Bible. The words in the Bible are God's very own words. We learn from the Bible about
what God wants us to do. We learn who God is and about how much He loves us. He speaks to
us through the Bible. The more we read and learn the more we get to know God. God also speaks
to us through other people, dreams and visions.
Prayer: If your children sit in a circle maybe this week they could pass a Bible around. If not
perhaps you could get the children to write their prayers on pictures of ears and stick them on a
large picture of a Bible. See resources.
Craft: You may like to choose which craft to do depending on the children you have in your group.
See resources.
Resources: Craft, ear pictures and fun sheet.
Song: “Ho Ho Holy Spirit”
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Week 3
God talks to Samuel.
God talks to Samuel - Craft
Week 3
God talks to Samuel - Craft
Week 3
God talks to Samuel - Craft instructions
Week 3
Make a picture of Samuel waking up and saying,
"Speak, for your servant is listening."
What you will need: Crayons, tape, card, a knife and scissors.
What to do:
1. Before Kingsquad print out the picture of Samuel in bed and the faces for
Samuel. There are two faces per page so print out one faces pattern for every
two Samuel pictures.
2. Cut out the faces pattern and tape the tab to the bottom of the pattern where
indicated. Use a knife to cut open the lines on the Samuel in bed pattern.
3. Have the children colour the picture and then weave the faces pattern into the
Samuel in bed pattern. Start from the back of the Samuel picture. Place the top of
the faces pattern through the bottom slit and bring it up through, and then put it
back through the next slit, right above the slit you just put it through. Then bring it
up through the next slit and back through the next slit and up through the top slit.
4. Show the children how to pull up the tab to reveal Samuel's sleeping face and the
words, "Samuel, "Samuel." and then pull the tab up some more to see Samuel
waking up and answering God with the words, "Speak, for your servant is listening."