Then we have those who are 21 and over, who have spent their lives dreaming about their
music and trying to break into the music industry but have no support or music network
to learn and interact with. You may be a great vocalist, but can’t find a band, a killer guitar
player who needs a vocalist, you get the gist.
These two groups are running the same program, but on different nights and times.
There comes a time for some talented people when music becomes more than a hobby. A
time when that gift is ready to be shared. A time when that bathroom door must be flung
open and you need to step onto the stage.
Many things separate man from the animals, our ability to accessorize is one of them, and
music is definitely the other. This is for those of you who feel your time has come.
Lone Star Digital Media’s “Studio of Rock Program”, was created for people just like you. You
have taken the lessons, made your fingers bleed in practice, and are ready for the next step.
Here it is.
Our Studio program was created for musicians just like you. It is manned by musicians just
like you… and shared by musicians just like you.
The Studio of Rock is not a school, nor is it a playground… it is a serious studio where serious
musicians meet, collaborate and jam together to create music that’s ready to release.
Our group of 30 new members will have their first “get together” night in our sound stage.
We will enjoy pizza, and get to know everyone. Our instructors, audio engineers, producers
and videographers will all be there and will go over their role in the studio and how they will
work with you. You will also be given a complete tour of the studios by the director of each
studio. Then those that will coach you, will prove they have the skill by getting on stage and
letting you see what they’ve got.
Then you will do the same. You will stand up and introduce yourself, tell the group your skill,
what you want to do with it, and if the mood hits you, just show them and take the mic or
plug in and give a demo, the choice is yours.
This first night will take about 3 hours. Hopefully by the end of the first night we will all have
a better understanding of where we all want to be and then the producers take over and
start to put groups together to create some magic.
There are many great places you can go to take lessons; some will even put you on a stage
to play in a mock band… The Studio of Rock program is the next evolution, and just as in
the real world, here you have to earn your place. Paying a fee to join will not get you in the
club, in fact you must audition in front of real musicians and producers to even be offered
the opportunity to participate, and many will not make the grade.
After that first night, we will all meet again every week for the same 3 hours in the studio.
Some to play in the sound stage, some will record, some will Jam out on their own, others
may be creating a video, or having cover art produced in the photo studio. The schedule
will be long and full on. Each week you will spend 3 hours in the studio on one night, then 2
hours in the studio getting one on one from your coach on another night, or getting filmed
or photographed. Commitment is the key to completing the Studio program. That’s 5 hours
of studio time each week.
Every 3 months we will have auditions to select 30 talented musicians, guitarists, bass
players, drummers, keyboard players, and vocalists. From these auditions we will select a
diverse mix of only 30 to join the Studio of Rock.
Three months down the road you will have your first single or demo recorded, a music video
will be created, your photo would have been taken and the final products will be released
to the world. We will create a kickstarter program for each band or solo artist, post the video
and audio recording on iTunes, and release you to the world. If you’re really fantastic, you
may even end up with a recording contract.
These 30 talented musicians will start down that next path on their musical journey. They
will work with our Audio Engineers, our musician instructors, and our vocal coaches. Oh
yeah, we mean work. You will learn music production, collaboration, enhanced training in
your specific craft, in a real recording studio environment.
The Studio of Rock takes place in a real studio. We have two complete recording studios, two
practice or jam rooms, a full sound stage equipped for a band of 6 and enough room for 30
people to watch. We have a fully built-in 26 foot green screen cyclorama wall video studio
and a full built in 26 foot white cyclorama walled photography studio, and two control
rooms all acoustically treated and equipped with everything you need to practice, work
and release that very first single, music video or album.
Its simple, first you send us a bio on you (a link to a selfie video is fine). Tell us what
instrument you play (yes vocals is an instrument). You tell us how long you’ve been playing,
tell us what your dream looks like, in other words, if you want to form a band, be a lead
singer, or sit in the back and hit the skins. You email that along with a link to a video or sound
cloud recording of you doing your thing, the first stage is that easy.
Now comes the tougher part. We will review all the submissions, and then we will respond
back to everyone, yes everyone with our decision. That may be “we want to have to come
in to audition”, or We’re sorry, not this time”. But remember, rejection is a big part of the
business, we all must learn to deal with the fact that sometimes we don’t make the grade
or we are simply not what the producer is looking for, learning not to take it personally is as
important as learning to master your instrument. This is when the best performers, dig in
and try again, so don’t be despondent or give up if we say no this time.
If you get the invitation to audition, you are on your way and have passed one of the
biggest hurdles. There will be a date and time set for you to audition. You will be given 3
minutes in front of our panel… that’s it 3 minutes. You can use it all or if you can convince
us in 2, great. In that time you have to convince our panel you are ready. As in real life, there
are no do overs, no second chances, and no assistance. You will make it on your own, or you
wont, so come prepared to do your best. Just a hint, messing up the lyrics, having an untuned guitar or being late, will prove to be a costly mistake.
At the end of the auditions, we will notify everyone within a day or two, as to our decision,
yes or no. If you don’t make it, you can try in another 3 months, if you do, now the real
work begins. We will let you know the program dates and times, and schedule our first get
together so you can meet the others that made the cut and those who will work with them.
Is the program open to everyone at any age you ask…
Well the short answer is yes, but there are two groups.
One group will be for those aged 14-19. This is for those very talented younger musicians
who have demonstrated they have a natural gift and want to expand their craft in a safe and
managed kid friendly environment.
Then to close out the program, you will have your live GIG. On a real stage, in a real venue.
All 30 playing and doing their thing on stage in front of a real crowd. The lights will be
shining on you. While you are doing your thing on stage, our video production team will be
producing a concert video of the entire event.
So all this, every week, all these people, all this equipment and time… it must cost a fortune
right? Yes it does, but fortunately, not for you. The total cost for a Studio of Rock participant
is $400.00 per month for three months. That’s it. No hidden fees, no added surcharges,
nothing. 5 hours of studio time a week, a single, a video, photography, cover art, and a
concert with video launched to the world on iTunes all for $400.00 per month.
Now let’s all understand, you can buy more studio time, more video time, more anything.
That’s up to you. If we have unblocked space in the studios and you wish to utilize it, as a
Studio of Rock member you can at a substantially discounted rate. But that is totally up to you.
LSDM Executive Producer: David Mack
David has more than 25 years of hands on experience in Marketing and Media production.
As our Executive Producer, David is primarily responsible for the overall management of the
studios and its programs.
LSDM Music Director: Solomon Barr
LSDM Video Director: Hobie Thompson
LSDM Studio Director: Michael Woods
LSDM Producer: Nick Zmuda
LSDM Associate Producer: Shanna Jackson
SOR Program Manager: Michael Womack
SOR Vocal Coach:
SOR Guitar Instructor:
SOR Keyboard/Piano Instructor:
SOR Music Instructor:
SOR Audio Technician:
As a side note, all our staff have been background checked, drug tested (and that continues
at random) and vetted. We have a zero tolerance policy for any use of alcohol, drugs,
tobacco or profanity by any staff member when children are present or in the building. Also
every area of our entire studio is monitored by video camera at all times the studios are in
operation, and transmitted to the cloud for additional security. Now when minor children
are not in the building, we may forgive some colorful language or the occasional tobacco
break (outside) but that’s about it, after all we are talking about musicians and artists.
At the Studio of Rock, we understand the different types of artist and
what they need to create their magic.
It takes a special set of skills to bring out the best in a musician. In
addition to technical and musical expertise, you must have experience
in adapting to the various situations in a recording environment. The
goal of “Studio Production” is to teach students to develop an expert
ear for quality and learn how to achieve their full potential with some
knowledge as to how to mix, eq and master recordings. This class will
include Pre and Post Studio Basics, Gear Technology, Tracking Mixing
and Mastering Basics that allows the students to form an educated
opinion of their own work and what they feel is needed to improve it
both during recording and in Post Production.
We have instrument artists, vocalists and recording geniuses. Whilst the
end goal and craft of these different type of artist are worlds apart, they
do however share a common platform.
We will teach and encourage each artist in their specific craft, yet will
expand their skills by exposing them to the rest of the industry norms,
and teach them how to navigate through the music production and
release systems to be better prepared for a career in music.
The goal of “Song Writing 101–103” is to teach the proper techniques
for composing a song that communicates your lyrics properly. It is also
designed to help musicians understand the song structure and deliver
the proper “Hook” (The part of a song that people remember)
Here at “Studio Of Rock” as a musician you chose one instrument you
major in but there is no limit to how many instruments you want to
minor in. “Major and Minor Courses” will further your Talent in those
specific instruments with the help of our talented teachers, coaches
and those talented musicians here at The Studio Of Rock.
The goal of the this section is to help music students master the basic
components of musical craft; to assist in hearing the music they are
trying to write; and aid writers in notating music they have composed
or arranged. It is also designed to help performers develop their
musical vocabulary; and to assist listeners in understanding the music
they are hearing.
The goal of “Instrument Tracking & Jamming” is to teach the
principles of multiple layer tracking, playing to click, tasteful writing
and learning to work with other musicians to develop and record an
album or single.
This simple but hands on program will teach the artist the ins and outs
of preparing their work for public consumption. It will also teach the
dos and don’ts. Using the television interview scenario, the artist will
learn to work with media professionals. This program is designed to
enable the artist to talk about and present their work comfortably and
with ease.
The goal of “Vocal Training” is to teach vocal fundamentals like proper
breathing, control, proper warm-up, and vocal inflections for varying
musical styles.
The goal of “Studio Vocabulary” is to teach the proper recording
terms and procedures so that in any recording or studio environment
the artist can understand what is going on and communicate their
objectives and desires in an effective manner.
The goal of “VMT” is to teach the different types of mics, their properties
and the proper application and placement of the mics depending on
the type of recording, the instrument, and location.
This program is quite self-explanatory. The students will work with our
video and film crews to produce their first music video. This real-world
experience will teach them the fundamentals of video production and
studio photography sessions so they can become comfortable during
future productions. This best face forward program is something every
artist must master in todays video and image driven world.