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Joe Sernio – Actor – 2011 Press Kit
AFTRA (469130) – SAG Eligible
Height 6’1 – Weight 190
[email protected]
Joe Sernio
Height: 6’1
Weight: 190
Hair: Black
Eyes: DK Brown
AFTRA Member
(SAG Elligable)
[email protected]
(201) 888-7376
2011 Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award For Acting
Compulsive – The Series ( In Production)
Mourning on Charlotte St. (Post Production)
Blue Collar Boys (Pos t Production)
The Roadhouse
Repetition Of Change
Spinning Into Butter
All My Children “2008” (current)
All My Children “2008”
Wicker Hollow Music Video
Haunting Evidence “2008”
“The George Allen Smith Story”
Rescue Me “2008”
As The World Turns “2008”
As The World Turns “2008”
As The World Turns “2007”
As The World Turns “2007”
Hope and Faith “2007”
Love Monkey “2006”
Love Monkey “2006”
Love Monkey “2006
Chris Donner - (Lead)
Lorenzo (Lead)
Coach Tom Galloway
Joe Nuzzo – (Lead)
Detective Cavallo-(Supporting)
College Student
Lightning Films
Freedom Land Films
Priceless Productions
Silent Sea Productions
Lightning Films
Lightning Films
Director Mark Brokaw
ICU Orderly – Recurring U5
ICU Orderly – Recurring U5
George Allen Smith – (Lead)
Donut Shop Customer (Featured)
Old-Town Patron
Al’s Diner / Oldtown Patron
Student (Featured)
Student (Featured)
College Student
Phil (TRL Stage Manager)
Phil (TRL Stage Manager)
Stand-in (Tom Cavanaugh)
FX / Canterbury Productions
Tru TV / Court TV
Several Commercials Available upon request
“The World’s Best Short Films” 2008
“The Wiseguy Show” SIRIUS
“The World’s Best Short Films” 2009
Lead Host
Guest / Interview
Lead Host
Dir. Doug Leclair
Vinny Pastore / Steven Van Zandt
Dir. Doug Leclair
Several Print ads available upon request
Spent Grace
Lenny (Supporting)
Vinny Pastore
Workshops Available Upon Request
On-Camera Intensive - AC
Scene Study / On Camera Training – Bob Mcandrew Studios
Meisner Technique & Improvisation – The Ted Bardy Studio
Scene Study\Improvisation –Glen Vincent
Weekly One-On-One Training – Ted Bardy
Scene Study – On Camera Training – Lisa Regina
Special Skills Or Hobbies
** Award Winning Films ** *** 2011 Winner of The Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award for Acting ***
Deep voice, Brooklyn accent, non-brooklyn accent, Model, Actor, Restaurant Owner/Manager, Computer Skills such as
networking, Technical Support, website design, Promoting Sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, biking, jogging, swimming,
cars, Construction, Handyman work, fishing, cook, NJ Drivers Lisc, Voice Over, Host
Joe Sernio has always wanted to be an actor and has been making his dream come
true for the past 7 years.
More than a handsome face, New Jersey native Joe Sernio has two degrees in
Computer Networking and Technical support from The Chubb Institute. Within one year
of working as an MIS (management Information systems)
coordinator for The Tolly Group, he was promoted to
Administrator and ran a team of 5 network controllers.
Joe’s father, who had been a partner in a restaurant in
Jersey City, passed away tragically at only 44 years old,
after a brief bout with cancer, which forced Joe out of
the computer field and into the a role as restaurant
manager. This led to a position in New York with Marc
Echo Enterprises as a software engineer.
While in New York, Joe decided to take acting classes at
The Ted Bardy Studio for dramatic arts. He worked his 9-5
in New York, attended acting school from 6-9, then took
care of the restaurant on his off time. Here he met
broadcast professional Lori Draz, who introduced him to
veteran character actor Vinny Vella (Sopranos, Casino).
Vinnie hosted a Tuesday Night networking party for actors and industry pros called
Vinnie's Night Out and he quickly became friends with Lilo Brancata (a Bronx tale) and
many other artists, and agents in the area. After only a few months Joe was signed to
an agency and quickly starting working on the show "Love Monkey" with Jason Priestly,
and Tom Cavanaugh. Joe began doing extra work, moving up to stand-in, eventually
leading into the part of Phil (a TRL stage manager on the show).
He worked with more coaches such as Bob Mcandrew and Lisa Regina. Joe was
featured in Stuff magazines national article "The Real Goodfellas" a popular print ad
that is still viewed today.
He also had a re-occurring regional role in print and TV as
"The Bentley Diamond Guy".Joe starred in two independent
Films "Repetition of Change" and The Roadhouse". He
worked alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in a featured role as
a college student in "Spinning into Butter" and has appeared
on As the World Turns, Hope and Faith, as well as several
commercials including Verizon Wireless, and Popeye’s
Chicken playing the role of “Togo Joe”.
Joe's most recently had a recurring U5 role as Joe the ICU Orderly on ABC's “All My
Children”. He landed the lead role in Tru TVs (also Court TV) "Haunting Evidence"
playing a real person by the name of George Allen Smith, which investigated the
questionable death of honeymoon cruiser
George Smith.
He appears live too, serving as host for "A
Night of The World's best Short Films" alongside
Vincent Pastore.
Joe has been written up in several papers
including The Asbury Park Press, and Jersey
Journal, and the Coast Star, just to name a
few, as well as interviewed on New York Rocks
TV, The Vinny Vella Show, as well as in
Connecticut papers interviewing about playing the role of their hometown Resident
George Allen Smith on Haunting Evidence. Joe was also nominated for The Robert
Pastorelli Rising Star Award in 2009 at the Garden State Film
Festival, where his feature film “The Roadhouse” went to win
Best Feature Film/Viewers Choice. Joe recently started some
Theater in New York City with Friend Vincent Pastore.
On his off time Joe donates his time to several cancer
foundations such as The Ashley Lauren Foundation, and The
American Cancer Foundation, he also works with The Arthritis
Foundation and other non-profit organizations anytime he
Some of Joe’s mentors include his mom, his grandfather, the
late Carroll Raver, Vinny Vella, and his father Joe Sernio Sr.
Recently Joe has won The Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award For Acting. Winners of the
Pastorelli award are painstakingly chosen for talent in acting, determination and
quality of character.
"He brings a natural, charismatic manner to each scene. His look, nuances and
delivery reminds one of the great James Dean." ~ Artie Pasquale, Actor {The
His dedication to the craft along with his positive interaction with the director, fellow
actors, producers, writer and crew was nothing short of incredible. We certainly got
the best actor when we selected Joe for the role.” ~ Gary Gredell Producer/Writer,
Freedom land Films
“This guys on first base, going to second coming around third, and he’s gonna make a
home run because he is on his way to a great career”. ~ Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore
"Joe is a talented young actor and a joy to work with. He has become one of my favorite actors. We all will
be seeing a lot from this kid...Trust me!" ~ Frank M Calo, Producer/Director, FMC Productions
"Joe's natural feel on camera, and television sets him close to some of the well known performers"
~Actor Vinny Vella (Casino, Sopranos)
"Sernio's performance delivers intensity, provocation and feel his acting, its visceral...the next
generation of great actor has arrived and the standard has been set high..."
~Cynthia Cappuccio President/CEO, Williams Gabriel & Company Management
I was bedazzled by his professionalism, talent, and rave reviews. I believe he is the next John Leguizamo, only
better!! ~Donna Bostany, Actor SAG, AFTRA, AEA
"Joe Sernio's on-screen presence, dedication and passion for his craft are a combination that leaves this
actor with an extraordinary future." ~Tim Aumueller- President, WGM
Management Solutions
"Sernio has come a long way, since he first began his career, his love for the
“world of acting” and his desire to bring to fruition these mesmerizing
characters, is something the general public can gear themselves up to watch."
~ Joe Calamito- Press Article 2009
"His method is one to be appreciated by any director, and his true passion for
acting shows in his performances" ~ Lightning Films
“An actor who knows how to bring true emotion on to the screen.” ~ Evelyn
Bonilla - Observer
"Joe Sernio gives another commanding performance! We look forward to great things from him in the future!"
~ Diane Raver Executive Director the Garden State Film Festival
"An amazing on screen presence, and by far one of the most dedicated actors I have ever worked with"
~ Nick Pavano / On Edge Entertainment
"Actor Joe Sernio delivers an intense, commanding performance. “ (The Roadhouse)
~ Lori Draz Garden State Film Festival
The Coast Star
“Belmar’s Sernio an up & coming actor,
pursues his passion with persistence”
The Riverview Observer
“The Roadhouse Comes Alive
in a Lightning Films Productions”
The Coast Star
“Sernio goes from television
to the web with a new series”
Soap Centreal
“Soap Central speaks to Joe Sernio – A day in Pine Valley
Hospital - All My Children”
Currents Magazine
“Currents Sis with Actor Joe Sernio”
Asbury Park Press /
“His last days at Pine Valley, Sernio says
goodbye to All My Children”
Joe Sernio
Joe Sernio – The Roadhouse 2009
2009 Viewers Choice for Best Feature – The Garden State Film Festival
Joe was also Nominated for The 2009 Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award
Joe Sernio – My Brother’s Keeper
Freedom Land Films 2010
Joe Sernio – Compulsive The Series 2010
Joe Sernio
18 Springbrook Drive
Jackson, NJ 08527
(201) 888-7376
[email protected]
Best Way to Contact = Phone or Email
Alyson Shwartz Management
New York , NY
(201) 888-1493
[email protected] or [email protected]
Official Website –
Facebook –
MySpace –
Internet Movie Database (IMDB) –
New York Castings –
Video and Reel available upon request.
Height = 6’1
Weight = 190 lbs
Eyes = Dark Brown
Hair – Black
Build – Athletic
Shoe Size - 12
More information can be obtained by using either the contact information or the social
networking websites above. Videos, Clips, and or reel are available upon request.
Thank you for your time in reviewing my information.
Joe Sernio – Asbury Park New Jersey