MSFP Newsletter, Vol 2, Issue-4

MSFP Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue-4 , October –December 2014
Inside this issue
Multi Stakeholder Dialogue on
Sustainable Forest Management
MSFP Initiated Road Corridor
Thematic Programme Started in 10
district through NGO Implementing Agency
Reflection and Review Workshop
on MSFP Innovation Fund Project
Exchanges and Visits
Case Study
Domestication of Chiraito Improved Livelihood
MSFP organized a review workshop of
its NGO Implementing Agency (IAs)
from 19-20th Oct. 2014 in Pokhara.
MSFP center and cluster team, Area
Programme Manager and Focal Person
from each MSFP implementing agency
across 6 cluster were present in the workshop.
The field visit was conducted to Bhadkhore Community Forest in Parbat district on 19th Oct. to observe the activities implemented by MSFP-LIBIRD. The
workshop method included presentation,
and group work.
The main focus of the workshop was to
develop a cost extension framework of
IAs. Group work was done on 6 different themes; i) Scope of the Programme,
ii) Implementation Modality, iii) Institutional Setup and HR, iv) Planning and
Monitoring, v) Finance and Budget and
vi) Partner’s Role to provide guideline
for the cost extension frame work. The
key steps and tentative time line for the
cost extension were also planned in the
Multi Stakeholder Dialogue on Sustainable Forest Management Held
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Services Support Unit
As a part of MSFP Innovation Fund Project, Community-based Forestry Supporters' Network (COFSUN) carried out a
second round of ‘Multi Stakeholder
Green Media Dialogue on Sustainable
Forest Management’ on 12th Nov. 2014.
In the event, Mr. Dil Bahadur Khatri
(Forestry Expert) gave small startup
presentation on the topic. The panelists in
the dialogue programme were Mr. Ghana
Shyam Pandey (Advisor-Federation of
Community Forest) and Mr. Krishna
Pokharel (Director General-Community
Forestry Division-MFSC). Around 60
people from civil society organisations,
academic institutions, government organisation participated in this multi stakeholder dialogue. The dialogue was very informative and lively. Representative from
community forestry groups and collaborative forests also shared their
experience and understanding on the
subject matter.
This dialogue programme was also
telecasted on Sagarmatha TV on 29th
November 2014, at 6:30 pm.
COFSUN will soon carry out another
dialogue programme on other burning issues in forestry sector.
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Volume 2, Issue-4 ,
MSFP Newsletter
October –
MSFP Initiated Road Corridor Plantation
ECARDS Nepal has initiated a green road programme through road corridor plantation in
Okhaldhunga, Ramechhap and Khotang districts. The main objective of the programme is
to promote greenery in road sides slopes contributing to livelihood improvement of the local
people in the long run.
The plantation was done on 45 Km along road
corridor between 250 meter on both sides of the
road in potential area along Rampur-PrapchaShreechaur road corridor in Okhaldhunga district, Khimti-Namadi-Betali road corridor in
Ramechhap and Hurlung-Aiselukharka road corridor in Khotang district. Massive plantation was
done in private, community and public land
along the road corridor under the leadership of
Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Committee (AFEC).
Total 597912 seedlings of different species of
Fruits, Bamboo, Alainchi, Amriso, etc were
In total it will benefit 1192 households along the road corridor in all 3 districts.
The species were selected in close consultation with local
farmers residing along road sides. This initiative is expected
to contribute towards climate change, control soil erosion
and promote participatory environment conservation practice.
Thematic Programme Started in 10 district through NGO Implementing Agency
Three new non government organization has started MSFP implementation in 10 additional districts. These new implementing
agencies includes Forward Nepal, Sundar Nepal Sanstha and
ENPRED Nepal which will be separately implementing activities under the theme of forest based enterprise promotion and
climate change adaptation. As a part of start up activity MSFP
organized a day long orientation in Kathmandu on 27th Nov,
2014. The programme was organized to build common understanding on key approaches of MSFP, reporting and financial
requirements and clarity on specific theme. With this orientation, the IAs are now better informed about the operational aspects of the MSFP themes and has developed a common understanding on the programme, its objectives and implementation
procedures. It is expected to ensure efficient and effective delivery of programme in the ground.
MSFP Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue-4 ,
October –December
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Reflection and Review Workshop on MSFP Innovation Fund Projects
Twenty eight different innovative projects are being implemented under MSFP innovation fund which are at the
middle stage of piloting/testing. MSFP organized a day
long review and reflection workshop on innovation fund
project on 17th Dec.2014 in Lalitpur. The main objective
of the workshop was to bring clarity on the innovation of
the projects and reflect and review the progress made by
In the event, 14 innovation fund project shared their innovative concept and progress. It is expected that each innovation fund project will produce knowledge base useful
for whole forestry sector. In order to bring the uniformity
in the knowledge product produced by innovation fund
project, MSFP shared the knowledge product outline with
them. This is a first round of workshop which included
only 14 out of 28 innovation fund projects. The second
round of workshop will be held soon.
Exchanges and Visits
A visit made from DFID to MSFP Western Terai cluster
and Mid-western cluster was one of the most significant
visits in terms of programme monitoring. The Climate
and Environment Advisor, Dr. Sabita Thapa from DFID
and Anika Sophhie Olsson (Consultant for DFID) were
accompanied by Dr. Dharam Raj Uprety (Outcome Manager-Climate Change and Forestry) from MSFP SSU to
observed the public land management, sustainable forest
management and climate change interventions of MSFP.
The team visited Tigertop Karbala Public Land Management Group and Lumbini Collaborative Forest Management Group in Rupandehi, Tilaurakot Collaborative Forest Management Group in Kapilbastu, Durga CFUG and
Devisthan CFUG in Dang between 8th to 11th Dec. 2014.
Along with site observation, consultation with various
stakeholders was conducted to get field level information.
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MSFP Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue-4 ,
October –December 2014
Case Study
Domestication of Chiraito Improved Livelihood
Chyangba Dorje Tityang Tamang, resident of
Sanubharkhu in Rasuwa district devotes most of his
time in taking care of Chiraito in his farm. He is
one of the champion farmer who has been involved
in Chiraito farming from past 7 years. He earned
Rs.82,500/- last year by selling 150 kg of Chiraito at
the rate of Rs.550/- per kg. In addition to this he
made Rs.64,000/- from vegetables farming. The
income is expected to increase more next year with
improved quality of product and better marketing
strategies with the support from Nepal Agro Forestry Foundation (NAFF).
Chiraito and Satuwa are one of the most valuable
herbs which are at high risk of extinction in Rasuwa
district. Nepal Agro Forestry Foundation is implementing a project entitled "Domestication of locally
threatened medicinal and Aromatic plants in Rasuwa
district from Value chain perspective" under the
MSFP Innovation Fund. The main objective of the
project is to increase income and employment of user group by cultivation and marketing of medicinal
and aromatic plants and enhance their capacity to up
scale the existing practices. NAF is encouraging user
group in buffer zone area of Langtang National Park
to cultivate medicinal and aromatic plants (Chiraito and Satuwa) which are under threats and make
market linkages. It is working in two VDCs of Rasuwa (Ramche and Safru) covering total of 348
households from disadvantaged groups. The major programme intervention includes nursery establishment support at household level, cooperative formation, coordination and linkages creation.
These activities have supported to scale up the existing practice and gain higher economic returns.
In total Safru VDC made Rs. 5,005,000/- and Ramche VDC made Rs.1,700,000/- income from
selling seed, seedlings and Chiraito last year. Today more and more villagers in Ramche and Safru
are getting interested in Chiraito farming.
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MSFP Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue-4 ,
October –December 2014
Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme
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