February 2015 - Global Alliance for Medical Education

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February 2015
GAME Meeting and Preconference
Workshops at AMEE
5–6 Sept 2015, Glasgow, Scotland
In this issue, we hear about GAME’s membership offerings, the 2015 meeting just before AMEE, a report from the ACEhp, and meet Board
Member Trudie Roberts. If you would like to tell us about your project in future editions, email [email protected]
GAME Meeting and Workshops and AMEE (5–9, 2015) in Glasgow, Scotland
Excellent collaboration between GAME and AMEE has resulted in an expansion of opportunities for the world of CE/CPD in
September in Glasgow. We encourage you to view the provisional program at http://www.amee.org/conferences/amee2015 and think about attending GAME and AMEE. In Glasgow, GAME events include.
4 pre-conference workshops (Saturday 5 September – 0915-1215)
5 Special Interest Groups – breakfast discussions (Sunday 6 September –0700-0830)
GAME Full Day Conference (Sunday 6 September 0900-1700)
Symposium - Faculty Interprofessional Education (Tuesday 8 September)
Conference Workshops on Outcomes-based education and training: Essential considerations for CPD Professionals
and on Evaluating the Quality and Value of a Complex Educational Intervention in a Complex Clinical Environment
Information on registration and abstract submission at http://www.amee.org/conferences/amee-2015/game-meeting
GAME Membership – Expansion of offerings and how you can get more involved
Please visit our website to organize your membership (here is a brief glimpse of our expanded offerings in 2015):
Individual membership - annual membership fee is US$200
Institutional membership. There are several categories based on member numbers:
≤ 5 members - annual membership fee is US$750
≤ 10 members - annual membership fee will be US$1,300
11-20 members - annual membership fee will be US$1,500
More than 20 members - please contact GAME to discuss the annual fee
Special Interest Group (SIG) membership - member benefit
Request to existing Members: Please log into the GAME website, check your profile information (by clicking your name at
the top of the screen), and update if necessary. If you want to renew your membership, please click the Join tab in the menu.
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Update from the Board of Directors
Lisa Sullivan is President-Elect and will take over the Presidency from Maureen Doyle-Scharff mid 2015
Voting for additional Board Members will take place in March: Celine Carrera, Chairperson, Nominating Committee
Replacement chairpersons for the Membership and Communication Committees will be appointed this year
Report from GAME and ACEhp joint Session at the 40th Annual Conference (January 16, 2015)
The Amazing Race: Beyond Borders: The Power and Impact of CME/CE/CPD on Global Health Issues
GAME members and leaders were in full force at the 40th Annual Conference of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the
Health Professions. For the 6th consecutive year, GAME co-hosted a session with a look at CME/CE/CPD globally. This year 70
professionals joined us to play a game based on the TV show The Amazing Race. Teams used clues to determine 'where they
were' (what country) and 'what health crisis' (pneumonia, diabetes, TB, flu, Hep-C) did they need to solve. Then they went to
work developing an innovative education strategy to deal with the health crisis they were handed, taking into account each
country's CME requirements, and other specifics related to the education of healthcare professionals. After report-outs, the
audience voted for the most innovative strategy, with each member of the winning team receiving a complementary
registration to the 2015 GAME Annual Conference this September in Glasgow, Scotland. Look for all of the proposals
developed during the session, as well as reference material, posted on the GAME website in the coming weeks.
Trudie graduated from Manchester with a degree in Medicine and
completed early training and research in Manchester and the
Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In 2000, she was appointed Professor
of Medical Education at the University of Leeds and in 2009 became
the Director of the Leeds Institute of Medical Education. Trudie has
served on the UK General Medical Council, as Chair of the
Association for the Study of Medical Education, and as a council
member of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) of London, and is
currently a Censor for the RCP. In September 2013 she became
President of the Association for Medical Education in Europe
(AMEE). Also in 2013, she was awarded a Fellowship of the UK
organisation the Academy of Medical Educators.
Meet the Board
Members. This month …
Professor Trudie E
Roberts (BSc, MB, ChB,
Director – Leeds Institute of
Medical Education,
University of Leeds, England
[email protected]
President of AMEE
Joined GAME: 2014
Member of Board since:
Disclosure: No CME
products or services to sell.
For a full list of the Board
Members and roles, go to
Leadership under About on
GAME website.
Bios of many Board Members
and SIG Leaders are available in
past issues of the newsletter.
Areas of interest and
Assessment of competence,
professionalism, and
transitions in training and
Trudie joined the Board of Game in 2014. “Being involved in both
AMEE and GAME I hope to act as a bridge between the two
organisations and a catalyst for future collaborative working.
Previously it has been perceived that AMEE was an organisation
mostly concerned with undergraduate medical education and
although this is incorrect (you only have to scan the recent AMEE
conference programmes to see this). I believe that the main area of
growth in healthcare education and training in the coming years will
be in postgraduate and continuing medical education. Revalidation
(in the UK) and the changes to certification policies by the American
Board of Internal Medicine mean that on-going professional
development activities will become increasingly important. Not only
increasing regulation but the exciting opportunities afforded by
developments in technology mean that increasingly the provision of
continued learning will not look like it has done in the past. This then
is an extremely stimulating time in healthcare education. I am
certain that the innovations that would emanate from the two
organisations working more closely together will promote and
facilitate major change in the way we do things in the future. I look
forward to enabling this closer interaction in the coming years.”
For more information and to join GAME, visit http://www.game-cme.org/ or email [email protected]
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