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Carolyn Press-McKenzie • Nadia Lim • Sara Gruen • Malcolm Knox • Maureen McCarthy • Fahim Mohammad
Sara Gruen
A wonderfully imagined, spellbinding tale of privilege, loss, and love from the
author of Water for Elephants
In this new novel from the bestselling author, Sara Gruen again demonstrates her
talent for creating spellbinding period pieces. At the Water’s Edge is a gripping and
poignant love story about a privileged young woman’s personal awakening as she
experiences the devastations of World War II in a Scottish Highlands village.
Madeline Hyde, a young socialite from Philadelphia, reluctantly follows her husband
and their best friend to the tiny village of Drumnadrochit in Scotland in search of the
mythical Loch Ness Monster. At the same time, a very real monster, Hitler, is waging
war against the Allied Forces. Despite German warplanes flying overhead and scarce
food rations (and even scarcer stockings), what Maddie discovers—about the larger
world and about herself—through the unlikely friendships she develops with the
villagers, opens her eyes not only to the dark forces that exist around her but to the
beauty and surprising possibilities.
Sara Gruen is the author Ape House and Water for Elephants which became
a bestseller around the world and was released to critical and box office acclaim as
a major motion film. She lives in North Carolina.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781742379883 $39.99 pb
Nicole Hurley-Moore
A charming love story that takes us into the hearts of two very special people who deserve a second chance
Years ago, Violet Beckett made the mistake of falling for the wrong McKellan brother and paid the price. Now eight
years later, fate has brought Violet and her daughter, Holly, back to the house Violet grew up in. As soon as Violet runs
into James ‘Mac’ McKellan, she wonders if she should run all the way back to the city. But something about the look in
his eyes makes her want to linger. Can she trust him, can she trust herself or will she be burned again? James McKellan
has had a soft spot for Violet Beckett for longer than he can remember. It almost killed him to watch his brother woo
her, use her and finally lose her. But how can he convince her that not all McKellans are the same?
Nicole Hurley-Moore is a historical romance writer. She lives in rural Victoria.
ARENA 9781760113841 $36.99 pb
‘Assured, witty and wise, it’s difficult to believe this is a debut work.’ —Stephen Romei, Literary Editor,
The Australian
The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award is Australia’s most prestigious award for an unpublished manuscript by a writer
under the age of thirty-five and has launched the careers of such successful writers as Tim Winton, Kate Grenville,
Gillian Mears, Brian Castro, Mandy Sayer and Andrew McGahan. Many of The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Awardwinning authors have gone on to win or be shortlisted for other major awards, such as the Miles Franklin Award, the
Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and the Booker Prize. This year’s keenly-awaited award will be announced on the 21st
April with copies of the winning novel available in stores within days.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760112332 $34.99 pb
Malcolm Knox
‘Malcolm Knox is one of the best novelists writing in the world today. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.’—Christos
What’s the worst thing that can happen to a man who has not one, not two, but three secret families on the go? He
falls hopelessly in love. This is the story of John Wonder, a man with three families, each one kept secret from the other,
each one containing two children, a boy and a girl, each called Adam and Evie. As he travels from family to family in
different cities, he works as an Authenticator, verifying world records, confirming facts, while his own life is a teetering
tower of lies and betrayals. A stunning novel that confirms Malcolm Knox as one of our brightest stars, this bedtime
story told by children to adults is jaw-droppingly original, breathtakingly audacious and dazzlingly accomplished.
Malcolm Knox is the award-winning author of The Life, Summerland, A Private Man and Jamaica and is also a Walkley
Award-winning journalist and author of many non-fiction titles. He lives in Sydney.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760112509 $39.99 pb
Sarah Hall
From the twice Booker-nominated author, a dazzling novel that explores the most obsessive aspects of
humanity: sex, love and conflict
For almost a decade Rachel Caine has turned her back on home, kept distant by family disputes and her work
monitoring wolves on an Idaho reservation. But now, summoned by the eccentric Earl of Annerdale and his
controversial scheme to reintroduce the Grey Wolf to the English countryside, she is back in the Lake District. The
Earl’s project harks back to an ancient idyll of untamed British wilderness and the return of the Grey after hundreds of
years coincides with Rachel’s own regeneration: impending motherhood, and reconciliation with her estranged family.
The Wolf Border investigates the fundamental nature of wilderness and wildness, both animal and human. It seeks to
understand the most obsessive aspects of humanity: sex, love, and conflict; and those complex systems that govern the
most superior creature on earth.
Sarah Hall is the prize-winning author of The Carhullan Army, How to Paint a Dead Man and The Beautiful Indifference.
She lives in the UK.
FABER 9780571299553 $36.99 pb
Hannah Rothschild
A dazzling, witty and tenderly savage satire of London life and the art world that is also a surprising and
wonderful love story
Annie McCann is searching for a present for her unsuitable lover in a junk shop. Leaving with a dusty painting after
spending her savings, she prepares an elaborate dinner only to be stood up. But every painting has a story—and Annie
has stumbled across ‘The Improbability of Love’, a lost masterpiece. While drawn into the art world and pursued by
a host of parties who would do anything to possess her picture, Annie will uncover not just an illustrious list of former
owners, but the darkest parts of European history—and in doing so, will learn more about herself, opening up to the
possibility of falling in love again. Irreverent, witty and sharply sweet, The Improbability of Love reveals the lows to
which human nature can stoop and the heights to which the soul can soar.
Hannah Rothschild is a script writer, film director and author of The Baroness. She is also a trustee of the National
Gallery and Tate Museum in London.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408862452 $36.99 pb
A Tess Monaghan novel #12
Laura Lippman
Rich, beautiful and possibly insane, Melisandre was estranged from her husband and daughters following a tragedy in her
past. What happened all that time ago has never been clear—nor what role each of the members of this unhappy family played.
On Melisandre’s return, there are more mysterious deaths and Tess Monaghan, now the mother of a young girl herself, must
investigate the case. This hugely powerful and emotive mystery novel will keep you hooked until the very final page.
Laura Lippman is a New York Times bestselling author who has been awarded every major prize in crime fiction. She lives in New
Orleans and New York City.
FABER 9780571321407 $36.99 pb
Antonio Munoz Molina, translated by Edith Grossman
October 1936. Crossing the fragile borders of Europe on his journey from war-torn Madrid, Spanish architect Ignacio Abel reflects
on months of fratricidal conflict in his embattled country, his own transformation from a bricklayer’s son to a respected bourgeois
husband, and the love affair with an American woman that will forever alter his life. This internationally bestselling historical tour de
force of love and tragedy in the Spanish Civil War details the passions and tragedies of a country tearing itself apart.
Antonio Munoz Molina is the multi award-winning author of more than a dozen novels. He lives in Madrid and New York.
TUSKAR ROCK 9781781254639 $39.99 hb
Christine Dwyer Hickey
When Elaine Nichols returns to her childhood home, she is taken back to her teenage summer in the 1970s…The small out-oftown estate is an enclave for women and children where men leave every day for the outside world and frustrations are hidden
behind a veneer of suburban respectability. When an American divorcee and her daughter arrive, the women learn how to
socialise, drink martinis and care less about their wifely and maternal duties, and the veneer begins to crack.
Christine Dwyer Hickey is the acclaimed author of The Cold Eye of Heaven and Last Train from Liguria. She lives in Dublin
ATLANTIC 9781782390053 $35.00 pb
Attica Locke
In this sophisticated thriller, lawyer Jay Porter returns to fight one last case, only to become embroiled in a dangerous game of
shadowy politics. A girl goes missing on Election Night, 1996, in Pleasantville—a hamlet for upwardly mobile blacks in Houston.
A volunteer for one of the mayoral candidates, her disappearance complicates an already heated campaign. When the nephew
of one of the candidates is arrested, Jay finds himself in a courtroom drama that will expose the dark side of power and those
determined to keep it.
Attica Locke is the author of The Cutting Season and Black Water Rising which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. A native of
Houston, she now lives in Los Angeles.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781254097 $36.99 pb
Valeria Luiselli, translated by Christina MacSweeney
Gustavo ‘Highway’ Sánchez is planning to replace every last one of his unsightly teeth. Travelling the world and perfecting the
allegoric auction, he finds unusual ways to raise the funds for a perfect set of pearly whites. Written with elegance, wit and
exhilarating boldness, this hugely enjoyable novel about the creative process and the cult of literary celebrity takes us on an
idiosyncratic journey that offers an insightful meditation on value, worth and creation, and the points at which they overlap.
Valeria Luiselli is the author of Faces in the Crowd and Sidewalks. Born in Mexico City, she now lives in New York.
GRANTA 9781783780815 $29.99 hb
Polly Samson
Julian’s fall begins the moment he sets eyes on Julia. Julia is married and eight years his senior; he is a gifted English student.
Ignoring warnings from family and friends, they give up all to be together. It is only when their daughter becomes ill, that Julia can
no longer conceal the explosive secret at the heart of their lives. Lyrical, haunting and exquisitely rendered, The Kindness explores
a deception that comes wrapped as a gift, a betrayal clothed in kindness, and asks if we can ever truly trust another.
Polly Samson is the author of two highly acclaimed story collections and a novel, and has written lyrics for two number one Pink
Floyd albums. She lives in Sussex.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408861882 $34.99 pb
Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt
Back in the 1990s, Billy Graves was one of a tight-knit crew of young mavericks, fresh to police work and hungry for justice. But
then Billy accidentally shot a ten-year-old boy. Branded a cowboy, he has spent years in dead-end postings. But when he is called
to a 4.00 a.m stabbing, Billy discovers the victim is one of his old crew. As the past comes crashing into the present, old wounds
are reopened and suddenly the bad old days are back with a vengeance.
Harry Brandt is a pseudonym for the internationally renowned screenwriter for The Wire and Edgar award-winning author, Richard
Price. He lives in New York.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408864586 $36.99 pb
Sam Eastland
1944. The German Army crumbles before the advancing Soviet forces, and two Russian soldiers seek refuge in the crypt of a
German church. There they find The Shepherd; a priceless icon thought to have been destroyed long ago. With its discovery
comes the reappearance of a brutal sect to claim the treasure they say belongs to them alone, and bringing with them a new and
terrible weapon to unleash upon the Russian people. Unless Stalin’s most trusted investigator, Inspector Pekkala, can stop them.
Sam Eastland is the author of the other titles in the Inspector Pekkala series; Eye of the Red Tsar, The Red Coffin and Siberian
Red. He lives in the US and the UK.
FABER 9780571312283 $36.99 pb
Tom Bouman
In Wild Thyme, Pennsylvania, lone policeman Henry Farrell has watched the dual encroachment of fracking companies and drug
dealers bring money and trouble. When an elderly recluse discovers a corpse on his land, Farrell’s search for the killer opens old
wounds and dredges up ancient crimes which some people desperately want to keep hidden. As a second body turns up, he follows
the investigation into the depths of his own frayed soul. In these derelict woods, full of whitetail deer and history, the hunt is on.
Tom Bouman is a former book editor and musician. He lives in Pennsylvania.
FABER 9780571320646 $24.99 pb
A sweeping rural epic from
the bestselling author of
The Lightkeeper’s Wife.
The story of a strong
young woman stepping
into the unknown, trying
to make things work, and
finding love.
A novel of love, war and a
powerful portrait of Britain
through the life of one very
singular woman.
Karen Viggers
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760113001
Therese Creed
ARENA 9781925266276
Sheila Hancock
BLOOMSBURY 9781408843604
Experience the wonder of the written word from some of the greatest writers of the modern age.
FABER $15.99 pb
Sylvia Plath
Lorrie Moore
FICTION Dumpbin, Poster, Header and Bookmark available
Sylvia Plath
Kazuo Ishiguro
William Golding
Niall Williams
Longlisted for the Man Booker
Prize 2014—a sparkling,
perfectly formed novel from
the acclaimed author of Four
Letters of Love.
Marilynne Robinson
T.S. Eliot
BLOOMSBURY 9781408843604
Djuna Barnes
My journey to save thousands of animals
Carolyn Press-McKenzie
Charming, warm and touching stories of animal rescues
Heart warming, funny and moving, this is the inspirational story of one woman’s work
with animals, first training them for film-work, and then developing a sanctuary for
abandoned animals and rescuing them. Carolyn Press-McKenzie runs an organisation
called HUHANZ ‘Helping You Help Animals’ as well as two animal sanctuaries, and
her years of working with animals has given her many warm, amusing and sad stories
to tell.
This memoir tells her story, and is interwoven with heart warming accounts of animals
she has rescued, trained and loved. She writes with a lovely gentle sense of humour
and perfectly pitched comic timing. It’s a charming mix of one woman’s drive to follow
her passion, along with great animal tales that are ultimately happy-ever-after.
Carolyn Press-McKenzie runs a Facebook page (HUHANZ) connecting people so that
they can rehome abandoned animals. This has included numerous animals after the
Christchurch earthquakes, from medical labs and battery farms as well as ex-circus
animals. Carolyn runs a not-for-profit animal sanctuary just north of Wellington, she
trained as a vet nurse, ran a company called Animal Actors, was the animal expert on
TV One’s Good Morning, and is highly regarded by the animal-lover community.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781877505485 $36.99 pb
Simple, healthy, delicious recipes
Simple, healthy, delicious recipes
Essential cookbook for quick, tasty and nutritious midweek dinners
Here is the solution to every cook’s weeknight dilemma—what to cook tonight?
Delicious, simple-to-follow, healthy recipes that your family and friends will love from
the My Food Bag team. These recipes have been rated as favourites by My Food Bag
customers, so you can relax in the knowledge that each recipe is tasty, easy to make
and foolproof. They’re organised by season, and Nadia’s background as a dietician
and her strong healthy food philosophy ensures that they are nutritionally balanced
and good for you. This is the one cookbook you need for cooking successfully during
the week, and getting back to loving your weeknight meals.
My Food Bag is a highly successful business that delivers fresh ingredients and
delicious recipes direct to customers’ doors in both Australia and NZ. Nadia Lim is its
Head Chef and Dietician as well as being an award-winning cook in her own right.
Recently appearing on My Kitchen Rules NZ as a guest chef, she has written two
other cookbooks.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781877505492 $39.99 pb
A journey into Japan’s fabled running culture
Adharanand Finn
A fascinating and personal exploration of Japan’s obsession with running
Welcome to Japan, the most running-obsessed nation on earth with the most developed and lucrative running league—
the ‘ekiden’, an intensely fought 135-mile relay race which gets Superbowl-like viewing figures on Japanese TV. From
the marathon monks who run a thousand marathons in a thousand days in search of spiritual enlightenment, to the
companies who see their ekiden teams as a badge of corporate honour, Finn takes us on a tour of this unique running
culture. What it has to teach us—about competition, team work, form, and chasing personal bests—will fascinate anyone
keen to explore why we run, and how we might do it better.
Adharanand Finn is the award-winning author of Running with the Kenyans. He lives in Devon.
FABER 9780571325085 $35.00 pb
How a child refugee became a world chess champion
Fahim Mohammad, Xavier Parmentier and Sophie Callennec
A very happy refugee story: a Slumdog Millionaire for chess
Forced to flee Bangladesh, eight year-old chess prodigy Fahim Mohammad arrived in Paris with his father. Refused
asylum, as illegal immigrants they spiralled into homelessness. By a stroke of luck, Fahim was introduced to one of
France’s top chess coaches, Xavier Parmentier, who tutored him and gave him a sense of purpose, his struggles on
the chessboard mirroring his battle for a normal life. Rising through tournaments to be crowned France’s Under-12
Chess Champion in 2012, Fahim became a national sensation. In 2013 he went on to win the World Under-13 Student
Championship. Told through the clear eyes of a child, Fahim’s tale is not only a moving account of the grim realities that
underlie a supposedly caring society, but also a heart-warming testimony to a father’s determination, the kindness of
strangers, and one small boy’s courageous will to succeed.
Fahim Mohammad lives with his father on the outskirts of Paris. Xavier Parmentier is a chess grandmaster. Sophie Le
Callennec has written numerous textbooks.
ICON 9781848318281 $24.99 pb
Growing up Australian and the journey of self-discovery that led me back to my Indian roots
Latika Bourke
Award winning journalist Latika Bourke grew up in Bathurst, NSW. Her parents had adopted her from an orphanage in India at
eight months of age but Latika’s upbringing made her feel entirely Australian. It was only when she heard her name in the Oscar
winning film Slumdog Millionaire that she began to question her heritage. So began a journey of discovery back to India . . . A
beautiful memoir of growing up, discovering your heritage and finding peace with who you are.
Latika Bourke is the National Political Reporter at Fairfax Media. She lives in Canberra.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781742377735 $36.99 pb
Katie Blackburn
In this hilarious, touching homage to Maurice Sendak’s classic tale, a worn-out mum finds herself floating across time and space to
the place where the Wild Mums are. Dazzled by her party tricks, they crown her Queen of the Wild Mums and try to entice her to
join their conga. But Mum has just remembered who she loves best of all…Lovingly illustrated, this little book is the perfect gift for
baby showers, new mums—or any mum who’s ever wanted to go on strike.
Katie Blackburn is the author of Letters to Harper. She lives in the USA.
FABER 9780571321513 $24.99 hb
GIFT BOOKS Counterpack available
60 delicious recipes for weight loss, energy and vitality
Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem
After battling and surviving a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, Sally Obermeder decided to take back control of her
health, by making one simple change—switching to the green smoothie lifestyle. Sally and her sister Maha have created 60 healthy
and delicious green smoothie recipes that are easy to make and packed full of benefits. Kick-start your way to weight-loss, energy
and all-round good health with Super Green Smoothies, and look and feel great, starting now. Let the transition begin!
Sally Obermeder runs the lifestyle blog with her sister Maha and is the author of Never Stop Believing.
She lives in Bondi.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760113711 $24.99 pb
Philip Glass
Words Without Music is the long-awaited memoir from Philip Glass, the world-renowned composer who has, almost singlehandedly, crafted the dominant sound of late twentieth-century classical music. Whether recalling his experiences working at
Bethlehem Steel, traveling in India, driving a cab in 1970s New York, or his professional collaborations with the likes of Allen
Ginsberg, Ravi Shankar, Robert Wilson, Doris Lessing, and Martin Scorsese, Words Without Music affirms the power of music to
change the world.
Philip Glass is a composer of operas, film scores, and symphonies who performs regularly with the Philip Glass Ensemble. He lives in
New York.
FABER 9780571323722 $59.99 hb
A memoir of hunger and hope
Nancy Tucker
From eight years of age, Nancy Tucker wanted to be thin. Over the next twelve years, she developed anorexia nervosa and bulimia
nervosa. She was hospitalised; left school; went in and out of therapy; ebbed in and out of life. Hers has been a life held in thrall by
food. Told with remarkable insight, dark humour and acute intelligence, The Time in Between is a profound, important window into
the workings of an unquiet mind.
Nancy Tucker is twenty years old and is studying Experimental Psychology. She lives in London.
ICON 9781848318304 $35.00 pb
The possibility of free will
Julian Baggini
In this cogent and compelling book, Julian Baggini explores the concept of ‘free will’ from every angle, blending philosophy,
neuroscience, sociology and cognitive science. Freedom Regained brings the issues raised by the possibilities and denials of
freedom to vivid life. It will change the way you think about your own choices.
Julian Baggini is one of Britain’s most respected and popular philosophers whose books include the bestselling The Pig that Wants
to be Eaten, Do They Think You’re Stupid? and The Ego Trick.
GRANTA 9781847087171 $36.99 pb
Ian Stewart
The new mathematical bestseller from Professor Ian Stewart will delight everyone who loves numbers—including those who currently
think they don’t. Exploring their astonishing properties, including one that if written would span the universe, he looks at every kind of
number you can think of—real, imaginary, rational, irrational, positive and negative. You will discover the mathematics of sudoko and
Rubik’s cube and may be surprised to find you live in eleven-dimensional space and that forty-two is very interesting.
Ian Stewart is the author of several books including 17 Equations that Changed the World, The Great Mathematical Problems and
Professor Stewart’s Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries. He lives in the UK.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781254103 $36.99 pb
David Spiegelhalter
Everything you ever wanted to know about sex (and statistics). When it comes to our sex lives, we all like to keep a few secrets.
Sex by Numbers unravels the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society. It
answers crucial questions such as what are we all doing? How often? And how has it changed? Sex by Numbers is an informed
and entertaining look at the most enduring of human obsessions, from one-night stands to the seven-year itch.
David Spiegelhalter OBE is Professor of Risk at Cambridge University and co-author of The Norm Chronicles. He lives in the UK.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781253298 $35.00 pb
How behavioural change begins, how to make it meaningful, how to make it last
Marshall Goldsmith
In business, the right behaviours matter. Triggers looks at the external factors that affect our behaviours, our awareness of when
we need to change, our willingness to do so and our ability to see it through. Inviting us to understand how our own beliefs and the
environments in which we operate can trigger negative behaviours, it also offers practical advice to help us navigate the negative
and make the most of the triggers that will help us to sustain positive change.
Marshall Goldsmith is a world-renowned business educator and coach, and bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You
There and Mojo. He lives in California.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781252819 $35.00 pb
Mind changing, world changing ideas on freedom, power and government from 50 landmark books
Tom Butler-Bowdon
Politics is relentlessly contemporary by nature, but at the same time it remains driven by key writings and ideas from the past.
50 Politics Classics provides the perfect entry point to the field and to the books, speeches and pamphlets that really changed
minds—and changed the world in the process. It provides balanced and objective treatment of the most influential ideas at a time
of great political upheaval worldwide.
Tom Butler-Bowdon is the author of the award-winning 50 Classics series. He lives in Australia and the UK.
NICHOLAS BREALEY 9781857886290 $24.99 pb
Matt Haig
What does it mean to feel truly alive? Aged 24, Matt Haig’s world caved in. He could see no way to go on living. This is the true
story of how he came through crisis, triumphed over illness and learned to live again. A moving, funny and joyous exploration of
how to live better, love better and feel more alive, Reasons to Stay Alive is more than a memoir. Warm, witty, honest and human,
this book is a manifesto for staying alive, whatever your demons.
Matt Haig is the author of the bestselling The Last Family in England, The Radleys and The Humans. He lives in York and London.
CANONGATE 9781782115083 $29.99 hb
Ruth Wolever, Beth Reardon and Tania Hannan
Instead of an approach to dieting as an exertion of willpower, The Mindful Diet focuses on what drives our habits—including stress,
unhappiness, and even unconscious beliefs—and provides a roadmap for sustainable change. Loaded with behavioural techniques,
nutrition advice, and meal-planning charts, it provides the tools to avoid cravings and stop emotional overeating. Lasting weight
loss begins in the mind: now you can learn how to re-program your body, lose weight, and keep it off for life.
Ruth Wolever PhD, is a renowned clinical health psychologist, Beth Reardon, MS, RD, LDN, is a leading nutritionist and Tania Hannan
is a health writer. They live in the USA.
ATLANTIC 9781782396499 $36.99 pb
Why invasive species will be nature’s salvation
Fred Pearce
Many conservationists consider invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine, natural ecosystems. Keeping out alien species
looks increasingly flawed. The new ecologists looking afresh at how species interact in the wild believe we should celebrate the
dynamism of alien species and the novel ecosystems they create. In an era of climate change and widespread ecological damage,
we must find ways to help nature regenerate. Embracing the new wild is our best chance.
Fred Pearce is an environment and development consultant for New Scientist and author of fourteen previous books. He lives in the UK.
ICON 9781848318342 $39.99 hb
Modern persuasion and the lost art of argument
James Garvey
In almost every hour of every day, people will try to change your mind without good reasons. You’ll experience product placement,
infoganda, sock puppeteering, psychological pricing, viral marketing, crowd manipulation, framing, spinning and propagandising.
You are nudged, anchored, and incentivized. Easily Swayed highlights the dangers we face when we lose our grip on persuasion
by rational means. More than a requiem for rationality, it is a call to think again about the way we think now.
James Garvey is the author of The Story of Philosophy and The Ethics of Climate Change. He lives in the UK.
ICON 9781848316607 $35.00 pb
Former CIA officers teach you how to persuade anyone to tell all
Philip Houston, Michael Floyd and Susan Carnicero
Using techniques developed in real-life counterterrorism and criminal investigations, Get the Truth presents a step-by-step guide
that empowers readers to elicit the truth from others whether that’s in the boardroom, the classroom, or our own homes. Using
thrilling anecdotes from counterintelligence, and with easy-to-follow instructions, the authors provide a foolproof means of getting
absolutely anybody to give an honest answer. Get the Truth is the easy and effective way to learn how to get to the truth every time.
Philip Houston, Michael Floyd and Susan Carnicero are former CIA agents and authors of Spy the Lie. They live in the USA.
ICON 9781848316676 $35.00 pb
Marie Jalowicz-Simon, translated by Anthea Bell
Berlin, 1941. Marie Jalowicz Simon, a nineteen-year-old Jewish woman, makes an extraordinary decision. All around her, Jews
are being rounded up. Marie takes off the yellow star and vanishes into the city. Always on the move, never certain who could be
trusted and how far, it was her quick-witted determination and the most amazing and hair-raising strokes of luck that ensured her
survival. This is Marie’s extraordinary story, told in her own voice with unflinching honesty after more than fifty years of silence.
Marie Jalowicz Simon (1922-1988) taught classics and philosophy at the Berlin Humboldt University.
THE CLERKENWELL PRESS 9781781254141 $39.99 hb
Francisco Goldman
The Interior Circuit is Goldman’s story of his emergence from grief after his wife’s death, symbolised by his attempt to overcome
his fear of driving in Mexico City. In the summer of 2013, when Mexican organized crime violence and death erupts in an
unprecedented way, he sets out to try to understand the menacing challenges the city now faces. By turns exuberant, poetic,
reportorial, philosophic, and urgent, The Interior Circuit fuses a personal journey to an account of one of the world’s most
remarkable and often misunderstood cities.
Francisco Goldman is the author of Say Her Name and The Divine Husband. He lives in Mexico.
GROVE PRESS 9781611856163 $39.99 hb
Hearty meals from the garden
April Bloomfield
In A Girl and Her Greens, renowned chef April Bloomfield proves that vegetables can be as juicy, inviting and indulgent as the
most succulent steak. From Swiss Chard Cannelloni to Roasted Onions with Sage Pesto, from Kale Polenta to Fennel Salad with
Blood Orange, from Braised Peas and Little Gem Lettuce to Roasted Leeks with Walnut Breadcrumbs, A Girl and Her Greens is
packed with tantalising and flavoursome recipes for hearty food where vegetables truly take centre stage.
April Bloomfield is the author of A Girl and Her Pig and co-owner of the Michelin-starred Spotted Pig, Breslin and John Dory
restaurants in New York.
CANONGATE 9781782111702 $59.99 hb
Richard King
Original Rockers blends memoir and elegiac music writing to create a book that recalls the debauched glory days of the
independent record shop. Chaotic, amateurish and extravagantly dysfunctional, this is a book full of rare personalities and rum
stories. It is a book about landscape, place and the personal; the first piece of writing to treat the environment of the record shop
as a natural resource with its own peculiar rhythms and anecdotal histories.
Richard King has worked at the heart of the independent music industry for nearly twenty years. He lives in the UK.
FABER 9780571311798 $39.99 hb
How Hillsborough and the Premier League changed Britain
Adrian Tempany
In the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, unquestionably the most controversial tragedy in the post-war era of Britain’s
history, modern football has changed from being the people’s game to an elite multi-million pound business. Perhaps the most
honest account of the relationship between the football and the state yet written, And the Sun Shines Now is a brutal assessment
of the modern game and of what has been lost in the process.
Adrian Tempany is a journalist and Liverpool supporter. He lives in the UK.
FABER 9780571295111 $39.99 pb
The language of science from the fall of Latin to the rise of English
Professor Michael Gordin
In a sweeping history, from the Middle Ages through to today, Michael Gordin untangles the web of politics, money, personality
and international conflict that led to the way we communicate scientific knowledge shifting from Latin to French, German and
Russian to the English language dominated world of science we now inhabit. Intelligent, revealing and full of amazing stories,
Scientific Babel shows how the world has remade science just as much as science has transformed the world.
Michael Gordin is an academic specialising in the history of modern science. He lives in the UK.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781251140 $59.99 hb
A guide to effective decision-making
Jeremy Kourdi
The effectiveness of a good strategy well implemented determines a business’ future success or failure. Yet history is full
of strategic decisions, big and small, that were ill-conceived, poorly organised and consequently disastrous. This updated
edition looks at the whole process of strategic decision-making—from vision, forecasting, and resource allocation, through to
implementation and innovation. Its message is simple: strategy matters, and getting it right is fundamental to business success.
Jeremy Kourdi is a freelance writer, business consultant and executive coach. He lives in the UK.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781252314 $39.99 pb
Your guide to getting it right
Clear and effective communication within and beyond organisations has always been a crucial business driver, and as
communication channels proliferate and the speed of communication increases, getting your message across has never been
more important. Using the series’ trademark mix of checklists and thinker profiles, the guide looks at different types of business
communications—written, verbal and external—and also focusses on the challenges of cross-cultural and virtual communication,
and websites and social media.
The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781254240 $35.00 pb
How business is coping with turbulent times
Adrian Wooldridge
Based around his popular Schumpeter columns, Adrian Wooldridge takes a look at the forces that are disrupting today’s fastmoving business world; who the winners and the losers are; how institutions have tried to change; and how classic management
problems persist, but with a new twist. The Great Disruption reminds us why Joseph Schumpeter’s ideas about creative
destruction are particularly valuable today, and why business must adapt in the face of unprecedented disruption to the world
of work.
Adrian Wooldridge is management editor of The Economist. He lives in the UK.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781254035 $39.99 pb
Your guide to getting it right
The best operations management ensures that a business’s infrastructure and processes balance efficiency with effectiveness,
using the right resources to maximum effect. Using the series’ trademark mix of checklists and thinker profiles, CMI experts
guide the reader through the fundamentals of some key operational issues: quality control and management; change and project
management the supply chain; and monitoring and control.
The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of management and leadership excellence.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781252208 $35.00 pb
High hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq
Emma Sky
As a Brit, a woman and a liberal, Emma Sky’s presence in Iraq following the invasion in 2003 is the stuff of fiction. Shortly after the
coalition troops went in, Sky, an Arabist, volunteered to go to assist the Coalition Provisional Authority in the occupation. A vivid
first-hand account of the occupation of Iraq, this is also a deeply personal memoir that explores what it is like to be British, alone
and a woman, working both within and outside of the US Army.
Emma Sky OBE has worked on behalf of the US and UK governments, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Jerusalem. She lives in the UK.
ATLANTIC 9781782392576 $49.99 hb
My con man
Hanif Kureishi
Nearing sixty and needing to plan for his future, Hanif Kureishi employed an accountant from a reputable firm—who stole his
entire life savings. In this thought-provoking account of his conman, Kureishi uses this theft as a way of exploring some of the
contradictions of our lives: the true value of money; the role of deception in art; why the financial world seems to revolve around
deceit; and what we might recover from those who have stolen from us.
Hanif Kureishi is the acclaimed author of The Buddha of Suburbia, Intimacy and The Last Word. He lives in the UK.
FABER 9780571323197 $12.99 pb
MEMOIR Available in January
From myths to knowledge
Hubert Krivine
Are we entitled to say that Earth is 4.55 billion years old, and its trajectory an ellipse centred on the Sun? Most educated
people would say yes. Curiously, however, the fact that these assertions constitute scientific truths is often perceived, especially
by postmodernists, as naïve, improper or even wrong. Against the fashionable relativist idea that science is no more than
a socially constructed doxa, this straightforward yet highly vigorous book rehabilitates a supposedly outdated, naïvely realist
notion—scientific truth.
Hubert Krivine is a physicist and author of several books on modern physics. He lives in France.
BLOOMSBURY 9781784782702 $36.99 pb
A nocturnal history of London
Matthew Beaumont
Before the age of the gas lamp, the city at night was home to the lost, the vagrant and the insomniac. This brilliant work of
investigation is a captivating literary portrait of the writers who explored it and the people they met. It shines a light on the dark
perambulations of poets, novelists and thinkers from Shakespeare, to the ecstatic strolls of William Blake, the feverish urges of
opium addict De Quincey, as well as the master night walker, Charles Dickens.
Matthew Beaumont is the author of Utopia Ltd. He lives and walks in London.
BLOOMSBURY 9781781687956 $49.99 hb
The forgotten war that shaped modern Europe
Tom Buk-Swienty, translated by Annette Buk-Swienty
The Battle of Dybbol, 1864. Prussian troops lay siege to an outpost in the far south of Denmark. The struggle for Schleswig
foreshadowed the same forces that, fifty years later, would tear Europe apart. Prussia’s victory would not only rejuvenate its
militarism, but help it claim leadership of the new German Empire. Told in rich detail through first-hand accounts, 1864 is a
gripping, epic human drama that shows the effect all wars have on those who must live its realities.
Tom Buk-Swienty is a Danish journalist and history writer. 1864 formed the basis for the biggest Danish TV production in history
from the makers of Borgen, The Killing and The Bridge.
PROFILE BOOKS 9781781252765 $24.99 pb
My life of rock and revolution in the ‘60s
Richard Goldstein
As one of the founders of rock criticism, beginning with his column in The Village Voice when he was just 22, Richard Goldstein
saw the full arc of events that shaped culture and politics in the 1960s. Another Little Piece of My Heart is the intimate memoir of
the writer as a young man. It is also a sweeping personal account of a decade that no one else could provide—a deeply moving,
unparalleled document of rock and revolution in America.
Richard Goldstein is a commentator on culture, politics and sexuality. He lives in New York.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408858127 $36.99 pb
Thinking through troubled times
Professor A. C. Grayling
A. C. Grayling’s lucid books, based on the idea that philosophy should engage with the world, are immensely popular. The
Challenge of Things collects his recent writings on the world in a time of war and conflict. In exposing the dark side, he also
explores ways out of the prejudices of mind that would trap us in deadly impasses. Whether he is writing about the legacy of
WWI, free speech, or the advantages of an atheist leader, his message is enlightening and hopeful.
A.C. Grayling is Professor of Philosophy and a prolific author. He lives in the UK.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408864647 $36.99 pb
Stories from the front line in the war against Somali piracy
John Boyle
The phenomenon of modern-day piracy has horrified the world; the Somalis being demonised and released hostages gaining near
celebrity status. But few people have any understanding of the overall picture. Blood Ransom is the first book to look at the issue
of modern-day piracy from every angle, and to hear the voices from every side of the war—from pirate to president, from hostage to
those fighting the battle.
John Boyle is a lawyer turned filmmaker who has produced over thirty documentaries for National Geographic. He lives in the UK.
BLOOMSBURY 9781472920041 $36.99 pb
Incredible worlds to build in Minecraft
Yazur Strovoz
A highly illustrated guide to one of the world’s most popular games. Minecraft—a humble computer game about placing blocks—
is today a global phenomenon that has captured imaginations around the world with the infinite possibilities it offers its players.
Minecraft City showcases the towering heights of this creative freedom, featuring incredible cityscapes from master builders that
have been years in the making.
Yazur Strovoz created the most modern city on Minecraft boasting 1,000 realistic buildings and a network of transport systems. He
lives in Montreal.
CROWS NEST 9781760112233 $29.99 pb
James E. Tew
While keeping bees certainly isn’t rocket science, doing it properly does involve decent levels of understanding, commitment, and
attention to detail. Getting the basics right is essential, and this demands a solid appreciation of important areas such as hives
management, breed choice, and health requirements. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old hand, The Beekeeper’s Problem
Solver provides the information you need to identify and solve the most common problems faced by bee owners.
James E. Tew has a PhD in Entomology and has written numerous books, including Wisdom for Beekeepers, as well as articles for
Bee Culture magazine. He lives in the USA.
CROWS NEST 9781760111120 $29.99 pb
The Australian beauty who bewitched British society
Robert Wainwright
A spellbinding story of a unique time and a place and
the utterly fascinating life of an extraordinary woman.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760113087 $28.99
Maureen McCarthy
From the bestselling author of The Convent comes an unforgettable story of
a young woman finding the courage to escape her present, face her past and
embrace her future
Tess and her little daughter are in trouble. Stuck on a farm outside Byron Bay, cut off
from family and friends, Tess knows she must find a way to escape her violent partner
to save her life and the life of her child. A chance meeting offers a way out—but can
she ever trust again? Tess embarks on a desperate road trip back to the heart of her
past. But what will be waiting for her at home? Will her family forgive her—and can
she forgive them?
A completely absorbing story, Stay with Me radiates with Maureen McCarthy’s
characteristic warmth and deep emotion. For ages 15+.
Maureen McCarthy is the author of The Convent, Somebody’s Crying, Rose by Any
Other Name and Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get a Life. She lives in Melbourne.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781743316887 $28.99 pb
YOUNG ADULT Dumpbin and custom header available
Barry Jonsberg
The stunning conclusion to the Pandora Jones trilogy: Pan knows the truth, but she is alone and seemingly
powerless against the might of The School
Pandora Jones’s problems appear insurmountable. She must convince her team that nothing is as it seems and that
they must escape and expose The School to save the world from the plague she unwittingly inflicted on it. The only
thing Pan has on her side is her gift of intuition, and her belief in the people she cares about. But with the clock ticking,
can she find a way to stop the plague, and should she do it at any cost? Pan and her friends face off against the might
of The School as the final pieces fall into place in the hugely compelling Pandora Jones series. For ages 14+.
Barry Jonsberg is the author of The Whole Business with Kiffo and the Pitbull and It’s Not All About YOU, Calma!
and My Life as an Alphabet which were all shortlisted for the CBCA awards. He lives in Darwin.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781743318133 $22.99 pb
Caleb Krisp
A darkly whimsical and wickedly funny tale about a twelve-year-old maid who finds herself at the very heart of a
conspiracy involving mischief, ghosts, and intrigue
Ivy Pocket is a walking disaster, at every turn enraging and appalling the fancy aristocrats she works for. But she
doesn’t see herself that way at all. In fact, she’s convinced she’s rather wonderful, perfectly charming, and extremely
talented. When Ivy finds herself abandoned and penniless in Paris, she has no idea how she will get back to England.
Fate intervenes when Ivy is called to the sickbed of a dying duchess and is charged with delivering a spectacular (and
possibly cursed) diamond necklace. From that moment on, Ivy Pocket is propelled towards her remarkable destiny in
a surprising adventure full of villains, mayhem, and misunderstandings. The first in an exciting new illustrated four-book
series. For ages 9–14.
Caleb Krisp lives in Australia.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408858639 $24.99 hb
Sarah J. Maas
The first book in a stimulating and action-packed new series from the New York Times bestselling author of the
Throne of Glass series
When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for
it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an
animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world. As she dwells on his estate, her feelings
for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the
beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find
a way to stop it…or doom Tamlin and his world forever. For ages 14+.
Sarah J. Maas is the author of Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, and The Assassin’s Blade.
She lives in Pennsylvania.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408857861 $21.99 pb
Angelica Banks
The world of story is a magical place—where almost anything can happen. Join Tuesday McGillycuddy and her dog Baxterr on
another nail-biting adventure! A Winged Dog has fallen from the sky bearing an ominous note and vercaka have invaded the
City of Clocks. Meanwhile in the real world, famous writers are turning up far from home, injured and confused, and Tuesday
McGillycuddy and Serendipity Smith—the most famous writer of all—could be next! An utterly charming, action-packed sequel
to the marvellous and magical Finding Serendipity. For ages 8–12.
Angelica Banks is not one writer but two. Heather Rose and Danielle Wood have both written award-winning novels for adults.
They live in Tasmania.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760110376 $19.99 pb
CHILDREN Shelftalker available
Shamini Flint
No one in Maya’s small town in Malaysia shares her obsession for soccer: the girls at school think it’s a boys’ game, and her
grandmother just wants her to be a ‘good Indian girl’. Maya has other problems too. The new girl at school is getting everyone in
trouble and Brazil has just lost the World Cup. But Maya is determined that none of this will stop her from becoming a professional
soccer player—the only problem is she’s never even kicked a ball… For ages 7–11.
Shamini Flint is the author of the hugely popular Diary of… series. She lives in Singapore.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760112264 $15.99 pb
Elizabeth Honey
Come and play with a frolicsome family of unique Australian animals. Join in with the satisfying sounds and familiar expressions as
the young ones zip, boing and bounce their way through the day. From waking in the morning, gobbling breakfast, drumming with
spoons, zooming to the park, playing till it’s bathtime—life’s just one big game until bedtime. For ages 0–4.
Elizabeth Honey is an award-winning author of poetry, picture books and novels published in many countries around the world.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781743319987 $24.99 hb
CHILDREN Height chart available
Nicki Greenberg
Dot loves Teddy and Teddy loves Dot. So when Teddy goes missing, she misses him a lot! But Teddy is a brave bear. What
wonderful adventures will he have when he rides the train to the city? Will there be picnics? Will there be parties? Will he have
time for a nap? And most importantly, will he find his way home to Dot—or will she never see him again? A thoroughly delightful
picture book about courage, imagination and adventure. For ages 3–6.
Nicki Greenberg is the creator of Monkey Red Monkey Blue, BOM! went the Bear and The Naughtiest Reindeer.
She lives in Melbourne.
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760112134 $24.99 hb
Elli Woollard
Woozy the Wizard loves his old broom but it is a little rusty. So when he spies a Shiny New Shop with hoovers he can’t believe
his luck! If only he could make his new hoover go zoom…The second in a brilliant new series featuring charming rhyming text and
lovely illustrations, this is a joy to read aloud, and just right for children moving from large-format picture books to young readers.
For ages 4+.
Elli Woollard is a copywriter and editor. She lives in London.
FABER 9780571311156 $14.99 pb
CHILDREN Badge available
Britta Teckentrup
Elli the elephant loves to have fun in the bath, but she’s not the only one…Her fun is interrupted when a crocodile decides to join
her, followed by a flamingo, then a mouse and even a tiger! A gorgeous interactive story where readers can tilt and shake the book
to have fun in the bath too. For ages 2+.
Britta Teckentrup has created over 30 children’s books, translated into 20 different languages. She lives in Berlin.
NOSY CROW 9780857633323 $24.99 hb
Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Adam Rex
Chu and his family are going to the beach! Chu is excited. He will get to play in the sand and wade in the water. But what will
happen if Chu sneezes at the beach? And what will happen if he doesn’t? A brand-new adventure for everyone’s favourite
sneezing panda, from the New York Times bestselling team. For ages 2–5.
Neil Gaiman has written highly acclaimed books for both children and adults. Adam Rex is a writer and illustrator. They have
previously collaborated on Chu’s Day and Chu’s First Day at School.
BLOOMSBURY 9781408864357 $24.99 hb
Ed Bryan
Enchantingly illustrated retellings of favourite fairy tales, gorgeously designed and packaged, these are books to treasure and enjoy over and over again.
Ed Bryan is a 3D artist, animator and illustrator. He lives in the UK.
NOSY CROW 9780857634696 9780857634702 9780857634726 9780857634740 $19.99 hb
Kim Kane
A truly delightful picture book about exploring colour, from the creators of The Unexpected Crocodile. An instant classic!
ALLEN & UNWIN 9781760113377 $18.99
Coming in June 2015
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