Project Cabinet Progress

BDUK and Council Funded Central Superfast Broadband Project
Borough Superfast Cabinet Progress as at End January 2015
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1. Cabinets that went superfast in January are:
None - though major progress was made on several of those in 2, taking them almost to
‘Ready for Service’ stage
2. Cabinets being worked on at end January with the intention that they go superfast over
the subsequent few weeks are:
Bedford Nos. 55 and 80 - serving the Manton Lane and Arkwright Road areas
Cardington Nos. 2 and 3 - serving parts of Cople and Willington
Great Barford No. 2 - serving Roxton
Harrold Nos. 2 and 3 - serving parts of Harrold and Carlton
Oakley No. 7 - serving Stevington
Oakley No. 9 (+ 2 new cabinets) - serving Oakley
Wilstead Nos. 2, 5, 6, 12, 13 and 14 - serving parts of Cotton End, Shortstown, Wilstead
and Wixams
3. Cabinets that have gone superfast previously are:
Oakley Nos. 2 and 12 - serving parts of Bromham and Stagsden. Live in December 2014.
Oakley No. 6 - serving Milton Ernest. Live in November 2014.
Oakley No. 8 - serving parts of Oakley. Live in November 2014.
Harrold No. 1 - serving parts of Harrold. Live in November 2014.
Great Barford No. 3 - serving parts of Great Barford. Live in October 2014.
Bedford No. 67 - serving parts of St Paul’s Square, Bedford. Live in September 2014.
Bedford No. 114 - serving parts of the Kelvin Avenue, Essex Gardens and Edinburgh
Close areas of Bedford. Live in September 2014.
Bedford No. 125 - serving Woodlands Park, North Brickhill, Bedford (Ravensden Parish).
Live in July 2014.
Bedford No.136 - serving the Maskell Drive and Markham Rise estates, off Norse Road,
Bedford (Renhold Parish). Live in June 2014.
(Total Homes Passed at End January 2014 = 2,825)