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These cross-functional skills join
very logically within the
framework of large-scale
projects on the organizational
and IT plans.
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question concerning your
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Cabinet RIGANO Ltd.
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Centralization system of
the means of data
migration’s control
What COMPID brings you
Who are we ?
COMPID is mainly aimed at French and
CABINET RIGANO Ltd. is a French
international banking institutions with a
company of digital services.
project of migration or fusion of data
We are specialized in services brought
to banking institutions. But not only.
COMPID allows banks or institutions to
outsource the management of the means
of control of the data migration process.
COMPID : what is it ?
COMPID is a centralization
system of the means of data
Designed by experts having a rich
We propose three major services:
of migration of banking data
experiment in migration of banking data,
COMPID allows you to master your costs,
while bringing for your project the expert
your computer system
So COMPID offers you:
problem: how to mensure that
the data were correctly migrated,
on two axes:
the validation of migrated
the piloting of the controls of
migration in a centralized
COMPID has been patended
(unique tool on the market).
Fiabilisation: to help you to develop
reliability, security and efficiency of
and cross-functional skills of our Company.
migration’s control.
COMPID answers the following
Migration: piloting of the controls
a gain in resources and skills
a financial benefit
Support: Strategic support in the