Saint Gregory the Great Parish

Saint Gregory the Great Parish
85 Great Plain Road
Danbury, Connecticut 06811
203 797-0222
Rev. Raymond M. Scherba, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Otoniel Lizcano, Parochial Vicar
Deacons Robert Blankschen, William Murphy, Daniel Myott, Richard Kovacs
The Eucharist
Saturday Vigil: 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday: 7:45 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 noon
Daily: 7:00 a.m., 8:45 a.m.
By appointment; call the Parish Office. Arrangements
must be made at least 9 months in advance for proper
Ministry to the Sick
Please inform us about parishioners who are hospitalized
or homebound; Communion for the homebound can be
arranged by calling the Parish Office.
Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.
By Appointment, anytime.
Please stop by the Parish Office during business hours to
complete a registration form and be sure to introduce
yourself to one of the priests after Mass.
2nd Sunday of each month.
Prior registration is necessary.
Parish Membership
February 15th, 2015
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Please pray for all the victims of violence and all
sick and deceased members of the parish.
Mon. Feb. 16
Tues. Feb. 17
Wed. Feb. 18
Thurs. Feb. 19
Feb. 20
Feb. 21
Feb. 22
8:00am Special Intention
7:00am Special Intention
8:45am Special Intention
7:00am Special Intention
9:30am Special intention
5:30pm Special Intention
7:00am Humberto Leone
8:45am Special Intention
7:00am Special Intention
8:45am Special Intention
4:30pm Antonio Scalzo
7:30pm Special Intention
7:45am Special Intention
9:00am Special Intention
10:30am Special Intention
12:00pm Special Intention
Monday, February 16—Presidents’ Day
Office closed—Mass 8:00 a.m.
Sat. Feb. 21 4:30pm Fr. Angelo
7:30pm Fr. Otto
Sun. Feb. 22 7:45am Fr. Angelo
9:00am Fr. Ray
10:30am Fr. Otto
12:00pm Fr. Ray
Deacon Bill
Deacon Bill
Fr. Angelo
Deacon Bill
Deacon Bill
Deacon Bill
Mon. Feb. 16 11:00am Sewing Group
Wed. Feb. 18 11:00am Weekly Rosary
4: 15pm Faith Formation Classes
Thurs. Feb. 19 6:00pm Sewing Group
Sat. Feb. 21 3:00pm Reconciliation
8:00pm AA
Sun. Feb. 22 9:00am RCIA
10:00am Faith Formation Classes
We hope that all parishioners
will sign up for Online-Giving.
Lenten Penitential Service and
Blessing of Ashes
Tuesday, February 17th at 7:00 P.M.
Ashes will be distributed
as part of the service.
Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule:
February 18th at 7:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 5:30 PM
Ashes will be distributed only during Mass
ASH WEDNESDAY and GOOD FRIDAY are days of penance
marked by fasting and abstinence from meat. The FRIDAYS OF
LENT are days of abstinence from meat for those over the age of
14. All adults (18-59) are asked to observe the rules of fasting.
Family Heirloom Bibles:
Leather-bound Bibles:
Paperback Bibles:
Our Loved Ones
Someone once
said: “Flowers are for the living. Memorials should be eternal”. We believe in
the Resurrection, life after death, & that
we will spend eternity with Jesus and our
loved ones. A gift in memory of a loved
one, can be a fitting tribute and can help
our Parish.
Pre-K--Grade 8
Phone # 203-748-1217
E-mail: [email protected]
Mission Statement: St. Gregory the Great
School, in cooperation with the parents, was established for the purpose of giving the students a
God-centered, Catholic outlook on life. We are
committed to academic excellence, self-discipline
and Global Service.
There will be no school on Monday and Tuesday, February 16th and 17th, for President’s
Day/Winter Break.
Our Butter Braids fundraiser begins on Thursday, February 19th.
St. Gregory’s school will have an Open House
for new families on Thursday, February 19th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Leprosy was a deadly and permanent disease that destroyed, not only a person’s very life, but all destroyed all his
relationship with family, friends and society. The ancientans
knew no cure for leprosy. Lepers were condemned to the solitude of a hell-on-earth in order to protect and to spare the
healthy. In Jesus’ time leprosy was equally feared. If a leper approached other people
he was to be stoned to death. It is important for us to realize that Leprosy is a parable on sin. When the leper approaches Jesus, instead of stoning him to death Jesus
reaches out and touches him. Jesus lovingly touches and accepts what society spurns
and rejects, then and today.
Jesus continues to reach out to all today. It is especially important in our time
that we recognize Jesus´ personal touch. An enlightened faith must lead us to experience it as a contact as vital and transforming as his encounter with the leper. Our
faith assures us of a very personal encounter with the One who loves us more than
any other?
May our lives be a living proclamation to the world of God’s Love.
For information regarding Faith Formation or Sacrament Preparation please call the
Office of Faith Formation at 203-7435168 for further information.
Celebrating the Lectionary is for all children at
the 10:30am Mass.
The Youth Group will be holding
their annual Mardi Gras celebration on Sunday after the
10:30 Mass in the Parish Community Room. All interested youth are invited
to attend. Contact Rene Hellmann at 203797-1641 for more information.
For info, call Cub master,
Philip Adams at 203-546-0843.
If you are a boy between the ages
of 11-17 and would like to join Scouting,
Armen Stauffer at http://
Boy Scouts is open to all boys 11 years of
age to 18 years of age. Join a year-round fun
program – fishing, hiking, camping – Scouts
do it all! Scouting is fun with a purpose.
Youth build physical fitness, character, and
good citizenship all while having a great
time. For Life!
Visit us at
Men’s Spirituality meets
every Saturday morning
at 8am in the church.
Come join us!
Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults
If you or someone you know:
Were never baptized, Were baptized Catholic
but never received First Eucharist or Confirmation, Were baptized in another Christian
Church and now wishes to join the Catholic
Church, Would like to learn more about the
process of becoming Catholic as an adult, Are
a practicing Catholic and would like to participate in the process as a sponsor, please call
Mary-Ann Houser at 203-743-5168 x108
for information.
The Women of
St. Gregory
We continue to have
our Monday at 11 am
& Thursday at 7 pm
weaving sessions in the Parish Community
Room. Anyone is welcome to attend, even if
only occasionally. For information, contact
Rosemary Bouffard at 203-744-6998.
The Holy Name Society is our parish men’s group.
Meets the 2nd Monday of the month.
Next Meeting: March 9th
Time: 7:00pm, Parish Office Community Room
All men of the parish are asked to attend
Please volunteer to become an USHER.
For information, contact William Houser at
203-743-6125 or [email protected]
The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet in the
Parish Office Community Room Sat, February 21st at 9:30 a.m. For
more information, please contact Stephanie Martin at
203-743-3783 or via email at
[email protected]
Daily Bread Food Pantry
Baskets are at Church entrances to collect
your donations for the Daily Bread Food
Pantry. The Food Pantry operates year
round with your generosity. Please bring
cereal, spaghetti sauce,
canned fruit & fruit juice
for use by Daily Bread.
Thank you for your continuing weekly donations
of food. Your contributions help relieve the
hunger that is with us
year round.
Bottle & Can Truck
The Bottle & Can truck will again be at St.
Gregory’s the weekend of April 10-13th.
Thank you to all who are supporting our
bottle & can drive. By recycling, you
preserve our landfills as well as
contribute funds to our parish
youth ministry.
Please notify the ushers when
a Mass is being celebrated in
memory of a loved one and request that you be the gift bearer
at the offertory of that liturgy.
Hospital Visitations &
Home Visits
Due to the Federal health
privacy laws (HIPPA),
hospitals can no longer
issue names of admitted
patients to area parishes
unless it is requested by
the patient. You or a
family member must let
the Admissions Office know of your desire
to have us visit during your hospital stay.
If you would like a visit at home or at a
rehabilitation center, please call the
Parish Office at 203-797-0222.
Save the Dates:
Parish Lenten Mission
March 9th—11th, 2015
Words Of Welcome
We wish to welcome all visitors, members, and children who worship with us
today. We pray that worshipping with us
will give you a sense of fellowship with
Jesus and with us as God’s people, as
well as comfort and strength for all your
needs. If you do not have a Church of
your own, we invite you to make this
Church. But above
all, we invite you to
come to worship
with us at any
The Emergency Overflow Shelter
is looking for male volunteers over 21,
that can stay with the guests overnight at
the First Congregational Church in Danbury, 9pm–7am. For more information,
please call Kathy at 203-798-1052 or
Did You Know?
St. Gregory’s makes a homily from Fr.
Angelo available each week on the internet. Please check out our parish website
at: or at
For Bulletin
please email us at:
[email protected]
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 15, 2015
Once we realize that looking at each part of the Liturgy and thereby seeking to understanding the purpose of each part will invigorate our weekly worship and hopefully will increase our desire to enter, more
fully, into our weekly worship. I sincerely believe that each of us wants to make our weekly worship relevant,
life-giving and salvific. Coming to Mass each week and just chilly out cannot be rewarding and certainly
cannot be life-giving or relevant to any of us. The more we understand what it is we do week after week the
better we can understand that which we do and thereby make what we do life-giving and relevant. Our weekly
celebrate can and will become more vital and understandable to each of us and more inviting and, yes, more
Our Liturgy, Mass, Eucharist must begin with the reality that people are coming together for a
purpose. This is called the Gathering. But the Gathering is much more than individuals merely coming together in one place. The purpose of why we are gathering is key to our understanding. Our understanding has
to go beyond the fact that Mass starts at a time and people are coming so that they can attend that Mass. Our
understanding of the Gathering should help us to define our role and our understanding of what it is we are
about. Our gathering must be effective if it is to be life-giving and challenging.
In order to develop an effective Gathering Rite—we much BELIVE:
Gathering is an essential ritual for making a life-giving Church.
Gathering is a ministry. It is the first ministry of the entire Assembly.
Gathering takes place when members of the Assembly take the trouble to come together
with one another.
Gathering in God’s Name is “CHURCH”. The Church is people gathered together
because they are called by God. This understanding is paramount to our understanding of what God is calling us to and what it is we become when we gather week after week to celebrate the mystery of our faith.
THE GATHERING PROCESS: The proper understanding of this initial part of our weekly worship
is key to our authentic entering into the rest of our celebration. If the Gathering Rite is not properly understood we will fail to enter into the fullness of our celebration and therefore our celebration will not be as lifegiving and salvific as it is meant to be. The Gathering Rite should clearing and bolding proclaim what it we
are about and what it is we believe we are called to be. The Gathering Rite should be a living and life-giving
symbol of hospitality. The message that we should be giving to one another is clear: “You are welcome here.
We want you to be at home here. We cherish you and we care about you.” Deliberate and gracious effort at
hospitality is the first and indispensable step on the way to genuine Christian love. We can't talk about loving
each other if we are not will to say hello to one another. This is something that each of you should do. It
means leaving our comfort zone and greeting one another before the celebration begins. If we are not willing
to do that at the beginning what sense does shaking hands at the Sign of Peace make? We are not involved in
rote gestures or hollow ritual.
Each of us must be engaged in a process that calls for a change in behavior. For too long, we have
come to Church expecting “others” will “do the Mass”. We fail to see that we are the Church and that it is
“we” who do the Mass. Vatican II and Pope Francis continue to call us to be authentic. We are being called
to be the ones who are celebrating Mass. We must truly come to believe that we are all the ministers of the
celebration. Although the priest and deacon have a more visible role, each one of us must take the responsibility of being ministers within the Assembly. Hospitality, greeting one another, joining in song, listening attentively to the proclamation of the Word, processing for the reception of the Eucharist while singing the Communion Hymn and committing ourselves to go forth to live the mystery of God’s love are all vital and integral
ways of becoming ministers in every weekly gathering.
Our parish is offering an additional option for giving to your church. Online-Giving is now available for parishioners who would like to make donations online. As technology continues to progress, there are more
ways that these advances can be utilized for the well-being of our parish. While I understand this means of
giving may be met with some hesitation, let me assure you that it is fully secure and private and you are in
complete control of the process. Your information is solely yours and appears no where else but in your
The reasons for Online Giving are many:
Consistent Collections
Eliminates Writing Checks
Flexible Options
You are in total control
Simple Enrollment
Begin making your offertory contribution through Online-Giving
1) Log on to our parish website:
2) Double click on
3) Double click on “Sign up for a New Account”.
4) Fill out the information and click “submit”.
5) Your account has been created. You will be directed to go to your email to verify your account. To do this,
please open the email that will be sent to you and click on the link. This will make sure the email address you
provided is valid.
6) This will bring you to the “Sign on” page. Simple log in with your new I.D. and password.
7) From here you can totally manage your account. To set up your Offertory Contributions simply click “Manage
My Payment Method”. Fill out the requested information.
8) Once your payment method has been filled in click on “Give a New Gift”. Choose each category and choose
“Recurring”. The account you designate will be made available to the Parish accordingly.
May God bless for your ongoing generosity.
Fr. Angelo
MAY 16 & MAY 17
MAYDAYS is the major fundraiser for our church. The focus this
year is to enhance the fair making it larger, more interesting
and bring in more funds. But we need more parishioners to
come forward and join in the planning. MAYDAYS will benefit all
parishioners of St. Gregory’s Parish. With more volunteers we
can take on so much more. Please consider being a part of MAYDAYS! You will have a fun time working together and think of
the friendships you can make at the same time. Helping your
church will give you back many blessings in return. So don’t be
shy we don’t bite, please consider getting involved to help
YOUR church. Listed below are different ways you can help.
Looking for a few good strong men; to join the core team of Set Up/Take Down.
Must be able to commit Wednesday night 5/13, Thursday night 5/14, Friday
night 5/15 & Fair days take down. No experience necessary.
Grill Masters needed to attend the Grill during fair hours. Must be 18 or over.
Volunteers to assist with all the food shopping. (Costco, BJ’s Dandy’s etc.)
Volunteers needed to help with selling Raffle Tickets at local stores.
Volunteers needed to distribute signs/flyers across town.
Volunteer “team captains” to be in the food tent. (Team captains must commit to
both days).
Volunteers needed to help in the food tent.
Volunteers to help find entertainment.
New ideas and/or suggestions to add for the fair this year.
Please speak to Father Angelo or Janice Rudisill at the parish office
203-797-0222 or you can E-mail them @ [email protected]
[email protected]
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lev 13:1-2,44-46; Ps 32; 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1;
Mark 1:40-45
Today’s Gospel is almost too comprehensive to explore. Jesus starts contrasting the old law with His own
teaching. He’ll continue the series next week and the
topics He takes up are anger, adultery, divorce and
swearing. It is curious that this year these thoughts on
adultery and divorce should be heard in our churches
during the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day.
The Book of Sirach (also called Ecclesiastes and not
found in many non-Catholic Bibles) offers a passage
about divine wisdom (Sir 15:15-20). God’s Word will
help us discern the choices we must make. This passage
promises God’s help in moral decision-making and Jesus
gives us what we need to know in the Gospel. Catechesis on making moral choices would be excellent today;
so might something on the difference between the
“Catholic” and the “Protestant” Bibles.
Again today, the second reading picks up the theme of
the other two scriptures. Paul expands now on ideas
about “wisdom”. We’ve heard him mention the term a
few times already; today, we see that he’s contrasting
the worldly wisdom of philosophers in his day with the
divine wisdom which comes from God. The homilist
could compare the many sources of wisdom which vie
for our allegiance in today’s culture.
Homilies today may include ethics, anger, adultery,
divorce, swearing, wisdom and moral decision-making.
Good texts may be found in the introduction to the Code
of Canon Law (to explain how the Church tries to codify
laws in keeping with the mind of Christ) and any of the
Roman or American Church documents on questions
regarding ethical questions.
Children & Foreclosures - A foreclosure is a traumatic
event in the life of any individual or family. The adverse
effects of foreclosure begins before the actual loss of the
home. Research has shown that parents who are homeowners in the midst of a foreclosure become more
stressed. In interviews, parents report fighting more
often with their kids and with their spouses. Even when
this isn’t the case parents say their kids are distressed
by the increased tension in the house. In order to pay
the mortgage, homeowner families may cut back on
other basic expenses, such as food or medical care.
More research shows that a family’s financial trouble can
negatively affect children’s outcomes. If the bank does
take ownership of the home, family budgets can be
strained by the unexpected moving costs. Foreclosure
can also influence a child’s educational outcomes
through increased school instability. Changing schools,
especially in the middle of the school year, has been
shown to hinder children’s academic performance. Disruptive moves are linked to children’s academic problems. Children whose families do not experience foreclosure themselves, but who live in neighborhoods with
many foreclosures can also suffer the consequences of
this crisis since high rates of student mobility can disrupt classrooms. If you’re interested in Social Concerns,
contact S. Martin @ 203-240-7072 or @ [email protected]
St. Gregory the Great Information Center
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[email protected]
Bulletin Notices:
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Please submit bulletin notices ten days prior to publication.
Office Hours:
Mon.– Fri, 9:30 am — 3:30 pm
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Office of Faith Formation—203-743-5168
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Youth Ministry:
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Call Parish Office, 203-797-0222
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