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Event Calendar
February 2015
1—Superbowl Sunday!
Lord’s Accord rehearsal
3—Girls Bible study
Jr High Boys Hangout
4—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
5—Men’s Bible study
7—FHNA Planning meeting
8—Deacons Valentine Brunch
10—NSC Youth Night
11—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
12—Men’s Bible study
14—Happy Valentine’s Day!
17—Girls Bible study
Jr High Boys Hangout
18—Women’s Weekday Bible study
Primetimers Lunch
Ash Wednesday Service
46 youth group
19—Men’s Bible study
21—Devotions & Work
22—First Sunday of Lent
Welcome MEET
An Invitation to Prayer
24—NSC Youth Night
25—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
26—Men’s Bible study
27—Community Kitchen
March 2015
Events Guide
February—March 2015
1—Second Sunday of Lent
Prayer Supper
3—Girls Bible study
Jr High Boys Hangout
4—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
5—Men’s Bible study
8—Third Sunday of Lent (Daylight Savings)
Lord’s Accord rehearsal
An Invitation to Prayer
10—NSC Youth Night
11—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
12—Men’s Bible study
15—Fourth Sunday of Lent
Lord’s Accord rehearsal
17—Girls Bible study
Jr High Boys Hangout
18—Women’s Weekday Bible study
Primetimers Luncheon
46 youth group
Choir rehearsal
19—Men’s Bible study
21—Spring Yard Clean-Up
22—Fifth Sunday of Lent
Lord’s Accord rehearsal
An Invitation to Prayer
24—NSC Youth Night
25—Women’s Weekday Bible study
46 youth group
Version 1
Choir rehearsal
26—Men’s Bible study
27—Community Kitchen
29—Palm Sunday
Lord’s Accord rehearsal
Inglewood Presbyterian Church
Kirkland, WA
Wanting to connect here at Inglewood?
Just curious about our life together?
Our Community in Prayer
Praise God for the humility he displayed in coming to earth as a baby
and dying a criminals death on a cross for you and me! Thank him for
not only dying for our sins, but for also rising from the dead and giving
us new life and relationship with our Father God!
Pray for those in our church family and those we know who are
suffering, great and small (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental), that
they would be comforted during their trial and that they would hold fast
We’d love to meet you!
to Jesus for their hope and healing.
If you’re newer to Inglewood Church, we invite you to either of these venues:
Welcome Meet 7
Coffee with Pastor James 7
We invite you to meet our pastor,
As a Portland native, he’s glad to be
leaders, and some other newcomers.
back in the land of good coffee—
We’ll gather here in our building
for an hour, with a simple lunch
provided. You’ll hear a brief snapshot
of who we are, what God is doing
here, and ways you can connect!
and always glad to grab a cup with
Email him at [email protected]
gmail.com to set something up
at a time that works for you.
Next Meet: February 22, 2015
Where: IPC Sanctuary
When: 11:15am
Intergenerational—Friendly for Kids & Adults Alike
At IPC, we really value doing things together. When you see this symbol,
know that everyone is invited to participate, from birth through 100+
Pray that as we enter into 2015 that we would allow God to continue his
good work that he has begun in us: developing and maturing the fruits
of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, gentleness, self-control.
Pray for those who are without jobs, that they may be encouraged and
filled with faith during the time of waiting. Ask God for new opportunities.
Pray for our overseas missionaries as they seek to bring the light of
Christ to various places around the world.
Pray for our new Junior High & High School youth programs that are
starting up each Tuesday evening in the new year; ask God for healthy
and life-giving relationships to be built among the youth and leaders.
If you would like others to pray with you for a need or
would like someone to pray with, please email our prayer chain:
[email protected]
Through the spring we will finish our tour
through Jesus’ conversation with his
followers in Matt 5-7. Commonly called the
Sermon on the Mount, Jesus outlines the
 Pastor James [email protected]
 425-823-9334 / [email protected]
Saturday, April 4th , 11am
Monday—Thursday, 9am-2pm
IPC will be hosting an egg hunt!
Our food bank is open to anyone in the
Separate areas for toddlers, pre-K, and
community and is supported through
older kids. Come a few minutes early to
generous donations from the Seattle-
decorate a bag. Hunt begins promptly
based Emergency Feeding Program
at 11:10am.
and folks in the IPC community.
very basics of building a life with him – a
life that will last.
Lent with Inglewood Church
Ash Wednesday—7pm, Feb 18 (youth and kids welcome!)
A brief, interactive service of song, word, confession, and imposition
of ashes as we mark the beginning of the 40 days of Lent.
Non-perishable food donations are
gladly accepted.
Palm Sunday—10am, March 29
We celebrate Jesus’ authority as our Servant King, enacted in his
entry into Jerusalem the Sunday before he was crucified.
 425-823-9334 / [email protected]
Thursdays, Tindall Hall, 6:30-9pm
This group meets weekly and is open
Maundy Thursday—7pm, April 2
to anyone in the community.
Our celebration of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples before his
 Annette
Friday, Feb. 27th & Mar. 27th
6-9pm, Kitchen
We all have busy schedules, but come
share a meal with your neighbors.
crucifixion. In English named ‘maundy’ from the Latin ‘mandatum’
(commandment) – as Jesus told his disciples “I give you a new
commandment, that you love one another”.
 Carol
May 2nd
Good Friday: an immersive and interactive experience
The Church of MM serves homeless and
No experience necessary, children are
formerly homeless women and children
welcome. Learn, eat, share stories, and
in downtown Seattle. IPC has the regular
swap recipes!
privilege of serving breakfast here. Kids
All day, April 3
Come at any point through the day to the IPC sanctuary for self-guided
reflection and meditation on Jesus’ death in our place to redeem us
from sin to life. Brief (±12 minutes) worship in song and prayer will be
offered at noon (darkness), 3:00pm (death), and 7:00pm (burial before
are welcome as long as they are with an
adult. Diaper donations are appreciated.
Easter Sunday—Worship at 10am
Come celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and the life he freely gives – in the
world to come, and in daily life right now.
We will also have an egg hunt on Saturday, April 4 – see Loving Our Neighbors
for details.
The Ancient Tradition of Lent
The forty days leading up to Easter, not counting Sundays
In the first few centuries of church life, people who became
curious about Jesus were often expected to spend significant time as
“hearers” before they were baptized. They would join the life of the
 Joy
church, joining in service to others, sharing meals in homes, learning
about Jesus and a life with him. When the person decided, “Yes, I want
to follow Jesus!” – usually some months or years after first considering
Jesus – then they were accepted into baptism (which is a sharing in
Jesus’ death and resurrection), and then accepted to the Lord’s Supper
(Jesus’ feeding us with his own life).
But by the mid-200s AD and even more in the 300s AD, as the number of
new Christians swelled dramatically, many parts of the Church took this
longer period of spiritual preparation for baptism, and shortened it to just
40 days. The Church also began placing this preparation period directly
before Easter, so that “hearers” could be baptized on Saturday night
before Easter (the “Easter Vigil”), share communion with other
Christians on Easter Sunday, and then receive some additional
mentoring after Easter. Some churches still regularly use Lent to prepare
new believers for baptism (and new members for membership).
But even for those who are already Christians, we observe Lent as a
season to remember all Jesus has done for us in life, death, and
resurrection – and all he is for us as he serves and prays for us today and
forever. We renew our response to his grace, in part, through renewed
attention to time-honored spiritual disciplines such as prayer, scripture
meditation, confession, generosity, and fasting.
February 4th, 11th & 25th
Each Wednesday in March
Please join us in the sanctuary on
most Wednesdays as able. All voices
 John
March 21st
Come join us as IPC teams up with the
Scouts and our on-site preschool,
Inglemoor Co-op, to beautify the
grounds and prepare the church for the
coming warm weather!
If we just happen to get some snow this
year, join us for the first day when
school is cancelled in the Northshore
and Lake WA schools! We’ll meet at
10:30am here at IPC for fun in the snow
and hot cocoa.
Sunday, Feb. 8th after worship
IPC Fellowship Hall
Tickets - $5.00 per person;
$15.00 per family
We are hosting our annual Valentine
Brunch fundraiser to invest in Deacon
ministry. Join us after worship service
for brunch! Tickets will be on sale in
advance or at the door. We will also be
collecting cash/check donations. Thank
you for supporting your IPC Deacons as
they serve in Jesus’ name!
 John
Feb. 21st
Everyone is welcome to help out the
Buildings & Grounds team as they
tackle projects, big and small; meeting
once a month for donuts & devotions
and then working to help improve and
maintain our building.
Growing Anew in Lent
alive from roots to leaves
 Craig
Every Thursday, IPC Library, 7pm
This weekly meeting encourages and
One thing Jesus makes very clear: on
our own, life is barren – but life
comes from him. We are poor, sad,
 Jessica
and hungry – he is rich and joyful be-
March 1st
yond measure. We distort God’s
Supper 5:15pm; Prayer at 6pm
equips men to know God and carry out
There is power in simple prayer
his mission for them in the home, and
together. As kids do with a loving
marketplace with our church.
parent, we go to our good Father to
word, he brings us back to its heart.
We are invited to live as the Father’s
kids, find our treasure in heaven, and
live free from all anxiety. We are to
be with him, talk with him, and share
 Annette
ask and receive, walk the road that
our lives together. Open to everyone,
leads to life, grow good fruit, and do
ages 0-99.
Jesus words – finding in him a life
Every Wednesday, 10am
that lasts.
Come meet up during the week for
Biblical support and encouragement.
 Janet
Meets off-site.
February 18th & March 18th
We invite anyone 55+, to gather,
 Carol
share a meal, and enjoy good
February 22nd
conversation. Contact Janet for
March 8th & 22nd
details on meal themes.
4-6 Grade Sunday School classroom,
Join Carol to pray on the 2nd & 4th
Sundays of each month after worship
to pray for children, grandchildren,
nieces and nephews (who may not
necessarily be living with you). The
“Amen” will come right at noon.
11:30am, Choir Room
There is a very similar image in Psalm 1:
that God’s word is the source of our life.
As we steadily absorb his instruction and
come to know him, we become “like a
tree planted beside a channel of water,
bearing fruit in season and whose leaves
never wither.”
During Lent, we will enact this invitation
out of barrenness into life in a very tangible way.
Each week during lent, you will be invited to place roots and leaves on a barren tree in our sanctuary.
a Root: a step you are taking to connect more deeply with Jesus and
his word, some new step into the bible, into prayer, into confession, into
(secret!) generosity, or some other spiritual discipline. This could be
something you commit to do, or something you have recently begun.
a Leaf: a step of obedience to Jesus’ word that you have taken (or will
take). A step to forgive, reach out, or make amends. A promise made (or
kept), a lust cut off, an ungodly anger surrendered to God. A step to live
out any of the 8 Beatitudes, or live as salt and light (Matt 5:3-16).
 Stephanie
Parents are welcome to drop off
children under the age of 3, beginning
at 9:50am on Sunday mornings. Our
nursery worker will gladly care for them
during worship.
Summer 2015 Programs
Vacation Bible School: July 13-17
*HS students plan to help with VBS
Adventure Camp (4-6 grade): July 20-24
Junior High Camp @Tall Timbers
(7-9 grade): June 28-July 3
Our Jr and Sr high students meet on
Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm
and join up with the Northshore
fun and learning more about God’s plan
Community Church youth group for an
for our lives! Held in the IPC Fellowship
Hall (west end of the building).
(7th-9th GRADE)
follow Joey Cruz after the Children’s
 Judith
rooms. Our kids will be continuing
exploring the life of Jesus in the Gospel
Story Bible curriculum.
Our children’s choir rehearses almost
every Sunday and sings once a month
during the worship service. Open to
children in grades 1-6. Rehearsing
Feb. 1 and then beginning a four week
break. Regular rehearsals resuming
March 8. Singing Sundays: Mar. 15 & 29.
April 4th, 11am
See Loving Our Neighbors for details!
On holidays we give the kids a change
of pace (and our volunteers a break) by
simplifying Sunday School. Children
entering 3rd grade and younger follow
Joey Cruz after the Children’s Moment.
Upcoming dates: April 5
For children age 3 to 3rd grade (9:00am
 Joey
1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm
Feb. 3 & 17, Mar. 4 & 18
Come hang out with Joey! We’ll play
Xbox, games and have a short lesson.
Meet in the downstairs youth room.
(7th-12th GRADE)
 Tatum 425-823-9334
[email protected]
1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm
Feb. 3 & 17, Mar. 4 & 18
Open to all girls in Jr & Sr High.
Come for a light meal and simple,
meaningful Bible study.
to noon). Our theme is Hometown
Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid”. We’ll
create a marketplace in Nazareth and
experience what life was like when Jesus
was a kid just like them. If you’re
interested in volunteering, please contact
the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month
Come join us for an evening of friends,
All children in Pre-K through 6th grade
Sundays, 11-11:45am, Choir Room
(4th-6th GRADE)
Message to their Sunday School class-
Questions about our youth
programs? Contact Joey Cruz
evening of worship, teaching and our
own personal small groups.
JUNIOR HIGH will meet at IPC at 6pm
and will arrive back for pick up at 8:15pm.
SENIOR HIGH will meet at IPC at 7pm
and will arrive back at IPC at 9:30pm.
February 10 & 24
March 10 & 24