Certified Tobacco Educator
April 9-12, 2015
Moncton, New Brunswick
Join us
for an interactive
workshop that will prepare you to become a
Certified Tobacco Educator. Attendees will
receive a comprehensive participant education and
tobacco manual* (a $250 value). You are expected to
familiarize yourself with the material in advance so
that you can apply that knowledge and practise your
skills. There will be a small amount of lecture but the bulk of the workshop will be participatory and include
case studies, role plays
and games.
We will spend the first two days covering
the foundational health education competencies,
including the health education and behavior
change theories and models. You will learn how
to apply those theories in your work with your
clients. The second half of the course will focus
on applying your new health education skills to
tobacco management.
For more information:
Agnes Mocko – 905 880-1092 or 1(855) 355-4672
[email protected]
Here is what participants who attended our training programs in Toronto
and Edmonton had to say:
“It was most certainly one of the most memorable learning experiences
I’ve had… I’ve had the opportunity since then to enhance much of my
teaching by incorporating some of the lessons learned,
MI and writing SMART goals in particular.”
“liked the level of interactivity and engagement. I appreciated the positive, constructive, approach to feedback and the
review of SMART goals.”
“The content of the course was really well-developed and very useful. There were lots of opportunities to practice
and I liked that it built on skills and reinforced the use of
MI. I found it helpful to have a really mixed group of health
professionals… It allowed for differing points of view in our
discussions. I found it helpful to have the facilitators join in
discussions and redirect if needed. I feel it prepared folks
to write the exam.”
Cost: $500 (Special Reduced Pilot Training Program Fee)
Times: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily
Breakfast and lunch will be served.
Participants will be required to register for the CTE
exam taking place June 5, 2015. (The exam fee is
$450 or $350 for current CAEs, CREs and CCEs.)
Register here:!/
*Participant manual will be in draft form.