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Week 3 - 12 February, 2015
Donna Muir
Dear Families,
This week we celebrated our Year 6 students and their leadership roles within our school. As mentioned at our
Leadership Mass all of our students lead our school in different ways with their many talents and gifts. Although
we only have certain positions that need to be filled at the school as leaders, everyone is still important because
they have to support the leaders in their role. Leadership is a team effort and that is most important. We
congratulate all of the Year 6 Leaders in their roles for 2015!
House Captains 2015
Vice-Captains 2015
Councillors 2015
(absent Abbey-Rose Condon)
The Open Sessions will be replacing our Assembly Presentations because we would really like to see our parents
in the classrooms. Please be aware that parents are welcome anytime in the classrooms not just for the Open
Sessions or after assembly. We want to encourage parents to come and visit the classrooms anytime throughout
the school day. Some parents even drop in during their work lunch breaks to say hi or when they drop their
children off in the morning time they come in and help check off books or swap readers. Please make sure you
come and visit the classrooms anytime—you are always welcome!
Have a great week!
Donna Muir Principal
Mrs Donna Muir—Principal
Mrs Judy Smith—Assistant Principal APRE
Mr Sam Hannant—Senior Middle Leader/PE
Mrs Anne Anderson—Librarian
Christine Cosgrove
Julie Robinson
Maria Dau
Ann-Maree Ward
Natasha Biggar
Hall Thorpe Sports
Phone: 4638 7965
From the APRE
- Judy Smith
Adopt a Cop
This week at Assembly, a formal “ Adopt-a –Cop” Ceremony was held at
which Senior Constable Kirsty Gleeson became the official Adopt a Cop
for St Saviour’s Primary School. In this role, Constable Kirsty will be
visiting classrooms to talk to the students about staying safe and obeying the rules, amongst other things. She will also be helping out with
reading groups and taking up opportunities to get to know and be
known in our school community.
Some of the perceived benefits of the Adopt– a– Cop program include:
(i) The enhanced safety and wellbeing of children through education;
(ii) Positive attitudes of children towards police and the community;
(iii) The encouragement of law abiding behaviour;
Kirsty, husband Joseph and their three children are already an important part of our community. We are very grateful to Kirsty for taking on this special role for us. Thank you Constable Kirsty!
Caritas: Just Leadership Workshop
Yesterday, we hosted 60 students from several local Catholic
primary schools who gathered to take part in a CARITAS; Just
Leadership Workshop. The day was run by Susan Bentley (CARITAS
Australia). The aim of the workshop was to :
Identify local, national and global issues of justice through the
lens of Catholic Social teachings
 Explore the implications of just leadership in dialogue with
 Actively engage in a process that helps students to recognise
they have the resources, the power and the responsibility to work
for change;
 Learn practical ways to share these new understandings in your
school and local communities;
 Hear and view first–hand accounts of communities who are
working to lift themselves out of poverty;
 Promote Project Compassion, Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and awareness campaign, in their schools
Discuss the global issues behind the six Project Compassion 2015
In the coming weeks, during Lent, CARITAS and Project Compassion
will be a focus throughout the school.
More information will be forthcoming in the next few newsletters.
From the APRE
continued - Judy Smith
LEADERSHIP MASS: On Tuesday we gathered as a whole school
community to celebrate the beginning of a new school year and the
acknowledgement of the importance of our new school leaders. All of
our Year 6 students are leaders at St Saviour’s Primary and throughout 2015 will be expected to take on various responsibilities, as well
as be role models for the younger students.
The following positions were announced at the Mass:
School Captains 2015:
School Vice Captains 2015:
Marlowe Crosdale, Sophie Coleman
Daniel Robinson, Jordan McLachlan
House Captains:
Coolock House:
McAuley House:
Xavier House:
Goretti House:
Elijah Willey, Theo Chappell
Bronte Hood, Rohan McDonald
Jack McMahon, Jemima Brady
Cooper Oughtred, Nicholas Sheedy
2015 Councillors:
Technology Councillors
Library Councillors
Assembly Councillors
Tuckshop Councillors
Recreation Councillors
Welfare Councillors
Harrison Costigan, Emma Keeve
Abbey - Rose Condon, Sebastian
Amber Lunn, Chloe Soriano
Laura Charles, Rachael Lewis
Sam Dearnaley, Jacob Stewart
Lucy Bretz, Georgie Durie
Congratulations to all our Year 6 students and their teachers, Mrs Alex
Gannon and Miss Luci Adams for the wonderful start they have had to
the year!
Sunday Mass: Choir members are asked to gather at 8:45am on Sunday morning near the organ please. Students are
to wear smart casual clothes. Our school Captains and Vice– Captains will be taking part in a CARITAS leadership ceremony and are to gather at 8:30am wearing their formal school uniform.
SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM: Cluster groups are under way and will continue to meet each week. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Paula Wagner via the school office. We appreciate your commitment to this 5 week
Have a great weekend,
Student Support News
Maria Dau
Our team has been busy collaborating, co-ordinating and planning with our teachers to ensure that all students have the
opportunity to reach their full learning and personal potential at St Saviour’s. We have a number of programmes that we offer to
students to support them in their learning. A letter to all families of students whom we feel would benefit from increased
support, according to testing and observations, was sent home with your child last week. An outline of all programmes/support
offered is given and the specific support indicated. Please read, sign and return to school at your earliest convenience.
Formal support sessions from Prep to Year 6 begin next week, Week 3.
Our School Counsellor, Miss Eleanor Glover, returns to our school each Tuesday this year and will meet with referred students.
Our new Speech/Language Therapist, Miss Alex Young, will be visiting regularly throughout the term to observe, assess and
provide guidance and resources.
We also have a new Occupational Therapist, (O.T.) Miss Emma Goddard, who will also visit our school regularly and on request, to
observe, assess and provide guidance for our teachers and support staff and families. The option of accessing external OT support
for therapy is still necessary as Emma is our only therapist covering all of our catholic schools. Our OT groups support some of our
students in the early years/grades with their gross motor and fine motor skills.
Emma will be observing all of the students in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms in Week 4.
Have a great week!
Maria Dau
Mini Vinnies Pikelet Stall
Mini Vinnies members will be selling pikelets
next Tuesday morning at 11am. Students are
invited to bring some of their pocket money to
support this fundraiser and to enjoy a treat.
Place: Covered area outside the library
Time: Pancake/Shrove Tuesday 17th February at
11 am (after students have eaten their morning
tea from home!)
Cost: Buttered pikelet 10 cents, pikelet with
jam and cream 20 cents.
We look forward to your
February 16
School Photo Day
February 17
Central Zone Swimming Carnival
February 18
Ash Wednesday
February 20
P&F Welcome BBQ
February 23
Board Meeting
March 1
Peak 2 Park
March 19
Toowoomba Show Holiday
March 21
School Race Day
March 23
Parent Teacher Interviews
General Notices
Congratulations Weekly Award Winners
School Photos:
School Photos for 2015 will be NEXT MONDAY 16TH FEBRUARY. The photos will be taken by Owens Studio Professional Photography. Photo Envelopes MUST be returned by tomorrow FRIDAY 13TH FEBRUARY. Strictly cash or
cheque only. Please ensure that you have the correct money enclosed in your child’s envelope as no change can be
given on or before the day. Please ensure that your child is wearing their full summer uniform on the day.
FAMILY PHOTO ENVELOPES - If you require a family photo envelope please call in to the office to collect one.
Siblings from St Saviour’s College are welcome to be part of the photo, however approval will need to given from the
College for your daughter to come down for the photo.
Pink Record Cards:
These cards now due! Please see the office if your family did not receive one. It is important that these be returned
as soon as possible as these cards ensure that our records are kept up to date.
Volunteer Forms:
Please remember to return your Volunteer Forms to the office. You must be registered to commence any form of
volunteer work within the school. There are two forms that need to be returned.
Book club orders were due back to school today. Thank you to everyone that have returned their order. If there are
any outstanding orders please return them by tomorrow morning.
Interviews will be held in the Mercy Centre as per previous years. Interviews will need to be booked through our
Parent Teacher ONLINE service. All families will receive a letter and details of how to access this service.
They will start during the school day and finish in the evening. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend the
interviews so you can touch base with the classroom teachers and discuss how your child is progressing.
General Notices continued
Ukulele Club
Ukulele club for beginners and intermediates is now taking place on a Friday morning, from 730-8.25am.
Lots more places available for anyone interested.
Chess Club
Chess Club takes place on a Friday morning, from 7.30 am - 8.25am.
Lots more places available for anyone interested.
Chess Tournament for Individuals
Tuesday March, $14.00. Toowoomba Prep School. 8.30 am - 4.00 pm. Registration of all students is required. See
Chess Club.
If you have any old unused Ipods at home, please consider donating them to the Year Three’s. We need a couple
more to use in our reading groups, so students can record and listen to themselves reading.
RACE DAY 2015:
Date: Saturday, 21st March
Cost: $60 per head - tickets on SALE NOW!
*Multidraw tickets have been sent home with the eldest in the family. All tickets need to be returned to the office
either sold or unsold before the Race Day on the 21st March. If you would like any extra books of tickets to sell
please come to the office - tickets will be sent home via your child the following day.
P & F Welcome BBQ!
This year our annual Welcome BBQ will be held on Friday, 20th February from 5:30pm. Performances by the
children will begin at 5:30pm followed by a free BBQ provided by our P & F association. Bring the family, meet new
faces and catch up with old friends!
Casual clothes
Pyjamas - please do not purchase new pj’s. Any type of pj’s will be fine (winter/summer/boxer shorts etc)
Sister Ginger (School Winter Uniform)
God (White Clothes/white sheet)
Cannibal (Plain coloured ragged ripped old clothes) Messy hair
Boys/Girls: Denim bottom shorts/school sport shirt
School Board Meeting
Monday, 23rd February – 6:00pm in the staffroom
We are inviting parents in our community to consider joining the Board. We have parents who have finished their time – please
consider it and contact the office if you are interested.
From the Sports Desk
Mr Sam Hannant
Titans Visit
Last Friday we were lucky enough to have three of the
Gold Coast Titans players to come and visit St Saviour’s
at lunch time. The players talked about healthy eating
and living, as well as holding a push up competition and
signing autographs.
Catholic Swimming Carnival
Thanks to all the children who attended the Catholic
Swimming Carnival on Wednesday. In overcast and
sometimes rainy conditions all of the children tried their
very best and several children managed to receive a
ribbon or two.
Central Zone Swimming Carnival
The central zone carnival will take place on Tuesday 17th February at The Glennie School Aquatic Centre.
All children are reminded to be at the pool by 8.15am. In the letter that was sent home on Tuesday, it mentioned
that the carnival will conclude around 2pm. There is a chance that this carnival could finish earlier, so please be at
the pool by 2pm to pick up your children.
Tennis Lessons
Adolfo Garcia is holding tennis lessons for Year 1 and 2 students from St Saviour’s on Monday mornings before
school at the Groom Park Courts. He is also running tennis lessons on Monday afternoon at the Range Tennis Club
as detailed below:
3.20-4.05pm—Prep & Year 1, 4.05-4.50pm—Years 2,3 & 4, 4.50-5.35pm—Years 5 & 6.
For further information contact Adolfo Garcia from Protenn Australia on 0412105303 or
[email protected] Please remember this is an outside of school activity.
Cross Country and Athletics Dates 2015
At this stage cross country is booked in for Thursday 26th March on the St Saviour’s Primary Oval.
The 200m heats and 800m events for athletics are booked for Monday 22nd June from 9am—12pm. (TBC)
The full day athletics carnival is booked for Thursday 25th of June 2015. (TBC)
These dates should be confirmed by next week’s newsletter.
Sam Hannant
Middle School Leader - PE
Library Matters
Anne Anderson
Volunteer Helpers
Thank you to our parent helpers who have been covering readers over the last 3 weeks.
Melissa Darvall, Todd and Kerrin Halliday, Melissa Politch and Angela Ryan.
All parents are invited to help with the simple processing tasks of stamping and covering so the new reading material
can be in classrooms as soon as possible. Please consider taking some books home or spending time in the library
after Monday assembly and cup of tea. Everyone is welcome and any contribution to this work is valued.
Author News
Read about Jackie French’s role as Children’s Laureate at
Jackie’s ‘Share a story’ calendar is available on this page:
Happy Story Sharing!
Anne Anderson
Teacher Librarian
Clothing Pool News
Cathy Condon
The Clothing Pool will be open the following days and times
for 2015.
8AM – 8.30AM
8AM – 8.30AM
Just a reminder that if you would like to sell any uniforms through the
Pool, you must complete a form (available from the office or website) that
outlines all the items you wish to sell. Our Clothing Pool convenors for
this year are Cathy Condon, Leah Millward, Genevieve Chappell and Helen
Henningsen. Please note that payments for any items through the Pool
are strictly CASH only – no EFTPOS and payments must be made directly
to the Pool not the office.
If you have purchased a formal hat from Hannah's and it has pinky
discoloration, it may be from a faulty batch of dye.
Hannah's have advised that you can take it back in to see if they can send
it back to the supplier. (White discoloration is not part of the fault, this
occurs from sweat). I have been given a sheet on the cleaning instructions
and will provide them in next weeks newsletter.
Cathy Condon
Parents!! Would you like to
order your own House Shirt
for Sports Days/Swimming
If so we have attached a
copy of an order form to
this Newsletter for you to
fill in and return to us.
The cost of the shirt will be
Support you child’s House!!
Reminders and Important Dates
Before and After School Care: - Please contact Hall-Thorpe Sports directly
(Phone: 4638 7965 or Mobile 0438764752). Bookings Essential
Email [email protected] Website
School Banking: Each Tuesday. For information packs on becoming a school
banker, please contact the office.
Prep Car Park - The Prep car park is strictly for the use of families with children
in Prep. If you do not have a child in Prep then you are not to access the Prep
drive-way or car park, unless walking in from Perth St. Please do not park in
the Disabled Car Park at Prep. It is strictly for the families who need this
Parents please remember to STOP at the sign in the Prep driveway.
BUS ZONE PARKING: Please do not park in the Bus Zones.
Clothing Pool is open from 8am to 8.30am every Wednesday and Friday
morning. Our convenor for 2015 is Cathy Condon. Any donations or items for
sale can be dropped off at the school office anytime. A completed form must be
attached to items for sale; this form can be found on our website or the school
Outside Activities
Piano Lessons:
If your child is interested in learning Piano, please contact Denis Smith, 0414 843 339. There are a few vacancies
available on Wednesday or Friday. Lessons are taught at St Saviour’s Primary School.
Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant Support (TRAMS)
Primary Homework Tutoring Group
Tuesdays: 3.30pm - 4.30pm
If you have or you know of primary school children who would benefit from help with school
homework, please contact TRAMS on 4632 9285 for more information. Please note children must
be dropped off and collected.
Photography Photo Booth Hire:
If you are interested in hiring a photography booth for a party or upcoming event, take time to
have a look at the following link. The Photography Booth is a great way to bring fun to your
next party! Click on the following link (through Facebook) or
email Trevor Sloan direct on [email protected]
Peak 2 Park:
Registrations are now being taken at the office for Peak 2 Park on Sunday 2nd March. Please click on the following
link to access information about the event.
Tuckshop News
Natasha Biggar
Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who donate their time to help run the tuckshop. This is an
incredibly generous gift to our school and its students.
There is NO paper-bag ordering of tuckshop , all ordering is done via Flexischools.
Cut off time for orders is 9:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
A huge thank-you to all who have answered by call for new volunteers!! I look forward to working with you all.
Fresh fruit salad cups will remain on the menu for Term 1 at $2. Hot dogs will be available for this term also and wombok salad,
these items will be taken off for the cooler Terms. NEW ITEM – A snack pack has been added to the morning tea menu, it consists
of rice crackers, carrot sticks, dried apricots and your choice of either avocado dip or cream cheese, at $2 it’s a great choice for a
healthy morning tea!!! All pizzas will now be made fresh in the tuckshop. There are three to choose from – Bacon and Cheese,
Ham and Pineapple and BBQ Chicken. They will remain at $2-20. Please let me know if there is something you would like to see
added to the menu. I’m always looking to improve our menu and keep it fresh and hopefully exciting!!!
BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES - available again for 2015!!
Birthday cupcakes are now available as a special order. These orders will need to be placed a week in advance through the
school office. Special price for a Birthday order will be $1 each, with a minimum order of 20. Please advise of any dietary requirements.
As a special treat for Valentine’s Day, the tuckshop will be selling heart shaped lolly pops for 30c as well as mixed bags of lollies
consisting of pink jelly beans and strawberries and cream for 40c. They can be ordered via Flexischools under the snack section.
This is the preferred method of ordering as your child will be guaranteed of receiving their treat. A small amount will be held back
for over the counter sales. They will be available for 2 nd break only. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!
If you find the days you have been rostered on for are unsuitable can you please let me know as soon as possible.
Jenny Moloney
Tracey Barram
Registration is easy and free! Using any PC, go to
1/ Click Register Now! And enter your email
Anna King
Melissa Darvall
2/ You are emailed a link to the online form.
3/ Choose your own username and password and enter your contact details.
4/ For each child, click “Add a student” and follow the prompts to place an order.
You will be required to top-up your pre-paid account. VISA or Mastercard preferred. Transaction fees are 29cents per top-up. Debit transfer is possible but will
take around 2 days for the money to show up on your account, credit cards go through instantly. Last year there was an app available, but this is no longer
Home Reading at St. Saviour’s
Home Reading is a vital and integral part of each class’s homework plan. It provides every
child with the opportunity for reading enjoyment, practice of reading strategies/skills and
engaging with family members in discussion and sharing.
Home Reading Level Throughout each term the children individually participate in PM
Benchmark Reading Assessments. From these, their Instructional Level is found. This level
guides the class teacher in providing suitable reading materials and group work to instruct
and teach specific strategies and skills within the classroom environment.
Home Reading complements this classroom work. The teachers must allocate a home
reader for your child that is 1-2 levels below the classroom instructional level. This is in line
with recommendations from the Catholic Education /Inclusive Education Office. The home
reader is meant to be ‘easy’ and a time to read more fluency, gain confidence and focus on
comprehension of the reading content. The enjoyment of reading with a family member,
particularly in the earlier years, questioning and discussions arising from such shared time is
invaluable and an important focus of Home Reading.
You may like to try:
Discussion about what the story could be about by looking at the cover. Develops
oral language skills, prediction and imagination.
Practise reading strategies. Sounding out, reading on and coming back to an
unknown word, looking for little words within big words, picture clues.
Self-correction. Awareness of reading for meaning and noticing if what has been
read doesn’t make sense!
Notice words that rhyme with others
Talk about the story and other ways it could have ended? Discuss characters,
settings, plot in fiction texts. Discuss and enjoy new knowledge in non-fiction texts.
Remember to be patient and encouraging. We are, together, building skills for life! The focus
is not on reading level progression and comparing levels between classmates. Each child
develops at their own pace in their own time and will only enjoy reading and want to read if
it is fun and if there is success. As adults it is SO important to model for our children the
reason for reading… enjoyment, time together and to learn things! Home Reading is perfect
for this.
If you have any questions please feel welcome to see your child’s teacher or myself. We look
forward to working with you this year to foster a love and enjoyment of reading and
learning for your child!
Maria Dau Student Support Teacher
The Glennie School Parents and Friends’ Association
Glennie Pool
Sunday 8 March
On the day of the Glennie Fair
7.30am Registrations & Warm-Up
8.00am Start
$10 Individual
$15 Teams (1 Swimmer & 1 Runner)
Separate Prizes for boys, girls and mixed teams
For further details P: 0427 802 448
PTO for registration form
(Girls, Boys and Team Categories)
9 Years & Under — 100m Swim, 400m Run
10 Years — 200m Swim, 800m Run
11 Years — 200m Swim, 800m Run
12 Years — 250m Swim, 1200m Run
14 Years & Under — 300m Swim, 1600m Run
16 Years & Under — 400m Swim, 2000m Run
Open — 400m Swim, 2000m Run
Over 35s — 400m Swim, 2000m Run
Over 50s — 300m Swim, 1600m Run
(Age as at 1 October 2014
Triathlon QLD Rules)
Sunday 8 March 2015
Registration Form
Name of Swimmer:
male/female (Please circle)
Name of Runner:
male/female (Please circle)
Individual/Team: (Please circle)
Phone No: ________________________
Entry Fee Enclosed: $ ____________________
(Cheques made payable to The Glennie P & F Special Events)
How To Enter
Complete entry form and mail with entry payment to: The Glennie Aquathon
The Glennie School
Herries Street
Toowoomba Qld 4350
To prevent race day registration delays, entries should be received by Friday, 6 March 2015
All events will be run according to Triathlon QLD Rules
All runners must wear upper body clothing and shoes
Age will be as at 1 October 2014
Competitors may compete in EITHER the Individual OR Team Events—NOT BOTH