The Early Edition February 15, 2015

Missionary Highlight: Daniel Smith, Toronto, Canada
Today we pray for Daniel Smith, one of our missionaries in Canada.
The Early Edition
February 15, 2015
He serves in the Brampton area, west of Toronto. He spends his days going
door to door in the big apartment complexes, which are filled with many
immigrants from Africa.
Daniel Smith is also from Africa, so they welcome him and wait to hear what
he has to say. His message, of course, is that they need Jesus Christ.
He is starting a new church, which so far includes people from Sierra Leone
and Ghana, two West African countries. Within five years he hopes to have
several churches started among the many thousands of African immigrants
in his area.
Imagine: Our Cooperative Program giving enables Southern Baptist
international missionaries to serve all over West Africa and reach people
there for Christ. And our giving also is reaching Africans who have moved
to Canada as we support Daniel Smith.
We give because God wants every person in the world to hear the Gospel
and He wishes to work through us to get the word out.
Daniel’s picture is on the power point today.
What does it mean to be a Christian?
A Christian is someone who is becoming like Christ. It sounds simple, but
it’s only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Fully God and
fully man, Jesus came to this earth, lived a perfect life, died to pay for
everything we did wrong, and rose from the dead so that we could enjoy
life with Him. He’s already done everything for our salvation. Our role is
to repent (turn away from our sin), surrender our life to Him, and follow
Him. Still have questions? Contact our Pastor, visit our JBC website, or
Sharon is in the church office Monday-Thursday from 9-5.
Please submit all bulletin/calendar information by noon on Monday.
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Welcome to
The Church Ministry Budget
Jerusalem Baptist Church
February 15, 2015
Morning Worship
Carolyn & Nevida
Welcome & Prayer
Special Music
Pastor Donnie
“All in All”
Praise Team
Dave Wilcox
Special Music
“O What A Savior”
Offertory Hymn
“In the Garden”
Offertory Prayer
Deacon of the Month
Terry Correll
His Tithes,
Our Offerings
Carolyn & Nevida
Message from God’s
Holy Word
Hymn of Decision
Pastor Donnie
“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”
Our Budget Weekly Need:
Last Weeks Budget Offerings:
Grand Total Mission Giving 2014:
Budget Missions:
Vision Ministries & Missions:
Paying Off The Building Debt
Building Fund Weekly Need:
Monthly Building Payment:
Last Weeks Building Fund Offering:
Balance on Loan:
Feb. 15th:
Sunday School: Aimee’ Crowe & Gaby Mauldin
Nursery AM Worship: Shirley West & Julie Stamper
PM Worship: Jordain Taylor
Wed. Nursery: Pam Allen
Feb. 22nd:
Sunday School: Janna & Justin Winstead
Nursery AM Worship: Melanie Hunter & Amelia Latham
PM Worship: Jennifer West
Wed. Nursery: Pam Allen
Nursery Coordinators:
Evening Worship
Welcome & Prayer
Jordain Taylor: 336-751-6177
Pastor Donnie
Business Meeting
Jennifer West: 336-492-7658
If you cannot stay in the nursery during the time you are scheduled,
please contact a coordinator in advance as far as possible.
Thank you for meeting the needs of our “little ones”!
To volunteer in the nursery, you must be a member of JBC
and out of Watchcare.
Anderson, Brenda (Anita L.)
Bragg, Betty (Susie Wilcox mother)
Brittain, Pam (Judy Phillips)
Burgess, Mackie (Judy P).
Byler, Katie (Doris Honeycutt)
Calloway, Miles (Vicki Thompson)
Campbell, Brenda (Barbara G.)
Caudill, Freda
Collins, Lori (Pam Allen)
Corn, Joan (Judy Phillips)
Correll, Howard
Couch, Jerry (Larry Settle)
Cowick, Jewel (Susie W.)
Deal, Anthony (Angela Phillips)
Dunn, Charlie (Jane Seamon)
Horn, John & JoAnne (Judy P.)
McNeely, Logan (Bonnie S.)
Medford, Laura
Self, Nancy (Edna Waldrop)
Wilhelm, Doug (Ron’s brother)
Bird, Mark (Edna Waldrop)
Campbell, Charles (Justin Winstead)
Dunaway, Sandra (Leondra’s mom)
Fulton, Mary Ann (Michael’s mother)
Harbour, Shelby
Honeycutt, Doris
Howell, Wayne & Annette (Judy G)
Leazer, Karen (Teresa Bailey)
Mauldin, Alton
McIntyre, Debbie (Leondra)
Medford, Gary
Morris, Jody (Jon’s brother)
Morris, Jon
Peeler, Dan (Bonnie Stakeman)
Seamon, Jerry
Spry, Landen
Spry, Lewis
Whisnant, Bill (Lyndell Johnson)
Williams, Linda
Williams, Rosie
Williams, Sonny
Chapman, Joel
Spillman, Drew (Laura Medford)
Van Gorder, James (Bonnie Stakeman)
Van Gorder, Seth (Bonnie Stakeman)
Wallace, Zach (Jennifer West)
Brown, Gertha (Bonnie’s grandmother)
Cancer Treatment
Upcoming Surgery
(Chemo / Radiation / Tests / Surgery)
Bradford, Linda (Judy Phillips)
Calhoon, Kenneth (Freda Caudill)
Coble, Carolyn (Judy Phillips)
Doby, Kimberli (Susie Wilcox)
Duke, Sam (Laura K.)
Dyson, Dennis (Barbara Graves)
Elmore, Timothy (Lymphoma)
Johnson, Charlie (Lyndell J.)
Jones, Shirley (Donald; husband)
Kimbrough, Leisa (Judy Phillips)
McBride, Dana (Ali Keaton)
Park, Carol (Juanita Grubb)
Sherrill, Brad
Wood, Jim (Judy Phillips)
Mike & Genia Huffman
Family—New Zealand
Greg & Missy Wood
Family— Mexico
Joel & Susie Collette, Church
Planters; ClaireVista Church,
Vistancia, AZ (SBC)
Johnny & Stephanie Hutchins
Family –Costa Rica
Unsaved People in our Area and
Around the World
Beck, Billie Jean
Sanderson, Frances
Government Officials
Public Service (EMS, Firemen,
Police, etc.)
What to expect today:
Announcements: a time to let you know
about opportunities in the church
where you can live out our mission at
Nursing Home
Worship: a time to connect with God
through song. Feel free to stand and
sing with us.
Beck, Helen, Lutheran Home 820
Klumac Rd., Salisbury, NC 28144
Offering: another way to show love to
God by returning a portion of our
income for God’s purposes. If you are a
guest, please don’t feel obligated to
participate in giving.
Ashley, Judy, Somerset Court, 150
Ken Dwiggins Dr., Mocksville NC
Beck, Ruth, Alston Brook, 4748 Old
Salisbury Rd., Room 113, Lexington,
NC 27295
Gardner, Sarah, Autumn Care 1007
Howard St., Mocksville, NC 27028
Grubb, Henry, Autumn Care, 1505
Bringle Ferry Rd. Salisbury, NC 28146
Kimble, M.L., Lutheran Home, 820
Klumac Rd., Salisbury, NC 28144
Messick, Ethel, Genesis Health Care,
710 Julian Rd., Salisbury, NC 28147
Waldrop, Edna, Bermuda Commons
316 NC Hwy. 801 South, Advance, NC
Names in BOLD are recent
additions / changes
PLEASE keep our information
current. You can update us by
emailing the church office or
with a C.A.R.E. card.
Family of Mr. Corn (Joan’s husband)
We are glad you are here. Our desire is
that God would bless this time
together and that our worship
would glorify Him.
If a name is missing, please
contact the church office.
Sermon: a message based on the Bible
to teach us how God wants us to live.
Prayer: we would love to pray with you
about any needs in your life. You can
fill out a blue C.A.R.E. card, contact
the Pastor, or simply come to the front
during the Decision Time.
Decision Time: a song and invitation to
act on what we’ve heard in the sermon
Next Steps:
If this is your first time with us,
please complete a visitor’s card
and place it in the offering
plate during the service. The
cards are found in your blue
visitor packet, or in the card
rack in your pew.
More information about JBC is
available on our web-site:
Take the next step on your
journey with Christ, or in
connecting with JBC. You can
fill out a blue C.A.R.E. card, or
contact our Pastor. He would
love to talk with you.
Leadership Team
Donnie Chapman
Senior Pastor
[email protected]
336-284-6363 (H)
336-909-4103 (C)
Terry West
Deacon Chairman
Terry Correll
Deacon of the Month
Carolyn Beaver
Worship Director
Dave & Susie Wilcox
Praise Team Leaders
Bonnie Stakeman
C.A.R.E. Ministry Coordinator
Jordain Taylor
Nursery Coordinator
Jennifer West
Nursery Coordinator
Sharon Chapman
Church Secretary and to
Schedule the Church Facilities
[email protected]
Events and Opportunities to Serve
Events and Opportunities to Serve
The Women’s Support
Group meeting that was
scheduled for Feb. 24th
has been canceled.
Sunday, Feb. 15th:
8:30 AM Prayer
9:15 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Morning Worship
4:30 PM Deacons/Wives’
5:30 PM Choir Practice
6:30 PM Evening Worship &
Business Meeting
Tues., Feb. 17th:
6:15 PM C.A.R.E. Meal
7:00 PM C.A.R.E. Ministry
Ushers: Feb. 15th:
Jeremy Whitaker
Garrett Fulton
Greeters: Feb. 15th:
Ruby Thompson
Our monthly business
meeting will be tonight
at 6:30 PM.
Next Sunday, Feb. 22nd:
Jerry Seamon
The Missions Committee is
sponsoring a Fund-Raiser
breakfast on March 28th,
from 7—10 AM. Donations
will be accepted and
proceeds go for future
international mission trips.
Next Sunday, Feb. 22nd:
Darrin Hunter
Kurt Stakeman
The Storehouse for Jesus is
needing a meal for its
medical center volunteers
on Thursday, July 9th. The
meal would be for 25
people, and would need to
be dropped off at the
Storehouse at 5 PM. (They
provide the paper products.)
If you are interested in
helping with this need,
please sign up on the sheet
in the hallway, and see
Sharon if you have
Wed., Feb. 18th:
6:15 PM Praise Team Practice
7:00 PM Bible Study; Acteens;
Challengers: RA’s; GA’s:
Mission Friends; Nursery
NC Baptist Missions
Conference will be
April 10-11 at Calvary
Baptist Church in WinstonSalem. Guest speakers/
musicians will be: David
Nasser, Bryan Loritts, Kyle
Idleman, and Laura Story.
Preregistration is required
by March 27.
See the info in the hallway
or visit
for more details.
Please see Carolyn Beaver if
you have questions about
this event, or are interested
in the ministry of the
Women’s Support Group.
This is a “full breakfast”,
and is open to the public.
Flyers for distribution are in
the foyer, and on the
information table at the
fellowship hall entrance.
See a member of the
Missions Committee (Eddie
and Tricia Spry, Debbie
Wilhelm, Bob Phillips, or
Sharon Chapman) for more
C.A.R.E. will be this
Tuesday, Feb. 17th. The
meal will be at 6:15 PM,
ministry starts at 7:00.
Please sign up in the
hallway for the meal.
Spring Cleaning Day will be
March 14th @ 9 AM. We will
be “deep cleaning” areas of
the church in preparation
for our Easter services in
April. If you know of
something that needs extra
attention, please contact
the church office so we can
add it to the list.
regularly scheduled
meeting will be today
@ 4:30 PM.
Wednesday Night classes for
pre-schoolers &
Children ages 3 years to 5th
grade enjoy Mission Friends,
RA’s and GA’s at 7 PM. See
Aimee’ Crowe, Michael
Fulton, or Tricia Spry for
Youth in grades 6-12
participate in Challengers and
Acteens. See Jon or Leondra
Morris for more info.