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Cause related Marketing
Partnering with Save the children
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Cause Related Marketing with Save the Children?
Save the Children works with leading corporations on global and domestic cause-marketing programs.
Together we seek to achieve our partners’ business objectives through a connection with Save the Children’s
mission, brand and on-the-ground programs that bring positive, lasting change for children in need.
Why Develop a Cause-Related Marketing
Partnership with Save the Children
Elements of our
Cause-Aligned Partnerships
Strong mission: To inspire breakthroughs in
the way the world treats children, and to achieve
immediate and lasting change in their lives.
Cause Alignment—with brand attributes,
consumer targeting and business goals.
Significant impact: In 2012, Save the Children
helped more than 125 million children.
n Partnership philosophy: We forge strategic,
long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that
deliver clear value and business benefits under
truly tailored partnership programs.
Strong brand proposition: Save the Children’s
brand is globally trusted and recognized, with
80-90 percent awareness levels in key markets.
Our brand provides a platform for leading
companies to engage consumers in an authentic,
breakthrough way.
In-house marketing expertise:
Save the Children has brand and marketing
experts on staff, with backgrounds in advertising,
brand management, integrated marketing, public
relations and social media—critical for working
with our partners’ marketing and agency staff.
Additionally, we leverage headquarters and
in-country marketing and communications
teams to support media outreach and celebrity
engagement, as well as video development and
launch event planning.
Knowledge of local markets:
Save the Children has an understanding of
local knowledge, behaviors and practices,
which can help inform and shape multi-market
cause programs.
n Active donor base and digital reach:
We have 350,000 active donors/sponsors in
the US alone. We have extensive digital reach:
We have 230K average monthly visitors to and 1.3 million
followers on our social media platforms.
Creative marketing assets: Save the Children
offers branding and communications opportunities
across earned media, social media and web/
digital platforms.
Our Awards and Recognition
Save the Children is proud to have received two
Silver Halo Awards from the Cause Marketing
Forum for Best Video and Best Print for the
Warner Brothers’ We Can Be Heroes Campaign
(2013); Best Digital on Zynga (2011); Best Print
Creative on Bulgari (2010); Best Use of Social
Media on Trip Advisor (2008); and Best Social
Service/Education Program on Scholastic (2006).
presence and/
or dedicated
Simplicity—through an understandable
donation mechanism, so consumers can clearly
understand the impact of their action on our
cause mission.
n Credible Contribution—to our cause
mission, so consumers view the brand donation
as a serious investment in the partnership.
n Integrated communications plan
—reaching internal and external audiences.
n Long term partnership—that
delivers mutual benefit for both parties.
Measured and optimized over time.
key trading time
social media
360 CRM
Retail: POS
with your
By working together we can transform children’s lives. Thank you!
Save the Children partners with Aviva on the
‘You Are the Big Picture’ campaign. Since 2010,
the campaign provides consumers with the
opportunity to have their photo projected on
the side of a landmark building in one of six
major cities across the world: London, Paris,
Warsaw, Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai. For
every photo uploaded, Aviva donates £1 to
Save the Children’s programs.
In celebration of its 125th anniversary in 2009,
Bulgari, the luxury retailer, and Save the Children
began a global partnership through a cause
marketing promotion in which a portion of sales
of a specially-designed co-branded ring and
pendant benefited quality education for children
affected by war and conflict. Since that time,
the partnership has raised more than $20 million
for children around the world, including in
the United States.
Bulgari recently committed to an additional
two years of support for children around the
world, primarily through education programs.
This extended campaign is based on sales of an
iconic ring, inspired by the B.zero1 jewelry line,
which was launched in the fall of 2010. The
ring is available in Bulgari stores worldwide,
select department stores and on Bulgari’s
e-commerce website.
IKEA has established a global relationship with
Save the Children. Each November and December,
IKEA conducts a Holiday Soft Toy promotion
with €1 to Save the Children and UNICEF to
benefit global education programs for each soft toy
sold. Since the start of this annual campaign in
2003, the IKEA Foundation has donated €67 million,
which has helped improve the educational
opportunities of more than 11 million children in
46 countries. In 2013, the campaign raised €10.1
million, with more than €1 million generated from
sales in the US. Working with a global organization like
Save the Children allows IKEA to promote a unified
branding message throughout its global stores.
IKEA Cooperative Marketing Support in the US – as example:
Created promotional materials to motivate
IKEA co-workers during the campaign which
helped drive sales of more than 1 million items
sold in 2012 and 2013.
Facilitated press/media events which
resulted in placement of ‘best gifts to give’
recommendations in national publications
and other media mentions.
Hosted employee visits to program sites,
collateral of which is used by IKEA globally
to raise awareness internally and externally.
Created ‘Mr. Broccoli’ personality
who visited IKEA-supported programs
and documented his travels via Facebook
and Twitter.
Since 2012, Save the Children has partnered with
Vicks brand products to launch the Breath for Life
campaign. This partnership is working to prevent
and treat children suffering from pneumonia in
Bangladesh, a strong and clear connection to the
P&G Vicks brand attributes. Key mechanics:
In-store and on-pack promotion active in
Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
n Social media: Facebook page in both markets,
with $1 donated per Like in AUZ, significantly
increasing AUZ Vicks’ fan base with over
n In-store POS and FSU’s and targeted PR:
women’s magazines, mommy bloggers,
daytime TV.
n Celebrity endorsement in all markets,
leveraging photo and video assets gathered
during site visit to Bangladesh.
RB and Save the Children have created a global
partnership vision to help address diarrhea, the
second largest killer of children, by 2020. This
global partnership plans to raise £23.5 million by
the end of 2015, address product innovation and
drive globally consistent brand initiatives.
In 2012, RB developed several brand initiatives
across Europe, Asia and the Pacific under its
Healthier Kids Happier Homes global partnership
with Save the Children. On pack promotions in
Australia and South Korea and Hong Kong, as well
as Facebook promotions in the UK, Greece raised
over £600,000.
In Partnership With
The Unilever Foundation has made a three-year 15
million commitment to support Save the Children’s
biggest ever global campaign, EVERY ONE,
which will save millions of lives through inspiring
urgent action towards eradicating mortality among
children and mothers. The partnership
encompasses program funding, consumer
outreach, cause-related marketing and employee
engagement. The partnership encompasses
program funding, consumer outreach, causerelated marketing and employee engagement.
As part of the partnership, and to raise funds
and awareness from consumers, Save the Children
and Unilever’s global ice cream brand Wall’s
launched the Share a Smile Help a Child
Campaign. The campaign’s red balloon icon will
appear on Wall’s ice cream packs and in-store
branding, and a Facebook app will invite
consumers to share their happiest childhood
memories with friends and pledge donations to
Save the Children online. The campaign’s red
balloon icon will appear on Wall’s ice cream packs
and in-store branding, and a Facebook app will
invite consumers to share their happiest childhood
memories with friends and pledge donations
to Save the Children online.
Cause Related Marketing
In the U.S.
Launched in 2010, the ‘Make Time for Change’
campaign promoted a line of Frigidaire appliances
designed to help busy moms save time and create
change for children in need in the United States.
Through a dedicated interactive microsite, CRM
promotions on select products and celebrity
endorsement, Frigidaire secured significant media
buzz and attention that continued in 2012.
Save the Children
In 2012, Save the Children joined with
JOHNSON’S® Baby to launch a new charitable
partnership to ensure every baby has a healthy
and happy start in life.
Media moment/celebrity mom
ambassador Hilary Duff
3.44 million impressions
Freestanding insert/coupon
Reached 40+ million
U.S. households
Donation trigger through JOHNSON’S®
Baby CARE Cards Integrated messaging/
editorial calendar–with media outreach.
Archer Farms Coffee, available exclusively at
Target, has highlighted its support for Save the
Children’s programs on packaging since 2009.
Target’s funding is allocated to education projects
in Mexico and Indonesia, where a portion of the
Archer Farms coffee is sourced.
Cause Related Marketing
In the U.S.
U.S. Programs
Your generosity will help change a child’s
life by supporting literacy, nutrition and
physical activity programs.
3 simple ways to help:
2013 marked the 29th anniversary of
Save the Children’s partnership with T.J. Maxx.
Starting with a few child sponsorships, the
relationship has expanded to include over 1,000
stores with child sponsorships and an annual back
to school promotion for Save the Children’s
US Programs.
The ‘Give-a-Dollar’ campaign has generated
over $20 million. It is supported by in store
signage, employee incentives and a social media
campaign. In addition, co-branded reusable
shopping bags are sold during the back-to-school
promotion with all proceeds benefitting
Save the Children. A commemorative quilt and
Halloween trick or treat bags were added in 2013.
Purchase a limited edition
Save the Children tote bag for $.99*
Purchase a Save the Children
Commemorative Quilt for $49.99**
Donate a dollar at the register
Purchase a limited edition Save the Children tote bag for 99 cents* and help change
a child’s life by supporting literacy, nutrition and physical activity programs.
*All profits from each bag sold at T.J.Maxx will go to Save the Children (.37 cents per bag).
18849-PRSG-BTS-STC-ReusableBagSignage-11x7.indd 1
7/2/13 9:43 AM
U.S. Programs
For more information on Save the Children, please see register for details.
*All profits from each bag sold at T.J.Maxx will go to Save the Children (.37 cents per bag).
**T.J.Maxx will donate 25% of the purchase price, per unit, to Save the Children.
We Can Be Heroes is a giving campaign designed
to raise awareness and funds for the drought and
hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Using the
iconic Justice League characters from DC
Entertainment — Superman, Batman, Wonder
Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman
and Cyborg- We Can Be Heroes raised nearly
$3 million in 2012 and 2013.
As part of the campaign, DC Entertainment
donated 50 percent of the purchase price for We
Can Be Heroes branded merchandise to three
benefitting charities: Save the Children, IRC &
Mercy Corp. We are proud to have received two
Silver Halo Awards from the Cause Marketing
Forum in 2013: Best Print and Best Video for the
We Can Be Heroes campaign.
Cause Related Marketing
In the U.S.
In 2009 and 2010, Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us
conducted a three-month-long Bundled in Hope
campaign to benefit Save the Children’s early
childhood development programs in the US. The
campaign, which coincided with Mother’s Day,
raised more than $2 million for Save the Children
through an at-register promotion, a celebrity baby
blanket auction and a baby registry campaign.
The Toys“R”Us partnership with Save the
Children secured both traditional media coverage
as well as unprecedented attention from “mommy
bloggers,” a key audience for the campaign.
In 2011, Ty Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer
of plush toys, created an exclusive HOPE FOR
JAPAN™ BeanieBoo®, sold at retailers worldwide
and available for online order at
Ty Warner, CEO of Ty Inc., guaranteed a $1
million donation to Save the Children’s Japan
Disaster Relief Efforts to help children and
families affected by the devastating earthquake
and tsunami in Japan.
Zynga has made donations to Save the Children
possible through its social games, contributing
more than $3 million to support Save the Children’s
programs for children and families worldwide.
First launched in December 2010, Zynga has
supported Japan, tornadoes in the US and health
initiatives for mothers worldwide. By purchasing
virtual social goods in games like FarmVille,
YoVille, Café World and others, Zynga’s players
have changed lives.