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Residence Permits for
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Working in Germany
The following information refers to applications for national visas. These are residence
permits for Germany for purposes like e.g. university studies, family reunions, work, for
au pair visits or voluntary services.
For short trips with a duration of up to 90 days to Germany and / or other Schengen countries for tourism, for
visiting family / friends as well as business trips including trade fairs please apply for a Schengen visa.
Further information is available on the Embassy website
in German:
or Bahasa Indonesia:
Please book your appointment on the appointment system in the internet
in the category Residence Permit / Aufenthaltserlaubnis. The demand for appointments
varies considerably according to season. The e-mail generated by the system is to be
presented at the gate as proof of appointment.
Most residence permits are subject to approval by the local German immigration authority
(Ausländerbehörde) and / or the labour office. This is why processing may take up to three
Personal Appearance
All applicants need to file their applications personally. Children under 12 years of age
may be represented by their parents or the legal guardian.
Submitting the application
The application form and the supporting documents will be checked for correctness and
completeness at the counter. Original documents not needed for processing as well as the
passport will be returned immediately. The Embassy and the other authorities involved reserve the right to request additional documents should this become necessary while processing the application. This may result in additional processing time.
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Documents for residence permits
 Application forms
are available free of charge in the Embassy and can be downloaded from the Embassy’s
website. The form must be filled in completely and submitted with the applicant’s or the
guardian’s original signature.
 2 forms
Application for a Residence Permit
 2 forms
Befragung nach § 54 Nr. 6 AufenthG
Belehrung nach § 55 Abs. 2 Nr. 1 AufenthG
 Photographs
Biometric photographs in colour with a white or light grey background, size 3,5 x 4,5 cm,
the face covering at least 80 percent of the image. Sample photos are available here:
3 photographs (two of which to be glued on the last page of the application forms)
 Passport
- not older than 10 years
- with at least 4 empty pages for visas
- valid for at least 1 year after entering Germany.
Please present:
 Original passport
 1 photocopy of the pages with personal data and official remarks
 Travel Insurance
Health insurance coverage is compulsory from the moment you enter Germany. In case
immediate health insurance is not provided by law or covered by other sources, a travel
insurance valid for three months – for job seekers for the entire period of stay - is required.
For job seekers The insurance policy (original + 1 photocopy) is to be presented in the
Embassy before collecting the visa. Detailed information on health insurances on our
 Fee
The visa processing fee is due upon acceptance of the documents at the counter and is
not refundable in case the visa is denied. The fee is € 60,- for adults (18 years and above)
and € 30,- for minors, to be paid in Indonesian Rupiah in cash. Some visas (e.g. for
spouses of German and other EU citizens) will be issued free of charge.
Working in Germany
With Make it in Germany the gates to the German labour market have been opened for highly
qualified professionals from all over the world. A university degree acknowledged in Germany
and a well-paid job offer qualify for applying for a Blue Card EU at the German Embassy. Detailed
information on
Check whether your degree is equivalent or comparable to a German degree and qualifies for
working in Germany on the Informationsportal für die Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse ANABIN [Gateway to acknowledging foreign educational degrees]:
Aspirants for a Blue Card EU may also apply for a job-seeker’s visa valid for up to six months. If
during this time you succeed in finding a suitable job the local immigration office in Germany will
issue the Green Card EU.
Work permits can also be issued to holders of vocational training degrees in various technical
and other trades. The professions open for foreigners are listed in the whitelist (“Positivliste”) of the
Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency) – The equivalence of the foreign professional degree with one of the trades listed in the whitelist has to be established beforehand. This procedure called Gleichwertigkeitsfeststellung is explained in detail on
the homepage of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.
The visa application needs to be approved by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit which will examine the
application in regard to the pertinent labour laws including the new minimum wages act which entered into force in August 2014.
 University degree / vocational training degree
 Original (will be returned directly)
 2 photocopies
 2 certified translations (not required for documents in German or English)
 For university /academic degrees:
2 printouts of the ANABIN Prüfergebnis (screenshot) with confirmation „entspricht“ or
„gleichwertig“. For example:
 For vocational training degrees:
2 printouts of the Gleichwertigkeitsfeststellung
 Curriculum Vitae
stating your professional career, including certificates, diplomas, etc.
 Originals (will be returned directly)
 2 photocopies
 Language Skills
Although not a precondition for the residence permit, profound German language skills are
essential for living in Germany. It is highly recommended, therefore, that you take German
language courses up to level B1 of the Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen, the
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages / CEFR ( before your departure. Alternatively good knowledge of English is
A number of institutions in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia offer German language
courses, among them the Goethe Institutes in Jakarta ( and Bandung ( and the Goethe Centre in Surabaya
Additional requirements for a work visa
 Work contract
 Original (will be returned directly)
 2 photocopies
Additional requirements for a job-seeker’s visa
 Funds for staying in Germany
Proof of funds needs to be furnished, i.e. through:
 International credit cards like AmEx, VISA or MasterCard – no debit cards – and the
latest account statements for three months
or traveller cheques (Originals and 1 photocopy).
 Proof of real estate property (if any) (Originals and 1 photocopy)
 The stay may also be funded by a person living in Germany. In this case a formal declaration of financial commitment according to paragraphs 66 to 68 of the German immigration act (Verpflichtungserklärung nach §§ 66-68 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes) is required (Original and 1 photocopy).
This declaration has to be certified by the local immigration office (Ausländerbehörde)
in Germany. Please see for details (in German language only) here:
The Embassy will not take responsibility for any omissions and errors contained in the
above information, which is subject to change without prior notice.