Monday 16 February 2015, 6pm The Council House, Corporation Street

Dear Resident
The next meeting of the Arboretum Neighbourhood Forum will take place on:
Monday 16 February 2015, 6pm
The Council House, Corporation Street
Making Arboretum Stronger and Safer
The Forum aims to give residents both an opportunity to have a say on the issues that affect
the neighbourhood and to find out what is happening in the Arboretum community. The
meeting will be attended by your local ward Councillors and officers from a variety of local
public service providers.
As always, you will have the opportunity to meet other people who care about the Arboretum
neighbourhood and raise your views and concerns relating to Arboretum.
The Safer Neighbourhood Team will provide an update on activities in Arboretum. You will also
be able to discuss Arboretum Safer Neighbourhood Team Policing priorities.
During the first, informal, thirty minutes you will be able to speak to individual officers and
This document also includes: a copy of the agenda, ‘You Said We Did’ from the last meeting
and an update on Board funding. If you would like to discuss any matters before the meeting,
please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Arboretum Neighbourhood Team
Monday 16 February 2015, 6pm
The Council House, Corporation Street
Welcome and introductions
 Councillors, Police
 Neighbourhood Team
Meeting starts at 6pm
The first 30 minutes are an opportunity to
raise and discuss issues affecting you and
your neighbours with councillors and
public services.
Formal meeting starts
6.30 pm
Introduction from Chair
Update since the last meeting
Overview of key issues in the neighbourhood
Cllr Hussain
6.40 pm
Policing and Community Safety
 Neighbourhood issues and priorities
7.10 pm
Public Questions
7.40 pm
Feedback from Arboretum Neighbourhood Board
Sarah Dosunmu
Neighbourhood Manager
Dates of your next Arboretum forum meeting:
11 February 2015
St Chads School, Gordon St
16 February 2015
The Council House, Corporation Street
25 February 2015
Madeley Centre, Rosehill Street
Visit for more information
Your Neighbourhood Officer is:
Jessie Archer City and Neighbourhood Partnerships, Neighbourhoods, Derby City Council,
The Council House, Corporation Street, Derby, DE1 2SF Telephone 01332 643022,
Mobile 07812 301356, Minicom 01332 640666, [email protected]
Arboretum Neighbourhood Forum meetings
Forums are open public meetings that provide a direct link between you and public services.
They offer a way for residents to get involved in their neighbourhood and make sure that public
services are held responsible for the services they provide in their area. Forums also shape
and direct the work of the Neighbourhood Team and Board and give them tasks. Please come
along and give your views at your next neighbourhood forum. The forums are spread across
the ward and regardless of where you live in the Arboretum ward you can attend any one of the
meetings below and raise an issue.
All meetings start at 6.00pm with a surgery session. The formal meeting starts at 6.30pm
11 February 2015
St Chads School, Gordon St
16 February 2015
The Council House, Corporation Street
25 February 2015
Madeley Centre, Rosehill Street
Neighbourhood Working
In the Arboretum Ward a partnership of services, residents and organisations has come
together to create your Neighbourhood Team. Together they work to resolve problems and
issues affecting the local community.
The Arboretum Ward has a Neighbourhood Board that consists of the three local ward
councillors, local residents, and representatives from local communities and many partners
including: the Council, the Police and community and voluntary groups.
The Neighbourhood Board sets local priorities and plans, encourages local people to take part
in decisions about their lives and communities, aims to create better relationships between
communities and public services and helps services to be ‘closer’ to local communities
Your Neighbourhood Board meets every eight weeks. For information about your
Neighbourhood Board representatives, current activities, and how to get involved, contact your
local Neighbourhood Manager, Sarah Dosunmu, 643041 or email:
[email protected]
There is still time if you would like to volunteer to join the neighbourhood board. We are always
looking for new members.
Activities - Update
Byron Street scheme – work completed
Carriageway maintenance schemes – the following works on carriageways have been completed
 Northumberland Street – Neighbourhood Board priority
 Darby Street – Neighbourhood Board priority
 Society Place - Neighbourhood Board priority
 Industrial Street - Neighbourhood Board priority
 Howard Street - Neighbourhood Board priority
 Provident Street - Neighbourhood Board priority
 Cooperative Street - Neighbourhood Board priority
 Wilfred Street – Mainstream funded
 Sale Street – Mainstream funded
 Exeter Place – Mainstream funded
 Ivy Square – Mainstream funded
London Road Bridge
The bridge is now reopened however; works have been continuing on site to complete the outstanding
works, largely where the bridge ties into the surrounding infrastructure. Part of the remaining works
involve completing the drainage connections from off the bridge into the local drainage network and
then resurfacing the remainder of the City- inbound lane on the north side of the bridge (the section of
the land that runs parallel to Osborne Street.
To carry out these works the junction of London Road and Bateman Street/Osborne Street and London
Road and Barlow Street will be closed to motor vehicle from 3 rd February to 17th February 2015.
School Project
A few of the local school are taking part in project to highlight fly tipping in the ward. Pupils from the
local primary schools are using art to get the message across about how fly tipping affects them and
their future. By working with children we hope they will take the message home and adults will listen
to their children and hopefully stop fly tipping.
Neighbourhood vehicle
 Neighbourhood officers patrol around the wards especially hot spots areas that are known for
fly tipping and anti-social behaviour. We are doing more evening patrols. Let us know locations
you wold like us to visit.
Arboretum Neighbourhood Board Budget
Appendix 2
Arboretum Streetpride and Community Devolved Budget 2014/15
Project activity
Highway Maintenance
Footway slurry sealing - Byron Street (south side)
Neighbourhood Officer
Alleyway gating
Sustainable Transport
Projects and cycle Derby
Jafri Welfare Association
Togo and Nogo pedestrian training scheme
Sustainable Transport
Projects and cycle Derby
Traffic Regulation Order - Completion of Reginald Street scheme
(Grange Street one way system) and introduction of junction
protection and protective entrance markings
Arboricultural Services - fund for planting of new trees
Balfour Beatty & Street lighting PFI (Energy and maintenance
Cycle Training in Schools
Cycle Training in Schools
Tree Works
Street Lighting PFI
Sustainable Transport
Projects and cycle Derby
Sustainable Transport
Projects and cycle Derby
Traffic Management
Derbyshire Police
(Peartree SNT)
Youth Diversionary
activity fund (not Youth
For the delivery of a community event
£1,000.00 £1,000.00
For summer holiday provision
Additional CEO activity
For the delivery of neighbourhood priorities
£1,026.20 £1,026.20
£3,000.00 £3,000.00
Volunteers in the community project
£1,000.00 £1,000.00
Programme of activities for young people
£3,000.00 £3,000.00
neighbourhood Board
and Team
Neighbourhood officer
For a communications fund for board activity
£1,500.00 £1,500.00
To provide a budget for reactive works in the ward.
£1,500.00 £1,500.00
Pakistan Community
For a community event on Arboretum Park
£1,000.00 £1,000.00
For an IT support project to assist members of the community.
Osmaston Road Baptist
Derby City Mission
Highways Maintenance
Midland Road
Spectrum - Madeley
Neighbourhood Team
neighbourhood team
Sustainable Transport
Projects and cycle Derby
Neighbourhood Team
Highways Maintenance
Refurbishment of the kitchen
Derby Churches Night shelter
Normanton Road Parklet project
Removal of the build out on Madeley Street
Project to support the promotion of businesses along Midland Road
Fencing and weed spray on Becher Street land
Pedestrian guard rails on Rose Hill street and Whitaker Street
Neighbourhood Officer budget
Footway slurry sealing - Lime Avenue and Belgrave Street
Total awarded
Balance remaining
For an environment education project jointly with the Butterfly
Environmental Project
Budget Reallocated from previous years.
ZONE 1 - 12/2/2015
Breedon Hill Road
Stonehill Road
Empress Road
Vicarage Avenue
Mount Carmel Street
Uplands Green
ZONE 6 - 18/3/15
Western Road
Moore Street
Sailsbury Street
Belgrave Street
Bainbrigge Street
Dashwood Street
Harriet Street
Twyford Street
Grove Street
ZONE 21/04/2015
Green Lane
Macklin Street
Crompton Street
Wilson Street
Forrester Street
Hill Brow
2015 Schedule for Councillors and Citizen on Patrol (C.O.P) up to March
ZONE 2 - 19/2/2015
ZONE 3 - 26/2/2015
ZONE 4 - 03/03/2015
Shaftesbury Crescent
Keble Close
Calvert Street
Bloomfield Close
Midland Place
Baseball Drive
Barlow Street
Railway Terrace
Vulcan Street
Sidney Street
Shaftesbury Crescent
Centre Court
Harrington Street
ZONE 7 - 25/3/2015
Gerard Street
Grey Street
Harcourt Street
Rosengrave Street
Webster Street
Abbots Barn
Spa Lane
Eley Walk
ZONE 29/04/2015
Dairyhouse Road
Cambridge Street
Beecher Street
Richmond Road
Yates Street
Roe Walk
ZONE 8 - 2/4/2015
Cromwell Road
Bryon street
Howard Street
Gordon Road
St Chads Road
Bailey Street
Mill Hill Road
ZONE 9 - 8/4/15
Holme Street
Whitaker Street
Madeley Street
Fleet Street
Wilfred Street
Sale Street
Molineux Street
Rosehill Street
ZONE 5 - 11/3/2015
Burton Road
Swinburne Street
Mount Street
Lime Avenue
Mill Hill Lane
Renal street
Avondale Road
ZONE 10 - 14/4/15
Rutland Street
Princes Street
Pear Tree Street
Holcombe Street
Leacroft Rd
Olivier Street
You can report a problem on your street or in your community by:
calling 0333 2006981
through our website:
by email: [email protected]
by visiting Derby Direct (our customer service centre) at the Council House
or by post to Streetpride, Derby Direct, Council House, Corporation Street, Derby. DE1
Ways to contact us
There are a number of other ways to raise a local issue or report a complaint without waiting for
your next Forum.
Please contact one of the following to report issues:
Derby Direct - 293111
General enquiries or email [email protected]
Streetpride - 0333 2006981 (calls charged at a local rate)
To report potholes, fly tipping, litter, dog fouling, grounds maintenance, graffiti, vandalism and
damage to street furniture, abandoned vehicles and broken/ faulty street lights
Out of Hours Environmental Response Team 642020
To report issues out of office hours relating to noise, fly-tipping and other enviro-crime
Police - 101 - non-emergency calls.
Police - 999 - For emergencies only
Crime Stoppers - 0800 555 111
To report information anonymously
Your local Councillors
Councillor Fareed Hussain, telephone 64 3640, email [email protected]
Councillor Shiraz Khan, telephone 64 3640, email [email protected]
Councillor Gulfraz Nawaz, telephone 64 3640, email [email protected]
Or attend a local councillor's surgery - details are available from Derby City Council Members'
Services - telephone 64 3640. This number is charged at local rate.
Central West Team
Neighbourhood Manager – Sarah Dosunmu Tel: 01332 64 3041 email:[email protected]
Neighbourhood Officer
Helen Faulconbridge
01332 888693
[email protected]
Jessie Archer
01332 643022
[email protected]
Lindsey Maidstone
01332 643029
[email protected]
Claire Briggs
01332 643019
[email protected]
Gary Robinson
01332 643032
[email protected]
Keep informed of local consultation through ‘Your city, your say’
Did you know that you can keep informed of consultation carried out in your area through the
City Council Website? The website features the ‘Your City your Say’ pages:
On these pages you can read all about what consultation is planned across the city, and how
you can take part in the consultation. You can also look up past consultations and read what
has happened as a result of the consultation.
Soon you will be able to sign up to a regular Email Alert. If you are interested, please contact:
[email protected]
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