The Paw PrinT A Welcome Letter From Our Principal 2013-2014 Class

The Paw Print
A Welcome Letter From
Our Principal
We’re off to a great school year for 2013-2014. I
appreciate all of the community support and kind words as
we finished last school year and began this one. I invite all
parents and community members to come by and meet your
children’s teachers and members of the staff. We had open
house the evening of the first day of the school year and we
all will be available during parent teacher conference the
night of Sept. 12.
The state of Tennessee has adopted new standards
known as common core standards. These are to be the same
standards for the majority of states as everyone transitions
from their own standards during the next few years. Our
teachers attended several days of training during the summer
to become familiar with the changes. Along with these standards comes a higher level of expectations for our students
performance. Teachers will be working harder than ever to
give your children the best possible education and will be
more involved with their students as they work. The levels
of engagement are going to rise and therefore it will be more
demanding for your children. I know personally from my
children attending Sunbright that we have excellent educators
here. And I promise that if we all work together, our students
can be as successful as they want to be.
Let’s all endeavor to make Sunbright School the best
possible place a child would want to be.
Bill Hunter
Sunbright School
Issue 1 September 6, 2013
2013-2014 Class
President: Luke Daniel
Vice Pres.: Jennica England
Secretary: Kaitlyn Hamby
Treasurer: Jordan Stephens
Sargent @ Arms: Caleb Sargent
President: Shelley Shannon
Vice Pres.:Chrissy Jones
Secretary: Andrea Morgan
Treasurer: Madison Sexton
Junior Class
President: Autumn Kennedy
Vice Pres.: Shelby Jones
Secretary: Hailey Brown
Treasurer: Michael Harris
Sargent @ Arms: Courtney Hall
Senior Class
President: Isaiah Zimmer
Vice Pres.: Brittany Phipps
Secretary: Taylor Hall
Treasurer: Preston Adkins
Sargent @ Arms: Ethan Webb
School Calendar of
9/6: Pep Rally
9/6: Sunbright HS vs. Coalfield
football game
9/10: Progress Reports
9/13: No School/ Staff Developement Day
Top 5 Songs
Blurred Lines– Robin Thicke
We Can’t Stop– Miley Cyrus
Radioactive– Imagine Dragons
Get Lucky– Daft Punk and Pharrell
Holy Grail– Jay-Z and Justin
Top 5 Movies
Lee Daniels’ the Butler–
We’re the Millers– $13,047,119
The Mortal Instruments: City of
Bones– $9,336,957
The World’s End–$8,790,237
Top 5 Albums
Hail to the King– Avenged
Stay Trippy– Juicy-J
Hall of Fame– Big Sean
Paradise Valley– John Mayer
Crash My Party– Luke Bryan
Duck Dynasty
On the fourth season premiere of
Duck Dynasty, Phil and Kay have their
50th anniversary. So Missy ,Korie, and the
boys try to surprise them with a wedding
because they never had a really wedding
before.To distract Phil and Kay, Si took
them out for their anniversary on a trip to
different places. Si took them to a place in
the woods where they found a tree they
had once carved their names in.They noticed that Si had signed the inside of the
heart. Then Si took them in the woods
where the ceremony was to take place and
Phil and Kay noticed all the wedding decorations. As Kay was getting ready, Phil
had to choose a best man. He surprised
his kids by choosing Si to be his best
man. Phil and Kay gave beautiful speeches about each other. Si even had a little
speech to give. The wedding went great
and Mrs. Kay was really happy.
Everyone really enjoyed the season premier of Duck Dynasty. Everyone
agreed that the two best part of the show
were when Si gave his speech to Phil and
Kay, and when he signed his name in the
middle of Phil and Kay’s heart.
By: Sadie Dial
World Events
Bloodshed In Egypt
On August 15, in Cairo, hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered at a mosque for part of a national curfew. The Brotherhood had given its forces
authorization to use live ammunition to keep control of the people. Being prepared
for a showdown Friday, it left more than 650 dead. Neither side will back down from
the fighting, and the Egyptian government however, has looked to the United States
to try to help establish order and create peace. U.S. officials fear that Egypt is heading
towards a civil war. In response, the U.S. has agreed to send an armed civil group into
Egypt to create a crescent of stability across the region.
Newly Discovered Animal
Recently, a new mammal named
the Olinguito has been discovered. It has
red-orange fur, a short bushy tail, and it is
in the same family tree as a raccoon. the
olinguito is the first mammal thats carnivorous to be found in 35 years. Its main
source of food is fruit, but it also eats insects. It weighs about 2 pounds and is only
about 2.5 feet long.
Child Finds Diamond
A 12 year old child recently found a
5.16 carat diamond. It has been estimated
to be worth $12,000 - $15,000 if it was to
be cut and polished. He found the diamond at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds
State Park. He found it after only 10 minutes of seaching. He was allowed to keep
it and he still has it. However, he said he
would sell it if a good offer came along.
I Am Edna
I am an artist who loves to draw
I wonder what I’ll do today
I hear nothing when I draw
I see art everyday
I want to be an artist someday
I am an artist who loves to draw
I pretend I’m inside the art
I feel the drawing’s feelings
I touch each line
I worry I won’t get it right
I cry no tears tonight
I am an artist who loves to draw
I understand the drawings
I say they’re not just lines
I dream of art day and night
I try new things every night
I hope to have a studio someday
I am an artist who loves to draw
I Am Thomas
I Am Wayne
I am a football player who is stuck at the line.
I wonder who has the ball.
I hear the crowd shouting to get the kill.
I see the pigskin plummet to the ground.
I want to get to the ball but I go down.
I am a football player who is stuck at the line.
I am a guy who likes dogs.
I wonder why dogs have dew claws.
I hear barking, howling at night.
I see hounds chasing deer every morning.
I want my two pets back from Oklahoma.
I am a guy who likes dogs.
I pretend nothing happened.
I feel a sharp pain.
I touch my injured leg.
I worry if it is broken.
I cry because it’s sore.
I am a football player who is stuck at the line.
I pretend my dog will bite my cruel brother.
I feel like I’m going to lose my dog Shadow.
I get spooked when my dog is barking.
I worry that Shadow will get hit by a truck.
I cried when my pup Stitch died in my arms.
I am a guy who likes dogs.
I understand we lost.
I say it’s fine.
I dream of the next game.
I try harder for the next battle.
I hope to win the next one.
I am a football player who is stuck at the line.
I hate some of the things people do to their pets.
I say, “Hey!” when the dogs get my shoes.
I dream of having a good red retriever.
I try to do well in school so I can keep my best friend.
I hope to go home soon so I can see my dog.
I am a guy who likes dogs.
by: Shelley Shannon
The Sunbright football team
has done a good job of starting their
season on a good note. The Tigers
had two preseason scrimmages
against Rockwood on August 9th and
Pickett County on August 16th. They
won both. The boys continued their
success on September 23rd at King’s
Academy winning with a final score
of 55 to 33. Last Friday the team
added another win to the list beating
Harriman 41 to 21.
Although the team doesn’t have
much depth, there is optimism for
this fall. Quarterback, Jacob Swint,
said in an interview with WVLT
News, “We’ve worked all spring on
getting into shape and not letting
up. Even through the fourth quarter
we’re just gonna keep playing as hard
as we did in the first.”
Coach Scott Stephens said if
the team can stay healthy and avoid
injuries, he feels like they can make
a run at the playoffs. Even though
the team went
3-7 last season,
they’re confident
that with twenty
starters returning
that they’ll have a
successful season.
Preston Adkins #76
Chris Blackburn #23
Chris Bohanan #61
Ruben Dial #55
Jacob Swint #10
Keith Brooks #88
Skyler Bunch #24
Savannah Miller #5
Ethan Northrup #14
Dalton Myers #52
Jordan Rutherford #22
John Martin Stephens #4
Teddy Tinch #32
Logan Brown #3
Jessy Byrge #70
Thomas Curl #65
Eli Dial #16
Noah Freels #11
Dalton Hammett #57
Frank Hammond #73
Jacob Myers #54
Braxton Swint #21
Dakota Williams #50
Trenten Brown #25
Luke Daniel #12
William Faulk #45
Joseph Morgan #62
Caleb Sargent #20
Jordan Stephens #2
2013 - 2014 Tardy Policy
This year Sunbright School is working very hard
to promote good attendance and positive behavior all
throughout the school. Did you know that being late 10
minutes a day totals 30 hours of lost instruction for the
year or leaving 30 minutes early once a week totals 18.5
hours or 3.5 days of lost instruction time for the year?
The goal is to make sure that everyone is in attendance
every day. If you must miss, please send an excuse the
next day. Medical excuses are best, but parent notes will
be accepted for 3 days of absences per semester.
To help ensure that everyone has good attendance
this year, a new school wide policy is in effect. If you
are late 3 times in a semester you will receive one hour
of AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION and it will be your parents responsibility to pick you up from school at the
designated time. After two I hour detentions, other
consequences will be implemented such as, losing driving privileges for five days. Remember, school starts
promptly at 8:30 and dismisses at 3:30 daily. Make sure
you arrive in plenty of time to take care of any errands
you may have including breakfast, locker, getting books,
etc. Please refrain from leaving early unless there is an
emergency or you can provide a doctor’s note.
Elementary Dismissal – 3:15
Middle School Dismissal – 3:25
High School Dismissal – 3:28
**Students who are in Middle and High School will not
be allowed to leave on the Elementary bell for car riders.
Middle School
Here is your middle school football roster
for your 2013 school year. Their first game was against
Wartburg with an ending score of 50-0. Their second game
unfortunatly ended with a loss of 8-16 on 9/5.
Caleb Hawn
Dalton Nitzschke
Alex Trent
Dillon Woodward
Samuel Chaney
Thomas Hall
Levi Daniel
Andrew Cooper
Aiden Williams
Devon Jones
Fulton Freels
Hunter Bunch
Dawson Branstetter
Auggie Friel
Wesley Bohannon
Johnny Mansfield
Wyatt Ellis
Noah Hamby
Austin Hendrick
Devin Poplin
Damon Northrup
Conner Frontz
The high school soccer team has played four
games so far. Unfortunately, they have lost all four of these
games. They have played Scott County, Oneida, Oliver
Springs, and Kingston. The game Oliver Springs game ended in a final score of 5-0. The Scott County game ended in a
finale score of 4-0. The game against Oneida ended with a
finale score of 6-0. The Kingston game ended with a loss of
10 to 0. The girls remain optimistic about the rest of the
2013-2014 soccer roster
Khari Fletcher
Rebecca Chaney
Autum Labossiere
Carolina Hood
Savannah Miller
Kaeley Friel
Cassie Byram
Megan Hall
Nikki Lloyd
Kimberleigh Knox
Kori Howard
Coach Gene Cole
Assistant coach Terri Ryan
Jamie Krahn
For the Future
Thanks, Chris
What does college and career ready actually mean?
*It means a high school graduate has the
knowledge and skills needed to quallify for
and succeed in the job training and/or
neessary for their chosen career whether
applying for community college, university,
technical/ vocational program, apprenticeship,
significant on-the-job training.
Dear Students,
This year in the Pawprint we are
going to introduce something new.
We are trying to come up with
comic sketches to put in it. We ask
that you help us by submitting them
outside Mrs. Kitts room (Room
254). We ask that you keep all jokes
appropriate and funny.
Whats Your BMI
A senior that is college and career ready
will not need any remedial courses in college
and will need little training for certain jobs.
Your Body Mass Index measures body
weight in relation to height. It is considered to
Inspire yourself and others to become
be a reliable indicator of your total body fat.
college and career ready by:
People with a higher BMI are at greater
* Taking all classes seriously.
risk for health problems such as Heart Disease,
* Taking classes that align with one’s future
Diabetes, Certain cancers and High Blood Presplans.
sure. The higher the BMI, the greater the risk
* Striving to learn as much as possible while
is. A BMI of 18.5-24.9 is concidered a healthy
in High school.
range. 25-29.9 is concidered overweight. 30 or
* Believing it is possible to be prepared for life
above is obese.
after High school.
BMI shoud only be used as a guideline,
because age, gender, mussle mass and ethnicty
all effecr how BMI relates to body fat.
Sponsored by: Lorrie Armes title 1 parent outreach partner.
For more information go to http://