msl september 2014

Living life in the now
Forget riding slowly and just gas the WK everywhere. Then you’ll get on just fine.
In detail
Rider: Mike
Bike: WK 650i
Miles this
month: 550
Miles in total:
Cost when
new: £3899
Highs: Finding
a tube of
the tube had
gone hard
his month it’s been about
something other than
running in. At the
moment the engine’s as
loose as a tipsy dog in
season so I’m now exploring the
performance. And it’s impressive – and
fun. With engine speeds between 4000
and up to 9000, the WK is a spirited
ride and guaranteed to bring a smile
from ear to ear. Although it redlines at
10,000 you’d have to be cruel to
continually take it up to there, as you’ll
progress just as fast cogging up at a
lower engine speed. Gearchange is
positive and I don’t think I’ve missed
any gears in nearly four months’ use.
e bars shake mildly when pushing
on but I don’t know whether it’s a tyre
issue or simply that the steering angle’s
a bit lively – guessing the former – and
I’ve got my brake judder back, albeit
less severe than before. But neither
issue is intrusive enough to warrant a
dealer visit.
Also the passenger mirror seems a
bit loose on its ‘ball socket’ so
gradually toes in during a spirited ride,
as the windforce gently forces it back.
I’ll superglue it when I have a mo. And
I’m sure the exhaust is noiser, although
still pleasant sounding.
When line filtering, more cars do
than don’t pull over to give room
(sometimes not needed but always
appreciated). Not sure why. Maybe the
front end’s so butt-ugly they want a
better look as it passes. Or maybe it’s
curiosity prompted by the stacked
headlights and LEDs? Either way, it’s
quite flattering to be treated like a fully
fluorescent traffic cop.
is sums up the WK. A non-biking
neighbour pottered around mine, saw
my built-like-a-fallout shelter blue,
chromey custom Hinckley Triumph
and, beside it, the metallic orange
skeletal, chavvy-but-sporty WK,
pondered for a moment and muttered:
“Which colour wheelie bin is it this
week, Dave?” He then proceeded to
potter out again, bless. He missed the
point, but then he always does. e
WK is unusual looking but not in a
bad way, in a different way, and has
strengths in different places to the
Triumph and other sportsbikes with
similar capacities. I’m not in love with
it but quite fond of it when blasting.
I’m not in love with it but quite fond of
the bike when blasting around. 97