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Preconstruction Services — Early involvement with
the PCL team, especially during preconstruction
when some of the most critical decisions are made,
will ensure a collaborative, proactive approach to the
successful delivery of your project.
As your construction partner, the PCL team wants
to thoroughly understand your requirements at the
early stages of design development so that we can
best identify and mitigate potential risk at each
project milestone, starting from front-end design,
through construction, commissioning, operations, and
Some of the benefits of PCL’s early involvement
• S
et scope boundaries and establish mechanisms
to quantify and justify investment required to
complete the project.
• Minimal changes with solid change management
and design optimization.
• I nvolve key stakeholders to ensure that the design
needs meet your organization’s overall needs.
• A
chieve faster implementation by streamlining
workflows through design, procurement, and
By engaging the PCL team in preconstruction services
you will realize significant cost savings through
accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient
construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.
Budget and Cost Development — PCL delivers ontime substantiated cost estimates and price certainty
based on a solid track record of project management
CONTACT Jim Ferris, Sr. Manager
and risk analysis experience. PCL works proactively to
understand our clients and to anticipate how costs are
provided to best suit your requirements.
Project Scheduling — PCL will prepare preliminary
master schedules, incorporating the sequence and
timing of basic program decisions, including design
time, design and permits, bid calls, bid evaluations,
trade contract awards, and on-site activities. PCL
works collaboratively to resolve constructability
issues and proactively investigate novel construction
techniques to meet the needs of our clients.
Construction Planning — Project-specific execution
plans ensure critical components of the project are
incorporated into the overall construction plan. PCL
has extensive experience with Virtual Construction,
which includes Building Information Modeling and
3D Modeling. Virtual Construction models can be
prepared to create 4D models that will be used to
measure progress against set schedules.
Construction Risk Management — Price certainty,
complemented with a risk-management plan
anticipating market changes, can and will provide true
costs to aid in sound business decisions.
Value Engineering — PCL is a construction
partner with a track record for examining design
and construction alternatives that enhance the
performance of the project, while providing
opportunities for cost savings from early design,
through construction, operation, and maintenance.
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Senior Manager, Estimating Services
As senior manager of Estimating
Services, Jim oversees all project
estimates and pursuits for the Toronto
With more than 20 years of experience
in the industry, Jim has been involved
in some of Toronto’s most significant
and high profile projects, including
NHS Health-Care Complex, BMO
Field Soccer Stadium, Concord Adex
Condominiums, and the Recurrent
Energy Solar Farms.
Jim holds a construction engineering
and technology management diploma
from Fanshawe College and a bachelor
of arts degree from the University
of Western Ontario. He is a Canadian
Construction Association Gold Seal
Certified estimator.
Manager, Estimating Services
In his role as manager of Estimating
Services, Chris maintains a primary
focus on P3 projects. He is known for
his expertise in providing clients with
detailed cost analysis of proposed
construction methodologies, which
he created by capturing and recording
historical PCL productivity rates into
our database.
Chris has more than 35 years of
experience in the construction industry.
He holds a higher national diploma
in Building Technology from Trent
Manager, Preconstruction Services
As Toronto’s director of
Preconstruction Services, Keith is
responsible for leading a team of
professionals focused on providing
innovative and value added
preconstruction services.
Keith has more than 30 years of
experience in the construction industry.
He holds a bachelor of Engineering
from the University of Liverpool in the
UK and is a certified member of the
Institute of Civil Engineers (UK) and
Chartered Engineers.
Chief Estimator
As Toronto’s chief estimator, Leroy
is responsible for the district’s
Residential, Civil, Special Projects, and
Lump Sum Projects over $15 million.
CONTACT Jim Ferris
Leroy has more than 23 years of
experience in the construction industry.
He holds a civil engineering technology
diploma from Mohawk College.
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Solution Providers
Today’s construction projects demand project teams with a broad spectrum of specialized expertise in traditional and nontraditional construction disciplines.
PCL has cultivated unique in-house specialists to engage a full spectrum of client needs and requirements and offer
unparalleled added value as their early involvement in the design process works to optimize design and constructability,
maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs without compromising quality or schedule. Our experts provide you with options,
but you make all of the decisions.
Klaus Gloge, Manager
Building systems comprise a significant portion
of the overall project capital cost and impact
facility functionality, efficiency, and operational
costs. With more than 20 specialized Building
Systems managers and coordinators, a first
among North American construction companies,
PCL Toronto’s Building Systems group works
to maximize systems design and oversee M&E
trades through procurement, installation, and
Building Systems manager Klaus Gloge has more
than 35 years of experience, and has combined
his practical knowledge earned during his years
of experience in the mechanical and electrical
subtrade industry with his superior planning and
organizing skills to successfully commission,
closeout, and deliver some of the most
sophisticated, complex, and environmentallyfriendly building systems designed.
Larry Karlson, Specialist
Depending on design, structure can account
for 25 to 35 per cent of the overall building cost,
making the choice of structural system and
effective execution of the design critical to the
overall success of the project.
Structural engineer and structural design
specialist Larry Karlson P.E., is a senior PCL
subject-matter specialist who has worked on no
fewer than 18 tower projects of over 40 storeys,
and brings more than 30 years of experience
in consulting engineering and construction
administration. He has been involved with the
design and/or peer review of some of the tallest
towers in the world and also has experience
with quality assurance responsibilities at steel
fabrication facilities. Larry’s expertise is focused
on developing cost-efficient structural concepts
while respecting building design, function, and
space planning.
Lori O’Malley, Specialist
Optimal building envelope systems and
materials maximize building performance and
sustainability, optimize constructability, and
reduce operating costs.
With more than 18 years of experience, PCL’s
Building Envelope specialist Lori O’Malley
provides technical building envelope expertise
during both the design and construction phases,
while protecting design integrity and the vision
for the project. In addition to identifying material,
constructability, and sequencing concerns of
building envelope design and installation, Lori
also actively participates in value engineering
efforts, offering solutions for achieving
more LEED® credits, and improved building
performance and maintenance.
Nancy McKeil, Manager
At PCL, operational excellence is one of our highest
priorities. PCL’s Quality Management Program
(QMP) is our management system that provides
direction and control regarding quality planning,
quality assurance, quality control, and quality
improvement, giving confidence to our clients,
employees, and other interested parties, that
operational excellence will be achieved.
With 17 years of experience, PCL’s Quality manager
Nancy McKeil is responsible for the development,
implementation, training, and continuous
improvement of the QMP to achieve operational
Dan Neufeglise, Manager
Virtual Construction has become integral to the
day-to-day project design and delivery processes
at PCL. Our team of in-house VC specialists
provides clients and project teams with advanced
VC technologies including BIM modeling, BIM
360 Glue, Autodesk 360 Field, P6 EPPM, BEST
Estimating, and Bluebeam Revu.
With more than 35 years of experience, PCL Toronto’s
Virtual Construction Services manager Dan Neufeglise
is a director of the Canada BIM Council and an active
member of PCL’s North American Headquarters BIM
Task Force, which was created to develop PCL’s BIM
standards and best practices for our North American
operations. He is an avid promoter of BIM and its many
applications within the construction industry.
Ron Turner, Specialist
In specialized facilities such as hospitals, data centres
and airports, the management, design, procurement,
installation, and commissioning of the equipment and
digital systems carries significant responsibilities and
risk. PCL has developed processes and techniques
to manage these challenging obligations, maximizing
function and efficiency while reducing capital and
operating costs, all without compromising schedule.
Ron Turner, senior project manager and equipment
specialist, has overseen PCL’s procurement
of over 350,000 state-of-the-art equipment
items spanning medical, research, information
technology, audio visual, furniture, and commercial
food services.
Carol Ringer, R.N., Ph.D., CHE
Operational efficiency, clinical functionality, LEAN
principles, evidence-based design elements, and
infection prevention and control principles are key
to health care projects.
As an integrated member of our AFP/P3 hospital
design-build teams, clinical advisor Carol Ringer
brings executive-level experience (VP, COO, CEO)
in academic and regional health systems in three
provinces. She has clinical expertise in many
departments of hospitals and long-term care
facilities, and has provided direct oversight into all
other hospital departments as senior vice president
responsible for budgets, new programs and projects
and operational efficiency.
Joe Ogilvie, Manager
With more than 100 LEED® accredited
professionals, PCL has the in-house resources
to provide a full suite of sustainability and LEED
consulting services, eliminating the need to carry
outside consultants and/or providing peer review
oversight of these services.
PCL’s manager of Sustainable Construction Joe
Ogilvie has more than 12 years of experience
and provides expert advice about green building
rating systems and other sustainable construction
practices, while providing solutions that help
address sustainability goals throughout design
development, construction, and operations.