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St. Joseph’s extended family of monthly donors
February 2015
Dear Tiyospaye,
February is usually one of South Dakota’s coldest months. When harsh
winter weather makes playing outdoors difficult, we look for ways to keep our
students active indoors.
Every year, three
sobriety celebrations are
held for our students.
The Valentine Sobriety
Carnival is held in
February to brighten
the cold winter days.
Followed by our Annual
Sobriety Walk in April
and Red Ribbon week
in the Fall.
Lakota children participate in the Valentine Sobriety Carnival.
Our caring staff works
hard to help students
learn to lead healthy,
active lives.
During the winter months the rec center is the place to be!
The campus rec center is a valuable tool, helping
the Lakota children stay active through the cold winter
months. There are many organized activities to keep the
children moving like swimming, archery, gymnastics and
basketball to name a few.
All of the children participate in swimming lessons in
the fall so they can fully appreciate the pool and remain
safe in the water. If you ask the Lakota children their
favorite part about the rec center you would repeatedly
hear “the pool.”
But the rec Center hosts many activities, the
St. Joseph’s gymnastics program started out as a
tumbling class offered to girls in grades 1-3. Knowing
it builds strength, increases overall flexibility, develops
coordination and self-confidence the Rec Center staff felt
a gymnastic program would have many benefits for the
Lakota children.
The young girls loved the program and began telling
everyone how much fun they were having, it wasn’t long
until the older students were asking if they could give it a
try. Now nearly all of the girls in grades 1-8 participate.
St. Joseph’s is fortunate to be able to offer our
students a co-ed intermural basketball program. Once a
week, we host games for our kids and children from the
Chamberlain community as well. For many, this fun-filled
evening is the most anticipated part of their week!
When they’re not in school or at the rec center, students keep busy in
their homes.
Cold winter weekends allow
time for students to work together
to clip the UPC Symbol from
Campbell’s products and General
Mills’ Box Tops for Education sent
by caring friends, like you. They
can earn prizes for their homes and
themselves, including flat screen
televisions, karaoke machines and
sports equipment.
The cold winter months allow time indoors for
students to clip the box tops sent by their
tiyospaye — extended family.
Pilamaya — thank you — for
being part of our tiyospaye —
extended family! You play an
important role in offering a bright
future to our Lakota (Sioux)
children. Even in the cold of
February, the students at
St. Joseph’s are kept warm by
your love and friendship.
God bless,
Fr. J. Anthony Kluckman, SCJ
P.S. Your gift is especially important this time of year, marked by bitter wind,
cold and snow. Don’t forget to visit stjo.org/affiliate to learn about a variety of
ways you can help the Lakota children.
Tax statements will
be arriving in your
mailbox soon!
Wopila tanka — many thanks — for finding
room in your heart for the Lakota children!
St. Joseph’s Indian School
We serve and teach, we receive and learn.
PO Box 326
Chamberlain, SD 57326
1-800-341-2235 • www.stjo.org/tiyo
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