(MoSCPA) Pilot - The Missouri Performance Assessments

Missouri School Counselor Performance Assessment
(MoSCPA) Pilot
Submission Terms
I agree to comply with the terms of the Missouri School Counselor Performance Assessment
(MoSCPA) Candidate Handbook;
I understand that I am submitting my own responses and artifacts associated with this task,
and I agree not to share any of my responses and artifacts with future test-takers;
I understand the role of professional ethics and that my ability to earn a Missouri School
Counselor Certificate will be jeopardized if I violate the privacy of my students and/or coworkers by posting any responses, artifacts, and videos without appropriate permission
from students, parents, and co-workers;
I certify that the submission represents the work that I completed and that I have
submitted to ETS all signed Student and Adult Release forms required by the assessment;
I understand that the responses, artifacts, and video that I submit will be evaluated by
educators, raters, or other appropriate individuals, and I understand that I will not be able
to make any modifications once I submit my task responses;
I certify that I am the counselor candidate depicted in the video, and I further give
permission for all parts of my submission (including the video and audio recording of my
image and interactions) to be used by the Missouri Department of Elementary and
Secondary Education (DESE) and ETS for the development of exemplars, research relating
to the improvement of the assessment, establishing effective state policy or other
appropriate and necessary official state business;
I understand and agree that I will not obtain any ownership or other intellectual property
rights in any information or materials posted on, or linked from this website, including the
assessment tasks, the rubrics, and all support materials which are owned by the Missouri
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and ETS, as applicable.
Signature ______________________________________________
Date _____________________
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